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142. The Widow's Son

American Series

370. The Widow's Son

The Banner Weekly

"A Victim of Circumstances"
"Black Tom's" Desperate Throw
"Born Tired," And Not Even the Sting of a Bee Was Sufficient to Arouse Him
"Buffalo Bill" (Colonel W. F. Cody)
"Business Before Pleasure," Mr. Scruggs Had a Motto and Live Up to It
"Cal" Pergass Decides
A "Cheeky" Brigand, A Black Hills Story
A "Counterfeit Presentment"
The "Dago's" Sacrifice
The "Dime" Novel
"Found Drowned;" or, Death Room No. 5
A "Fowl" Proceeding
The "Garden of Hell"
The "Get There" Club": Brother Perkins Proceeds
The "Get There" Club: Account of the Flood Continues
The "Get There" Club: Barker's Big Burial
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Concludes
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Continues
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker Proceeds
The "Get There" Club: Brother Barker's Whopper
The "Get There" Club: Brother Short's Long Swim
The "Get There" Club: Brother Strong at the North Pole
The "Get There" Club: Brother Strong's Strongest
The "Get There" Club: Brother White Continues
The "Get There" Club: Hobson's Account of the Flood
The "Get There" Club: Hobson's Wonderful Dog
The "Get There" Club: Peter Perkins's Precarious Predicament
The "Get There" Club: Short's Remarkable Career
The "Get There" Club: The Awful Fate of Brother White
The "Get There" Club: The Final Effort
The "Get There" Club: Two Souls Astray
The "Get There" Club: White Lies Again
The "Get There" Club: White Whopper Concluded
The "Grass Widder" and the Agent
"He Always Married Widders," But He Didn't This Trip, Just the Same
"His Darter Mariar"
"Horse and Horse"
"In the Swim"
An "Infernal Implement"
"Jack's Kid"
The "Jolly Thirteen;" or, A Terrible Duty
The "Language" of the Nose
"Mariar" Called a Truce
A "Mean Cuss"
The "Medicine" Saved Them
"Meek Moses!" A Romance of Top Notch
"Not Like It Used to Was." The Old-Timer Visits the Circus and Comes Away Disappointed.
The "Old Man's" Christmas
The "Ornery" Jack
"Rassling" With The Question
A "Rattling" Industry
The "Rough Riders" as They Are
A "Taking" Subject
"The Matterhorn of America"
"The Queen City of the Gulches", As Congressman Cummings Saw It
"Toothpick Ben," Gambler; or, A Second Dupely Dodge
The "Trilby" Young Man
A "Wild West" Mad-Cap
The "Yap"
"Your Majesty"
$30,000 For a Wife
The 'Insides' of Faro
'Liga Slate's Vicissitudes: I. A Poetikal Fall
'Lige Slate's Vicissitudes: A Desperate Encounter
'Lige Slate's Vicissitudes: II. The Seen on the River
'Lige Slate's Vicissitudes: III. A Turrible Mistaik
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: A Dooel
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: Crooelly Deseeved
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: I Get My Fortune Told
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: In the Toils of the Law
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: IV. A Double Explosion
'Lija Slate's Vicissitudes: Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire
'Long Shore of the Gulf: 'Possum Up a 'Simmon Tree
'Long Shore of the Gulf: Catching Fish for Friday
'Long Shore of the Gulf: Ham and Eggs
'Long Shore on the Gulf: A Dusky Ham Peggotty
'Long Shore on the Gulf: Botanizing on the Beach
'Long Shore on the Gulf: Ham's Hired Horse
'Long Shore on the Gulf: More Idyl Than Idle
'Long Shore on the Gulf: Mose Mendenhall Mends Matters
'Long Shore on the Gulf: The View From Ararat
'Long Shore on the Gulf: We Came Not As We Went
'Twas Beauteous Night
'Twixt Knife and Tooth
A. Pinkerton Simpkins, Detective
Abe Blew to Beat Stevens
Abe Bruton's Wife
About Rattlesnakes
About Women
Absolutely Guiltless
An Accommodating Bartender
The Accursed Nugget
The Accursed Nugget
Ackerman's Story
Actors' Early Lives
Actors' Queer Traits
Actresses' Diamonds
The Advanced Woman
Advancing the Boom
Adventures in the Far North-west: A Game of Cards for a Life
Adventures in the Far North-west: A Ptarmigan Hunt
Adventures in the Far North-west: My First Shot at an Indian
Adventures in the Far North-west: Out of the Jaws of Death
Adventures in the Far North-west: Pluck vs. Luck
Adventures in the Far North-west: The Frozen Indian
Adventures in the Far North-west: The Trailers Trailed
Advertising a Show
The Advice That Cost $2
Advice to a Young Man
Advice to Smokers
An Aerial Fisherman
An Aerial Pachyderm
The Aesthetics of Base-ball
Affairs of Honor
After All These Years; or, The Christmas Visitor of Flush Deck
After Jeff Long
After Many Years
The Air Bear Dance, Old Quick's Ruse
An Alabama Candy-Pull
Alabaster Joe
The Alcalde of Plug Hat
The Aldermen Were Responsible
"Alkali Bill"
Alkali Ike
Alkali Ike's Appomattox
Alkali Ike's Break-out
Alkali Ike's Reformation
Alkali's Advent
Alkali's Hole-y Terror
All About a Goat
All About Cowboy Life
All About Cowboy Life
All About Elephants
All About Spurs
All About the Moon
All About Toreros
All for a Bathing-Suit
All For a Woman's Sake
All For Dovey Glick
All Kinds of Guns, Information for Every "Shootist"
All Kinds of People
All of Woman's Weakness
All on a Horse Race
An All-Around Mistake
Alle Same 'Mellican Man
Alligator Hunters
Almost a Tragedy
Almost a Tragedy
An Aluminum Yarn
The Amateur Galoot's Ruse
The Amazon of Polecat City
The Amazon's Catch
Amazons of the Border: Calamity Jane
Amazons of the Border: Firefly, the Girl Trailer
Amazons of the Border: Geraldine, the Girl Sport
Amazons of the Border: Helen the Huntress
Amazons of the Border: Hurricane Hannah
Amazons of the Border: Nora, the Nemesis
The Ambidexter Trick
The American Boarding-House
The American Hare
The American Presidents
American Slang
Among Moonshiners
Among the Cowboys
Among the Glaciers
Among the Grizzlies
Among the Grizzlies
The Anarchist's Daughter
An Ancient "City"
Ancient and Modern History
And Then They Bought Some
And Then They Got Mad
Andy's Blink Oath
An Angel in Camp
The Animated Bar'l
Another "L" Outrage
Another Glimpse of Soeysmith
Another Lesson From Foghorn
The Antelope at Home
The Antelope Goat
The Anti-Soot Bomb
The Aphelion
An Apiarian Renaissance
"Appropriating" Public Land
Arizona Amenities
An Arizona Bull-Fight
An Arizona Screamer
Arizona's Dare-Devil
Arkansas Sport
Arkansaw Amenities
An Arkansaw Lover's Revenge
"The Arkansaw Traveler"
An Arkansaw Wooing
Around the Camp-Fire: In the Stocks
Around the Camp-Fire: Cole Runner and the Painter
Around the Camp-Fire: Cris. Coleman's Race
Around the Camp-Fire: Herc Walker's Fight with the "Razor-back"
Around the Camp-Fire: How Jim Redfern Crossed the Canyon
Around the Camp-Fire: How Seth Davis Lost His Nose
Around the Camp-Fire: Ned Sanford's Duel
Around the Camp-Fire: Old Grizzly as a Married Man
Around the Camp-Fire: The Capture of "Old Sampson"
Around the Camp-Fire: The Death-Struggle on Echo River
The Art of Catching Suckers
As It Happened, A Mountain Incident
As the Carpenter Told it
As the Trapper Told It
An Astonished "His Excellency"
An Astonished Boniface
The Astonished Court
At a Junction
At Bitter Cost
At Death's Door
At Shakespeare's Home
"At Ten Pace", A Famous Affair of Honor
At the Fair
At the Function
At the Museum
At the Patent Office
At The Pie Social
At the Taffy-Pulling
At the Tomb of Washington
Aunt Jane's Pepper-Pot
The Automatic Hugger
Averting a Great War
Away Down in Texas
An Awful Predicament, A Fandango "Affair"
An Awful Ride
The B. B. Arlington Case, An Insurance Mystery
The B. of the R. R. H.
The Baby that Cried
A Baby's Tears
Back From the Dead
A Bad Investment
The Bad Lands of Wyoming
A Bad Lot, A True Story of the California Bar
A Bad Man With a Gun
A Bad Man's Bold Game
A Bad Man's Story
A Bad Man
Bad Men of the Border
The Bad-Luck Cat
Bad-Man Jinks
The Badgered Briton
The Baffled Gambler
Bagging a Buffalo
Bagging Five Bears, Jake Pluff's Exploit
Bagley's Find
The Bamboozled Bridegroom
The Bandits of the Alazan
Bandits of the Bad Lands
Barbara Drane's Brave Deed
Barbary's Atonement; or, What A Valentine Did
The Barbecue Brain-Worker
The Barbed-Wire Barons
Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Barnes's Tight Squeeze
The Basket Crime
A Battle Royal
Battle With an Octopus
The Beanstalk Romance
The Bear As He Is
Bear Discipline, As Narrated by the Bee-Hunter
Bear Stories With No Discount
Bear versus Panther: Jim Taylor's Adventure
A Bear's Ball
A Bear's Love for Melons
Bears and Bears
Beaten by Two of a Kind
Beating a Tramp
Beating the Boomerang
The Beautiful Brigands
The Beautiful Decoy
The Beautiful Fiend; A Detective's Story
Beautiful Loch Lomond
The Beautiful Mystery
The Beautiful Stranger
The Beauty of Arbitration
Beaver Farms
Bedrock's Angel
Beefing a Steer
Before the Doctor Comes
Belcher's Experiment
Believed in Red-man's Rights
The Bell of Greydon
Belle and Burglar
The Belle of the Plains
Belligerent Mr. Doodleby
Ben Bascom's Ride
Ben Bithers' Alligator Pool
Ben Bithers's Alligator Pool
Ben Nevens's Charge
Ben Olney's Mascot
Ben Talbot's Narrow Escape
Ben Taskar's Escape
Ben Tasker's Last, The Stage Driver's Explanation
Ben Tasker's Revenge
Ben Thompson
Ben Tyson's Girl
Bessie Ranger's Ride
Betrayed by a Glove
Between Fires
Beulah's Experience
Bevins's Luck
The Bewitched Rifle
Biddy McFarland's Strike
The Biffbulger, The Old Settler's Settler
Big Bears of Montana
Big Ben's Phantom
A Big Day's Work
Big Fire, the Winnebago
A Big Haul
Big Joke on the Ringer
The Big Nugget of Bottom Card
A Big Nugget of Gold
The Big Nugget
Big Things
Big-Horn Sheep in Idaho
The Biggest Ranch
The Biggest Things
The Biggest Yet
Bill Gordon's Narrow Escape
Bill Jenks's Story
Bill Neff's Stunner
Bill Sawyer of Brown's Hole
Bill Williams's Last Cache
Billingson's Type-Writer
Billup's Bicycle
Billy Beeswax
The Biography of Captain Kidd, Revised Version
Biography of the Late J. Caesar, Revised Version
Birds of Spring, Order of Their Appearance
A Birthday Gift
A Bit of Conjugal Infidelity
A Bit of Glass, A Lawyer's Story
A Bit of Old Ireland
Bjinks as Amateur Photographer
The Bjinks Baby is Named
Bjinks Plays Base-Ball
Black Dan's Float; or, How Jackson of Chicago Wiped Out a Family of Human Wolves
The Blade of Blowout
The Blade of Sedgemoor; A Romance of the Rout at Bridgewater
The Blase Young Man
The Blessings of Farm Life
Blifkins Helps Bring in the Clothes
A Blighted Courtship: As Related by Mrs. Betsy Higgins
A Blind Case. A Detective's Story.
Blinkers Paints His House
The Blizzard
Blodgers's Discovery; or, A Night of Revelations
Blonde and Brunette; or, The Rival Beauties of Flush Deck
Blondel's Nerve; or, Down in the Ebony Shaft
A Blood-Stain
Bloomer and the Gas Company
Bloomer's "Genuine G. W. Relic"
Bloomer's Blunder
Bloomer's Cyclone Reminiscences
Bloomer's Fish Story
Bloomer's Horse Story
Bloomer's Mean Man
Bloomer's Overcoat, Mr. Simpson's Bill For Storage, Etc., Rather Surprises Him
Bloomer's Snake Story
Bloomer's Tact
Bloomer's Turkey Story
The Bloomin' Briton
A Blow for a Blow
Blown Up at Sea!
Blue Bludsoe's Pard
The Blue Light
A Blue Tissue Vail
Blueberries and Bears
Bluffing the Bowery
The Boarder's Plot
Boarding Elephants
Boarding-House Chaff: Bliffers as a Tragedian
Boarding-House Chaff: Discussing the "Grip"
Boarding-House Chaff: I. Robinson's Conundrum
Boarding-House Chaff: III. Bliffers Doesn't Feel Well
Boarding-House Chaff: Joggins's First Attempt
Boarding-House Chaff: Robinson Feels Insulted
Boarding-House Chaff: Robinson's Brush With the Landlady
Bob Scott, The Lightning Driver
"Bob White", Sport with Dog and Gun for October Days
Boggs's "Burglar Bouncer"
A Bogus Indian
The Boiling Fountain
The Bold Buccaneer, Stories of Some of the Famous Rovers of the Free Main
Bombarding Coons, Old Bent Burleigh's Method
The Bonanza Box
A Bonnet Well Lost
The Book Agent
Bootblack Jim; or, What a Boy Can Do If He Tries
Border Outlaws
Boskins Plays Base-ball
The Boss Broncho-Buster, I. N. Shore's Statements
The Boss Gander from Goose Creek
Both Sides of the Question
Bound to a Log
Bound to Eat That Man
The Boy Avenger, An Episode of the Elk Mountain Mines
The Boy Burglar, A True Story of a Western City
A Boy Captive
The Boy Trapper's Reward
A Boy's Predicament
The Brakeman's Tribulations
The Brass-Bound Box
A Brave Boy's Exploit, A Thrilling Adventure in the Rainbow Mines
Brave Bud Blossom
A Brave Girl
A Brave Montanan Woman
Brave Mr. Jobson
Brave Tom Thurston
Bravery That Paid, How a Country Lad Made His Mark
"Bread Upon the Waters"
Breaking it Gently
Breaking the Blockade
Breaking Up "the Grip"
The Breeson Bribe
The Bride of Londonderry
A Brilliant Scheme
The British Jay
Broadcloth or Homespun?
The Broken Fairy, A Glance Beyond the Ring
The Broncho Buster
The Broncho
Brother Gardener on Summer
A Brother's Ordeal
A Brother's Sacrifice
Brought to Light; or, The Tell-Tale Scar
Bruin's Wooing
Brutal "Sport"
Buck and the Horse Thief
Buckover's Advent and Exit
Buckskin Alice
Bud's Bad Breaks
Buffalo Almost Gone
Buffalo Bill and the Wild West
Buffalo Bill at Dresden
Buffalo Bill before Queen Victoria
Buffalo Bill Before the Queen
Buffalo Bill in Paris
Buffalo Bill on the Indian
Buffalo Bill Speaks: His Views of Paris and of the Frenchman
Buffalo Bill's Barbecue
Buffalo Bill's Big Visitors
Buffalo Bill's Brace-up: His Last November Wyoming Hunt
Buffalo Bill's Buckers
Buffalo Bill's Buffalo Feast
Buffalo Bill's Career
Buffalo Bill's Duel, John McGilligan Tells How the Scout Killed Chief Yellow Hand
Buffalo Bill's Home and Family
Buffalo Bill's Mishap
Buffalo Bill's Own Story
Buffalo Bill, Cooper, and England
Buffalo Herds
A Buffalo Hunt in 1886
The Bugger Awakening
The Bugger Monkey
Bugger's Burglar Trap
Bugger's Capital Prize
Bugger's Cow
Bugger's Double
Bugger's Garden
Bugger's Housekeeping
Bugger's Visitors
Buggins Forgot Something
A Bull-Fight
The Bulldozed Editor
Bumberly's Evening at Home
Bumblesnipe on the War-path
Bumps and Boomerangs
A Bunch of Bananas
A Bunch of Daisies
Buncoed by Blivens
The Bungtown Temperance Union
Bunker's Bumblebee Matinee
Bunker's Ham-Thief Trap
Bunker's Narrow Escape
A Burglarious Undertaking; or, How Jack Desmond Got at the Truth
The Burleigh Legacy: A Tale of an Amateur "Detective"
Buster Takes the Pledge
A Butte County Girl
Buying a Book
By Mere Accident
By the Visitation of -?
By the Winding Clyde
The Cabin-Boy's Secret
The Cactus Queen
Cadets in the Saddle
Caesar Brown's Doings
Calamity Jane, A Remarkable Wild West Character
Calaveras Boar-Hunting
"California Jack"
A California Whale Station
A Call on the Postmaster-General
Called to Wallop the Editor, But Concluded to Postpone the Affair for a Few Years
"Called" by an Avalanche
The Campaign Opened
Canada Charlie
A Canine Episode
A Canine Experience
The Cannon Ball River, The Strange Legend of the Descent of the Balls
Canyon Con's Bet
The Capital Prize
Capt. Joe's Vengeance
Captain Cactus's Shadow
Captain Jack Hayes; or, The First Six-Shooter Charge Ever Made
Captain Kidd's Treasure; or, The Guest's Dream
Captain Mayne Reid
Captain Scott's Coon
The Card and Its Use, The Etiquette of Leaving, Sending, and Returning the Social Pasteboards
The Card Queen, A Story of Flood Gulch
The Card Queen
The Care of Horses
Care of the Eyes
Careful of His Health
Casad, the Philosopher
A Case of "Blight"
A Case of Conscience
A Case of Ingratitude
A Case of Jim-Jams
A Case of Shrinkage
Casey's Disturbance
The Cashier's Plot
Casking an Outlaw
A Casque o' Moonlight
Cassiday's Cruise
Cast Away in Mid-Ocean
Cast Away on Tiger Island
The Cat in the Cannon
Catching a Shark
Catching Live Rattlesnakes
Catching Rattlesnakes
Catching Wild Horses
Cats and Catfish, The Old Settler's "Coincidence"
The Cattle Kings
Cattle Ranch Encroachments
The Cattle Trade
Cattle-King Kane
Caught in a Norther
Caught in the Blizzard; or, The Story of Six Lucifer Matches
Caught Them Both
Cause For Alarm
The Cavalier Cowboy
The Cave Tragedy
The Cavern Mystery
The Celestial Doctor's Dilemma
A Celestial in Camp
A Century of Progress
Chalfant's Charge
The Champion Bear-Slayer
A Champion's Dagger
A Change of Base
Changed His Mind
A Chanticleer Chase
A Chapter on Baby Talk
A Chapter on Cats
A Chapter On Fools
A Chapter on Love
Character in Hair
Charc's Experience
Charley's Wife
Charlie's Week in Hades
The Charmed Life
A Chase Across the Sea
The Chase in Assam; Being Real Experiences of a British Officer
Chased By Wolves
Chased by Wolves
The Cherokee Girl's Vengeance
The Cherokees
A Child At Stake
A Chilly Time for Spriggins
The Chinaman's Secret
Chinese Cookery, Visit to a Restaurant in New York's Chinatown
Chipeta's Address to the Utes
"Chipping in" for Religion
Chips of Thought
Choctaw Executions
Cholera Epidemics
The Choppleys Name Their Baby
Christmas at Eureka City
Christmas at Satan's Luck
Christmas Decorations
A Christmas Hero
A Christmas in a Balloon
Christmas Notes
Christmas on a Whale's Back
Chumper's Painted Scalp
The Church "War"
Circumstantial Evidence: From the Notes of a Detective
The Circus in Boonville
Circus Riders in Winter
The Circus Was Costly
City Life Sketches: Guy Smythe, the Reporter
A City Marshal with Four Fists
The City of the Holy Faith
Civilizing the Indian
The Clark's Creek Raid, A True Incident
Cleaning Out a Newspaper Office
Clearing the Camp
The Clerk's Lasso
A Clever Capture
A Clever Idea
A Close Call
A Close Call
A Close Call
A Close Call, The Detective's Own Story
A Close Shave
Close to Death
The Clown's Revenge
Coasting an Avalanche
The Cobra
Coin for Coin
Col. E. Z. C. Judson
Col. W. F. Cody---Buffalo Bill, The Romance and Reality of a Remarkable Man
A Cold Bedfellow
A Cold Country
A Cold Day in Nebraska
A Cold in the Head
A Cold Trail
A Cold-Blooded Joke
A Collapsed "Boom"
Collecting a Debt, It Is Up Hill Work – Especially When There Is A Stringency In The Money Market
A Collection for the Orphans
Colonel Bowie's Companion
Colonel Pride's Fall
Colonel Sisera's Sister
Colonel Tracy's Dog
Colonel W. F. Cody in Denver
Colorado Centaurs
Colorado Stage Stories
The Comanches; or, The Bedouins of the American Desert
A Complicated Case
Concerning Public Servants
Concluded Not to Sue
Concluded to Subscribe
Concluded to Trade There
Condemned to be Shot
The Conductor's Lone Hand
A Coney Island Episode
The Convict's Wife
Cooking the Christmas Turkey
Cool Charley's Last Robbery
Coons and Coon-Hunting
Corbin's Claim, A True Story of Oklahoma
The Core of Agatha's Heart
Corn and Cotton Sketches: "That White Preacher"
Corn and Cotton Sketches: Piety Playing Out
Corn and Cotton Sketches: The New Nigger Preacher
Corn-dodger Joe, The Story of the Bowlder Tragedy
The Cornered Guide
Correcting An Evil
The Cost of a Sin
The Cost of it All
The Coterie of Perpetual Youth
Couldn't Catch Him
Couldn't Down Him
Couldn't Get 'Em Interested
The Count of Santa Fe
A Count of Some Account
A Country Without Song Birds
The Course of True Love
Courting a Twin
Courtship in the Old Style; or, The Love of Samuel and Susan
The Cow Circus
The Cow-Puncher at Home
The Coward of Gouge-Eye Camp
The Coward of the Camp
The Coward of the Camp; or, A Hero in Spite of Himself
A Coward's Pluck
The Cowboy as He Is
The Cowboy as He Is
Cowboy Cavortings
Cowboy Horsemanship
The Cowboy Revivalist
Cowboy Work and Service
A Cowboy's Fun
The Cowboy's Revenge
The Cowboy's Throw for Life
Cowboys "On a Tear"
Cowboys and Cattle-Punchers, Real Life on a Texas Ranch
The Cowgirl of Texas
The Crank Epidemic
Crazy Jim
A Crazy Man at the Throttle
A Creede Burial
Creede, The Latest Silver Wonder
Creede, the New Mining Town
Creoles and Contrabands: "As it was in the Beginning"
Creoles and Contrabands: Letting Loose the Dogs of War
Creoles and Contrabands: Marriage in Middle Life
Creoles and Contrabands: Severe, but Certain
Creoles and Contrabands: Speed the Parting Guest
The Crime of One Eve
The Crime of the Llano
A Criminal's Innocence
The Cripple Creek Gold Camp
A Critical Critique
Crooked People I Have Met
The Crow Grass Dance
The Cruiser's Guns
Crushing an Anglomaniac
Crusoes of Auckland Island
The Cryptogram Trail, From a Lawyer's Notes
Crystal's Jailer
The Cuff-Button Clew
Cupid and Cream-cake
Cupid in the Country; or, The Courtship of Silas and Sarah Jane
A Cure for "Ongwee"
A Cure for Hiccoughs
A Cure for Spring Fever
Curing a Medicine Eater
Curing Br'er Isaac
Curly's Kid
Cushman's Luck, or, A Christmas Gift for Muddy Forks
The Custer Massacre
The Cyclone Cave
The Cyclone Cave
Cyclone or Tornado
A Dakota Blizzard
Dakota Dan's Dodge
Dakota Girl Farmers
The Dalrymple Farm
Dan Larkins's Luck
Dancing and its Etiquette
A Dandy Mate
Dandy Rocks' Ducats
A Dangerous Female to Fool With
A Dangerous Pet
Daniel Boone on Deck
Dark Don, The Boy Outlaw
Dark Dora'a Grip
The Darky and the Sandbag
A Daughter of Arkansaw
The Daughter's Revenge
The Daughter's Sacrifice
A Dauntless Act
Dave Towner's Redemption
David Adams
Davis's Two Transactions in "Bobtail"
Days in Dixie: Abroad
Days in Dixie: Afloat
Days in Dixie: Ashore
Days in Dixie: At Home
The Deacon Has an Adventure
The Deacon on Rollers
The Deacon Takes a Bath
Deacon Tubbs and the Cow
The Deacon's Double
The Deacon's Horse-Starter
The Deacons' Sons Play Cards
The Dead Alive
A Dead Baby's Legacy
"Dead Injin Gulch", and Its Dread Winter Episode
The Dead Letter Office
Dead Man's Falls
A Dead Man's Message
The Dead Man's Tale
The Deadly Cigarette
Dear Old Jack
The Death Draw
The Death Grapple; or, How "Little" Harpe Met His Doom
Death in the Air
Death of Major Samuel H. Hall, ("Buckskin Sam")
The Death-Bed Reunion
The Death-Button, A Bit of Detective Experience
A Death-Trap Reversed
The Death-Watch
The Deaths of the Presidents
"Declined With Thanks"
Declined Without Thanks
The Defaulter's Victim
The Demon Steer
The Demon Trout
The Demons of Air
The Dental Demon
Deserted Cabins in the Mountains
Deserved Tar-and-Feathers, But He Was so Mean They Decided Not to Gratify Him
The Desperado's Tender Heart
A Desperate Chance
Desperate to the Last
Destruction of Wild Fowl
The Detective by Accident
Detective Eames' Toughest Cases
Detective Reminiscences
Detective vs. Detective
Detective Work in the West: A Fatal Photograph
Detective Work in the West: A Modern Delilah
Detective Work in the West: Caught by a Jack-Knife
Detective Work in the West: Queer Experiences in the Profession
Detective Work in the West: The Lavick Murder
Detective Work in the West: The Lone Highwayman
Detective Work in the West: The Nicked Bullet
Detective Work in the West: The Sign Manual
Detective Work in the West: Traced by a Trifle
Detective Work in the Wild West: In a Tight Place
Detective Work in the Wild West: The "Narrow Gouge" Mystery
Detective Work in the Wild West: The Arkansas Tragedy
Detective Work in the Wild West: The Death Ranch
Detective Work in the Wild West: The Fatal Handkerchief
Detective Work in the Wild West: The Hot Box
The Detective's Double Play
The Detective's Dumb Witness
The Detective's Promise
The Detective's Trap
The Deuce of Death
Developing a Developer; or, The Way of the Promoter Is Not Always Easy
The Devil's Tower
The Devil's Whisper
A Devil-Fish in a Cavern
Devisor and Devisee: From the Notes of a Lawyer
Diablos Texanos!
The Diagnosis Didn't Suit
The Diamond Dagger
Diary of a Dudelet
Diary of a Newsdealer
Diary of an "L" Brakeman
Dick Crunden's Luck
Dick Rock: A Mighty Hunter
Dick Tremaine's Crystal
Dick Wooton's Bride
Dick, the Hero
Dick, the Tramp
Dickery's Revenge
Did You Ever
Didn't Believe Him
Didn't Have the Kind He Wanted
Didn't I Tole Ye So!
Didn't Know a Governor
Didn't Know It at First, But Finally Concluded He Had Been Insulted
Didn't Like the West
Didn't Recognize the Critter
Didn't See How It Could be Done
Didn't Want It
Didn't Want to Buy Him Out
Dido of Dolores
The Digger Indian's Clever Trick
Dike's Band
The Dime Novel, Its Origin, Growth and Influence- Reminiscences of Mayne Reid
Dime Novels, A Defense by a Writer of Them
Dime Novels, Workingman's Literature Not Entirely Pernicious
Dinner-Party Etiquette
A Dire Revenge
Disappeared for a Purpose
The Disappearing Cowboy
A Disappointed Burglar
A Disappointed Man
A Disastrous Shower
Disgraced Buck
The Disguised Organ-Grinder; or, Rusty O'Donovan's Revenge
A Disgusted Reformer
The Disinfectant Didn't Seem to Sell, But the Vender Was Persevering
Dispelling the Gloom
A Dissecting-Room Story
Distinguished People I Have Known: "Billy, the Kid"
Distinguished People I Have Known: Bob Ford
Distinguished People I Have Known: Colorow
Distinguished People I Have Known: Geronimo
Distinguished People I Have Known: John Bender
A Distressing Episode
The Diver's Peril
The Divisions of Time
Dixon's Double
Doan's Find
Dobbins and the Chicago Detective
Dobbins's Detective Experience
Dobbs's Sewing-Machine
Doctor Cardigan's Subject
Doctor Durkee's Devil
The Doctor's Crime
Dodger Buys a Dog
Dodging a Search-Light: A Campfire Yarn
The Dog Circus
Dog Wisdom
A Dog-gone Affair
Dogs Versus Grizzly, A Big Horn Adventure
Doings in Snagville
A Domestic Bargain
A Domestic Disturbance
Domesticating the Bison
Doolittle on the War-Path
Doolittle Was Grasping, Slightly, as His Account with the "Widder" Showed
Doolittle's Experiment
The Doom of the Royal Charter
A Double Recovery
The Double-Horned Elk
A Doubtful Transaction
"Doused", As Told by a Tar
Down Among the Druids: "My Heart's in the Highlands"
Down Among the Druids: A Coon Playing 'Possum
Down Among the Druids: A Visit from the Vestals
Down Among the Druids: By the Light of the Moon
Down Among the Druids: Camping and Tramping
Down Among the Druids: Going, Going, Gone!
Down Among the Druids: On the French Broad
Down Among the Druids: The Bards
Down Among the Druids: The March of the Mountaineers
Down Among the Druids: The Vates
Down on "the Wimmen Folks"
Down on Agents
Down on the Race-Course
A Down-South Candy-Pull
The Down-the-Stream Papers: A Mexican Angel
The Down-the-Stream Papers: A Woman's Vengeance
The Down-the-Stream Papers: Amid the Clouds
Down-the-Stream Papers: An Odd Mistake
The Down-the-Stream Papers: On the Flying Trapeze
The Down-the-Stream Papers: The Champion Dead-Shot
Down-the-Stream Papers: The Coal-Oil Princess
The Down-the-Stream Papers: The Lady Jig-Dancer's Story
The Down-the-Stream Papers: The Light in the Woods
Down-the-Stream Papers: The Queen of the Arena
The Down-the-Stream Papers: The Tragedy of the Floating Palace
The Down-the-Street Papers: A Kentucky Gentleman
The Downtrodden Department Clerk
The Downtrodden Postmaster
Dr. Bugford's Epidemic
Dr. Drayton's Christmas
Dr. Harrison's Investment
Dr. Malakoff's Double
Dragged Down
Drawing a Prize
A Drawn Battle
A Dread Wedding Trip
A Dreadful Night's Recompense
The Dream Nugget
Drew the Line at Gun
Drew the Line at Pugs
Drew the Line at Snakes
The Driftwood of the Capital
Drinking Men
Dropping the Old Man a Line; or, How Bloomer Captured His Girl's Father
A Drug-Store Tragedy
The Druggist of Gopher's Roost
The Drummer's Mistake
The Drummer's Yarn
A Drunken Elephant
A Dual Role, From the Diary of a Detective
The Dude and the Red-Man; or, Having Fun with Buffalo Bill's Indians
A Dude in Camp
The Dude of Tip Top
The Dude's Downfall; or, How Cholly's Friend Slipped Up in His Calculations
The Dude's Lay-out, The True Story of St. Charles
The Duel at Jack Pot
A Duel by Lot
A Duel in a Rattler's Den
Duel to the Death
Duels by Lot
The Duke of Destiny
A Dull Week
The Dumb Avenger
A Dumb Hero
Duped into Conviction, The Doctor's Detective Ruse
The Duplicate Rings
The Dusty Escutcheon
The Dutch
Dutchy's Dulcinea
"Dx." A Telegrapher's Story
Dye and Despair. The Duffy House Catastrophe
A Dying Man's Accusation
The Dynamite Plot
A Dyspeptic Man Meets His Match
Eagle-Screams with Variations
Early Days in the Black Hills
Early Montana Days
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 1- Prospecting
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 10- Modes of Extraction, Etc.
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 2- Assaying: Weight and Color Tests, Etc.
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 3- The Crucible Assay
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 4- The Assay by Scorification
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 5- Cupelling the Lead Button
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 6- Parting, Etc.
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 7- Acid Test- Ore Classes
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 8- Blow-pipe Tests
Earth, Ore and Metal: No. 9- Technicalities, Etc.
East and West
Eastern Utah Caverns
Easy Lessons in Science (For Young People)
Eat-'em-up Joe
Echoes From the Trail: In the Bad Lands
Echoes From the Trail: Loco, the Arapaho Runner
Echoes From the Trail: Solomon
Echoes From the Trail: The Tragedy at Plum Creek
Echoes From the Trail: Tibbettes, the Boy Roper
Ed. Gilliam's Story
Edie's Thanksgiving
The Editor Out-Talked Him, But John Hit Back Soon as He Got a Piece of Paper and an Opportunity
The Editor Was Posted on Snakes
The Editor's Dilemma
The Editor's Woes
The Editorial Pathway
The Eel and the Sucker
The Egg Mine
Eke Harte's Nugget
Elder Archer's Christmas
Electing the Mayor of Flush Deck
The Electoral College: How the President is Named
Elephant Sam
Elk Hunting
Elk-Hunting in Oregon
Ellam Essick's Thanksgiving Turkey
Elmer, Faith and Amzi
An Enchanted Mine
Encounter with a Rattlesnake
The End of the Skein
The Enemy in the House
An Enemy to the End
Engine No. 33
An Engineer Who Skated
An Engineer's Heroism
An Engineer's Story
The Engineers Who Skated
Engineers With Nerve
"English as She is Spoke" in Japan
English Ignorance
English Lakes
English Pluck
An Enterprising Newspaper
Entertaining Apaches
Entertaining the Widow
Ephraim Was Brave, But Preferred Death in Another Way
Ephraim's Mistake; or, Almost a Tragedy
An Error Well Retrieved
Etiquette of the Napkin
Euchered on the Home Stretch
An Evening With Foghorn, He Tries to Make a Nuisance of Himself and Succeeds
The Evil Eye
Evolution of the Country Lad, A Very True Instance
Ex-Boomer Reminiscences: The Claim-Jumper
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: A Cattle Town
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Bludsoe & Co.
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Boot Hill
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Enforcing the Gospel
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Horn Heard From
Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Jim Lane, of Kansas
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Lord Bulburton's Reception
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Shuckless Smith's Grave
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Benders
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Boom At Hick's Mound
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Elusive County Seat
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The English Experiment
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Fall of Prairie City
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Late Mr. Babcock
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Lazy Club
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Skunk Reception
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Unreserved Old-Timer
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: The Way of the Vigilantes
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: Voting Bonds
The Ex-Boomer's Reminiscences: War to the Knife
The Ex-Sport Talks
The Exasperating Mule
An Exciting Game of Poker
Exercising the Hog
Exit Wiggins
An Expensive Joke
The Experimental Apothecary
Exposed at the Altar
Extinction of the Buffalo
Extracts from the Jimtown Bugle
Extraordinary Gambling
An Extraordinary Spectacle: Buffalo Bill With His Cowboys and Warriors at the Vatican
Eyes Analyzed
The Eyes
Ezra Essays to Make Soap
Ezra Has a Husking
Ezra Puts Up a Stove
F'lix; or, The Dead Letter of Cinnamon Bar
The Face in the Earth
The Face on the Wall
Fact and Fancy
Fact Outdoing Fiction
Facts About Flies
Facts for Would-be Cowboys
The Facts in the Case
The Fair and Cattle Show
The Fair Champion of Durango
The Fair Texan
The Fair-Bel Mine
Faith Cure
Faith Dixon's Ladder
Faith Leffingwell's Oracle
The False Accusation
The False Pard
The False Pard
A Famous Mexican Bandit
Famous Popular Songs
Far North Sports
The Farewell Performance
The Farmer's Champion
Faro in Montana
Fasting and Feasting
Fat Ned and Lean Ned
The Fatal Fan
The Fatal Phonograph; or, How She Lost Him
A Fatal Ring
The Fate of "Nooky-Flop", What The Old Settler Told Peleg
The Fate of Nocky-flop, The Old Settler's Yarn
The Fateful Game
A Fateful New Year Eve
The Father of Vegetables
The Father's Crime
A Father's Vengeance
A Fearful Retribution
A Fearful Run, An Old-Timer's Story
The Fegees
The Felinite Scheme
The Felon Juror
Feminine Millionaires
Ferguson and the "Englishman"
Ferguson Furnishes a Few Facts
Ferguson's Blunder
Ferguson's Fish Story
Ferguson's Narrow Escape
Ferguson's Vacation
The Festive Town Cow
The Fetterman Massacre
A Few Frozen Thoughts on Winter
The Fiend of the Mimes
A Fight with a Cuttlefish
Fight With an Indian Devil
A Fight with Pirates
Fighting a Mountain Lion
A Fighting Bishop
The Fire at Bugger's
The Fire Fiend
The Fire Hero
A Fireman's Story
The First Encounter
"First Timothy, VI. 10"
A First-Class Lie
Fish Farming
Fish Stories
A Fish-Eating Plant
Fishing for "T'rants"
The Fission
Fitznoodle's First Reception
The Five Fishers
Five Miles a Minute!
A Five-Years' Mystery
Fixed for Them
The Flagman's Ghost
The Flat-Thief Worker
Flayed by a Fad
"Float" But Nothing Else
A Floating Island
The Floating Reef
The Flooded Mine
Flooring a Soothsayer
Florida Snakes
Florida Spongers
A Flying Shot
Flying Without Wings
Foggerty's Find
Foghorn Economizes
Foghorn Puts in the Coal
Foghorn's Christmas Goose
Foghorn's Conundrums
Foghorn's Fuel Cartridge
Foghorn's Letter
Foghorn's Lost Hat
Foghorn's Nerve Remedy, It Was Maria's Fault That it Disappeared, of Course
Following a False Clew
The Folly of Knowing Too Much
The Fool of Fiddler's Flat
Fooled Rube
"Fools Afoot", An Extract From an Unpublished MS
For a Thousand Lives
For a Woman's Love
For Another's Crime
For His Own Doom
For Life or Death
For Six Years Dead: The Story of a Virginia Vendetta
For the Old Love's Sake
The Force of Imagination
Forceful Jones, The Nabob of Nugget Bar
Forecastle Yarns
Forests of Stone
The Forged Telegram
Formed a "Trust" of His Own
Forty-Fives' First Sensation
The Founders of Hard Pan
Four "Bad Men"
Four Bad Men of the West
"Fowl Play"; or, Fooled by a Newspaper
Frank North, (Pawnee La-Shar), The White Chief of the Pawnees
A Fraternal Call
Freaks on Engines
Freshness Rebuked
A Friend in Disguise
A Friend of Sophocles
From "Mousehole" to Albuquerque
From Across the Water: Steamship Travel in the Old Days and Now
From Foes to Friend
From Round-up to Stock-yards
From Under the Hoofs
Frontier Frivolities
Frontier Jim and His Stories
Frontier Poker
The Frozen Face
Frozen In
Fuddy's Folly
Fun Not on the Bills
Funny People
The Fur Seal
Gallagher's Infernal Machine
The Gallant Seven
The Gambler of Guinea Gulch
The Gambler's Revenge
The Gambler's Wife
The Gamblers' Feud
Gamblers' Stories
Game and Guide
Game Butchering in the Bad Lands
The Game Cannot Be Beaten
A Game of Chance, An Episode of a Night in St. Louis
The Game was Old
A Game Well Played
General Grant and His Horses
General Wall's Invasion of Texas
The General Writes a War Article
Gentleman Joe, The Chesterfield of the Road
The Genuine Sea Serpent
George Sefton's Last Pool
The Georgians' Yell
Georgie Was Inquisitive
A Get-Even Game
Getting Ahead of Herself
The Ghost From the Sound
Ghost Made to Order
The Ghost of 30th Street, From the Private Memoranda of Inspector Williams of the New York Police
The Ghost of Claim 13
The Ghost of Dead Man's Luck
The Ghost of the Wreck
The Ghost on the Ship
The Ghost Up-Stairs
The Ghost-Dance Spy
Ghosts on the Ocean
A Gift Well Lost
A Gilded Crown
The Gingerbread Heart; or, Wuncutt's Green Christmas
The Girl Engineer
The Girl Guide
The Girl Shadower
The Girl Who Played the Piano
Girl Who Smoke Cigarettes
A Glass Button
A Glorious Valentine
The Gloved Hand, A City Detective's Narrative
"Glycerine" Jim Resurrection
The Go-Devil Health-Promoter
Gog and Magog, A Mystery of the Colorado Canyons
Going on the Stage
Gold Nuggets
A Gold Watch Against a Quarter
Goldstay the Phantom
Gone Inside
A Good Humbug
Good Manners for Boys
The Good Samaritan's Report
The Goose Corner Frolic
The Gorgon's Grip
Got the Drop on Him
Got the Information at Last
Got the Worth of His Money
Got What He Needed
Got What He Was Looking For
A Gourmand Ostrich
The Grand Canyon Expedition
Grand Cattle Round-Up: How The Novel Industry Is Worked
The Grass Dance
The Grateful Bear, The Pelt-Gatherer's Statement
Grave Humor
Graveyard Insurance Swindlers
A Great Brain
A Great Discovery
The Great Duck Paradise
Great Gold Nuggets
The Great Indian-Fighter
A Great Man's Visit
The Great Nugget
A Great Occasion
Great Smokers
A Great Territory
The Greatest Horse-Race
The Greatest Run on Record, How Russell Won $200,000
Greely Speaks
Green Hair
The Green Reporter's Luck
Green's First Detective Work
The Greeting of Lige Sugson
A Grim Joke
Grindley's B'ars
Grizzly Walker
A Groan From the Underground!
The Grouse-"Pheasant"
Grubb's Boy
Gustav Korn
Hackett's Hens
Had Been There Himself
Had Enough of Columbus
Had Heard of It Before
Had One Already
Had to Lick Bill First
Hadji, The Beautiful Snake-Charmer
Hair as an Index of Temperament
The "Halestown Crank"
The Half-Breeds
Handwriting, Divining Character From Manuscript
Handy Pat's Mistake
Hanging a Bear
The Happy Family
Happy Hollow
Happy Montana Cowpunchers
A Hard Day
Hard Nuts to Crack; or, Tough Times in Tombstone
The Hardship of Eli
Harney's Ammunition Bill Root's Yarn
The Harpooner's Death
Harpooning a White Bear
Harry Holdyne's "Mash"
Haunted by a Lie
The Haunted Gulch
The Haunted Mine
Haunted; or, Old Hilarity's Last Trail
An Havana Cigar
The Hawaiian Islands
"Haythin Chinees"
Hazen on Tornadoes
He "Shrunk"
He "Struck", So Did His Dad
He Aimed to Be Truthful
He Begged to Differ
He Did His Fighting in Canada
He Didn't Come Back
He Didn't Scare
He Drew the Line
He Found the Very Man
He Got the Pie
He Got There, A True Story
He Guessed He'd Fight
He Had Them in Stock
He Is a Farmer Now, Buffalo Bill Praises Nebraska's Fertile Plains
He Made a Slight Mistake
He Made Their Acquaintance, The Story of a Boy who Stays at Home o' Nights Now
He Objected to Hat Jokes
He Resigned
He Saw Himself
He Saw the Folly of Being a Dude
He Secured an Engagement
He Tackled the Wrong Female
He Wanted Damages
He Wanted His Mail
He Wanted to be a Schoolma'am
He Wanted to Know
He Wanted to Take it All In
He Was a Devoted Love, But the Test She Proposed Was Too Much for Him
He Was a Stranger to the City, But Mr. Boggs was Evidently Able to Take Care of Himself
He was Acquitted
He Was an Athlete Himself
He Was Looking For Fight, But He Declined to Lick a Man
He Was on Their Trail
He Was Part Owner
He Was Sadly Deceived, But the Lawyer Said It Served Him Right
He Was Slightly Nervous
He Was Subject to Chills
He Was Subject to Dyspepsia, But Something Else Overtook Him First
He Was Subject to Fits, But He Concluded Not to Have One After All
He Wasn't a Bridge-Jumper
He Wasn't Lonesome
He Who Smokes
The Head in the Box
Health Maxims
Heaving the Lead
Hector, the Fugitive
Held for Ransom
Henry J. and Amelia Jane; or, How Hornswoggle Took the Hint
Her Duty
Her Father's Debt
Her Friend, the Baron
Her Hero
Her One Jealousy
Her Ordained Lover
Her Own Boy
Her Willfulness
Hermit and Cashier
Hero John Martin
The Hero of Shingle Flat
The Hero of the Huron
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: A Singular Execution
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Captured by Comanches
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Christophe Rublo, the Guerrilla
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Escape from Captivity
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Hays and his Pards
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Jack Hays
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: My Unfortunate Pard, Jim Brennan
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: Nelson Lee's Escape
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: The Knights of the Golden Circle
Heroes and Outlaws of Texas: The Perfidy of Cortina
Heroic Billy
A Heroic Colorado Girl
Heroic Mary
The Heroine of Okibogi
The Heroine of the Gulch
Hickory Jack's Stowaway
A Highwayman's Christmas Gift
The Highwayman's Ruse
Hints for Rheumatics
A Hirsute Disquisition
His "Humpback" Rule, The Romance of a Range Patrol
His Atonement
His Best Case
"His Brother's Keeper"
His Coal was Delivered at His Door
His Color Saved Him
His First Crime
His First Patient
His Jealousy
His Last Chance
His Last Drink
His Last Panther
His Little Pard
His Little Scheme
His Memory Was All Right
His Mission of Vengeance
His Mother's Cooking
His Mother's Squash Pie
His One Mad Act
His One Request
His Only Sermon
His Poetry Wasn't Appreciated
His Question
His Revenge, A Tragedy of Ten-Strike
His Royal Dukes; or, The Sports of the Golden Horns
His Services Were Declined
His Services Were Not Required
His Specialty was "Booming."
His Spine Was Injured, So He Said, But He Could Run All the Same
His Testimonial; or, The Fatal Shock, A Pateni Medicine Episode
His Theory Went Back on Him
His Wife's Wages
Historic Bandits: Black Beard, the American Coast Scourge
Historic Bandits: Captain James Hind
Historic Bandits: Cheetoo, Prince of the Pindarries
Historic Bandits: Claude Duval
Historic Bandits: Dick Turpin, the King of the Road
Historic Bandits: Don Ciro, the Priest-Robber of Italy
Historic Bandits: Fra Diavolo
Historic Bandits: Marco Sciarra, the Bandit King
Historic Bandits: Paou, the Chinese Sea Scourge
Historic Bandits: Robin Hood
Historic Bandits: Schinder-Hannes, the Robber of the Rhine
Historic Bandits: The Abbe De Vatteville
Historic Bandits: The Golden Farmer
Historic Bandits: The Varderelli Brothers
Ho Si Slocum Won His Vessel
The Hogmonicon
Holidays in Camp, Churchill's Terrible Ride
Home Decorations
The Home of a Scout
The Homesteader's Story
Homeward Bound on the New York
An Honest Thief
Hoodoo Charms
"A Hopeless Case"
Hopi Blacksnake Dance, A Frightful Ceremony
Horn Among the Quakers
Horn and Bud
Horn and Bud in Washington
Horn and Ike
Horn and the Demon
Horn and the Infant Socrates
Horn and the Scientist
Horn and the Widow
Horn as Solicitor-General
Horn at the Club
Horn at the White House
Horn Carves a Duck
Horn Declares War
Horn Disgruntled
Horn Does His Duty
Horn Entertains the Office-Seekers
Horn Escapes From Arkansas
Horn Explains Further
Horn Explains the Why of It
Horn Gets Even
Horn Gets Twisted
Horn Goes Shopping
Horn Hangs High
Horn Hears the Jiboose Orate
Horn Helps Hoke
Horn Hoist On His Own Petard
Horn Howls
Horn in Durance Vile
Horn in New York
Horn in the Hub
Horn Loses His Bearings
Horn Makes Answer
Horn Meets A Kindred Spirit
Horn Off on a Tangent
Horn on the Wing
Horn Rebukes a Scoffer
Horn Sits Up In Bed
Horn Sloshes Around
Horn Solves A Problem
Horn Stands up and Orates
Horn Still Sloshing Around
Horn Talks About Gog and Magog
Horn Talks Mean About Spain
Horn Tells How It Happened
Horn's "Hoobly-Boobly"
Horn's Bonanza
Horn's Bureau of Information
Horn's Confession
Horn's Exodus
Horn's Explanation
Horn's Guest
Horn's Indignation
Horn's Inhumanity to the Hog
Horn's Little Petard
Horn's Little Scheme
Horn's Righteous Indignation
Horn's Sentiments
Horn's Unnecessary Agitation
Horn, Hammerslaw, and the Card
Horn, Ike and Hoke
The Horoscopticon
The Horrors of Drunkenness
Horse and Horse
A Horse on Ike
A Horse on the Crow
The Horse Was Still Dead
A Horse's Crime
Horses of Many Nations
A Hot Hunt
Hot Weather Hints
The Hotspurs of Vulture Valley
Hottest Spot on Earth
An Hour in a Bar-Room
How a Cowboy Won a Wife; or, The Mystery of the Cattle-Pen
How a Dog Saved a Party
How a Stallion Whips a Grizzly
How Andy Met the Bear
How Andy Raised the Mortage
How Becky Got the Letter
How Bloomer Caught Them
How Carter Got His Insurance
How Cyrus Was Sold
How Dave Kept His Word
How Dead In It
How Doctor Slade Slode
How Foghorn Did the Washing
How Gun Barrels Are Made
How Harding Found His Wife
How He Distinguished Himself
How He Found Her
How He Got His Name
How He Had His Revenge, The Old Settler's Talk
How He Lost His Fingers
How He Paid His Fare
How He Proved His Worth
How He Received the Scar
How He Roped in the Parson
How He Saved a Friend
How He Saved the Stage
How He Suffered
How He Won His Wife
How Heroes Died, The Tragic Story of the Alamo
How His Hair Turned White
How Howcome Came to Become So.
How I Was Saved
How I Went to Live with Uncle Joe
How Ike Was Squelched
How It Ended, Cody in a Tight Place
How It Happened
How It Was Done
How It Was Righted
How Jed Townsley Won a Bride
How John Won His Wife
How Johnson Tended Baby
How Land is Apportioned
How Long Abe Helped the Widow
How Old Grizzly Didn't
How Old Grizzly Failed
How Perkins Got Even
How Peters Lost a Fortune
How Plays are Written
How Rollo Won His Way
How Rowdy Served the Renegades
How Sam Stover Won a Wife
How Schwab Won His Wife
How She Lost Him; or, Separated by a Kick
How She Saved the Brig
How She Saved the Champion
How She Scared the Kickapoo
How She Went Home
How She Won Jabez
How Si Hollis Won, The Story of a Saturday Night at Saturday Cove
How Si Made a Fool of Himself
How Sol Coaxed the Bear
How the Bank was Robbed
How the Bear Turned White
How the Bullion Boy Was Opened
How the Cattle Suffer
How the Colonel Won the Race
How the End Came
How the Indians Fooled Kit Carson
How the Scoffer was Converted, The Old Settler Talks
How the Strike Ended at Cordelia
How the Supper was Paid For
How the Train was Signaled. An Engineer's Story
How the Wizard Eat the Sun
How They Encouraged Spriggins
How They Got the Treasure, A Tale of the Robbers' Cache
How They Managed the Circus
How They Took to Theatricals
How to be Strong
How to Become an Orator
How to Camp
How to Catch Coons
How to Foretell Weather
How to Get Rich
How to Grow Strong, What Three Experts Say
How to Hatch Them
How to Keep Him Home
How to Live on One Cent a Day
How to Manage a Husband
How to Ride a Horse
How to Save Three Billions a Year
How to Save Your Teeth
How to Shoot
How To Shoot Birds
How to Swim and Dive
How to Take Out a Patent
How to Walk, The Six Champions' Views
How Uncle Dan'l Cured the Dog
How Uncle Zeb Got Even
How We Became Friends
How We Surprised Buglesnipe
How Wild Horses are Caught
How Will Killed the Bear
A Huckleberry Coon Hunt
The Huckleberry Picnic
Hull's Stratagem: A Detective Story
The Human Dynamo
A Human Nugget
The Human Raffle
Humorous Mr. Snaggs
A Hunt for Moonlighters
The Hunter's Paradise
Hunter's Paradise: How to Hunt and How Not
"Hunting for Jim", A Legend of Lost Pocket
Hunting the Bighorn
Hunting the Elk
Hunting the Man-Eater
Hunting Wildcats
The Hustler and the Hoodoo
The Ice Tomb
Idaho's Heroine
Ignominiously Defeated
Ike Brownfield's Claim
Ike's Bad Luck
Ike's Effort to Be Good
Ike's Infatuation
Ike's Mysterious Malady
Ike's Peculiar Malady
Ike's Reproof
The Ill-Fated Captain
Illustrious Cranks
The Imitation Englishman
The Impassable Barrier
Imprisoned in Ice
The Improved Dumb Waiter
The Improved Dumb-Waiter
In a Bear's Mouth
In a Blizzard
In a Coal Mine
In a Panther's Den
"In a Quandary"
In a Squall
In a Tree
In an Opium Joint
In Bleak Alaska
In Cases of Sudden Illness
In Cipher. From the Diary of a Detective
In Fair Vienna
In from the Fields
In Old Yorkshire
In Rome
In Search of a Job; or, The Postage Stamp Fiend Discourager
In Shadow-Land
In the Big Horn Range; or, The Game-Trails of the Northwest
In the Flood
In the Freshet
In The Gloaming
In the Heart of the City
In the Middle of the Night
In the Nick of Time
In the Old Time
In the Rose-Walk
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: A Garden Spot in Desertland
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: In Wonderland
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: The Nebraska Home and the Start
In the Saddle With Buffalo Bill: The Overland March!
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: Through Mormonland!
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: Through the Kaibab Mountains
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: Through the Treeless Land
In the Saddle with Buffalo Bill: Through the Wilderness of Silence
In the Shadow of the Capitol
In the Yosemite
The Inch and the Ounce
Incidents of the Rail
An India Girl's Love
Indian Cunning
An Indian Delicacy
An Indian Girl's Love
Indian Horsemanship
Indian Jake
The Indian Messiah Craze
Indian Names
Indian Names
Indian Nation Justice
An Indian's Heart
An Indian's Revenge
Indians Protesting
The Indians' "Mamma"
Initiated in Masonry
Injun Pete
The Inquisitive Dude
The Inspector's Last Grip, A Tale of the Ground Drift of the Northwest Border
"Interferin' With Providence"
An Interrupted Serenade
An Interrupted Serenade
Into a Badgers' Pit
An Inverted Ship!
Investigating the Dog Tax
Ironclad Hulk, A Reminiscence of California
An Irresistible Influence
Is It Worth Knowing? The "Language" of the Hand
It Failed to Fetch Them
"It Might Have Been"
It Removed the Freckles
It Was a Cold World
J. Henry's Escape
J. S. Smith's Narrow Escape
Jack Darling's Vengeance
Jack Frazier's Wonderful Shot
Jack o' the Plains
Jack Westerfield's Drop
Jack's Angel
Jack's Home-Coming
Jack's Kid
Jack-Rabbit Chase in Texas
The Jackaphone Scheme
Jaggers's Home-Made Shirt
Jaggers's Wheat Cakes
James Was Posted
Jane Tolman's Expiation
The Jar at Cusack's
The Jaws of Greyfel, A Tale of a Girl's Heroism
"Jeff Parsons's Yaller Dorg"
Jem Patterson and the Steel Trap
Jersey Joins Issue
"Jest Tookin' a Nap"
The Jibbonainosay
Jim and Jerry; or, Tow of a Kind
Jim Beckwith's Narrow Escape
Jim Beckwourth's Adventures
Jim Betts's Blow-Up
Jim Billings's Old Claim
Jim Blackford's Fingers
Jim Bowie and His Knife
Jim Nason's Luck
Jim Smith's Skating Cats
Jim Smith's Yarns
Jim Sudlow's Ruse
Jim's Daisy
Jimmy Hope's "Sorrow"
Jimpson's Stove Matinee
Jingle's Poetry
Jo Jewett's Narrow Escape
Job Crandall's Strike
Jobbers's Family Horse
Jobbers's Ghost
Jobson's Christmas Turkey
Joe Dayton's Thanksgiving
Joe Palmer's Offense
Joe's Last Victim
Joe's Thanksgiving
John Burt's Friend
John Christmas
John Coulter's Escape
John Henry's Peril, A Tale of Modern New York
John Hunter's Eclipse, The True Story of a Woman's Faith
John Skansett's Redemption
John Smith vs. John Chinaman
"John Viii., 34"
John Weston's Adventure
John's "John;" or, Tough Times at Temecula
Johnny's Pocket
The Joke on Ike
Joking the Joker
Jonah's Story
Jones's Graveyard
Jones's Spotted Heifer
Jones's Vacation
Jones-Smith and Smith-Jones
Josh Was Shiftless, But She Got No Sympathy From The Court On That Account
Journalism at Gold Bug
Journalism in the West
Journalistic Experience; or, The Pen and the Pistol
Joys of a Ticket Agent
Judge "Jack" Stillwell: His Story of the Great Fight on the Arickaree
Juggins's Great Scheme, It Sounded Big, but the Financier Didn't Invest
July 4, 1774
Just a Little Circumstance
Just in Time
Just in Time: The Sergeant's Brave Act
Just So
"Just Steve, Sir"
Justice in Tombstone
A Justifiable Case
The Kangaroo Court
Kannawinkis Weather
Kate Clayton's "Convictions"
Kauffman's Cat; or, $1,000 Reward
Keep the Soul on Top
The Keynote to Success
Kid Cassidy
The Kid's Last Deal
Killb'ar's Indian Wife, A True Story
The Kinds of Men
King Lear
The King of Boomopolis
The King of the Plains
The King of the Spiders
A King Snake Asserts His Sovereignty
Kirkwood's Heaven
Kit Carson and the Road-Agents
Kit Carson's Apprentice
Kit Carson's Big Haul
Kit Carson's Big Ride
Kit Carson's Panther
Kit Carson's Rifle
Kit Carson's Story
Kit Carson's Venison
Kit Carter from Kennebunk
Kitty's Speculation
Knew a Better Way Than That
Knew a Cyclorama When He Saw It
Knew His Business, And He Didn't Care For A Ride Just Then
The Knights of the Locomotive
Knocked Out by a Fish
Knud Squares the Books
Knud's Dentistry
Knud's Tale of Woe
Kreps's Secret
The Kufley Case
The Lady of the Lake
Lafe's Little Lapses
Lafitte and His Buccaneers
Lake Maggiore
The Landlady's Husband
The Langley Murder
Lant's Buffalo
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Lasso-Bound or, A Narrow Escape From a Rope Coil
The Last Buffalo Hunt
The Last Cartridge
Last of the Panthers
The Last of the Pirates
The Last One of Six
The Latch-String Jerked In
The Late Mr. Partlow
The Late Mr. Shakspere
The Latest Chicken Whoop
Latest Style of Journalism, As Practiced in Some Newspaper Offices
The Law was on Her Side
The Laws of Nature Violated
The Lawyer Got Left
The Lawyer's Change of Heart
Laying a Ghost
Lazy Pete
Leadville, The Camp of the Carbonates
The League of Snohomish
The Leap for Life. An Old Engineer's Story
The Leaping Canoe
Learning by Experience
"A Leetle Argiement"
The Legend of Crow Butte
Legend of the Sacred Fire
Legends of the Pueblos: The Giant of the Sealed Cave
Legends of the Pueblos: The Mesa Enchantada
Legends of the Pueblos: The Sacred Tree
Lem Shaw's B'ar Meat; or, Christmas at Bottom Card
Length of Man's Life
A Lesson for Silas
A Lesson in Politeness
A Letter to the Shah
A Letter
The Lieutenant's Ruse
The Lieutenant's Vengeance
A Life for a Lead
A Life for a Life
The Life He Leads
Life in a Man-of-War
Life in Death Valley, Uncle Sam's Wonderful Collection of Reptiles
The Life of a Gambler
The Life-Buoy's Burden
Lige Bracket's Charge
The Light of Dingle Flat
The Lights of Shadow Lane
Limpy, A True Incident
The Lineman's Story
A Lion Killed by Dogs
The Lion of Lost Pocket
A List of Giants
Listen to These Tales of Woe
The Literary Situation
Literature of the Face
A Little "Slicking" Up
Little Amzi's Keepsakes
The Little Beehive Mine
Little Chips
Little Comfort's Exploit
Little Dick's Telephone
Little Dorrit
Little Jim
Little Joe's Fiddle
Little Joe's Ride to Pocatello
A Little Lesson in Grammar
A Little Lonely Grave
Little Nat
"Little Nugget"
The Little Queen's Pluck
The Little Red Jockey
Little Silence, The Story of a Mute Witness
Little Strawberry
The Little Street Pilot
Little Tempest, The Celestial of Canyon City
A Little Vagabond
The Live Corpse
A Live Yankee in India: George Foster, the Tiger Slayer
A Lively Bear Story
A Lively Coon Hunt
A Lively Fourth
A Lively Tussle
A Lively Wedding
Liver-Eating Johnson
Living Chromos
Lo! The Poor Brakeman
Locating the Claim
Lock Box No. 20
"Lon" Myer's Rule for Running
Lone Bandit, The Story of the Gentleman High-wayman of the Alleghanies
The Lone Pards of Flush Deck
A Lonely Winter
Long Horns on the Rampage
Long Knife's Revenge
A Long-Felt Want
The Long-Lost Brother
Long-Shot Luke
Looking For a Bunco Steerer, Expected to Make It Lively For Him in Case He Ran Across One
Loony Sol
Lord Fitzdinky's Drive
Lord Simon's Offense
Loss of Life by War
The Lost Cabin Gold-Mine
The "Lost Cabin"
The Lost Chance, A Tale of Creed as It Was Before the "Boom"
Lost His Trade
Lost Landsmen
The Lost Lead
The Lost Ledge
A Lost Mine
Lost or Stolen?
A Loud Call!
Love Mad, The Mystery of the Burnap Case
Love's Test
Love's Victory
Love's Work
The Lovers' Patron, St. Valentine and His Day
A Lucifer's Work
Luck Against Him
The Luck Nugget of Bottom Card; A Mining Episode
Luck Was Ag'in' Him
A Lucky "Take"
"Lucky Faro Jack"
Lucky Phil's Mistake
A Lucky Repulse; or, The Broker's Office-Box
The Lucky Strike
The Lucky-Unlucky Nugget
Luke Lamont's Sacrifice
Luke Prior's Mule
Lying as an Art
The M'Flackertys and M'Doozlers
The Mad Engineer
Mad Job's Vengeance
A Mad Woman
Made Himself at Home, But The Janitor Objected
Made Honest by a Fall
The Mafia's Victim
Magic and How to Exercise It
The Mail Contractor's Adventure
The Main Truck, A Sailor's Story
Major Atom's Legacy
Major Satan's Plot
Making It Easy for Him, And Yet William Was Ungrateful
The Making of a Cynic
Making the Desert Bloom
"Making Up" for the Stage
The Man Fly
The Man from Kansas City
The Man in the Hickory Shirt: How "the Wizard Works"
The Man in the Mill
A Man of Honor
A Man to Bet On: Marshal Jim, of Cripple Creek
The Man Who Bet His Head
The Man Who Could Not Sleep
The Man Who Shot Ten Men
The Man With Information
A Man With Two Lives
A Man's Hate
The Manager's Secret
Mandy Perkins Has a Party
The Maniac Driver, The Story of a Wild Stage Ride
Manners for Men
"The March of the Ages"
The Marked Cards
The Marked Revolver
The Marked Six
Marm Spencer's Bundle
Marrying an Indian Princess
The Marshall of Morning Glory
Marvelous Memories
The Mascot of Hellbender
The Masked Telegrapher
The Masonic Sign
The Master of Carbon
Matching a Horse
The Mate's Nerve
A Matter of Conscience
Matters and Things: "Earning a Living"
Matters and Things: "Un Brav Generale"
Matters and Things: A "Business Woman"
Matters and Things: A Bad Give Away
Matters and Things: A Clam "Pome"
Matters and Things: A Different Sort of "Widder"
Matters and Things: A Feline Tale
Matters and Things: A New Literary Light
Matters and Things: A Sad Case
Matters and Things: A Shy Young Thing
Matters and Things: After the Police
Matters and Things: An Irretrievable Blunder
Matters and Things: Asking Too Much
Matters and Things: Canadian Enterprise
Matters and Things: Clear Case of Lunacy
Matters and Things: Dollars and Sense
Matters and Things: East To Believe
Matters and Things: Getting at the Facts
Matters and Things: Giving the Entire Facts
Matters and Things: Hardware vs. Gold
Matters and Things: He Didn't Go
Matters and Things: He Left All There Was
Matters and Things: He Sent It—And it was Published, Too
Matters and Things: He'd Seen Ball Games Before
Matters and Things: Help Yourself, Mr. Jones!
Matters and Things: Her Science Failed This Time
Matters and Things: How Does That Affect Him?
Matters and Things: If P. T. Were Only Alive!
Matters and Things: Isaac Was Tough
Matters and Things: It Cured His Headache, but Left Him Worse Off Than Before
Matters and Things: It Was
Matters and Things: Just The Man He Wanted
Matters and Things: No Laughing Matter
Matters and Things: No Light Housekeeping for Her
Matters and Things: Not So Funny Then
Matters and Things: Nothing To Crow About
Matters and Things: Objected to the "Figgers"
Matters and Things: Ought To Let Them Vote, Anyhow
Matters and Things: Remedy Worse Than The Disease
Matters and Things: Sad for the Ladies
Matters and Things: Served Him Right!
Matters and Things: Serves Him Right
Matters and Things: Settled His Hash
Matters and Things: Smart Connecticut Dogs
Matters and Things: Still a Puzzle
Matters and Things: The Bed of Our Daddies
Matters and Things: The Captain's Big Eel
Matters and Things: The Latest from Keeley's Motor
Matters and Things: The Reward of Honesty
Matters and Things: The Way of Modern Lovers
Matters and Things: They Will Do It
Matters and Things: Too Much Excitement for Him
Matters and Things: Well, Hardly
Matters and Things: What It Comes To
Matters and Things: What She Was Aware Of
Matters and Things: What's the Matter With the Men?
Matters and Things: Which and Wherefore?
Max Moret in Manhattan
The Mayor of Fancy Free
The Mayor of Flood Bar
The Mayor Was In
McBloke's Raffle
McDoodle Took the Hint
McGuffin's Ghost
McGuffin's Mule
"Mee-Too", A Reminiscence of a Big Horn Camp
Meek, But He Drew the Line
The Megatherium and Others
A Memorable Fourth
A Memorable Hunt
A Memory
Men Against Grizzlies
Men Who Wear Corsets
Mercurial Mabel
A Merited Doom
The Mesmerism Didn't Work
A Message from the Dead
A Message in Type
Metals More Precious Than Gold
The Method of His Madness
Mexican Bull-Fighting
Mexican Peculiarities
Mick Finn's Invintion
Mickey and the Mule
A Midnight "Special"
The Midnight Bell
A Midnight Tussle
Miggs's "Widder"
A Might Lively Time
A Mighty Close Call
A Mighty Lively Buffalo
A Mighty Lively Night
"Mighty Poor Moose-Meat"
A Mighty Tough Bear
Mike Monaghan's Aunt
Military Murder in Mexico: The Decimation of the Texan Rangers
The Miller of Killimavee
A Million for a Life
Millions in Whisky
The Mills of the Gods
The Miner's Valentine
The Miner's Valentine
The Miner-Sport's Ruse
Minnie Palmer's Wildcat
Minstrel Shows Before the War
Miss Langworthy's Maid
Miss Matterson's Mark
Miss Meacham's Hobby. A Story of Memorial Day
Missed It All 'Round
Missing an Opportunity
The Missing Cashier
The Missing Conestoga
The Missing Eyebrow
The Missing Finger
The Missing Finger
The Missing Jewels
The Missing Light at Cottonwood, A Railroad Agent's Story
The Missing Links; or, The Man, the Basket, and the Dog
The Missing Mail Pouch
The Missing Man from Wayback
The Mission of Johnny Appleseed
A Mission to Montana
A Mississippi Conjurer
Missouri's Leap to Death
A Mistaken Sacrifice
The Mistakes of Horn
Mlle. Fleur and Her Snakes
A Model Bear Story
The Model Liar's Yarn
Modern Desdemona
The Modern Don Quixote
A Modern Hatchet Story
A Modern Orpheus
A Modern-day Slaver
The Modesty of It
The Modoc's Captive
"Money Loaned on Security"
A Money Maniac
The Money that Bought the Ranch
Money Was No Object to Him
Monkeys at a Wedding Breakfast
A Montana Miner
The Montana Stranglers
The Monumental Scarabei
The Moon Inhabited
A Moqui Snake Dance
Morals and Manners
More About Nero
More About Soeysmith
More About The Putchetts
More Potent Than Whisky
Morgan's Blizzard
Mormon Apostasy
Mormon Infamy
Mormon Tom's Wife
A Morning Bath
A Most Unhappy Man
A Mother's Heroism. A Story of the Nez Perce Outbreak
A Motiveless Crime
A Mountain Episode
Mountain Game
Mountain Lion or Mouse?
The Mountain Lion
Mountain Max's Pard
Mountain Max's Story
A Mountain Mystery
The Mountain of Quartz
The Mountain Outcasts
Mournful Mose
The Movable Pane
Mr. Bloomer's Cold
Mr. Foghorn's Calf Chase
Mr. Foghorn's Home-Made Hair-Cut
Mr. Grimes's Mistake
Mr. Growler at Home
Mr. Moody's Woodchucks
Mr. Schaumbaum and Mr. Solomon
Mr. Winkle's Mistake
Mrs. Bugger's Dog
Mrs. Chumper's Splasher
Mrs. Hannah's Neighbors
Mrs. Higgins Enters the Arena
Mrs. Higgins Gets a Bunnit
Mrs. Higgins Goes A-Shopping
Mrs. Higgins Takes a Bath
Mrs. Jones
Mrs. Langtry's Pluck
Mrs. Miggs's Muff
Mrs. Mulligan Hears Burglars
Mrs. Mulligan's Five O'Clock Tea
Mrs. Smith Smells Smoke
Mrs. Spilldyke Knew How, Even If Spilldyke Didn't
A Much Misunderstood Man
Muggins's Matinee
Muggins's Universal, Etc
Mugs's Night Walk
The Mule
Mules and Pack Trains: Rocky Mountain Experiences
Mulligan and the Abalone
Mulligan and the Census-Taker
Mulligan and the Prickly Pears
Mulligan Attends the Races
Mulligan Becomes a Cliff-Dweller
Mulligan Captures a Spirit
Mulligan Cleans Out the Well
Mulligan Cleans the Clock
Mulligan Gets Another Idea
Mulligan Gets Burned
The Mulligan Guards
Mulligan Has a Wake
Mulligan Has Toothache
Mulligan High; Mulligan Low
Mulligan Invents a Water-Walker
Mulligan Joins the Masons
Mulligan Plays Base-Ball
Mulligan Runs for Office
Mulligan Sees the Circus
Mulligan Takes a Wild Ride
Mulligan Takes Lessons
Mulligan Takes Poison
Mulligan Tries Electric Lighting
Mulligan Tries Photography
Mulligan Up in a Balloon
Mulligan's Birthday
Mulligan's Charger
Mulligan's Chimney Afire
Mulligan's Death-Vision
Mulligan's Fire-Escape
Mulligan's House-Warming
Mulligan's Latest Exploit
Mulligan's Night of Horror
Mulligan's Patent Incubator
Mulligan's Toboggan Slide
Mulligan's Volunteer Fire Brigade
The Mulligans Have La Grippe
The Mulligans Name the Twins
The Mulligans Try Rusticating
A Murder at Midnight. From the Private Memoranda of Police Inspector Alexander S. Williams of the New York Police
Murdered by Mistake
A Mushroom Village
"Music in the Air"
A Musical Tournament
A Mustanger's Story
Mustapha's Vacation
The Mute Celestial
My Accidental Insurance
My Christmas Present
My Contrivance
My Debut
My First "Coup"
My First Buffalo
My First Case
My First Case
My First Girl
My Friend, the Flagman
My Funny Story
My Gymnastics
My Horses and Their Exploits
My Joke on Litewaite
My Luck in a Tunnel
My Old Pard's Story
My Pard Sam
My Present
My Problem
My Ride for Life
My Strange Customer; or, The Man in the Mask
My Tenth Case a Failure
My Thanksgiving Story
My Unseen Companion
My Wild Man
The Mysterious Avenger: A Tale of Thirty Years Ago
A Mysterious Break
A Mysterious Case
A Mysterious Case
A Mysterious Disappearance
Mysterious Dots and Dashes; or, A Message from the Dead
The Mysterious Stranger
The Mystery at "Jack Pot"
The Mystery of a Mirror
The Mystery of a Paragraph
The Mystery of Coon's Fork
The Mystery of Moggs's
The Mystery of Mount Iser
The Mystery of the Front Room. From the Private Memoranda of Police Inspector Alexander S. Williams of the New York Police
A Mystery of the Sea
The Myth of the Thunderbird, The Story of a Remarkable Superstition
Mythology Kodacked
Nadir, A Legend of No Man's City
The Name on the Rock
The Nanticoke Romance
Napoleon's Marshals
A Narrow Escape for Both
A Narrow Escape
A Narrow Escape, A Lion Trainer's Tale
Nat Newcombe's Proteges
Natural Gas Notes
A Natural-Born Poet
A Near-by Hunter's Paradise
A Nebraska Blizzard
Ned Conway's Redress
Ned Wilson's Ride
"Ned's Lunatic"
A Needless Remorse
Nellie Grant's Christmas Gift
Nero of New Mexico
A Nevada Scare
Nevada's Road-Agents, Who They Were; How They Worked
Never Die Paddy McBrian
The New Art Processes
The New Crusade
The New Director, A Story of the Sagg Hollow Mines
The New Director
The New Eliza
The New Game Bird
The New Game
New Mexico and Arizona
The New Partner
A New Summer Land
New Tricks of Faro
The New Volapuk
A New Wonderland: Wondrous Scenery in Montana
A New Wrinkle on Horn
New Year's Day at Malakah
New York Was Too Tame For Him, So Uncle Silas Cut His Visit Short
A New-Style Reception
The Newspaper Affidavit Liar
A Newspaper Office in Japan
NIckajack's Nest, An Old-Time Detective's Story
Nicknames Among Generals
Nigger Ben's Gold Mine
A Night Among Wolves
A Night of Adventure, Buffalo Bill's Own Story
A Night of Horror
A Night of Terror
A Night Off Land's End
A Night to Remember
A Night With a Maniac
A Night with Rattlesnakes
A Night with the Bender Family
The Night-Watchman's Souvenir
The Nine of Hearts, A Story of Mountain Vengeance
No Call for Sympathy
No Danger from the Police
No Demand for Corn Remedies
No Ear for Music
No Enterprise in the Place
No Good in It
No Legal Advice Necessary
No License Required
"No Poetry in His'n"
No Prize Packages for Her
No Raw Bananas for Him
No Show for a Patriot
No Show for an Honest Man
No Show For Him
No Show to Make an Honest Living
No Use For a "Cyclopedy"
No Use For a "Disperser"
No Use for Him on the "L"
No Use in the West
"No Use"
"No Work in His'n"
No. 47, An Engineer's Story
Noah Visits the Patent Office
The Noble League of Pig-Stickers
Nobody's Nuggets
None But the Brave, Etc.
"None For Sale"
Nora's Quest, The Story of Tenderfoot Lode
The North Fork Tornado
The Northtown Tragedy
The Nose Holders
Not a Fifty-Dollar Town
Not A Fin-de-siecle Town
Not Born to be Killed, Lucky Joe Farnham's Own Story
Not for the Duke
Not Hanged
Not Quite Explicit
Not So Bad After All
Not So Sleepy As He Looked
Not So Slow After All
Not Very Dangerous
A Noted Character, Archie Williams's Wonderful Career
Notes in Holland
Nothin' But the Truth; or, How the Old Settler Settled It
Nothing Like Soap
A Novel Ceremony
Nubbins's Generous Employer
Number Seven
Number Sixty-one, A Race With a Cyclone
"O. S." and "N. S."
Obe Crick's Flame
Obituary: Capt. Mayne Reid
Objected to Being Laughed At
Objected to Cold Pancakes
The Obtuse Frenchman
Ocean Specters
An Odd Adventure
Odds and Ends
The Odorite Bombs
Of and By Actors; or, Told in the Cafe
Of and By Gamblers
Of No Account Jim
Of Tipping
Off-Hand Sketches
Officer Brant
The Official Board Meet
Oh! To Be a Farmer's Boy!
Oklahoma, The Story of Its Evolution
Old Abe's Bad Fix
Old B'Gosh's Toast, And Why He Gave Thanks
Old B'gosh's Yarn
Old Ben Piper's Wolf Night
Old Bill Breeze
Old Bill Williams's Last Fight
Old Bill Williams's Narrow Escape
Old Billy Blossom
Old Blaze and His "Boys"
Old Boots
Old Cusstuggee's Tomahawk
Old Dan, The Story of a Man and a Mule
The Old Flag
The Old Flag
The Old Folks Skate
Old Friend of His Wife", "An
Old Friends Fall Out
Old Gabe and the Thermometer
Old Gabe's B'ar Chase
Old Gabe's Biggest Lie
Old Gabe's Gold Mine
Old Gabe's Whopper
Old Gale's Big Fast
Old Gimlet Eyes, A Story of the Couer D'Alene Boom
Old Grizzle's New Start
"Old Grizzly" Captures a Cougar
Old Grizzly's Brownie
Old Grizzly's Courtship
Old Gruff
Old Hugh's Find
Old Jack
Old Jack Nelson, Story of the Famous Scout
Old Jack's "Ky-ote" Story
Old Jake and His Horse
Old Jake and the Bear
Old Jim Jackson's Story
Old Joe Peter's Catastrophe
Old Josh's Ghost
Old Kit's Tree-top Shot
Old Luck, The Wizard Miner
Old Maids and Old Bachelors
Old Man Batters's Dog
The Old Man Didn't Want a Back Seat
Old Man McGee
The Old Man's Revelation
Old Markhead's Bullets
Old Markhead's Exploit
The Old Mill
Old Mose's Yarn
Old Nance's Devotion, The Story of a Hidden Crime
"Old Plug Hat," The Texan's Story
Old Pointer's Point
The Old Property-Man
"Old Prospect"
Old Pulque's "Bird"
The Old Ranger's Story
Old Red Top's Passenger
Old Rube Hays's Yarn
Old Rufus Tells a Reminiscence
Old Sam Wylie's Presentiments
The Old Schoolmaster's Vision
The Old Settler Again, His Onnat'ral Crows
The Old Settler Again, How a Panther Saved His Life
The Old Settler at it Again
The Old Settler Protests
The Old Settler Sees It
The Old Settler's Besetting Sins
The Old Settler's Marbles
The Old Settler's Narrow Escape
The Old Settler's Relative
The Old Settler's Settler, Coldy's Eleven Panthers
The Old Settler's Story, Sam Sally, and the Baby
The Old Settler's Story
The Old Settler's Tip-Ups
The Old Settler's Warning
The Old Settler's Whopper
The Old Settler's Yarn
The Old Settler
Old Shiftless
The Old Showman's Story
Old Simmons's Coons
Old Sol's Pard
Old Songs
Old Sunday's Bewitched Pigs
Old Texan Days
An Old Texan's Story
Old Thunderbolt's Protector
Old Time Xmas Rhymes
Old Tom Gregg's Rescue
Old Tom's Tormentors
The Old Trapper's Blunder
Old Vic's Story
Old Wilmington's Money
The Old Woman's Last Drink
Old Zeke's Horse
The Old, Old Story
On a Tour of Inspection
On an Iceberg
On the "L" Road
On the Circuit with Dr. Mary
On the City of New York, Detained At Quarantine
On The Subject of Suicide
On the Trail
On the Trail of a Liar
On the War-Path for Moths
On the Way Back Home
One from the Crowd
One of My Jobs
One On Buck Taylor, A Wild West Show Extra
One Texan's Record, Sam Rankin's Statement
One Woman's Secret
A One-Armed Hero
The One-Eyed Outlaw
Only a Name
"Only a Nigger"
"Only a Scab", A True Story of the Great Southwest Strike
Only a Song
Only a Splinter
Oom-Pah's Ghost
Open the Coffin! or, The Spirit Message
Opened By Mistake
Opportunities in the West
The Oregon Salmon Fisheries
Original Sin
Other Worlds Than Ours!
Our Angel Unawares
Our Ben
Our Cibolo Stampede
"Our Country Cousins"
Our Distance from the Sun
Our Foreign Friend
Our Mysterious Boarder
Our Mysterious Border
Our Old Battle Rhymes
Our Pithole Angel
Our Poets
Out and In Again
Out of the Deep
Out of the Jaws of Death
Outlaw's Ruse
The Outlaw's Son
An Outlaw's Wife
Over a Slow-Match
Over the Deep Again
"Over the Range"
Over the Sea
Overturn's New Venture
Oylyn, the Maid of Athlone
An Oysterman's Gossip
The Ozark "Wildcats"
Padre or Lion? The Story of Byrd Thompson's Claim
The Pagan's Eye
Page From a Boy's Diary
Painless Dentistry
The Painted Runner of Pacheco
Panthers and Painters
"Pap Winters's" Story
Paradise of England
The Pards of Freeze Out Bar
Pards to the End
The Parson's Fetching Text
A Parthian Arrow
Partners to the End
The Passing of Daniel Boone
The Patent Door-Spring, Mrs. Fad Tells A Story
A Patriot's Prayer
Paul McCormick's Escape
Paul Thorne's Scoop
Pawpaw Time
The Peanut
A Peculiar Case
The Peculiar Mummies
The Pedigree of Beer
The Peerless Plaster
Peggy Wynn's Sacrifice
The Penalty of Cuteness
Pendygrass' Peculiarities
Penetrating the Disguise
Pensive Paragraphs
People He Knew, The Old Settler Speaks
The Perfidious Guardian
The Perfidious Joss
A Perilous Journey, Down The Black Canyon
Perils of the Rail
Perkins and the Clothes-Rack
Perkins Was Prejudiced
Perkins Was Trying to Oblige, But His Efforts Were Not Appreciated
Pernicious Effects of Tobacco
A Persecuted Husband, The Law Was On The Side Of The "Old Woman," As He Termed Her
The Pertifica-Mellicka
A Pestiferous Citizen
The Pet Antelopes
The Pet Burglar
The Pet of Boomer's Gulch
Peter Was Slow, But Her Got There at Last
Peters's Mean Man
Phantom Footsteps
The Phantom Horseman
The Phantom of the Storm
The Phantom Pilot
Pheasant, Partridge, Grouse. A Great Sportsman's Story
Phebe Reynolds's Pluck
Phil Coe; or, Things About the Mouth of the Rio Grande
Phonographed on the Sly
A Photographer's Story
The Piasa Monster
Pickled Paragraphs
Pictures of the Plains
Picturesque Devonshire
Pig. The Congressman's Story
The Pigmy of Pin-Wheel
A Pike County Idyl
A Pillar of Fire
The Pin in the Vein
Piney Woods Proof: How 'Rastus Brought Relief
Pinkerton's Reminiscences: Revelations as to the James Brothers, the Youngers, and other Missouri Outlaws
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part I
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part II
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part III
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part IV
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part V
Pioneering on the Old Frontier: Part VI
The Pirate's Treasure
The Pitch Lake of Trinidad
A Pitiful Ending
A Piute "Convert"
Placer Phil's Scalp
Placer Sam's Investment
Plains and Mountain Men: "Old Bill" Williams
Plains and Mountain Men: "Peg-Leg" Smith
Plains and Mountain Men: Bill Bent
Plains and Mountain Men: Bill Gordon
Plains and Mountain Men: Colter, the Trapper
Plains and Mountain Men: Isaac Graham
Plains and Mountain Men: Jedediah S. Smith
Plains and Mountain Men: Jim Bridger
Plains and Mountain Men: Milton Sublette
Plains and Mountain Men: Ramsay Crooks
Plains and Mountain Men: Robert McLellan
Plains and Mountain Men: Rose, the Renegade
Plains and Mountain Men: Sullivan Sublette
Plains and Mountain Men: Thomas Eddie
Plains and Mountain Men: William Sublette
Plains and Mountain Yarns Spun by the Liar
Planted in a Pocket
Playing Marbles
Plenty of Big Game
Plenty of Sport for Nervy Hunters
Plucky Betty Blake
A Plucky Girl, The Mail Carrier of Magdalena
A Plucky Millionaire
Plucky Sue
Pocket Mines and Miners
Pocketbook Sam's Story
Podgers's Fun
Poet and Poetry of Tombstones
A Poet-Lariat on the Rampage
The Poetic Poetess
A Point of Etiquette
Points About the Ancients
Poison in Tobacco
The Poisoned Cigar
The Poisoned Flask, The Story of a Scout's Terrible Revenge
Poisoned Whisky
Poker in the Bible
Poker in Washington
Poker Incidents
Poker Pen Pictures: Noted Games of Noted Gamesters
Policeman Snaggs's "Tiger"
A Polite Road-Agent
Polly's Little Man
Pony Bob's Wonderful Ride, A Real Story of Wild Western Days
Poor Billy McGarrahan!
Poor Cribbetts
The Poor Mad Lady's Story
Poor Tom Farrelly!
The Pope's Blessing
Popular Dances
A Poser for the Old Settler
The Powell Brothers, Men Who Tramped the Plains Before the Railroads Were Built by Major John Stevenson, U. S. A.
Power of the Memory
The Power of the Press
A Powerless Overture
Practical Hints to Horseman
Practicing for the Ring
Prairie Chicken Hunting
The Prairie Phantom
The Preferred Punishment
Prehistoric Arizona, A Civilization Older Than That of Egypt
The Prehistoric Man, How He Hunted and Fished
Preparing for Summer Boarders
Present Status of the Indians
The Presidential Prerogative
A Pretty Bold Robber
The Pretty Cigar Girl of Bottom Card
A Pretty Housebreaker
Pretty Miss Ames
The Price He Paid
A Priceless Volume
The Pride of Magic Bar
The Pride of Sandy Flat
A Prima Donna's Mystery
A Princess of Passion
The Prize Dog
The Prize Rifle
Prodding the Eagle
Prof. Addle's Disseminator
Prof. Bijinks's Cryptogram
Prof. Buoyant's Flying Machine
Prof. Hornblower's "Blow"
Prof. Mellick's Calf
Prof. Mellick's Gas Discovery
Prof. Scuddy's Disillusion
The Professional Listener
The Professor and the "Crawfish"
The Professor's "Indications"
The Professor's Dog
The Professor
The Promoter of Big Bear Flat: A Story of a Barrel of Mysteries
The Prophet of Powder Bar
A Prospective Partnership
A Prospector's Stratagem
Protecting an Orphan
A Proud Spirit Humbled
Proverbs About Snow
"Proverbs V. 22"
Pugilists' Hands
A Pull at the Poets
Pulling Teeth by Installment
The Pursuit of Beauty
A Purty Skrimmage", "
The Put-out Putchetts
Putting in a Little Gunpowder
The Quaint Mr. Skee
Quaint Sayings in the South
Queen Hatafu
The Queen of Caribou
Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts, A Legend of Blaze Up
The Queen of the Canyon
A Queenly Wrecker
A Queer Character
Queer Night Visitors
Queer Notions Some People Have
Queer Vermont Epitaphs
Quick Mount's Mule, A True Story of the Old Guide and Trapper, Ed. Mount
Quick-Shot's Trail Notes: "A Purty Skrimmage"
Quick-Shot's Trail Notes: A Mighty Tough Bear
Quick-Shot's Trail Notes: Bears and Bears
Quick-Shot's Trail Notes: Sagebrush Bill's Orchestra
The Quickest Ride on Record
A Quiet Job
A Race for Life
A Race with a Cyclone
A Race with a Mad Engine
A Race With a Wild Man
The Raft of Horror
The Rag King
The Ragtags From Ragtag Row
The Raider's Lift
Railroad Claim 31,525
Raising the Church Debt
Raising the Wind
Ranch Life, Its Dangers and its Pleasures
A Rank Revenge
Rare Old Ben!
A Rash Girl's Life
A Rattlesnake Hunter
Rattlesnake Tom
Rattlesnakes on Toast
A Real Indian Fight
A Realistic Othello
Recalled by a Dispatch
Recapturing a Mine
Reckless All 'Round
The Record of Six Working-Days
Rectifying the Town
Red Bats
Red Harton's Fortune
Red Jacket
Red Jacket
Red Joe, A True Story of the Plains
Red Pollard's "Angels"
The Red Rustler
Red Shirt on the Ocean
A Red-Skin Hater, The Story of the First Settler of Rato
The Redeemed Tramp
Reforming A Stave Bucker
Remains of a Lost Race
A Remarkable Buffalo-Hunt
A Remarkable Conversion, The Old Settler's Story
A Remarkable Era
A Remarkable Struggle
A Remarkable Theatrical Performance
Remarks on the Drama
Reminiscences of an Old Showman
Reminiscences of Show Life
The Renegade's Plot
A Reporter's Discovery; or, The Midnight Mystery
Resigned the Job
The Return of Fitz-Smith
Rev. Abel's Reception
The Revelation of a Soliloquy
A Revenge That Was Not Sweet
A Reverend Rogue; Proverbs V. 22
The Reward of Virtue
Ribbon Jack's Last Trip
The Rich Strike at Three Forks
Rich Women
Richard, the King
A Ride for a Claim
A Ride for Life
Ride of Death
A Ride With a Lunatic
Riding a Broncho
Riding Raids in Kansas, Indian Terrors on the Western Frontier
A Rift in the Cloud
The Right Pig by the Ear
A Right Smart Nebraska Boy
The Righteous Slugger
A Righteous Theft
Ring and Scar, From the Note-Book of a Detective
Ring of Land-Thieves
Rise of the Weekly
The Rival Detectives
The Rival Harpooners
The Rival Hotels
The Rival Wrestlers
The Rivals of Dirkville
A Road-Agent's Big Haul
The Road-Agents' Terror
A Roar From Horn
The Robbery At Lost Pocket
Robbing the Mails; or, Letter-Box Thieves
Robert and Richard
Robert Isaacs's Narrow Escape
Robinson's Horse
Robinson's Vacation
The Rockies in Early Spring
Rocks for Ammunition
Rockwell's Ride
A Rocky Mountain Fire
Rocky Mountain Life
Rocky Mountain Sport
The Rocky Road to Reformation
The Romance of a Button
The Romance of a Pullman Car
The Romance of a Turkish Bath
A Romance
"Room 17"
The Room That Had the Jim-Jams
Roped In
The Rosebud of Mad Run
Rosie's Vacation
Roughing it in the Rockies
Roundabout Remarks
Rounding Him in
Rounding Up the Cattle
The Roustabout's Farewell
Rube's Modern Miracle
A Ruined Business
The Runaway Engine, A Life-And-Death Chase
Running a Man Out of a Town
Running Before an Avalanche
Running Down a Deer
Running the Blockade
Running Through a Wreck
Rupert Montgomery's Mistake, A Tale of Love in the Rural Districts
Rupert was Bashful, A Leap-Year Episode
Rupert's Revenge
A Rural Catastrophe
A Ruse That Failed
A Russian Circe, or, The Hand of the Czar
A Rust Nail
Ruth Dayton's Experience, A True Story of a Cyclone
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on "What Ye Gwine to do 'Bout It"
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Bangs
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Civil Service Reform
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Funerals
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Lightning-Rods
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Matrimony
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on the Daily Press
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on the Fourth Estate
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on the Sunday Question
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Theory and Practice
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark" on Woman's Rights
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on Hash
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on Moral Responsibility
Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on Mothers-in-law
Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on Nature and Human Nature
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on Self-Culture
The Sable Philosopher: "Hark," on the Whipping-Post
The Sacred Brick, A Tramp Romance
The Sacred Cat
Sacrificed and Saved
A Sad Case
The Sad Things of Life
The Safety Slide
Saffron Sall
The Sage of Slabtown
The Sage Swede
The Sage-Brush State
Sagebrush Bill's Orchestra
Sailor Chat
Sailor Jim
A Sailor's Luck
A Sailor's Perilous Climb
A Sailor's Revenge
Sailors Are Not Swimmers
Sailors' Fancies
Sailors' Superstitions
Saint Lucifer's Fate, A Tragedy of the Mormon Border
Salaries Here and in Great Britain
The Salmon of the Northwest
Salt in Kansas
Salting Gold Mines
Sam Adair, The Hunter
Sam Houston's Last Speech
Sam Jack's Cow
Sam Johnson's Failing
Sam Peters's Nemesis
Sam Sperry's School
Same Old Style
Sammy Turner's Steal
San Miguel's Mad Angel
A Sanctum Tragedy
The Sand-Paper Cure
Sandy Blake's Secret
Sandy Enoch's Bonanza
Sandy Morton's Christmas, Tale of a Camp Bummer
Sandy, of Roaring Fork
Santa Claus, The New Version
"Sassiety" Sketches: Taken on the Spot, or Thereabouts
Satisfying a Drummer
Saved at the Gallows
Saved by a Bear
Saved By a Child
Saved by a Chinaman
Saved By a Dream
Saved by a Grizzly
The Saving Beacon
The Saving Shot
The Sawbones' Ruse
Scandinavian Justice
Scared Him Out
Scared to Death
Scaring an Editor
"Scat"; or, Parted By a Word
The Scheme Wouldn't Work
"The Scholar"
The School in Hard Pan
Science of Physiognomy
The Scientific Boarder
A Scotchman Abroad
Scott Marble's Double Haul
Scotty's Fortune
Sea Brutes
Sea Superstitions
The Sea Terror, Adventures with the Devil-Fish
A Seal Hunt off Labrador
Sebastian Beck's Initiation
The Secret Bank
The Secret of the Chest
The Secret of the Mountain
Secretary Herbert's Dilemma
See, the Conquering Hero Comes!
Seeking His Fortune
Seen in the Spirit; The Old Prospector's Story
Seen Under the Gaslight
The Senator's Dinner
Sending a Box to the Heathens
A Sensational "Special", A Story of Kansas City
A Sensible Dog
A September Gale
A September Hunt
A Serious Sermon
Seven to One; or, Night Hawk's Famous Feat
Several Bears
The Severed Head
The Sewing-Girl's Shadow
Shadow Diplomacy
The Sham of It All
Sharks, with a Moral
The Shattered Stranger
She "Had the Rocks"
She Became a Mormon
She Didn't Back Out
She Didn't Enthuse
She Didn't Need One
She Had Red Hair
She Left Them Alone
She Only Forgot
She Probably Didn't Have 'Em
She Took the Harp
She Wanted to Do All the Talking
She Was Ungrateful
She, Too, Had "Writ a Diary"
Shifting Sands, A Story of the Great Barrier Reef
The Shin-dig for a Bride
A Shoe in Evidence
The Shoemaker's Crime
Shoes-an Old Soldier's Story
Shooting a Ghost
"Shooting Off" His Bear
Short Lectures on Dress
Shoshone Falls
Shot as a Spy
Shot in the Dark
A Shot in the Dark, The Engineer's Story
A Shot That Netted $3,000
Shots in the Dark
The Shovel-Tailed Coat
A Shower of Coons
Showing How It Worked
A Shrewd Stratagem
Si Gossett's Pardner
Si Hawkins's Ghost
Si Rocket's Big Chase
Si Rocket's Big Climb
Si Sniffles's "Spells"
Sickly Bill
Sigfreid's Temptation
The Signal Shot
Signor Votoldi, An Old Showman's Story
Signs of Summer
The Silent Intruder
The Silent Partner: The True Story of the Sunset Mine
Silent Sandy
Silent Saul's Ruse
The Silent Spy
The Silken Cord
The Silver Bullet
The Silver Camps of the San Jaun
The Silver Question Settled
The Silver Witness
Sim's Wife
Simon Short's Son Samuel
Simplex and His Flower-Garden
Simplex and the Bees
Simplex as an Editor
Simplex Buys Dogs
Simplex Opens a Museum
Simplex Practices Will-Power
Simpson's Mother-in-Law; or, Rough on the Bandits
Simpson's Sad Mistake
Sing Yek's Revenge
A Singular Vendetta
A Sioux Surprise-Party
The Sioux was Enjoying Himself
Sir Isaac and the Fall Pippin
A Siren's Vengeance
The Sister's Avenger
A Sister's Devotion
A Sister's Devotion
A Sister's Vengeance, An Old Prospector's Story
Sitting Bull's Murder, A Remarkable Document: From the St. Paul Pioneer Press of Dec 1
Six Days On the Sea: How Life Goes On a Great Ocean Greyhound
A Six-Bear Fight
A Skeleton's Cache!
Sketch of Dr. Powell
The Skimpertons Try Boarding
Skinning Skinner, An Old Lawyer's Story
Skinny McKairn's Nerve
The Skipper's Big Talk
Skit's Pet and a Bad Injun, The Story of Two Mountain Lions
A Slander Repelled
A Slap-Jack Episode
The Slaughter of Birds
The Slaughter of the Bison
The Sleep-Face. A Detective's Story.
The Sleep-Thief, From the Notes of a Detective
Sleeping With a Mountain Lion
A Slight Mistake
A Slight Misunderstanding
A Slight Misunderstanding
The Slightless Sport
Sligsby's Sal
A Slippery Customer
Slippery Sam, and How He Slipped Up
The Slusher's Sentiments
A Small Misunderstanding
Small Opinion of Himself
A Smart Lot of Cats
Smashup's Partner
Smitherly's Ancestry
Snagby Tries the "Earth Cure"
Snaggs Objected
Snake Farming
Snakes and Snake-Charmers
Snakes by Myriads
Snaring an Old Fox
Snatched from Death
Sniffles's First Maquerade
Snipkins's Valentines
Snoggs vs. Hobbs; or, Ferguson’s Story of an Assault and Battery Case
A Snort of Rage
The Snow Slides
A Snow White Ibex
Snow-Bound, A True Story of the White Hills
Snow-Shoe Exercise
A Snow-Slide in Idaho, A True Incident
Snowed In
Snowshoe Mails
So Lazy He Worked Himself to Death
"So Near and Yet So Far", From the Diary of a Detective
A Social Success
Society's Nemesis
Soeysmith Again
Soeysmith Explains
Soeysmith's Sad, Sad Story
Soeysmith's Tale of Woe
Sold to Satan
Some "Bad Men"
Some Curious Statistics
Some Cyclone Stories
Some Eminent "Bad Men"
Some Eminent Bad Men
Some Men of Nerve
Some Rapid Freezing
Some Smart Children
Some Warm Weather
Something About Sneddiker
Something New About Snakes
A South Platte Heroine
Sowing Gold to Reap Diamonds
Speakin' of Coxey
Speaking of Strikes
The Specimen-Hunter's Find
The Specter of Legion Smith, A College Story
The Sphinx of St. Lucie
Spiegel Von Spiegelberg
Spillkins's Fun with the Old Pioneer
The Spirit Tunnel, A Queer Experience
Splitting the Difference
A Spoiled Christmas, The Old Settler's Yarn
Spooner Was Ungrateful
Spooner's Bureau
The Spoony Couple
Sport and Ranch Life
The Sport of Rock City, How He Was "Run Out"
Spot, The Old Trapper's Story
Spring Idyls
The Square Gambler
Squatted a Squat, An Oklahoma Episode
A Squaw Man's Romance
Squaw Men
The Squaw's Vengeance
Stage Names
Stage-Driver Alick's Exploit
The Stages Must Go
Star Darling
Starved in Mid-air, The Light-Keeper's Story
Starving the Teeth
The Statue of Windy City
The Status of the Indians
The Steward's Crime
A Stirring Night
The Stolen Will
The Stone Witness
Stoneman and Kit Carson
Stoning a Squaw to Death
Stood by the Old Man
Stood on His Dignity
Stories About Kit Carson
Stories of a Naturalist
Stories of Sailor Women
Stories of the Range: Baffled Rustlers
Stories of the Range: Into the Sunken Well
Stories of the Range: Saved by a Cloud-Burst
Stories of the Range: Stampeded by a Grizzly
Stories of the Range: Zekel's Maverick
Stories Told in the Round House: Jim Harding's Wild Ride
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Bad Scare
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Daring Deed
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Dog by Telegraph
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Hot Chase
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Hungry Hole
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Narrow Escape
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Peculiar Situation
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Race for Life
Stories Told in the Round-House: A Train of Fire
Stories Told in the Round-House: Billy Sharp's Bad Fright
Stories Told in the Round-House: Billy Sharp's Passenger
Stories Told in the Round-House: Dick Tanner's Brave Wife
Stories Told in the Round-House: III. A Close Call
Stories Told in the Round-House: IV. The Haunted Tunnel
Stories Told in the Round-House: Jim Harding's Runaway Train
Stories Told in the Round-House: Joe Carter's Dream
Stories Told in the Round-House: Losing a Locamotive
Stories Told in the Round-House: Mr. Swan's Ghost Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Ass't Sup't's Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Flying Dutchman's Chase
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Haunted Caboose
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Lindenfield Ghost
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Man from Banksville
Stories Told in the Round-House: The Phantom Train
Stories Told in the Round-House: Tommy Bender's Story
Stories Told in the Round-House: Train Robbers
Stories Told in the Round-House: Two Days in a Snowdrift
Stories Told in the Round-House: Uncle Jake's Johnny
Stories Told in the Round-House: V. A Novel Case
Stories Told in the Round-House: VI. Saved by Chance
The Storm Bride, A True Tale of the Old Overland
The Storm Shot
The Story of a "Personal" or, A Masher's Mistake
The Story of a Blizzard
Story of a Copper Cent
The Story of a Dog
The Story of a Dream
Story of a Pony
The Story of a Prison Warden
The Story of a Skull
The Story of a Skull
The Story of an Avalanche
The Story of Smith
The Story of the Bison
Story of the Scouts
A Story of the Wild Work for a Girl
The Story of Wakuzza
A Strange Adventure in Mexico
A Strange Affair
The Strange Case of Mr. Farnelley
A Strange Case
A Strange Duel
A Strange Life-Buoy
A Strange Manuscript
Strange Ocean Caverns
A Strange Passenger
A Strange Pet, An Arizona Sheep Rancher's Yarn
A Strange Prison
A Strange Reunion
A Strange Thief
Strangely Revealed
Street-Car Scenes
Strothers's Ghost
Struck the Wrong Establishment
Stubbs and the Lightning-Rod Fiend
Student Waitresses
Stumpy Trane's Partner
Subduing a Viper
The Sublettes' Narrow Escape
The Sugar Swamp Celebration, The Old Settler's Version
The Sulkipede
Sulkly Suze, A Sullivan County Idyl
A Sultry Salvationist
Sunday Life in London
Sunshine's Shadow
"Surly Jim": An Episode of Lucky Gulch
A Surprise for the Editor
Suspended Payment
The Swamp Vulture
The Sweet Singer of Colorado
The Sweetest Sound in the World
Swipsey's Christmas Leg
A Swiss Ride
T. Jefferson's Poem
Tackled the Wrong Place
Tackled the Wrong Smith
Tackling a Fire-Extinguisher
Taken In
Taken in by a Pretty Face
Taking a Scalp
The Taking of Jack Derrington
Taking Out a Patent
Talbot's Story
The Tale of a Shirt
The Tale of a Tail, The Old Settler's Double Bag
A Tale of Blighted Love
A Tale of Shipwreck
The Tale of the Hired Girl, Being Accounts of Some Spiritualistic Phenomena
Tale of Two Skeletons
Tales of Old Frontiersmen
Tales of Railroad Life: An Exciting Chase
Tales of Railroad Life: Astonished Freight Thieves
Tales of Railroad Life: How Convicts Stole a Locomotive
Tales of Railroad Life: How Sam Won His Wife
Tales of Railroad Life: Reminiscences by Billy Long
Tales of Railroad Life: Some Reminiscences
Tales of Railroad Life: The Dorking Bank Thieves
Tales of Railroad Life: The Phantom Train
Tales of Railroad Life: The Trackwalker's Story
Tales of Railroad Life: Uncle Paul's Narrow Escape
Tales of the Gold Camps
A Talk on Rattlesnakes
A Talk With the Boys
A Talking Bird
The Talking Mute
The Tall House
Talmage's Word Painting, The Yellowstone Park Illumined
A Tame Wolf
The Tamed Catfish: the old settler on Natural History
Taming Ajax
The Tattooed Head
The Tavern Crime, A Reminiscence of Captain Cerberus, Detective
The Tchoutchess
Teddy's Big Pussy
The Tehama Terror, The Ugliest Grizzly in California
Telegraph Yarns: A Round-About Call and a Lightning Hair-Cut
A Telegrapher's Story
Telegraphing for Coffins
Telephone Tribulations
A Tell-ing Romance
The Tell-Tale Pin
The Tell-Tale Watch
A Telling Shot
A Temperance Picnic
Tempting Judge Lynch
Ten Tons of Coal
The Tenderfoot Detective
Terence Flinn's Ride
A Terrible Lottery
A Terrible Man
A Terrible Ordeal
A Terrible Ride
A Terrible Snake
A Terrific Battle, A Story of the Wild Dogs of Wind River Mountain
The Territory of Idaho
The Terror of Pine Forks
The Terror of the Niobrara
A Tetchin' Sight, The Old Settler's Latest
The Teton Country, A Region of Tragic and Historic Interest
A Texas New Year's Eve
A Texas Rabbit Chase: The Prairie Sport That Preceded A Ball In Gonzales
Thad's Thanksgiving, An Episode of the Upper Niobrara
Thanksgiving at Poker Flat
Thanksgiving in Flush Deck
That "Sharp" Smith
That Bad-Bad Boy, A Fateful Thanksgiving
That Haythen Chinee
That Mystery At Seaville
That Plucky Leetle Gal
That Preacher Chap, An Incident of Camp Curry
Theatrical Stars, Their Real and Stage Names
Their New Bedstead
They Didn't Scare
They Knew Each Other
They Use Silver Bullets
They Wanted a Dry Place
They Were Strangers
They Wouldn't Work
A Thief in the Night
A Thief in the Night
A Thief's Honor
The Thirst for Applause
A Thirteen-Year-Old Bear-Killer
The Thirteenth Man
Thomas Higgins's Narrow Escape
Thompson's Angel
Those Awful Children
Those Three Children!
Thought He Was in the Bowery
Thought She Would Try Literature
The Three Green
The Three Red Finger Marks; or, The Little Lie Noggles Told
The Three Sons
Three Times and Out
Three-Card Monte
A Thrilling Night's Experience
Through a Microscope
Through Fire
Through Fire, An Episode of the Platte Ranches
Through the "Mousehole"
Through the Everglades
The Thunderbolt's Touch
The Tie of Blood
Tige Trumble's Mission, An Episode of "Half-Moon"
The Tiger from the Jersey Jungles
The Tiger of Tampico
The Tiger Ring
Tigers in India
The Tigers of the Sea
A Tight Squeeze
A Timely Warning
The Tin Terror on Ten Wheels
To Paris and the Great Exposition
To Would-be Runaways
Told by Gamblers
Told by the Engineers
Told by the Stage-Driver
Told in the Cafe, Strangers and Moonshiners
Tom Stanhope's Revenge
Tom Sun's Ranch
Tom Todd's Desperate Chances
Tom Tracy's Pay-Day
Tombstone Endearicks
The Tombstone Poet Again
The Tombstone Poet Again
The Tombstone Poet Heard From
The Tombstone Poet, He Takes to Writing Campaign Verse
Tombstone Reminders
Tombstone Touches
Tommy Denver and the Snakes
The Tonkaway's Hand
Too Eager By Half
Too Enterprising Entirely
Too Much Alike
Too Sharp By Half
Too Slow That Time
Too Thin, Indeed!
Took Pity on Him at Last
Took the Wrong Fellow's "Picture"
Tootin' Toots
Totty's Kingdom
The Touch in the Dark
A Tough Customer
A Tough Grizzly
Tough Tom
Towed by a Big Shark
The Trader's Lucky Escape
A Tragedian at Large
The Tragedy at Afton
The Tragedy at Blifkins's Bar
The Tragedy of the Caboose
The Tragedy of the Inn, A Detective's Thrilling Adventure
The Tragedy of the Lone House
A Tragedy on Rollers; or, The Rinker's Sad Fate
A Tragedy On Skates
A Tragic Hunt
A Tragical Tub
Trailed By an Item, From the Notes of A Detective
Train Sketches: Bangs's First Train-Robber
Train Sketches: Forgot His Umbrella
Train Sketches: Mistook Him for the Man who Owned the Road
Train Sketches: The Royal Bengal Tiger, etc., Rode Free
Train Sketches: They Were There
Train Sketches: Why He Didn't Kick
The Train-Wrecker's Wife
The Trained Calves
The Trained Snakes
Training for Long Tramps
Trains Sketches: Experiences on the Run
The Tramp Abroad
The Tramp Benefactor
The Tramp's Find
The Tramp's Stroke
The Trapper's Last Fight
A Trapper's Trick
The Trapper's Trust
The Trapper's Yarn
Trappers, and Trapper Life as It Is
A Traveling Acquaintance
The Travels of the Sun
A Trial of Speed
Trial of the Preachers
The Trials of a Druggist
Tried by Love and Hate
"A Trifle Hard of Hearing"
Trifling With Cowboys
Trix's Atonement
The Trouble at Bugger's
The Trouble at the Early Bird
The Trouble at Tin-Cup
The True Story of Old Maverick
The True Story of Poker Flat
True Story of the Forty Thieves
The True Wonderland
Truefitt's Claim
The Trunk Mystery
Truth Stranger Than Fiction
Trying to Save the Buffalo from Extinction
Tubbs's Turkey
The Tuxedo Suit
Twenty Years' Probation
Twice Saved, The Old Engineer's Story
Twice Spared
Twice Won
The Twin Rangers
Two Augusts
Two Bear Stories
"Two Birds with One Stone"
Two Border Queens, The True Story of Turkey Ranch
Two Bosses
Two Broken Legs and Two Fortunes
Two Christmas Eves
The Two Dudes of Diggory Bar
Two Episodes in Jenkins's Life
Two Faces
Two Good-for-Naughts
Two Hot Weather Yarns
The Two Kids
Two Linemen
Two Miles a Minute!
Two New Year's Nights
Two of a Kind
Two of a Kind
Two of a Kind, A Legend of Pocket Pistol
Two Old Maids of Durango
The Two Pards of Pan Out
Two Remarkable Dogs
Two Tramps
Two Valentines
Two Words by Wire
The Two-Minute Watch
A Typical Bad Man
A Typical Cowboy
A Typical Desperado
An Unappreciated Joke
The Unappreciated Man
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on "What Ye Gwine To Do 'Bout It"
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Bangs
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Benevolence
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Mothers-in-Law
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Self-Culture
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on the Sunday Question
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Theory and Practice
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark" on Woman's Rights
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on Hash
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on Legal Responsibilities
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on Moral Responsibility
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on Nature and Human Nature
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on the Fourth Estate
Unbleached Domestics: "Hark," on the Whipping-Post
Uncle 'Bijah's Harvest Home
Uncle Bildad
Uncle Bill of the Overland: Reminiscences of Wild West Coaching Days
Uncle Bob's Pipe
Uncle Dick, A True Borderman
Uncle Dick, the Mascot
Uncle Doolittle And the Bears
Uncle George
Uncle Lige and the Black Minks
Uncle Peter of the Musket?
Uncle Peter's Fight
Uncle Rufus and the Chinese
Uncle Rufus Demonstrates
Uncle Rufus's Oil Investment
Uncle Sam's Crown Jewels
Uncle Sammy and the Tomcat
Uncle Silas in the Bowery
Uncle Silas on New York Papers
Uncle Silas's Ride on the Elevated
The Unconscious Crime: A Chicago Detective's Peculiar Experience
The Unconscious Thief
The Uncooked Jay
Under False Colors
Under the Sea: An Old Coral Diver's Talk
Under the Snow
Under Water
An Underground Swim, The Story of Daggett's Hollow
Understood His Business
An Uneventful Week
The Unexpected Witness
An Unfailing Sign, The Old Settler's Proof
The Unfettered Sign-Painter
An Unfortunate Parody
A Unique Case
The Unknown Fighter
An Unlucky Day
An Unlucky Horse Trade
An Unlucky Marriage, A Stage-Driver's Story
The Unlucky Pard
An Unlucky Vessel
Unmasked to Save
Unpleasant Situation, A Lady Telegraph Operator's Story
The Unwelcome Avengers
The Unwelcome Boarder
Upper Berth Number Seven
The Ups and Downs of a "City"
The Use of Mosquitoes
The Useful Deaf Man
A Vacation Case
The Vailed Lady
The Valiant Six
The Valley of Doom
The Valley of Gold
The Valley of the Wye
Vanderbilt's Wooing
"Vengeance is Mine"
A Veracious Narrative
The Veritable Cave of Aladdin
A Veritable Martyr
A Very Bad Boy
A Very Bad Man, A Duel to the Death
Very Good Bear
A Very High Forehead
A Very Interesting Experiment: To Preserve The Buffalo
A Vessel With a Record
Vidocq, The Graphic History of a Famous Man
Views of Venetian Life
The Vigilance Chief's Vow
Vigilantes in Montana
The Vigilantes of Flush Deck
Vindicated Through Luck
The Viper of Vamose
A Virginian Vendetta
A Vision---No. 1006; or, Resurrected on Canvas
The Voice of Conscience
The Waggish Young Man
A Waif from the Past
Waif Willie, An Episode of Ragged Gulch
Waiting at a Country Station
The Walnut Irishman
Wamwam and the Pioneer
The Wandering Jew
Wanted a Divorce
Wanted His Per Capita and Beer, But Somehow He Failed to Connect on Either
Wanted to Be Waited On
Wanted, A Head
A War Map
War Talk
Warding Off an Epidemic
A Warm Reception
Was He "Possessed"?
Was It a Spirit?
Washing a Woodchuck
A Wasted Lesson
The Watch Off the Rhine
The Watch-Eye Cayuse
The Watchman's Clock
A Watchman's Mistake
Water of Bullet? The Perilous Dilemma of a Confederate Spy
The Waxen Finger
The Way He Saved Himself
The Way It Was Settled
The Waylaid Messenger
We Met
Weak-Kneed "Bad Men"
Weather Signs
The Weather Wise
Webb's Three-Bear Tussle
Wee Kinlickson's Night Ride
Wee Willy
A Weird Gang
A Well-Merited Tribute
West Coast Nomads
Western Alkali Sinks
A Western Critic
Western Desperadoes: Arthur McCoy
Western Desperadoes: Bill Chadwell
Western Desperadoes: Charlie Pitts
Western Desperadoes: Cole Younger
Western Desperadoes: Frank James
Western Desperadoes: Jack Davis
Western Desperadoes: Jim Cummins
Western Desperadoes: Jim Reed
Western Desperadoes: Jim White
Western Desperadoes: John Younger
Western Desperadoes: Ol Shepherd
Western Desperadoes: The McDaniels-Thomp and Bud
Western Desperadoes: The Miller Brothers: Clell and Ed.
Western Desperadoes: Tom Little
Western Girls
A Western Judge's Charge
What "Dime Novels" Are, and What They Are Not
What "Liquors" Are
What "Sal" Forgot, and How the Old Lady Got Even With Her
What a Cyclone Did
What a Woman Can Do!
What Bub Did
What Bud Did, A Story of "A Plug"
What He Was Thinking Of
What I Taught My Wife
What is Asked
What Jo Did and Didn't
What Made Him Tired
What Mary Did, A Blue Grass Heroine Without a Pedigree
What Medicine-Men Are
What Old Tom's Curses Did
What the New Year Brought
What the New Year Brought
What Their Money Buys
What to Drink in Hot Weather
What Was It?
What's a Kiss, Anyhow?
"When Cheek Meets Cheek"
Where Did They Go?
Where the Laugh Wouldn't Come In
Where the Nickel Comes From
Which One Died? An Unsolved Detective Riddle
Whimsical Profanity
The White Asp
White Beaver's Home
White Beaver's Romance
The White Horse and Rider, An Engineer's Story
The White Shadow
White-Haired in a Night
Who Discovered America?
Who Led the Stormers?
Wholly Unexpected
Whose Crime? A Detective Puzzle
Why Bloomer Came Back
Why Ethel Genevieve Wept
Why Ferguson Left Lake George
Why He Got the Mitten; or, Reginald De Snooks's Mistake
Why He Lost Her
Why He Received the Medal
Why He Wouldn't Hang
Why His Hair Turned Gray
Why I Am Not a Poet
Why I Became a Tramp
Why I Came Away
Why I Left Her
Why I Lost Pet
Why It Was, That Washington was not Inaugurated Until April 30
Why Jim Shot the Scout
Why McCabe Hated Bears
Why Men Smoke
Why Obed Wouldn't Hang
Why She Refused Him; or, The Fatal Pun
Why the Angels Laughed
Why the Scout was Delayed
Why Tom Retained
Why Uncle Rufus Got Whipped
Why Uncle Rufus Got Whipped
Why We Didn't Tarry
Widow Griggs's Parrot
The Widow Hoolihan's Kids
A Widow's Vengeance
The Wife's Crime
A Wife's Devotion
The Wife's Story
Wife, or Whisky?
Wild Austin's Shot
Wild Austin's Wager
Wild Beasts Under Subjection
Wild Bill Hickok's Romance
Wild Bill's Exploit
Wild Days
Wild Dick and Pard
Wild Engines; or, "Old Eccentric," No. 13
The Wild Goose
A Wild Hog Fight
Wild Hogs Beset a Huge Wolf
Wild Horses
The Wild Mustang of California
The Wild Rose of Cherokee
A Wild Run for a Wife
A Wild Run
A Wild Stallion Fight
Wild West Detective Sketches!: Broncho Billy's Mustang Detective
Wild West Detective Sketches!: How Buffalo Bill Tacked a Murderer
Wild West Detective Sketches!: How Wild Bill Played to Win
Wild West Detective Sketches!: The Surgeon-Detective
Wild West Detective Sketches: Diamond Dick's Double
Wild West Detective Sketches: Fancy's Frank's Dream
Wild West Detective Sketches: General Custer as a Detective
Wild West Detective Sketches: How Colonel Ingraham Captured Red Rolla
Wild West Detective Sketches: How I Tracked Him Down
Wild West Detective Sketches: How Night-Hawk Powell Played Outlaw
Wild West Detective Sketches: Pawnee Bill's Rival
Wild West Detective Sketches: Texas Charlie Trails a Mystery
Wild West Detective Sketches: Texas Jack as a Man-Hunter
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Boy Hermit Detective
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Ghost of Gold Gulch
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Gold Robber
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Mysterious Decoy
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Rebel Deserter
Wild West Detective Sketches: The Rival Road-Agents
Wild West Silhouettes
Wild West Silhouettes: An Ominous Warning
Wild West Silhouettes: Bumblesnipe on Deck
Wild West Silhouettes: Cured Him of Jim-Jams
Wild West Silhouettes: He Got the "Tanglefoot"
Wild West Silhouettes: Heroes of the Custer Massacre
Wild West Silhouettes: Old Sun-Dog
Wild West Silhouettes: Sad Prospects Ahead
Wild West Silhouettes: The Cyclone from Salt River
Wild West Silhouettes: The Fearless Red-skin
Wild West Silhouettes: The Right Man
Wild West Sports: Coursing the Jack Rabbit
A Wild-Goose Patrol
A Wildcat Serenade
The Wildcat Waif
William Penn
Willie's Gift, A Christmas Story
Willing to Assist Him
Wily Old Bolivar
The Wimmin
The Wind Spirit
The Winnebago Princess
Winning Her Dowry
Winter Meadow Life
A Wise Woman
The Wit of Sydney Smith
The Witch of Paradise Valley
Withdrew His Patronage
The Woes of Mr. Klawback
Woke Him Up
The Wolf As He Is
A Wolf Siege, An Adventure in Thunder Mountains
Woman Against Woman
A Woman of Genius
The Woman Pard
A Woman's Fight With a Panther
A Woman's Handkerchief
A Woman's Heroism
A Woman's Love
A Woman's Method
A Woman's Vengeance
A Woman's Vengeance
A Woman's Vengeance
The Woman's Way
The Wonder-land, A Veritable American Inferno
A Wonderful Cave
The Wonderful Cow
Wonderful Dogs
The Wonderful Hog
The Wonderful Hoss
The Wonderful Sheep
A Wonderful Shot; or, The Thanksgiving Hero
A Wonderful Spring
Words About Widows
The Words We Use
The Work of a Day; The Story of the Caldwell Tragedy
Worked the Wrong Way
Working a Faint Clew; or, How I Became a Detective
The Worm Turns
The Worst Man in Lone Pine
Worthless for a Million
The Wrecker's Beacon, The Legend of the Point of Rocks
Writing a Novel
The Wrong Customer
The Wrong Man, and a Detective's Mistake
The Wrong Man
The Wrong Man
A Wyoming Exterminator
A Wyoming Tragedy
Wyoming's Wonders
"X", "H"
The Y. M. C. A. Entertainment
Yankee Yank, A Leaf From New Lode City's Record
Yarns at a Logging-Camp
Yarns Spun by Sailors
Yorkshire Country
The Young Guide's Ruse
Young Love's Dream
The Young Man With Statistics
Yuma Bill's Luck
The Yuma Desert Horror, Col. M'Carthy's Adventure
Zeke's Big Hunt
The Zion of the Latter-Day Saints
Zoe's Probation
v. 1, no. 19. Beadle's Weekly, v. I, n. 19, March 24, 1883

Beadle's Dime Book of Fun

Amateur Gymnastics
Ample Apology
"And Tho I Let Him"
Anecdote of the Black Man
A Appeel for are to the Sextant of our Meetinouse
A Arkansas "Noatis"
The Arkansas Traveler
Asking Leave to Gape
Bears in Arkansas
The Best of the Two
A Blacksmith's Opinion of Eve
Camp-Meeting Incident
A Candid Urchin
Confirmed In Her Habits
Country on the Ballet
Cousin Sally Dilliard
Dad Morton's Way of Raising Chickens by the Barrel-Full
The Deaf Aunt and Deaf Wife
Decidedly Dutch
A Dutch Judge
An Editor on Skates
Encouraging A Newspaper
The Fastest Funeral on Record
Fasteth Growth Yet
Forgetting Names
Fun on the Wires
A Hanecdote of an 'Orse
Her Share of Letters
Hints to Young Gentlemen
How He "Dyed" For Love
How the Quaker Got the Best of It
How to Make Melted Butter
"I'm a Whig, I Am!"
A Kiss That Didn't Pay
A List of Unpublished Inventions
The Luckiest Thing in the World
"Mis'able Nigger"
Mu-lasses by Measure
Never Retract
Nothing Like Prudence
Printers' Puzzle
Raising Thunder with the "Wacks Worx"
"Retained for the Snake"
Scene on the Ohio
Selling an Officer
Some Celebration
Specimen of a Letter from a Boarding-School Miss
A Sufficient Reward
Taking a Music Lesson at Second-Hand
A Tall One
Throwing Stones at the Devil
To Heaven Via New Orleans
A Touching Ditty in Prose
The Troubles of a Moving-Day
A Victim
Want's Sifting
"We've Struck Kentucky"
What a Fall-acy
Why, Indeed?
Will Lager Beer Intoxicate?
A Wonderful Liar
Wot De Ledger Says
Yankee Who Never Heard a Gong

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

The Destiny of the Empress Josephine, A Historical Drama and Tableau
The Fast Young Man
The Folly of the Duel
The Ignorant Confounded
The Village With One Gentleman
When I Was Young
The Year's Reckoning

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The Brakeman at Church
Jim Wolfe and the Cats
Mrs. Breezy's Pink Lunch
Sam's Letter

Beadle's Dime Tales, Traditions and Romance of Border and Revolutionary Times

The Baroness De Reidesel
The Battle of Bloody Brook
Benedict Arnold Insulted by Colonel Brown
Big Joe Logston's Struggle with an Indian
Brady's Leap
Brant and the Boy
Captivity of Jonathan Alder
The Chieftain's Appeal
Coacoochee's Talk
Colonel Horry, of "Marion's Brigade"
Deborah Sampson, the Maiden Warrior
Elerson's Twenty-Five Mile Race
Escape of Captain John Steele. An Incident of Southern Warfare
Hamilton Saving His Cloth
The Heroic Dog
Horsewhipping a Tyrant
Hughes Killing the Turkey
The Implacable Governor
The Indian Girl Saving Howard
Jacob Wetzel Saved By His Dog
The Johnson Boys Killing Their Captors
The Last Blast of Anthony the Trumpeter; or, The Origin of the Name of "Spuyten Tuyfel Creek"
The Leap for Life
The Little Sentinel
Mad Ann, the Huntress
The Magnanimity of Rohn-Yen-Ness
McClure's Adventures with Indians and Dogs
Miss Moncrieffe, the Female Spy
Molly Pitcher at Monmouth
Moody, the Refugee
Morgan's Prayer
The Mother's Trial
Mrs. Austin and the Bear
Mrs. Huggins, the Minnesota Captive
Mrs. Palmer and Putnam
Mrs. Slocumb at Moore's Creek
Murphy Saving the Fort
Owen Davis Carving Out Court Business
A Perilous Adventure
Peter Francisco, the West Virgina Samson
Pioneer Life in the West
A Remarkable Hunting Excursion
Sergeant Champe and Captain Cameron
Simon Kenton Saving the Life of Boone
Simon Kenton, and his Indian Torture-Ride
Stephen Ball Hung by Tories
Tecumseh Saving the Prisoners
Wingenund Refusing to Save Crawford
The Woman Capturing the Hessian
The Women Defending the Wagon

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

14. Aladdin; or, The Wonderful Lamp

Beadle's Monthly

An Adventure In Portugal
All About Mermaids
All Mrs. Jones' Doings
The Alligator At Home
Among the Hoggartys
Art in Rome
The Arts of Declamation, Gouch—Becher—Fuller
Assassins And Their Work: Charlotte Corday
Assassins And Their Work: Rienzi
Assassins And Their Work: The Gunpowder-Plot
Assassins And Their Work: William of Orange
A Battle in a Dream
Camphor and Cologne
Caught In The Act
Charge of the First Cavalry Division, At Winchester
A Chat About Carlotta
Christmas In Rome
The Communion of Saints
The Coolie Trade
Doris Daylesford
An Episode in Lumber-Life
Farmer Hope's Trouble
The Fight At Kenesaw Mountain
A Flight Into The Sky
The Gorilla At Home
Had His Wits About Him
Holy Relics and Miraculous Madonnas
In Duress
A Leaf from a Military Diary
The Lost Lady of Linwood Hall
Milk and Honey
Mrs. Roundabout's Trip
Muggins, Artist—His Diary
New Englandisms
The Newport Men-agerie
A Night In A Mad-House
The Old Boy; or, Traveling Incog
Old Him's Metamorphosis
One More Unfortunate
Our Entrance Into Richmond
Our First Cause
"Our Mess"
Our New House
Outwitted By The Women
The Pearl Fisheries
A Period Without Parallel
Personal Recollections of Major-General Sheridan
Personal Recollections of Mrs. Caroline Lee Hentz
Pi Nono and Antonelli
A PSI U. Grip
A Race with Fire
The Realized Ideal
A Reason Why
The Rebel Picket-Post At Old McKnight's
Recollections of a Chasseur-A-Pied
Reverend Humbug; or, How I Lost and Won a Wife
Saved In Mid-Air
Skirmishing in the Shenandoah
A Soldier's Retrospect
The Spy System of Europe
The Stage As It Was
The Story of a Spy
A Tale of Lager Bier
Three Days Among The Oil Wells
Three Nights At Coast Cedars
Tom's Wife
Two Views of the Great Sea-Monster
Uncle Roderick's Sermon
Under A Shadow; or, How Dark Eyes Didn't Win
Was it Insanity?
The White Jack of the Upper Saranac
Who Stole The Spoons?
Wild Joe, A Tale of Indian Lake
A Wonderful Balloon Ex-Cursion
The Wonderful Secret

Beadle's New York Dime Library

Among the Mangroves. A Wild Adventure in Cuba
A Famous Indian Hunter
Old Nick Whiffles' Yarn
The Salteador of San Francisco

Belles and Beaux

An Analysis of Kisses
Aunt Huldah's Will
A Ball Under The French Republic
The Belles of Belle Vue
Blonde and Brunette
The Diamond-Dreamer
The Evening Before the Wedding
The Fairy Gift
For Love's Sake
Gold for Dross
A Gossip About Names
The Gray Shadow
How Cora Went To Europe
How She Got the Start of Him
Hurd Wheelock's Folly
The Italian Doctor's Tale
Jealousy; or, For Pride's Sake
The Last Gift
Laura's Temptation
Left to Chance
Lottie's Lovers
Love Versus A Rain Storm
Luriel, A Story of the Sunshine Islands
A Mother's Mistake
"My Affinity"
An Old Man's Darling
The Pearl in the Oyster
Rose's Strategy
The Ruff and its Successors
Saved—A Kitten
The Shadow of a Cloud
Sorosis at Home
The Studio Key
Traits of Mendelssohn
Uncle Harry's Match-Making
Was She An Heiress?
A Woman Hater
A Woman's Sacrifice

The Chicago Ledger

"Bear Cat," The
"Cupid" Hessler's Gang
"Little Maurice"
The "Plain" Cure for Bill Grover
The $500 Suicide
The 67th Lesson
About His Neck
Accident Algie
Across the Bar
Adventure a La Carte
An Affair in the Desert
After Bigger Game
After the Honeymoon
Aleck Haden's Best
All That Glitters
All's Not Gold
An Alpine pass on Ski
The Ambition of Henry
Among the Coyotes
Amos Hopstone
Amos Quito
Angel Face
Answered in Mexico; or, Found On Peril's Path
Asking's Having
At Bay
At the Pistol's Point
At the Sign of the Open Eye
Aunt Mandy's Mating
The Avenger's Strange Story
Back Stage
A Baffling Blow
A Balanced Account
A Band There Was
Be Good!
Beating the 'Old One'
The Beetle's Journey
Behind the Mask
Being a Question of Color
A Belated Boyhood
Ben's Adventure
Between Bells
Between Worlds; or, How an Aviator Won
A Bird in Hand
Black Doe
The Black Witch's Staff
The Blessed Cat
Blood of Breathitt
A Blow for the Flag
Blue "Nigger," The
A Border Hero
The Bounding Steeplejack
The Boy With Muscle; or, A 3,000-Mile Motor Car Race
A Boy's Adventure
Brave Deed of a Coward
Bride's Bread
The Bridesmaid's Romance
A Brother To Adventure
The Brothers O'Neil
Brown Velvet Tilted in the Rear
A Burnt Offering
The Busher Has His Fling: A Baseball Story
Buying a Ribbon
Canada in the Klondike
The Cancelled Debt
The Candle's Choice
Captain Tom's Promise
The Carnival Puzzle
A Case for Diplomacy
A Case of Amnesia
The Castle Mystery
The Cat That Wouldnn't Scat
A Celestial Smoker
The Champions
A Charming Menace
A Christmas in the Future
A Close Call
The Colonel's Wife
Come and Get Me
The Contest on Overlook
A Convenient Whale
A Convention of the Lions
The Coquette
Cost of Dresses
A Costly Meal
The Countess' Conquest; or, The Call of the Flesh
A Country Cracker
The Course of Love
The Crawling Death
The Czar's Bear Hunt
Dandy Jim
The Darke House Mystery
The Dawn of Understanding
Deacon Shortwell's Cussin' Courtship
The Dead Hand
The Dead Man's Shoes
A Deadly Dream
The Death Scent
Deborah Beal's Secret
The Decoy
The Desert's Web
The Devil's Pocket
A Diamond and a Heart
Diamonds and Hearts
Diving for Dead Bodies
Dollar Palpitation
The Double Dealing of Broffy
The Dragon Fly
A Dragon In Trouble; A Fairy Story for Children
Dual Pursuits
The Dumbfounding of Mrs. McGoon
East and West
Easter and the Pagan
The Educated Owl
Elevation of E'fum Brown
Emily's Secret
The Empty Cartridge
The End of Her Dream
Enderby's Courtship
The Engagement Ring
Engineer's White Hair
Enlisting the G. O. S. C.
The Eugenic Innocents
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining
Everything in Its Place
The Execution of Spider Pete
The Extra Credit
The Extra Ounce
Fair Nina Diaz
A Fairy Story
Feelin's o' Fathers and Mothers
Fellow Lodgers
Finding Himself
The First Degree
The Flaming Spectacles
The Flue Took Mary
The Fool
For Cuba Libre
For Daughter's Sake
For His People
For Love of a Scamp
The Fox Hunt
Freckle Hogan's Grit
The French Frock
From the Grave
The Game at Goulet's
A Game for Ten Thousand
The Game of War; or, A Child Hero
General Delivery
The Generosity Journal of Amanda Jump
A Genius of the Yukon
George Was Obedient
Getting Something on Blaisdale
The Gift of God
Gilt-Edged Security
The Girl Detective
The Girl From Ireland
The Girl He Should Have Married
The Gold Finder
The Golden Wedding
The Governor's Dilemma
A Grand Juror
Grandma Sits in the Game
Grandma's Remedy
Grandma's Story
The Great Decision
The Great Investment
The Greatest Art of All
The Greatful Three
Guinevere's Tramp
The Half-Caste
Hans O'Hara and the Submarine
The Haw-Handed Wolf
He Was Spoiling for a Scrap
He Who Runs Away
A Head for Business
The Heart of Gingold
The Heights
A Held-up Hold-up
The Hell-Cat
Her Birthday Surpise
Her Father's Blood
Her Portable Heaven
Her Transformation
Her Waxen Man
The Hero of the plague
The Hero Part
Hickman's Hand-out
Hide and Seek
His Country's Flag
His Double Reward
His Friend's Wife
His Guardian Angel
His Highbrow Pink Hands
His Magnanimity
His Strange Revenge
His Wardrobe
Honor Among Thieves
The Honor of the Road
Hook, Line and Sinker
Horse Thieves Around
A Hot Time Was Had By All
An Hour Behind Time
How Alice Got a Wheel
Husbands At a Bargain
The Hypnotic Bachelor
If Love Were All
Imogene, the Implusive
In a Trap
In Bohemia
In Deadly Peril
In His Hour of Weakness
In Sight of Hell Gate
In Talcott's Mill
In the Dead of Night
In the Face of Orders
In the Lion's Mouth
In the Third Cabin
The Incubus
The Insane Wife
An Interrupted Honeymoon
The Intoxicated 453
The Irony of Fate
It's a Way Lovers Have
The Jackal
Jemmy's New Year's Party
The Jewels of His Mind
Jim's Girl Makes a Sacrifice
Jimmie Goggles, the God
Jocks Will Be Jocks
Joe Goes A-Fishing
Joel Bennett's Punkin Hood
A Jug of Wine
The Jungle Man
Just Between Ladies!
Kaloczsky's Flight
The Kid Gets a Job
The Kidnaped Baby
The King of a Cannibal Isle
The Lady and the Looker
The Last Edition
The Law of the Cumberland
Lee Chit Takes a Bride
The Left Hand Necklace
The Legend of the Ten Hypocrites
A Lesson in Proverbs
The Light That Dawned
The Lion and the Mafia
Little Odd Story of the Week--No. 34: The Ingrate
The Lost Box
The Lost Gunshot Mine
The Lost Orderly
Love Never Faileth
The Love of Silver-Tongue Danny
A Lover At Large
The Luck That Failed
The Lucky Likeness
Luella Plays a Hunch
The Lunch Seller
Ma Changes Her Mind
Mabel Turns the Tables
El Machete
The Mad Hatter
The Magic Book
The Magic Metal; or, A Battleship Mystery
Making Good
The Man Afraid of His Job
A Man of the Sod
Man She Loved in Secret
The Man Who Forgot
The Man Whom God Sent
Marcus Does as He Pleases
Marky and the Silver Lining
Marlitt's Shoes
The Marriage Lottery
Marvin Himself
The Matchmaker
A Matter for Time
A Matter of Exchange
McGovern's Last Fight
Me, Too!
The Medallion of Denise
The Message in Her Glove
The Meter Mystery
Mexican Treachery; or, The Message to Medroso
Micky Magee's Wooden Leg
The Middle Drawer
Milk and a Heel of Bread
Milk and Honey
The Miller's Secret
Missed His Chance
The Missing Ear
Mistakes Will Happen
Mixed Business
The Moon Buck
A Moonlight Idyl
A Mountain Nymph
Mr. Brisher's Treasure
Mrs. Dobson's Ghost
Mrs. Pickett's Chaperone
Mrs. Utley Takes a Stand
Mrs. Whitehead
Muggins Tarney's Dope; or, Breaking the Dam at Queen Cove
A Mule There Was
My Engagements
My First High Hat
My Lady's Treason
My Swamp Bride
The Mysterious Message
Mystery of Blue Parlor
Nawahgo's Revenge
Nellie's Legacy
The Nerve of Woman
No Fellowship With TNT
Norah's Bandit
A Novel Young Lady From Nowhere
Nurse Hunter's Secret
Nutting Time
O'Neill's Punishment
An Officer and A Lady
The Old Love
An Old Maid's Love
The Old Maids' Conspiracy
Old Make-Good
An Old Man's Stratagem
Old Style Murder
Ole Zeke
On a Lonely Isle
On Probation
On the Level
One More Thrill
The One Most Worthy
One Year Late
Only the Governess
Ordeal by Poison
The Other Side
The Other Woman's Good Name
Ouija Bored
Out of Ashes
Out of Court
Out of the Frozen Death
Out of the Storm
The Outlaw and a Woman's Honor
Pa's Non-Society Son-In-Law
Peek-A-Boo At the Gate
Petticoats and Plowhandles
The Philpot Robbery; The Mystery of a $100,000
Picking Wild Strawberries
The Pilgrim Ship
The Pinch Hitter
The Pogram's Burglar
A Poker Chip and a Parrot
A Portrait of Hope
The Poster Girl
The President's Son
The Price She Paid
A Prisoner of Propriety
The Problem
The Prodigal Father
The Professor's Scheme
Projeckin' Sons
A Promotion for Merit
The Proverbs of Porky McRough
Queen Tut-Amen!
A Queer Burglar
The Race Across the Continent
Race for a Wife
A Race with Death: Story of a Forgotten Train Signal
A Railway Emergency
The Rainbow Bridge
The Rajah's Tiger
A Rat in the Cabin
A Real Woman
The Rebel
A Red Crisis
The Red Death
Red Fox
A Red Revenge
Red Roses
Rennie's Painting
Resurrection Mornin'
Rev. Alexander M'Intosh
The Riddle of the Flying Hands
The Ridgell Pride
The Right Eye of Cardamon
The Right Game
The Romance of a Tight Young Man
Romance of Dell
The Romance of Jane Benson
A Romance of the Stars
The Rubaiyat of 1920
The Ruby Heart
A Running Switch
A Rural Free Lance
A Rural Vendetta
The Sacrifice
The Sacrificing of Polly
Saharan Station 15-M
Sally Miggs' Disgrace
San Juan Bautista Chimes
Sarah's Eldest
Saturday the Fifteenth
The School At Factoria
The Search
Seas of Death
The Seventh Inning
She Sowed the Wind
Sheepherder's Mulligan
Shelter for Santa
The Shrewberry Shrubbery
Shumway Stalks a Monster
The Silken Signal; or, Hancock's Coup
Sim Gage's Love
The Sister of Jack Kemper
The Slabtown Slasher
A Slacker's Fate After the War
A Slight Slip
Something Wrong with Mother
Somewhere in Belgium
A Special Delivery
The Spirits of the Sportsman
The Spite Fence
The Sportsman's Primer
The Square Cut Emerald
St. John's
Stewart's Fighting Bull Pup
The Stolen $5,000
Stories of Three Dogs
Story for the New Year
The Substitute
The Substitute
A Subway Flirtation
The Suicide of Wilkins
The Sultan Decides
Sweetening Uncle Gorham
The Sword of Mercy
A Tale of Catnip
Talkative Animals
Taxicab Murders
The Telltale Letter
The Tempest Born
Ten Decks and No Keel
Tender and True
Terry MacNamara's Second Pair
Their Homecoming
Their Sister
They Died Game
Thimble! Thimble!
This Man Or None
To the Citadel
Toad, the Conjure Woman
Too Many Clews
The Tragedy of the Whim Shaft
A Triangular Courtship
True Story of Pluck
Try-Out of a Soul
Tugboat Tom; or, Capturing the Counterfeiters
Two Boys and a Bear
Two Prayers
Uncle Meck's "Goslin'"
Under False Colors
Under the Ground
Under the Pines
An Unfinished Story
The Unkind Cut
The Unregenerate
The Unseen
Vane Hillary's Profession
The Victorious Defeat
The Vixen
A Wanderer From the Sea
Wanted Wits
A War Time Penelope
Way Out West
A Way Out
The Weakest Link
What Effie Said
What's Sauce for the Gosling
When A Bad Man Comes Back
When Bill Lost Faith
When Destiny Plays a Hand
When He Was in India
When Martha Failed
When Plans Prove Boomerangs
When True Friends Meet
Where the Apple Reddens
The White Man
Wholesome Diet
Why Mabel Went Home
The Why of Superstition
Why One Woman Stole
Why They Adjourned
Wilma's Romance
With Designs On the Star
With Intent to Kill
Won Thru Fire
Wooed and Won at Sight
The Wrist Watch Mystery
The Years of Faith
The Yellow Roadster
You Never Can Tell
Zanoni the Magician

Demorest's Monthly Magazine

Ellen and I: a woman's story
Mr. Dana's slaves
A winter in New York

Eden Series

21. The Widow's Son

Fame and Fortune Weekly

The Robber of Devil's Pool

Famous Authors Series

49. Etiquette

Favorite Library

224. The Widow's Son

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

Her Heart's Secret
Lillian Adelaide Neilson
Marriage of Convenience
Playing the Dressmaker
The Poetry of Sleep
The Portrait
The Romance of a Rose
A Summer Night's Dream
That "Lovely Lace"

Frank Starr's Songbooks

A Colored Almanac
De Colored Party
Froze Stiff
Great Accident
Gymnasium Closed for Repairs
Miss Lemon

Hammock Series

73. The Widow's Son

Hart Series

144. The Widow's Son

The Home

"Fetch" and Carry
Agnes Conway; or, The Last Letter
Aims and Ends
Ampato Sapo: A Legend of St. Anthony
"As A Little Child"
"Aunt Martha"
Aunt Ree Enn and the Children
Aunt Ruth
"Awful Tempers"
Balancing the Books
The Belle and the Wife
Bessie Mason
A Blighted Bud
A Broadway Sketch
Brother Ben's Wife, From The Note-Book Of An Old Bachelor
Carrie Ormand; or, The Elder Sister
The Cave at Mills Falls
Changes of Time, A Stray Leaf
Chasing Down Bargains, A Lesson For Daughters And Mothers
The Child Artist, An Episode In The Life Of Wolfgang Mozart
"A Child To Adopt!"
The Children's Gift
The Children's Night
Children—Our Thanksgiving Sermon
Chiseled Hearts
Choice Of A Path In Life; or, What Shall I Be? A Chapter For Our Sons
Conforming To Circumstances
Country Visitors In The City
Cousin Tom's Flirtation
David T. Stoddard, The Man and the Minister
A Day of Shopping, From the Experience of Mrs. Gage
Death in Sun-land
Diversity of Opinion
Does Affection Need Proofs?
Dolorous Camp, Not A Tradition, But an O'er True Tale
Domestic Life of Oliver Cromwell
The Dream of Caleb Edmonds
The Dry Leaf
Effie; or, Child-Sorrows
Emma Winter's Visit
The English Primrose
Evening Thoughts
Evenings At Home
Experience In A House With "Modern Improvements"
Exquisite Anecdote*
"Fact and Fancy"
A Fair Spirit and a Fair Complexion
Familiar Chats Upon Familiar Themes
A Few Facts About "Unlucky Fridays"
The Folks of Olden Time
The Fretful House-Wife; or, Who's to Blame!
George Moreton's Marriage
A German Kitchen
Glitter and Gold
Going Backward; or, Hard Times
A Good Name
Got The Fever
Growing Old
Growing Old
He or She?
Helen Lowber
Hesper's Night Reveries
The Highlanders and the Relief of Lucknow
A Home Without A Daughter
Hope Liston's Inheritance
How "The Lions" Look
How Shall We Treat Our Guests?
How Uncle John Won The Day
The Hyacinth
The Icicle Melted; or, The Power of Kindness
"Is It A Good Match?"
Isabella Taylor
Jennie Ray's Trials
John Wright, of Ellville
Kate and I
The Knights Templars
The Lady of Fashion
Leaves From A Life History
Letter from Bayard Taylor
Letter From The West
Little Children, A Chapter For Mothers
The Little Dancer
The Little Flower-Girl
The Little Joneses
Little Things
Lizzie Tallman
Losing Sight Of Nature
Mabel Anthon's Convalescence—Mental and Physical
Marrying A "Blue"
Maud Elliston's Love Story
The Mistake
A Mother's Hand
A Mother's Influence
A Mother's Influence
Mrs. Brown's Children's Party
Mrs. Greenfield's Shopping
Mrs. Grundy's Opinion Of Her Acquaintance
Mrs. Walker's Betsy
My "Reward Of Merit"
My Niece Lizzy
Nellie M'Graw
The Night Is Far Spent And The Day Is At Hand", "
Not Lost, But Gone Before
Not Right Because We Think So
The Odd-Fellowship of Nature
The Old Book-Case
Old Granny
Old Letters
The Old Maid, And The Wife
The Old Man's Sunset Home
One of Life's Histories
The Only Grandson
Our Charley
Our Children's Prayers
Our Moonlight Walk
Passages From The Married Life Of Eleanor Homes
A Peep At Private Correspondence
The Philosophy of Life
Poor Arthur
Presentiment, A Story With A Moral
The Prisoner's Guest
Providential Rescue
The Quiet Home
Reading The Newspapers; or, The Boiled Dinner
A Retrospection
The Right Light
The Romantic Husband
Rosalind At The West
The Russian Lottery Ticket
Sainthood in Caesar's Household
Samuel and Eli; or, The First Blush
Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough
A School Teacher's First Chapter
Scraps From Here And There
The Shadow On The Wall
Shall I Go To A City?
She Wouldn't Be Jealous, A Story With An Application
Silent Influence
Sin—A Parable From The German
A Sketch for the Times; or, Family Economy
A Sketch
A Sketch
A Snow Picture
"So Tired!"
Some Words in Your Ear
Sophie's Influence
The Stammering Student
Stories For The Young, The Snowdrop and the Daisy
Stories For The Young, The Three Northmen
Story For Boys And Girls*
Swiss Custom
Talking About Your Neighbors
The Ten Dollar Piano
That Dear Old Soul
Thinking, Or Knowing
Thoughts of Rome
"A Trifle Jealous"
The Two Homes
The Two Homes
The Two Morning Calls
Two Records of a Bereaved Mother
Two Ways Of Correcting A Fault
The Uncle From America, Translated From The French Of Emile Souvestre
Up A Court
A Valentine
The Wandering Child
Welcome To Flowers
A Western Scene
What A Wife Can Do; or, A Story for the Times
Wheat and Tares
"Where Is Your Bible?"
Which Way?
A Wife's Journey, A True Episode of Backwoods Life
Wit-Its Nature And Uses*
Woman's Capabilities
Worrying the Angels
Wrong Foot Foremost, A Morning Experience Of Our Friend, Mr. Sweet
The Young Man's Ghost

New and Old Friends, 2nd Series

The Two Christmases

New York Weekly

An 'Orrid 'Oax
Abby's Excursion
About the Sea
Absent-Minded Sam
Adolphe Thiers, Ex-President of the French Republic
An Adventure at Chickamauga
An Adventure on a Mississippi Steamboat
An Adventure with a Pirate
All About A Jewel
An Alligator Breakfast
Almost A Heroine
"Already Engaged"
Among the Fireworks
Among the Sharks. A Tale of the Sea
Among the Wolves. A Backwoodsman's Story
Amy Rudolph; or, What's in a Name
Amy's Valentine
"An Every-Day Man"
Annie Sheldon's Present
The Apparition. An Old Farmer's Story
An Applewoman's Story
Arabella's Two Lovers
As It Might Be
At The Beach
Aunt Dorothy's Matchmaking
Aunt Jerusha at the Circus
Aunt Jerusha's Courtship
Aunt Peggy's Help
Aunt Polly's Surprise; or, The Christmas Party
An Awful Feast
Bachelor House Hunting
A Baffled Scheme
The Bandit Chief
The Bandit's Leap
Barely Saved
The Barricade: Before and Behind
Bashful John
The Basket-Maker
Beautiful Truths for the Sorrowful
Ben Robets' Last Treat
Benny's Christmas Skates
Bernard Rolfe's Presentiment
Bessie's Love Letter
Bessie's Lovers
Biographical Sketches of American Statesmen: Henry Clay
Black and White Days
Blanche's House-Hunting. A Romance of the First of May
The Blind Girl of Water Street
The Blow in the Dark
A Blow in the Dark. A Truthful Incident
The Boaker's Loaf: A Story For Children
Boston Liberty Tree
Boston's Dark Day
Boussard, the Pilot of Dieppe
The Boy's Vow. A Legend of the Black Swamp
A Brave Young Girl
Braving a Bully
A Bride Among the Burtons
The Bride's Roses
Bridget Triumphant
The Brigand's Bride
Broken Links
A Brother's Sacrifice
Brown's Dream
Buffalo Bill's First Fight; or, A Boy Among the Reds
Bunker Hill
A Burglar in the House
The Burglar's Fate
"Can the Old Love?"
Captured by Guerrillas
Carletta's Grief
Carlotta, Ex-Empress of Mexico
Centennial Crumbs
The Challenge
A Chance Discovery; or, Captain Dacre's Wrong
Chang Wang Among the Barbarians
Changed Her Mind
The Changelings
Charles Sprague, the Banker Poet
Charlie's Temptation
Charlotte Cushman, the American Actress
The Charms of Home
Chased by Wolves
A Cheap Sleigh Ride
Cherry's Hero
The Chicago Calamity
The Children in the Country
Chinese Interments
Chit-Chat with the Ladies
Chit-Chat With The Ladies: Thankful
Choosing His Profession
Christmas Diamonds
Christmas Eve Among the Snow-Drifts
A Christmas Sketch: Dolly's Visitor
A Christmas Sketch: Kit Kenneth's Luck
A Christmas Sketch: Kitty's Christmas Gift
A Christmas Sketch: Mabel's Novel Christmas Gift
A Christmas Sketch: Martin's Christmas Gift
A Christmas Sketch: The Black Whirlpool; or, The Silent Visitor
A Christmas Sketch: The Deacon's Christmas
A Christmas Sketch: The Old Maid's Christmas
A Christmas Sketch: The Wanderer's Return; or, Christmas at Chestnut Ridge
A Christmas Sketch: The Working-Girl's Christmas
A Christmas Sketch: Uncle Jabel's Picture
A Christmas Story: "Santa Clausa!"
A Christmas Story: A Wonderful Present
A Christmas Story: Carl Robson's Christmas
A Christmas Story: Joseph Yates' Temptation
A Christmas Story: Miss Ormiston's Christmas
A Christmas Story: The Lady From Over The Way
A Christmas Story: The Little Outcast
A Christmas Story: Top-Lofty
A Churchyard Legend
City Fools in the Country
Clara Bell's Stratagem
Clarence Vernon; or, The Gambler's Repentance
Close Run: A Yarn of 1776
The Comic Side of Intemperance
"Common Sense"
Consumption. A Specific for What it is Intended - Consumption Can be Cured
The Coquette's Punishment
Cora's Lovers
The Countess of Somerset; or, The Fate of a Titled Murderess
Country Boarding
The Country School-Teacher
Crime and Repentance: The Story of a Private Mad House
Crime and Retribution
Crimson Dinners. A Temperance Sketch
Crockett and the Cougar
Curious Funerals: Interesting Customs Among Different Nations
Curious Marriages: An Instance of Divine Retribution
Curious Marriages: The Celebrated Fleet Prison Marriages in London
D. D. D., M. D.; or, How I was Started in Business
Daring Deeds of Boys, Number Four: Little-Rifle; or, The Cabn-Saver
Daring Deeds of Boys, Number One: Francois Oberman, the Chamois Hunter-Boy
Daring Deeds of Boys, Number Three: Jasper Traine, the Silent Cabin-Boy
Daring Deeds of Boys, Number Two: Silas Swan, the Switch-Tender
Dawly's Dinner Party
A Day At Trenton Falls
The Death Cry, A Tale of the Sea
The Death Dungeon
The Death Race; or, The White Rose of the Valley
Decking the Soldiers' Graves
Delancy's New Year's
Denny O'Donnell's First Fourth of July
The Desperado's End: Historical Bandit Stories
A Desperate Struggle
The Diamond Cluster Ring
The Diver's Story
Doestick's Letters: Doesticks on the Newest Philosophy of the Newest Philosophers
Doesticks' Letters: "Trumps" Goes to a Party—Have We Got Any Little Boys Now-A-Days? What is to be done with the Grandmothers?
Doesticks' Letters: "Trumps" School Performances at the "German-American Institute"
Doesticks' Letters: A Merry Christmas
Doesticks' Letters: April Fooling
Doesticks' Letters: Assassination by Velocipedes
Doesticks' Letters: Awful Mistake-A Kleptomaniac in Indiana Hung as a Thief
Doesticks' Letters: Doestick Buys A Velocipede
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks as a Detective
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks as a Government Servant
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Attends a Horse Dinner
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Attends a Ladies' Holiday Fair
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Becomes An Interviewer
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Foresees a "Woman's Suffrage" Election Day
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Goes to Washington for an Office
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Has A "Spirit Photograph" Taken
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks in a Swimming Bath
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Meets the Noble Savage, and is Disenchanted Therewith
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks on "April Fooling"
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks on a Sleeping Car
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks on the Darwinian Monkey Question
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Prepares to Visit the Noble Savage of the Western Wilds
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Sets Out to Visit the Noble Savage
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Suggests to Government How to Hugely Increase its Revenue
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Tries to Make a Fortune by "Policy"
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks Visits Washington on a Lobbying Expedition
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks' Conclusions as to the Noble Red-Man
Doesticks' Letters: Essays a Game of his Youth
Doesticks' Letters: Fourth of July in the Country- On The Quiet
Doesticks' Letters: Gin-And-Milk Clergymanics
Doesticks' Letters: Holiday Time and Ladies' Fancy Fairs
Doesticks' Letters: How Can the "Slang-i-ness" of the Girl of the Period be Cured?
Doesticks' Letters: How Philander Paid His Income Tax
Doesticks' Letters: Introducing All Sorts of Folks to Other Folks
Doesticks' Letters: Leaving Servants in Charge of a Town House while the Proprietor goes into the Country
Doesticks' Letters: May Day in New York
Doesticks' Letters: Moving Children into the Country
Doesticks' Letters: On Practical Joking
Doesticks' Letters: Our New Post Mistress
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Again Undertakes Reporting His Short-Hand Experience
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Becomes a Newspaper Reporter- His Early Experience
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Bets on the Ocean Yacht Race
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Interviews the President
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Resolves to Learn to Blow Brass Music. He Begins with the "E Flat" Bugle
Doesticks' Letters: Philander Tries His Hand And His Voice At Auctioneering
Doesticks' Letters: The Grand Brooklyn Tournament
Doesticks' Letters: The Modern Education of Children
Doesticks' Letters: Things That I Want to Know and Want "Fixed?"
Doesticks' Letters; Doesticks Discourseth About New Year's It's Celebrations, And Its Customs
Donnybrook Fair
Doomed to Death; or, The Three Brothers of Japan. A True Story
A Double Joy
The Doubting Lover
Dr. Jack's Valentine
Dr. Spencer's Crime
A Dreadful Mystery
Driver Bill's Story
Driving Turkeys
The Drover's Story
The Drunkard's Child
"Drunken Bill"
A Duelist Punished
The Dumb Detective; or, The Rejected Lover's Oath. A True Story
The Dutch Painter
Eccentric Biography: "Lord" Dexter, the Original of the Class of American "Shoddy;" Lord Francis Bacon; Eugene Aram, the Noted English Usher, Thief and Murderer; "Admirable Crichton;" Oliver Goldsmith
Edwin Forrest
Effie's Honesty; or, The Mistress of Coalgate Manor
Eleanore's Choice
Ellice Maynard's Live
Ellie Strong's New Year
Emelyn's Pledge
Emigration in the Olden Time
Eminent Women: Black-Eyed Susan
Emma Hart
Enjoyment of Sickness
Ermina's Ring
Escaping from Fate
The Estrangement
Ethel's Mistake
Eva Morley's Betrayal
Every-Day Faults—Backbiting
Every-Day Religion
Exploits of Shinderhannes
A Fable with a Moral
The Fairy Silverwing. A Children's Story
The Fall of the Leaf
"Fallen Angels"
False Imprisonment: A Romantic Story of New York City
Fanny's Stranger
A Fashionable Bridal Outfit
Fashionable Conversation
Fashionable Lies
The Fatal Discovery
A Fatal Experiment
The Fatal Leap
The Fatal Mask
The Fated Pocket-Book. A New Year's Story
A Fearful Night
A Female Sailor
The Female Spy
A Few Provoking Things
Fighting Other People's Battles
Finding Jack: A Story for the Fourth of July
First Night At Sea
The First Snow of Winter
Florence's Flirtation. A Story of Love and Revenge
Florence's Temptation
Florence's Thanksgiving. A Temperance Tale
"Follow Me"
Fontroy's Adventure
The Forced Marriage
Fortune-Hunter Foiled
Found in the Snow
A Freak of Fortune
Frontier Heroism
The Frustrated Elopement
Galen's Vengeance
The Garden of Memory
"Genteel Swindles"
Getting Even. An Incident of Practical Joking
The Ghost of Leyborne Hall
The Gipsy's Prophecy
The Gipsy's Prophesies
The Glory of Beginning
Going a Sleighing
Going to Bed in the Dark
Going to Church
Going to Saratoga
The Golden Age
Good-by to the Old Year
Gran Darrah's Gratitude. A Love Story
The Grecian Bend at Westville
Gretchen's Escape A True Story
Gretta's Valentine
Grinder Papers: Second Series
The Guardian Rat
The Guide's Fingers
The Guillotine
Hal Martin's Choice
A Happy Mistake
A Hard Character
Harmon's Escape
A Hasty Match
Hattie's Surrender
The Haunted Dell
The Haunted Trapper
Having a Tooth Pulled
Hawk-Eye Jack
A Head
A Healthful Spirit
Heave. A Sea Sketch
Heiress Hunting
An Heiress Lost and Won. A Fireman's Story
The Heiress of Alwyn Court
Here Sleep the Brave
The Hero Warren
Heroic Act of a Young Girl
Hetty Haydon's Answer
The Hidden Coffers; or, The Last of the Montroseans
His Own Place
Historical Anecdotes: Death of Maria Antoinette
Historical Anecdotes: Nero and his Mother
Historical Anecdotes: Poor Carlotta
Historical Anecdotes: The Death of Cicero
Historical Anecdotes: The Discovery of America
History of my Odd Name
Homely Hetty
Honor Among Thieves
The Horse Race At San' Clark's
A Horse-Flesh Banquet
An Hour with Wm. Henry Peck
House-Hunting vs. Love
The Household Tyrant
How Buffalo Bill Got Even. An Overland Incident
How Clare Found Her Fortune
How Fan's Folly Ended
How He Became A Murderer
How Helen Died
How Louise Lost Her Lover
How the Indians Were Foiled, An Incident of the Minnesota Massacre
How to Empty a Church
How We Went Up
Hunted to Death
The Hunter's Dream
Hunting a Widow
Hydrate of Chloral
"I Can Drink or Let It Alone"
The Ice-Tomb; or, The Fate of the Holland. A Story of the Northern Seas
Impressions of European Travel
In A Chasm; or, The Black Rider
In Peril And Out Of It
Inauguration Ceremonies: 1789, Washington - Grant, 1873
Incident in the French Capital
The Indian's Grave
An Iron-Clad Animal
Isidore's Revenge
Jennie's New-Year Gift
John Burns' Resolve
Johnnie's Temptation
Jonathan's "Fourth"
The Josh Billings Papers: A Loose Bilt Epistle
The Josh Billings Papers: A Tempranse Klub
The Josh Billings Papers: A Yarn—The Aunt, and the Grasshopper
The Josh Billings Papers: Bends
The Josh Billings Papers: Billings Lexicon
The Josh Billings Papers: Chicken Feed
The Josh Billings Papers: Dried Fruit
The Josh Billings Papers: Embers on the Harth
The Josh Billings Papers: Gnats
The Josh Billings Papers: Hard Tack
The Josh Billings Papers: Hooks & Eyes
The Josh Billings Papers: Hotels
The Josh Billings Papers: Ink Lings
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh and the Border Injun
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh at Niagara Falls
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Billings Under Oath
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Closes Out His Light Wares
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Corresponds Freely With Four Fellows
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Corresponds
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Defines His Posishun
The Josh Billings Papers: Josh Mounts a Velocipede
The Josh Billings Papers: Letters
The Josh Billings Papers: Lieing
The Josh Billings Papers: Long Branch in Slices
The Josh Billings Papers: Monograffs—The Cheeky Man and the Critick Man
The Josh Billings Papers: Monograffs—The Neat Person and the Phett Man
The Josh Billings Papers: Natral History
The Josh Billings Papers: Natural Biography—The Hum Bugg
The Josh Billings Papers: Oats
The Josh Billings Papers: Ods and Ens
The Josh Billings Papers: Osh Replies
The Josh Billings Papers: Pepper Pods
The Josh Billings Papers: Plum Pits
The Josh Billings Papers: Questions and Answers
The Josh Billings Papers: Slips of the Pen
The Josh Billings Papers: Sollum Thoughts
The Josh Billings Papers: Spring and Biles
The Josh Billings Papers: The "Zantippee"
The Josh Billings Papers: The Bizzy Body
The Josh Billings Papers: The Cunning Man
The Josh Billings Papers: The Davenport Letter
The Josh Billings Papers: The Fox
The Josh Billings Papers: The Gote
The Josh Billings Papers: The Monkey
The Josh Billings Papers: The Nu Foundland and the Tarrier
The Josh Billings Papers: The Yaller Dog
The Josh Billings Papers: Tight Boots
The Josh Billings Papers: Two Letters
The Josh Billings Papers: Writers at Short Range
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: A Man
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Back Correspondence
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Big Brutes
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Crumbs
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Dave Brinkerhooff's Story—Betting on a Sure Thing
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Dew Drops
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: From Denver to Salt Lake
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Mixt Phood
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Nero
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Roots and Arbs
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: Spikes
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: The Beggar and the Thief
The Josh Billings Spice-Box: The Chipmunk
Josh Billings' Card: A Hint to the Newspaper Publick
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Bizzness Letters
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Cheap Flowers
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Men
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Reflections
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Slip-Shods
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Slung Shot
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Sudden Replies
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Sudden Thoughts
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Tit Bits
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Animated Natur
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Billings' Proverbs
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Buty and the Beasts
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Hot Korn
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Karacter
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Kindling Wood
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Milk
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Natral and Unnatral Aristokrats
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Singular Beings
The Josh Billings' Spice-Box: Tadpoles
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: The Gnatt and Katterpiller
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: What I Kno About Hotels
Josh Billings' Spice-Box: White Mountains-The "Glen House"
"Josh Billings." A Good Natured View of a Good-Natured Man
A Joyful Thanksgiving
Judith's Temptation
Karl And I At Duck
Kate Ellerslie's Fate; or, The Fortune-Teller's Prediction
Kate's Resolve. A Temperance Story
Keeping A Goat
Kenneth's Resolve
A Kitten's Mishaps: A Story for Little Folks
Kitty Holt's Prophecy
Kitty's Love-Life
Lake Memphremagog
The Lake of Phantoms
A Large Bass
Laurette. A Christmas Idyl
A Leap for Life. A True Story
Lelia's Romantic Hero
Lella, the Orphan
A Lesson From the Late Great Tragedy
Letter to my Sister Ellen
Life Sketches of David Cummidge: Pioneer, Hunter, and Indian Slayer
"Life Thoughts"
Life's River
A Life-Long Sorrow
Lilian, the Governess
Lilla and the Bird. A Children's Story
Lines On The Death Of A Young Lady Who Died Only Four Weeks After Marriage
The Little Copper Box
Little Golden-Hair
The Little Helmsman
The Little Wanderers. A Story for Children
The Lone Cabin in the Wilderness
Long-Faced Christians
Looking for Country Board
Lost Lily
Lost on the Prairie
The Lost Vessel
Lottie Darnell's Failing
Love of Country
Love Unto Death
Love vs. Practical Jokes
The Lover's Revenge; or, Two Years in a Mad-House
Lucia's Path Out of Peril
A Lucky Fall; or, The Scout's Adventure
Mab's Eyes
The Mad Gold-Seeker. A Legend of Popocatepetl
The Mad Woman's Dream
Madeline's Lover
Magdalene—A Reverie
The Man Who Has Traveled
Managing a Husband
Managing a Man
Managing for Papa
Margaret's Mission
Maria Le Blanc, the Wild Girl
Mary's Christmas Eve
The Masquerade Ball
The Men of Wood
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: "Thoroughbreds"
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: Fortune-Tellers
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: Semi-Genteel Beggars
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: Sidewalk Toy Merchants
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: Street Dog-Fanciers
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: Street-Musicians
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The "Old Rag-Men"
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Bar-Room Bummers
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Bogus Smugglers
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Boot-Black Brigade
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Hotel Swindlers
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Old Apple-Women
Metropolitan Pen Pictures: The Pickpockets
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Eight: The Turning of a Card
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Five: Fallen Angels
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Four. The Night-Watchman's Experience
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Nine: The Detective's Shadow
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Six: The Romance of a Street Car
Metropolitan Shadow Scenes, Number Ten: The Shadow of the Gallows
A Mexican Liar
The Midnight Burial
The Mild-Eyed Woman. Crippled Joe's Story
The Miner's Bride; or, A Bold Stroke for a Fortune
Minnie's Lesson
Miss Bumble's Traveling Bag
Miss Esterley's Fortune
Miss Harrison's Revenge
Miss Lucille Blanchard
Miss Marsden's Romance
Miss Penelope's Journey
Miss Percy's Protege
Miss Sallie Sparrow
Miss Wilson's Sabba' Day
The Missing Bridegroom
The Missing Jewels
The Missing Whaleman
Misspent Time
The Mistake
The Mock Marriage
A Model Patriot
The Money Digger
Monica Strong
Monotony in Camp, and Vivacity in Mail-Bags
The Morgue
Morrison's Vindication
The Mother's Bible
Mother's Heroism. A Story of our Forefathers's Days
Mother's Hour
The Mother's Mistake
The Mound of Death. A Legend of Early Kansas
A Mouse in the Room
Mr. Cheever's Burglar
Mr. Main's Suicide
Mr. Pilcher's Velocipede Experience
Mr. Plunkett's Wooing
Mr. Policeman Brown
Mrs. Blake's Visit to the Mountains
Mrs. Grundy's Doings
Mrs. Partington's Sayings
The Murder at Barstone Hall. A Story of Christmas Eve
The Murder at the Elms
Murder Will Out
The Murdered Czarovitch. A Page of Russian History
The Music-Room Phantom
My Economical Wife
My Fright. A Story for Young Folks
My Love Story
My Mother's Christmas
My Schoolmarm
My Two Loves
"My Wife"
Myra's Jealousy
The Mysterious Light
The Mysterious Ship
A Mystery of Paris: Lost in the Catacombs
Mystery of the Chest
Napoleon and Seward
Napoleon III
"Ned's" Last Adventure
Neighbors, And Yet Not Neighbors
Nellie Beekman's Party. A Temperance Tale
The New Scholar. A Sunday-School Story
A New Tall Hat
New York and Paris Fashions
New York and Paris Fashions: Fashions for August
The Night Before My Wedding Day
A Night of Dread
"No One to Love"
Nora Yeal
"Not for Joseph"
Not Guilty. A Story of Woman's Vengeance
The Oak Closet
"Ogden's Hole"
Old Chairs
"Old Dusty"
An Old Lady's Literary Efforts
Old Sales, the Hunter
One Artist's Love
One Faithful Heart
"Only a Drunken Boy"
Only A Stimulant
Our Earthquake
Our Lily
Our New Doll
Our Street Cars
Out of the Jaws of Death
Out of Town: Lyon Brook Bridge-From Canastota to Cazanovia-Fairs and Fair Weather
Out of Town: Oneida-Hops-Peterboro-Gerrit Smith-Verona Springs-Oneida Community
Outside the Surf
Outting the Redskins
Outwitting a Miser
Outwitting a Mother
Over a Precipice
"Over the Bay"
Over the Christmas Snow
The Painted Nose
The Painted Scout; or, Sam Willis' Stratagem
A Pair of Gloves
The Panic on Long Island. A Tale of the Dog
A Panther Adventure
Parlor Dramas, For the Little Folks: The Babes in the Woods
Parlor Dramas, for the Little Folks: The Country School
Passage Money Home: A Castle Garden Romance
Peggy Ank
Perils of the Sea
The Pet of the Restaurant
Peter Holt's Rock Heap
The Phantom Engineer
The Phantom of the Everglades
The Phantom Ship. An Old Tar's Story
The Phantom Skiff. A Legend of Colonial Days
Phemie Carlisle's Luck
Philip of Orleans' Vision
The Pic-nic Party
Pictures of Paris: Palace of the Tuileries
Pictures of Paris: The Cathedral of Notre Dame
Pictures of Paris: The Champ De Mars
Pictures of Paris: The Hotel De Ville
Pictures of Paris: The Hotel Des Invalides
Pictures of Paris: The Luxemburg
Pictures of Paris: The Palais Royal
Pictures of Paris: The Underground City
Pictures of Paris: The Vendome Column, And the Column of July
Plain Talk—Corest-Strings
Playing on the Track
Poor Lisette
Post-Mortem Glory
The Pot of Gold. A Story for the Little Folks
Potts Makes New Year's Calls
Potts Sees Kalakaua
Potts' Lottery
Practical Joking
A Pretty Railway Acquaintance
The Proof of the Murder
The Prophetic Vision; or, The Burring of the Hindoostan
"Pure Cussedness!"
Pushed to the Wall
Putting Up A Stove
Puzzled Which to Take
Queer Characters
Random Readings
Records of the Gentlyticklem Association
The Rector's Wife
The Red-Haired Boy
Redskins Surprised
Refused and Accepted
Remarkable Dreams: Dream of a Clergyman's Wife
Remarkable Dreams: Dream of Clara Gould—Its Tragic Results
Remarkable Dreams: Dream Relating to a New York Murder
Remarkable Dreams: Startling Dream of a German Printer
Remarkable Incidents of Somnambulism. The Mystery if a Merchant's Daughter
A Remarkable Rat-Story
Remember the Poor
Reminiscences of a Reporter: The Editor's Strategy
Rest and Recreation
The Richmond Anguish
A Ride with a Maniac
The Rival Singers
Romance in Real Life
A Romance in Real Life
The Romance of a Poet: Lost at the Bridal Hour
The Romance of History: A Queen's Crime
Romance of History: Caroline of Brunswick, "England's Injured Queen"
Romance of History: Crowning a Corpse
The Romance of History: Fortunes of the Duke of Kent
Romance of History: Robert Emmet and Sarah Curran
The Romance of History: The Princess Lamballe
Romantic Incidents of Somnambulism: A Romance of the Ohio River
Romantic Incidents of Somnambulism: The Tragic Fate of a New York Merchant
Romantic Marriage
Rough Sketches of Rough Characters
Rowena Clare
Royal Wedding Egypt: Marriage of the Viceroy's Eldest Daughter - Dresses of the Bride and Attendants - Description of the Gorgeous Festival
Rube Nason's Scar
Run-Down at Sea
Ruth's Resolve
Sad Scenes in Paris
Sam Kingman's Shot
Sara's Crosses
Saved by a Ring: A Thanksgiving Story
Saved by Lightning
Saved by Wolves
"Saved." A Temperance Sketch
Saving Fort Granville
A Scarlet Ribbon
The Schoolma'am's Strategy
The Scout's Rescue. A Story of the Plains
Scraps From An Ex-Policeman's Diary
The Second Courtship
The Secret of an Old Garret
"Seeing A Man"
Seeking His Fortune: A Story for Boys
Selling Berries
"Sex in Education"
The Shadow of a Sin
The Shadow of Blood
The Shadow of Distrust
Shakespeare Condensed: Othello, the Moor of Venice
Shane O'Keeffe's Wedding
Sharp Changes
"Shoo Fly"
Shooting on Sight
A Shrewd Trick
Simon Kenton, the Prince of Pioneers
A Singular Duel
A Singular Fraud
The Skeleton Head
A Sketch From Real Life
The Slave of a Horse
Sleigh Bells
A Slight Mistake. The Story of a Valentine
The Smith Babies
The Snoring Ghost
A Soldier's Luck
The Soldier's Vision
Some Hard Advice
The Son's Crime; or, Aunt Hester's Christmas Ghost
South Africa Diamond Fields
Spectacle Pond. A Legend of New Hampshire
The Spider-Dance
Spoiled Children
St. Valentine's Day
A Stage-Coach Adventure
A Stage-Driver's Story
The Star-Maker
"Stay Where You're Happy"
A Steady Fight
Stealing Grapes
The Step-Mother
The Story of an Outcast
A Story of Hallow E'en
A Story of Nights
Strange Cases of Insanity: A Female Maniac's Dreadful Revenge
Strange Cases of Insanity: The Compulsory Dance
Strange Cases of Insanity: The Maniac Sea Captain
A Strange Duel
A Strange Fate
A Strong Temptation
Struck in the Back
Struggle by Moonlight
A Struggle for Life. A Carpenter's Story
Summer Friends
Summer Sky, the Indian Beauty
Surrounding the Enemy: A Story of the Revolution
Susan's Deer. A Legend of the Early Times
A Swim for Liberty
Swindling in New York: How the Swindlers Operate - The Gift Enterprise - The Bargain Swindle - The Sewing Machine Swindle - The Express Swindle - The Watch Swindle
Sympathy for Criminals
Taking the Gas: What I Saw and Heard
Tell-Tale Pin; or, The Track of Blood
The Tell-Tale Ticket
The Tempter Foiled
Ten Dollars
Ten Minutes Behind Time: From the Note-Book of an Old Engineer
A Terrible Fight with Wildcats
A Terrible Mistake
That Bottle of Port
"The Blues"
Theresa's Mistake
"They Say"
Things Generally: A Terrible Affliction
Things Generally: He Scorned a Bribe
Things Generally: Our Patent Pavement
Things Generally: Peter Lamb's Bet
Things Generally: She Had Moved
Things Generally: She Seemed Willing
Things Generally: The Gooch Case
Things Generally: The Imperishable Sausage
Things Generally: The National Portrait Gallery
Things Generally: The Reformed Method of Studying History
Things Generally: They Were Generally
Things Generally: What Young Mr. Duncan Wanted
Things Generally: Why Smoot Was Out
To Young Ladies. Clean Lips and a Pure Heart
A Tollkeeper's Story
Tom Patson's Revenge
Tom Spalding's Accident
Too Far Out
The Tory's Leap: A Sketch of the Revolution
Tracing a Murderer
The Tragedy of Locust Hall
A Tragedy
The Trapper's Fate
Trapping Wolves
A Traveler's Story
Traveling with a Madman
Tresse's Trouble
True As Steel
A True Story for Boys and Girls
The Twelve Wine-Glasses. A Temperance Sketch
Twilight Musings
Twitting on Facts
The Two Cousins
Two Scenes from Alphonzo Beaufort's Life
Uncle John's Christmas Story
Universal Eccentric Biography, Number Three: Personages Showing Absentmindedness and the Power of Memory
Universal Eccentric Biography, Number Two: Guy, the English Miser—Richard Dart, Jemmy Taylor, John Elves, Daniel Dancer, and Other Misers of Note
Universal Eccentric Biography: Interesting Incidents in the Career of Cornelius Vanderbilt
Up in the Apple Trees
The Verdict of Two Lives
A Very Old Story
Veteran Brigands: Release of Italian Banditti After Forty-Seven Years' Imprisonment
Waiting Five Years
Wanted at the cross roads
A War Adventure
War and Women
The War Cloud. A Sketch of Modern Cutting Out
Warned of Death
The Warning at Ridgeville
A Warning
Wastage of Young Men
A Watering-Place
"Wax Flowers"
Wedding Gifts
A Wedding in Chicago After the Fire
The Whaleman's Device
What Came of a Valentine
What She Gave Up; or, Elsie Latimer's Sacrifice
What the Fairies Did
What Was Best. A Story of Long Branch
Where Clover Was Found
Which Was The Heiress?
The White Chief of the Arabian Desert
White Lies
The White Lily
A White Muslin Dress
Who Shall Wear The Coronet?
Who Shall Win?
Who Suffered? An April Story
Why Aunt Nancy Changed Her Mind
Why Dinner Wasn't Ready
Why He Couldn't Marry
Why the Rats Emigrated
The Wife. Something for Every Drinking Man to Read
William Murray: Der Shendlemans vat Makes Himself
Winning a Name
The Wish
A Woman's Heart
Woman's Work
Woman's Work
The Wonderful Brook. A Fairy Story
The Wonders of Nature: Our Family of Worlds
The Wonders of Nature: Our Wonderful World
The Wonders of Nature: What Are Comets?
The Wonders of Nature: What Are Shooting Stars?
The Wonders of Nature: What is the Moon?
The Wonders of Nature: What is the Sun?
Working for his Dinner
The World's Minor Gems, No. 3: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
The World's Minor Gems, No. 4: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
The World's Minor Gems, No. 5: Transparent, Translucent, Opaque
The World's Minor Gems: Agate
The World's Minor Gems: Heliotrope, or Bloodstone, and Chrysophrase
The World's Minor Gems: Jet
The World's Minor Gems: Lava
The Wrong Passenger
The Yachtman's Love; And How He Saved and Won Her
A Yankee Pilot
Ye Gallant Policeman
The Young Actress
A Young Life Overshadowed
The Young Marksman

Nick Carter Weekly

A Curious Incident

The Nickel Library

Treed by a Bear

Our Fireside Friend

Story of the Beautiful Sleeper

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Abner Greenup's Pancakes
Aboard the Pond Lily
After Five Years
Among the Wolves
Anstice's Thanksgiving
As by Fire
Ascent in a Balloon
At the Bottom of a Chasm
Aunt Dorothy Ray: A Thanksgiving Story
Barbara Hunt's Brownie Party
The Bath of Fire
Bathsheba Carew's Curse
Bert's Gloves
Betsey Bobbet's Poetry
Black Man's Bend
The Black Wolf Inn
The Borderer's Bride
The Boy Who Swallowed a Music Box
Bread Upon the Waters
The Bride of Moscow
The Bride
Brother Johnsing's 'Sperience
Buried in a Mine
By Scarecrow Proxy
The Cabin on the Cliff
Catching a Tong-hak
The Child King
A Christmas Backlog
A Christmas Tragedy
Circumstantial Evidence
Courting in Kentucky
Cousin Philemy's Visit
Deacon Bunker's Proposal
Detective Kitty
A Detective's Strange Story
Dinah's Story
Doctor Bisland's Diary
The Doctor's Patients
The Driver's Story
The Editor's Christmas
The Engineer
Ephriam Giggs' Thanksgiving Dinner
Extraordinary Feat of Life Saving
A Family Name
A Fire Heroine
First Prayer at Hanney's
A Fortunate Mistake
The Freight of the "Dolphin"
A Friend to the Devil
From the Valley o' the Shadder
Frony Sawtelle's Bay Window
The Fugitive's Secret
G. Grandmother's Sunday Shoes
The Gen'ral and His Partner
Grandpa Joe's Christmas
The Gray Madam
Hans Strump's Fourth of July Celebration
A Heart Party
The Heiress of Lyndehurst
Hepzibah's Donation
Her Christmas Secret
Her Grandmother's Brocade
Hermione: A Story of Navarino
The Hermit of the Bass
The Heroine of Sandy Hill Creek
Hiram's Wooing
His Christmas Gift
The House Painting at Juniper's
How I was Duped
How Laurie Stopped the Train
In Paradise Gulch
Jared Tubbs' Thanksgiving
Jessie's Hero
Jim Simcoe's Quest
Joel Hutt's New House
Katty Gaynor's Jealousy
The Lady Detective's Story
Lady Inez
The Lady of Leigh
The Last Furrow
Lemuel's Pocket-Book
The Long-Suffering Scandinavian
The Los Amigos Fiasco
Madge Wilmerdale's Double
Maggie Lee
Mary's Quinces
A Mercenary Patriot
Miss Abby's Thank Offering
Miss Brooke's Fortune
Miss Goldthorp's Mince-Pie
Miss Marchmont's Romance
Miss Splicer's Toboggan
Modest Mr. Singleton
Mr. Dooley's Christmas
Mr. Phipps' Uncle John
Mrs. Nichol's Expedient
My Flying Squirrels
The Mystery at Deepdale
Narweeje; or, The Pink and Silver Brocade
The Neighborhood Verdict
The Old Old Story
An Old Time Fourth of July
On the Roxbury Sands
One Moment's Work
One Night
One of Life's Shadows
Our First Parting
Out of the Jaws of Death
Painting the House
Peter Tarbox's "Mouth fur Pie"
A Pleasant Affair
The Polish Slave
A Powder-Mill Romance
The Rector's Love
A Red Rose
The Red-Headed Burglar
Reuben Toast's Tricycle
The Romance of an Ox-Team
Samantha in Washington
Scarlet and White
The Secret Marriage
The Sheriff of Canon City
Silence Pearl
A Slavery-Day Ceremony
The Spanish Bride
Squire Richard's Second Wife
The Squire's Sister
The Statement of Jared Johnson
Story of Violet Grey's Love
Strange Adventure in a Lift
The Stricken Crew
The Sugaring-Off Party at Draper's
Talk on Tap
A Terrible Retribution
Their Whereabouts
Tom's Revenge
Too Late
The Train Dispatcher's Orders
The Trial by Fire
Twice Wooed
Uncle Bentley's Experience with Black-Art
Uncle Stover's Slumbers
Uncle Timothy Taylor
Viola's First Valentine
Wardelow's Boy
Was it Better?
Wee Dona Dolores
Which Was Best?
The Widow Packer's Benefit
The Widow's Reminiscences
The Widow's Son
The Widow's Thanksgiving Festival
Wise Mrs. Swallow
The Witch Glass
The Witch of Fontainebleu
The Wooing of Beulah Lowe

The Saturday Journal

"A Bad Man"
"A Beautiful Icicle"
"A Chance Acquaintance"
"A Fool fer Luck!"
"A Friend In Need"
"A Jail-Bird"
"A Night of Peril"
"A Queer Fish"
"A Summer Paradise"
"A Wax Doll"
"April Fool"
"As By Fire"
"At the Altar's Foot"
"Berries, All Ripe!"
"Bonny Kathrina"
"Bound Out"
The "Bully" of the Town
"Buried Alive"
"Burnt at the Stake"
The "Camargo Tap;" or, Rangers on the Rampage
"Diamond or Paste"
"Diamonds or Hearts"
"Did She Love Him?"
"Good-by, Sweetheart!"
"Having Patience" A Lesson for Bashful Lovers
"Judas Doors"
"Little Jess"
"Little Paquita"
"Little Spitfire"
"Love Among the Roses"
"Love's Land"
A "Lovers' Telegraph"
"Mavericks," A Leaf from Texan History
"Merely Players"
A "Mighty Close Call"
"Miss Emerson's Suitor"
"Miss Melville"
"Mr. Dick's" Loves
"Myself and Thee"
"Out of the Frying-pan," etc
"Perhaps So"
"Pony" Rodger's Adventure
"Rags" and Reform
"Rogers' Slide"
"S.R.I." or, A Friend in Need
"Schuyler's Toughs;" or, How We Held The Fort
"Social Poker"
"Tender and True"
"The Amende Honorable"
"The Portrait of a Lady," An Episode in the Life of a Great Artist
"Tom Porter"
"Trainin' Hosses"
"Tricking" the Kiowas
"Uno," An Idyl of the Mines
"Unsight and Unseen"
"Wanted, Lodgings"
"When Knaves Fall Out"
"Whose Was the Sin?"
$20,000 Reward, A Tale of the Crescent City
'All's Well that Ends Well'
'Long Shore
The 'Middy's' Prize
'Twixt Life and Death
'Zekiel and the Ghost
The Abbot's Slave, An Old English Story
"Absalom's Place"
The Accusing Portrait
Ackerman's Story
Addie's Lover
Adele's Mouchoir-holder
Adrift on a Raft
Adventure With Brigands
Adventures in Colorado
Adventures in the Far West: A Race with a Buffalo
Adventures in the Far West: A Race With a Madman
An Affair of Honor, A True Tale of the "Good Old Times"
After Many Days
After Many Years
After Ten Years
Alaska, the Cheyenne, A Story of Colorado
Alexia's Oath
Alice King's Inheritance
All a Mistake
All About Alligators
All for a Button
All For A Valentine
All for Gold
All For Love
All the Doings of a Fan
All's Well that Ends Well
Allaire's Wife
An Alligator Farm
Almost a Sacrifice
Almost Guilty
Almost Hung: A Story of Circumstantial Evidence
Almost Immortalized, A Story Told in the Year 1900
Almost Lost
Almost Wrecked
Amber's Mistake
America's Commodores: Edward Preble
America's Commodores: John Shaw
America's Commodores: Oliver Hazard Perry
America's Commodores: Richard Dale
America's Commodores: Somers and Shubrick
America's Commodores: William Bainbridge
Among the Evergreens
Among the Mermaids
Amy Livingston's Mistake
And Santa Claus Did!
And There It Ended
Another Man's Love-Letter
Answer for Answer
Antoinette's Curl
Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms
Applying the Test
An April Fool in Earnest
An April Fool
The Ark and Dove
Art Against Heart
An Artful Dodge
The Artist's Model
The Artist's Model
The Assassin of Ruelle, An Episode in the Life of Richelieu
At Bay; or, The Border Heroine
At Last!
At St. Mark's
At the Knife's Point, The Story of a Queer Rescue
Attacked by "Diggers"
Attacked by River Pirates
An August Evening
Aunt Becky's Bank
Aunt Betsey's Great Trouble
Aunt Comfort's Joke
Aunt Hannah's Old Chair
Aunt Patty's Legacy
Auntie Belle's Way
An Authoress's Heart
Avise's Story
An Awful Disenchantment
A Bachelor's Advice
A Bachelor's Romance
Back From the Dead
Badly "Sold"
The Baffled Renegade
A Ball-Room's Lesson
The Bank Clerk's Crime
The Bank Clerk
The Banker's Secret, A Life Sketch of the "Mound City"
The Bankrupt's Daughter; or, The Game That Did Not Win, An Episode of New York
The Bargains They Made
Base-Ball: "Chicago's Champions"
Base-Ball: Base-Ball Notes and Gossip
Base-Ball: Dead Ball vs. Lively Ball
Base-Ball: Lively vs. Dead Ball
Base-Ball: Model Games in September
Base-Ball: Notes and Gossip
Base-Ball: Notes of the Day
Base-Ball: Notes of the Day
Base-Ball: Notes of the Day
Base-Ball: Notes of the Week
Base-Ball: Notes of the Week
Base-Ball: Old-Time Games
Base-Ball: The Campaign in Progress
Base-Ball: The Campaign of 1877
Base-Ball: The Catching of 1877
Base-Ball: The Championship Campaign
Base-Ball: The Championship Campaign
Base-Ball: The Championship Record
Base-Ball: The Close of the League Season
Base-Ball: The Fielding of 1876
Base-Ball: The League Association
Base-Ball: The League Championship
Base-Ball: The League Championship
Base-Ball: The League Championship
Base-Ball: The League Championship Campaign
Base-Ball: The League Convention
Base-Ball: The League Nines of 1877
Base-Ball: The League Pennant Campaign
Base-Ball: The League Revolving Rule
Base-Ball: The Lessons of the League Campaign
Base-Ball: The May Campaign
Base-Ball: The New Rules
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena
Base-Ball: The Professional Arena, Suspicious Play
Base-Ball: The Professional Campaign
Base-Ball: The Professional Campaign
Base-Ball: The Professional Campaign
Base-Ball: The Professional Championship
Base-Ball: The Salaries of Professionals
Base-Ball: The United States Championship
Base-Ball: The United States Championship
Base-Ball: The Western Campaign
Base-Ball: West vs. East
The Battle-cry of Freedom, An Incident in the "March to the Sea"
The Bear and the Duelists, A True Story of Russian Life
A Beautiful Ghost
A Beautiful Icicle
Beautiful Miss Lill; or, Lost by a Sleigh Ride
Beautifying the Face
Beaver Tom's Victory, A Romance of the Border
Before All Things Else!
Before the Wedding-day, A Story of Old New York
Befriended by Death
Bel's Mistake
The Belle's Revenge
Ben Redford's Railroad
Beneath the Sea
Bertha's Mercy
Bertha's Night
Bertie's Tutor
Beside the Marshes
Bessie's May Basket
The Best of the Bargain
The Best Present of All
Better than Silk
Bettie's Preacher
Between Two Fires
Beware of the Dog!
Bianca's Champion
Bianca; or, The Scar On My Neck
Bianco; or, The Hermit's Story
Biddy's Great Temptation
Big Abe's Stratagem
A Big Blow-Up!
Big Steve
Bill Blodgett's Revenge
Bill Williams' Last Cache
Billy Buttons, The Snake-Catcher, A Yarn of Sandusky, Ohio, in the Olden Time
Billy McClellan's Bride
Biographies of Eminent Men: Socrates
The Biter Bitten
The Bitterest Cup of All
The Black Bean Sacrifice
The Black Eagle
The Black Lace Basque
Black Pete
The Black Shadow
The Black Spider, A Tale of the High Seas
Black Vein of Sombrerete
Black-mailed; or, The Wife's Foe
The Blacksnake Tragedy
Blanche and Lily, A Story of Hallow-e'en
Blanche Berwyn's Deceit
Blanche's Beauty
Blanche's Husband
The Blind Baroness, A Story of the Rhine
The Blind Ford, A Tale of the Kickapoo Raid
The Blind Little God
The Block-House Beauty, An Incident of the Settlement
Blood-red Rubies
Blue China
The Blue Grass Bellle
The Blue Poplin
Blue Satin Boots
The Blush Rosebud
A Boarding-House Idyl
A Boarding-House Pastoral, A Thanksgiving-Day Romance
Boating for a Bride
A Bold Game
Bookworm and Butterfly
Bootblack Ben, A Local Item of Baltimore
A Border Heroine
A Border Heroine
Border Queens; or Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Hurricane Hannah
Border Queens; or Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Nora, The Nemesis
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Calamity Kate
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Firefly, The Girl Trailer
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Geraldine, The Girl Sport
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Helen, The Huntress
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Mexican Mary
Border Queens; or, Heroines of Plaza and Plain: Wild Nellie, The Waif
Border Reminiscences: Davy Crockett at the Alamo
Border Reminiscences: A Fandango, and What Came of It
Border Reminiscences: A Life for a Life
Border Reminiscences: A Night in the Concho Hills
Border Reminiscences: A Night on the Blue Ridge
Border Reminiscences: A Race With Apaches
Border Reminiscences: Adam Poe's Great Fight
Border Reminiscences: Ambushing a Train
Border Reminiscences: Old Grizzly's Mustang Hunt
Border Reminiscences: Spoiling the "Blackfeet's" Fun
Border Tales: "Old Grizzly" Captures a Cougar
Border Tales: A Border Amazon
Border Tales: A Pioneer "Necessity"
Border Tales: A Woman's Fight With a Panther
Border Tales: A Woman's Heroism
Border Tales: How Old Grizzly Didn't Trap a Peccary
Border Tales: How the Horse-thief "foolished" Old Rube
Border Tales: Old Grizzly as a Diplomatist
Border Tales: Old Grizzly as a Married Man
Border Tales: Old Grizzly's Courtship
Border Tales: Saved By A Bear
Border Tales: The Death Grapple; or, How "Little" Harpe Met His Doom
Bought at Auction
Bought With a Price
Bound to Elope
Bound to the Track
Bowie and His Knife
A Boy from the Streets
The Boy Scout's Adventure
A Boy Snake-catcher
Boy's Hard Luck, A True Story of New York Life
The Boy-Trapper's Reward
The Boy-Witness
Boyhood of Alexander II
A Branch of Apple-buds
A Brave Deed
Brave Eulalie: A Story of To-Day
Brave Jessie, The Pioneer's Daughter
Brave Mary Bennett
A Brave Sailor's Stratagem
Bread on the Waters
The Bread Upon the Waters
Breakneck Ben
Brick House
Bridal Customs
The Bride's Dream
Brinkman's Hens
Broadcloth or Homespun?
The Broken Heart
A Broken Idol
Broken Idols
The Broken Ring
A Brother's Blood; or, Luke Darrell's Vengeance
A Brother's Crime
The Brother's Sacrifice
Brought to Her Senses
A Brush with "Roadmen"
The Buccaneer's Bride; or, The Scarlet Hand of the Gulf
Buck and the Horse-thief
Buck Harvey's Trap
Buck Rodman's "Tail Hold"
The Buffalo Country
A Buffalo Stampede; or, The Struggle for the Rock of Refuge
Bug-Hunting, A Reminiscence of Bob Kennicott
Butcher Bill; or, How Extremes Met and Parted
By Mutual Agreement
By, Baby, By
Cad's Correspondent
The Cadet's Love; or From West Point to the Big Horn
Calamity Jane, The Female Scout
"Calamity Jane," An Incident of Red Canyon
Callie's Devotion
Cameron's Wife
Camp-Fire Yarns: "B'iling" a Foe
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Bruin" Adams' Fight on the Cliff
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Old John's" Story
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Panther Creek"
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Separating" a War-Party
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Set-up" With by a Grizzly
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Tom Dickson's Boy"
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Tom Dickson's Boy's" Last Fight
Camp-Fire Yarns: "Treed" by a Flood
Camp-Fire Yarns: 'Lige Huseton's Gal
Camp-Fire Yarns: A Cast for a Life
Camp-Fire Yarns: A Close Acquaintance with Judge Lynch
Camp-Fire Yarns: A Cool Hand
Camp-Fire Yarns: A Duel in a Saw-pit
Camp-Fire Yarns: A Sioux Trick
Camp-Fire Yarns: An Escape from the Comanches, A True Incident
Camp-Fire Yarns: Aunt Nancy and the Shawnee Chief
Camp-Fire Yarns: Besieged by a "Buffler" Bull, A Prairie Reminiscence
Camp-Fire Yarns: Bill Grady's Friend
Camp-Fire Yarns: Bill Grady's Ghost
Camp-Fire Yarns: Dave Burton;s First "Buckskins"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Deaf Smith
Camp-Fire Yarns: Eph Hawkins and the Cougar
Camp-Fire Yarns: Fight with a Rattlesnake
Camp-Fire Yarns: From the Brink of the Fall
Camp-Fire Yarns: Getting rid of Grizzlies
Camp-Fire Yarns: Hawk Heron, An Adventure On The Plains
Camp-Fire Yarns: Herc Walker's 'Gander-Pullin'
Camp-Fire Yarns: How "Boots" Arnold Saved Old Joe
Camp-Fire Yarns: How "Bruin" Adams Saved the Post
Camp-Fire Yarns: How a Rat Saved Old Rube
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Hank Bullard "Played" Devil
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Ike Bundy "foolished" the Sioux
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Kit Carson Saved My Scalp
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Old Grizzly "Kem by Brownie"
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Old Rube "S'iled" his Buck-skins
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Rube and Billee "Slung" the Bufflers
Camp-Fire Yarns: How Uncle Jake and Aunt Sukey "Fetched the Painter"
Camp-Fire Yarns: How We Waxed The Apaches
Camp-Fire Yarns: How we Wiped out the Navajoes
Camp-Fire Yarns: In the Folds of a Boa
Camp-Fire Yarns: Indian Gratitude
Camp-Fire Yarns: Jim Dayton's "Dead-fall"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Lije Orton's Turkey-Hunt
Camp-Fire Yarns: Lost in the Perdinalles
Camp-Fire Yarns: Love among the Grizzlies
Camp-Fire Yarns: Ned Brady's Leap, A Tale of the Phantom Cliff
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Big Head's Escape
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Dave Arnold's Yarn
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Dave Burton and the Free-Booters
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Grizzly Adams and his "Painter"-Trap
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Grizzly Adams' "Nephey"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Grizzly's Fight for his Scalp
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Joe Logstone and the Grizzly
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Joe Logstone's Yarn
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Joe's "Squar' Feed"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Joe's Stratagem
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Kerg Bartlett and his "Fambly"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Old Rube and the Mad "Cat"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Pete's Buck-skin Patch
Camp-Fire Yarns: Rube's "White Hoss uv the Perairys"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Saved by a Rattlesnake, A Trapper's Story
Camp-Fire Yarns: Striking a Rich "Lead"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Stuck Between Stumps, A Backwoodsman's Adventure
Camp-Fire Yarns: The "Greaser Gall's" Warning
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Buffalo Decoy: An Odd Incident of the Prairies
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Chased Corpse, A Tale of the Cross-Timbers
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Death Shot
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Fight at San Jose Mission
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Flat-Boat Pirates, An Episode of Mississippi Life
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Knight of the Knife
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Midnight Fire
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Panther's Spring
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Secret Mission
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Sword of Fire
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Way the "Boys" got their Dinner
Camp-Fire Yarns: The Wild Man of the Mimbres
Camp-Fire Yarns: Treed by a "She-b'ar"
Camp-Fire Yarns: Uncle Ned's Fire-Hunt
Camp-Fire Yarns: Up in the Air, A Squatter's Adventure
Camp-Fire Yarns: Young "Bruin's" B'ar Fight
Camp-Fire Yarns: Zeb Stump's Stratagem, A Tough Yarn of an Old Texan Hunter
A Camp-Meeting Conversion
The Canon Fight
Capt. "Bruin" Adams
Capt. Kidd's Treasure; or, The Guest's Dream
Capt. Mayne Reid
Captain Arnott's Flirtation
Captain Ben's Sweetheart
Captain King
Captain Saul's Victory
Captive of the Convent
Capturing a Camp
The Caribou; or, "Barren Ground Reindeer"
Carmela, A Cuban Heroine
A Carpet Knight
The Case of Blaine Dolmer
Cassandra's Portrait
The Castaway's Oath
Caught In a Blizzard
Caught in Silken Toils
The Cave Secret, A Legend of King's Mountain
The Cayman of Carribee
Cecil's Fate
Cecile's Choice
Cecile's Sandal-wood Fan
Cecile's Two New Years'
The Cedarmere Archery Club
Celia's Misfortune
Centennial Stories: "If You Dare!" An Incident of the Evacuation of Boston
Centennial Stories: "Supper For Ten," A Story of the Revolution
Centennial Stories: A Yankee Enterprise
Centennial Stories: An Amazon's Reception, An Incident of 1779
Centennial Stories: Balfour's Prisoner, A Tale of Charleston in 1781
Centennial Stories: Chestnut
Centennial Stories: Lot Merrill's Exploit
Centennial Stories: The Hidden Continental
Centennial Stories: The Last of the Swallow
Centennial Stories: The Silver Bullet
Centennial Stories: The Voice in the Night
Centennial Stories: Van Dyck's Ward
A Centennial Tea-Party
A Chance Meeting, And What Came Of It
A Chance Shot
A Change of Programme
A Chapter on Perfumes
Charc's 'Sperience
Charc's 'Sperience, A Humorous Sketch
Charley's Fortune
Charley's Slippers
A Chase of Gray Wolves
Chased by Liquid Fire, An Incident of Woman's Heroism
The Chatham Street Mystery
Cheating Destiny
Cheyenne Charley
The Chief's Pledge
A Child Did It! A New Year's Day Episode
A Child's Work
A Chinese Juggler
Choose The Right Day
Choosing a Husband
Choosing and Losing
The Chouan
Chris Bunker's Wedding
Christie's Bravery
Christine's Stylish Lover
A Christmas in Cathay; or, How Our Dinner Was Spoiled
Christmas on a Whale's Back
A Christmas Present
City Life Sketches: Aimee La Vaigne, The Conntess
City Life Sketches: Annie Fanshaw, The Blonde Beauty
City Life Sketches: Beppo, The Organ-Grinder
City Life Sketches: Bob the Bootblack
City Life Sketches: Clayton Bell, The Bank Clerk
City Life Sketches: Harvey Burton, The Merchant Detective
City Life Sketches: Hilda, The Rose-Girl
City Life Sketches: Ida Scott, The Lady Clerk
City Life Sketches: Jimmy, The Tramp
City Life Sketches: Kate Allen, The Female Pickpocket
City Life Sketches: Kitty, The Orange-Girl
City Life Sketches: Lena, The Street Singer
City Life Sketches: Lillian, The Flower-Girl
City Life Sketches: Lucy, The Strawberry-Girl
City Life Sketches: Lulu, The Actress
City Life Sketches: Mort, The Rag-Picker
City Life Sketches: Nellie, Child of the Tenement
City Life Sketches: Nick Burt, The Detective
City Life Sketches: Old Joe, The Licensed Vendor
City Life Sketches: Red-Cap, The Soldier Messenger
City Life Sketches: Rosa, The Milliner-Girl
City Life Sketches: Tom, The "Cracksman;" or, Interviewed by a Burglar
Clairvoyance, A Peculiar Adventure in New York
Clara's Love Story
Clarence Cressinton's Shirts
Claude Duval of America; or, The Prince of the Road-Agents
Claude Steele's Scheme: A Story of the Burned City
Claudia Merle's Vow
Cliff Russell's Success
A Close Shave
Clyde Clifford's Azaleas
Co-education of the Sexes
A Coal Miner's Story
Coals of Fire, A Montana Love Story
The Coffined Detective, A Railroad Mystery
The Colonel's Spur
The Colonel's Story
A Comical Cap
Common Way of It
A Complete Success
The Condor's Manifest
Congenial Spirits, A Story of the Days before Photographs Abounded
A Conquest by Strategy
Constance's Temptation
The Contrabandista, A True Adventure on the Spanish Coast
The Convict's Scheme
A Coquette's Lesson
The Coquette's Victim
Cora Chester's Geni, A Receipt for Ugly Girls
Cora's Blue Dress
Cora's Failure
Cora's Ideal
Cora's Revengeful Lover
Cora's Wedding Journey
The Coral Brooch
The Coral Heart, A Story of the Sea
The Coral Prince, A Story of Indian Seas
The Coral Ring
The Coral Star
Coral's Rich Lover
The Coral-Snake
Corraling the Wrong Game
"Corrilled" by Savages
Corsairs of History: Captain Robert Kidd
Corsairs of History: Lafitte, The "Pirate of the Gulf"
Corsairs of History: Morgan, The Freebooter
A Cossack of the Don, A Sketch of the Turko-Russian War
Cost of an Angry Word
A Costly Whim
A Country Girl’s Experience
Courting by Contraries
Courting by Proxy
Courtship and Marriage Made Easy
Cousin Robert From Paris
A Cousin's Crime, A Story of the Floating Skeleton of the Mississippi
The Cousin's Plot
The Coxswain's Pet
Crawling for a Comanche; or, Stopping a Stampede
Crazy Horse's Squaw-Gift
A Crazy Whale
The Creole Renegade
Cresswell's Blood
A Crime That Didn't Pay
The Crimson Cross
The Crimson Mask
The Crone Foiled, A Story of the South
Cross and Crown
The Cruise of the Firefly
The Crusader's Bride
Crystal's Love
A Culinary Wife
A Cunning Ruse
A Cup of Coffee
Cupid and House-Cleaning
Cupid at a Farm-house
Cupid at the Rink
Cured by Wolves
Cured of Coquetry
Curious Superstitions
Curious Wills
Cut Out, A Tale of Love and the Sea
The Dacre Diamonds
Daisy May's Love Story
Daisy's Little Mistake
Daisy's Selfishness
Dakota Dan's "Jumper" Dodge
A Damsel in Distress
Dan Ramble's Contest
Dandy Jim
A Dangerous Experiment
A Dangerous Game
Daphne's Thanksgiving
A Daring Deed
A Daring Exploit
The Dark Lady of Dundee, A Scottish Legend
Darrel's Reward
The Daughter Avenger, A Tale of Sonora
Davenport's Mistake
David and Goliah
David Herrick's Ruse
David Hunter's Valentine
A Day at Miller's Bayou, A Fishing Trip in Louisiana
A Day at Woodcocking
Days of Darkness
De Gama's Revenge
The Deacon's Wooing
The Dead Alive
The Dead Man's Proof
A Dead Man's Story
The Dead Traveler
Dead-Man's Falls
Deadbeat Bill; or, Judge Lynch's Court in Session
Deaf as a Post
Dear Little Crosses
The Death Leap
The Death Ship
The Death Shot; or, The Midnight Duel
The Death Struggle, A Legend of Hunter's Cove
Death's Victory
The Death-Bell
The Death-Rift Adventure
Deb, A Story Told In A Smoking-Car
A Decided Mistake
Deep Sea Yanrs: The Discarded Sailor [Spun on the Quarter-Deck]
Deep Sea Yarns: Bianca, The Cabin-Boy [Spun By The Cabin-Boy]
Deep Sea Yarns: Catching A Sea-Tartar [Spun By The Cook]
Deep Sea Yarns: Don Diablo [Spun In The Forecastle]
Deep Sea Yarns: Ferd Fenton's Fortune [Spun On A Steamer]
Deep Sea Yarns: Love Versus Patriotism [Spun By The Captain]
Deep Sea Yarns: Running The Blockade [Spun By The Engineer]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Angel of the Isle [Spun By The Ensign]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Buccaneer Lover [Spun On Shore]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Captain's Guest [Spun By The Coxswain]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Commodore's Yarn [Spun On The Flag-Ship]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Death Crew [Spun By The Quartermaster]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Death-Beacon [Spun In a Gale]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Fatal Shot [Spun By The Gunner]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Haunted Light-House [Spun On A Fishing-Smack]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Hornet Mutineers [Spun By The Boatswain]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Lost Bride [Spun By The Admiral]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Maniac Mariners [Spun By The Sailing-Master]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Mexican Privateer [Spun By The Lieut.-Commander]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Mysterious Pilot [Spun By The Pilot]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Nun of St. Ursuline [Spun By The Commodore]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Patriot's Bride [Spun In A Chase]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Pirate's Friend [Spun Aloft]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Pirate's Protege [Spun By The Surgeon]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Pirate's Protege [Spun On The Mississippi]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Priest's Sacrifice [Spun By The Master]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Rival Middies [Spun By The Midshipman]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Romance of a Locket [Spun By The Executive Officer]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Rover's Confession [Spun By The Chaplain]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Sailor's Bride [Spun By An Old Salt]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Silver Cup [Spun By The Lieutenant]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Storm-Phantom [Spun By The Pilot]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Treasure Wreck [Spun By The Paymaster]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Wreck of the Dolores [Spun By The Second "Luff"]
Deep Sea Yarns: The Yachtsman's Bride [Spun On A Yacht]
The Deer-Hunt
The Delaware Outlaws
The Delayed Pension
Delivered from Evil
Dell's Masquerade
The Dellorme Estate
The Demon of the Cliff
The Demon of the Cliffs
A Desperate Measure
The Destruction of the Giaour, An Episode of the Torpedo Service
The Detective's Ruse
The Detective's Story
The Detective's Wife
A Devil Tree
Devil-Fishing, A Thrilling Adventure
The Diamond Cross
Diamond Cut Diamond
Diamond Hunting
Diamonds or Hearts?
Dick Larkin's Yarn
Dick's Stinginess
Dick's Ward
Dictionary Nat's Nerve
Did He Deserve Either
Did He Do Right?
Did He Murder Him?
Did she Change her Mind?
Did She Do Right?
Dillaye's Secret
A Diplomatic Failure
Dismal Dirke
Disposing of a Rival
A Dive for Life, An Episode of the Sea
The Diver's Peril
Doctor Fritz
Doctor Wood's Patient
The Doctor's May Basket
Doctor's Patient, A Story of the Crescent City
The Doctor's Story
"Doin' Their Dooty"
Dolly, The Romance of a Practical Life
Dolores's Secret
A Domestic Difficulty
The Dominie's First Duck Hunt
The Don's Ward; or, Ignacio's Scheme
The Doomed Settler, An Episode of the Kansas War
Dora's Mother-in-law
Dora, the Seamstress
The Double Escape
A Double Mistake
A Double Sensation
A Double Strike
Dr. Hartley's Mistake
Dr. Sydney St. John
Drawing Lots, A Recollection
Drifting Apart
The Drugged Draught
Dry Land Fishes
The Dual Specters
The Dug-Out Gang: An Exciting Adventure in the Life of "Buffalo Bill"
Duke's Expectations
The Dustdown Diamonds
The Dwarf Defender; or, The Masked Unknown
The Dwarf's Warning, A Story of Ancient Mexico
The Eagle Slayer
Earning a Wife
An Earthquake's Donation
The East Wind
Easter Lilies
The Ebon Casket
Edith's Salvation
Edna's Love Story
Edna's Opal Set
Educating a Wife
The Eleventh Hour
Elfie, the Witch; or, The Wrecker's Secret
The Elizabeth and Jane
The Elk King, A Wild Story of Maine
Ellice's Thanksgiving
Elomantha's Promise
Elroy Chase's "Man", A Story of Baltimore
Elsie's Christmas Present
The Emerald Necklace
The Empty Ring
The Enamel Locket
The End of "Old Bush"
The End of Her Dream
Endurance of Mustangs: John C. Fremont's Great Ride of Eight Hundred Miles in Eight Days
An Engineer's Story
Eph Mulat
An Episode from Life
The Episode of a Night
Erme's Fortune
Erring, But True
Esplanade of the City of Palaces
The Esquimau Dog
Esta's Message
Estelle's Wedding Present
Ethel's Blunder
Ethelind's Hate
Ethelynde's Trade
Ethiopian Ethics: "In the Last Days, Perilous Times Shall Come"
Ethiopian Ethics: "Servants, Obey Your Masters"
Eunice, An Idyl of the Sea
Europe seen through American Eyes: A Ramble in South London
Europe seen through American Eyes: An Evening in Berne
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Home Life in Paris
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Jottings Up the Rhine
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Life at a German Spa
Europe Seen through American Eyes: London by Night
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Paris by Night
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Parliament at Night
Europe seen through American Eyes: Saturday Afternoon at St. James
Europe Seen through American Eyes: Sunday in Paris
Europe Seen through American Eyes: The Elite at Hyde Park
Eva and Iva
Evelyn's Harvest
Even unto Death
Exorcizing a Ghost
An Expensive Jest
An Expensive Lesson
Extraordinary Animals
The Face Beneath the Pillow
The Face in the Glass, A Vision of Halloween
The Fair Conspirators
The Fair Defenders
A Fair Fiend
Fair Means, or Foul?
Fairy Stories: Margaret and the Silver Bell
Fairy Stories: Patchkin's Gold
The Fairy's House for Christmas, A Children's Treat
Fairy's Maniac Lover
Fallen Tree, the Cherokee
False and True
The Family at Song Hollow, A Story Told
The Fandango Prize
Fannie's Scheme
Farmer Brown's Happy New Year
Farron's Leap
Fashions in Finger Rings, Gems that are Desired in Settings and Those that have had no Sale Lately
Fasting and Feasting
The Fatal Cigar, A Story of a New Year's Eve
The Fatal Dispatch
The Fatal Marriage
The Fatal Mistake: A Sketch of City Life
The Fatal Night, An Episode of a Georgia Ball-Room
The Fatal Test
The Fatal Witness
The Fateful Opal! A Story of One St. Valentine's Day
A Fateful Passion
A Father's Choice
The Father's Sacrifice
A Father's Wrath, A Story of Thanksgiving at Farmlands
The Favorite of Fortune, An Episode of Crescent City Life
The Fayre Ladye of Lambeth, A Story of England in the Days of Charles II
A Fearful Alternative
A Fearful Revenge
Fearfully Foiled
The Felon's Wife; or, The Siren's Secret
The Fickle Heart; or, John Fairfax's Romance
Fiddling For a Wife, An Amusing Episode of the Backwoods
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Field Sports and Pastimes: Miniature Yachting
Field Sports and Pastimes: The Red Stocking Record
A Fiery Ordeal
The Fight at the Hermitage
A Fight in the Dark
Fighting With Fire
Fighting With Himself
The Finger-ring and the Ring-finger
A First of April Letter
A First of May Romance
A First of May Romance
A First Wife's Vengeance
Fish That Groan and Cry
Fishing on the Loup
Five Hundred Dollars
Five Minutes of a Life
The Flame-Gantlet
A Flash of Lightning
Flora's Folly; or, "The Lass Who Loved a Sailor"
Florence's Reward
Floy's Hero
Flying from Fate
Folk Lore and Queer Beliefs
The Font of Life
The Footprint in the Snow
For Another Woman
For Duty's Sake
For Liberty and Love
For Life or Death
For Love of Him
For Ten Dollars
Fordyce's Proposal
Forecastle Yarns: A Duel On The Ice
Forecastle Yarns: A Duel with Harpoons
Forecastle Yarns: A Hungry Tar
Forecastle Yarns: A Life For A Blow
Forecastle Yarns: A Race for a Whale
Forecastle Yarns: A South Sea Island Welcome
Forecastle Yarns: Among the Cannibals
Forecastle Yarns: Bill Arden's Vengeance
Forecastle Yarns: Capturing a Mandarin
Forecastle Yarns: Jim Bagley's Ghost
Forecastle Yarns: On the Floe
Forecastle Yarns: Prince Mongo's Vengeance
Forecastle Yarns: Running the Gantlet
Forecastle Yarns: The Cabin-Boy's Gratitude
Forecastle Yarns: The Death Ship
Forecastle Yarns: The Forecastle-Man's Revenge
Forecastle Yarns: The Harpooner's Death
Forecastle Yarns: The Harpooner's Prophecy
Forecastle Yarns: The High-Caste's Vengeance
Forecastle Yarns: The Infected Captain
Forecastle Yarns: The Island Sirens
Forecastle Yarns: The Kidnapper's Doom
Forecastle Yarns: The Mad Harpooner
Forecastle Yarns: The Mad Skipper
Forecastle Yarns: The Maid of the Lagune
Forecastle Yarns: The Mast-Head Tragedy
Forecastle Yarns: The White Shark
Forecastle Yarns: The Wrong Man
Forecastle Yarns: Under the Upas
Forecastle Yarns: Yaller Jack's Yarn
The Forest Tragedy
The Forged Letter; or, Not a Moment too Soon
A Fortunate Accident
A Fortunate Glance
A Fortunate Shot
Foul Play
Found Afloat
Found and Lost; or, Lola, The Apache Queen
Found Dead
Found on the Plains, A Hunter's Adventure
Found Wanting
The Fountain's Voice
Four Lost Years
Four Wild Boys
The Fourth at Inlands
Frank's Pigeons, And How They Flew For The Family
The Frankfort Belle, An Episode of the Kentucky Courts
Fred's Blunder
Fred's Valentine
Fred's Wife
Friend or Foe, A Revolutionary Reminiscence
Frontier Desperadoes: Curley
Frozen In, A Mate's Story
Fur, Fin and Feather: "Jugging for Cat"
Fur, Fin and Feather: "The Boot of Tantalus"
Fur, Fin and Feather: A Day Among the Grouse
Fur, Fin and Feather: A Good Day's Work
Fur, Fin and Feather: A Queer Adventure
Fur, Fin and Feather: A Turkey-Hunt on Horseback
Fur, Fin and Feather: Summer and Winter Fishing
Fur, Fin and Feather: The Other Side
Fur, Fin and Feather: Traps and Tapping
Fur, Fin and Feather: Wild Pig Shooting
G. T.
A Gallop for Life, An Adventure on the Plains
The Gambler's Fate
The Game at Fair Play
A Game for Life or Death
A Game of Cards
A Game of Croquet
A Game Two Can Play
Ganelon's Rescue
The Garnet Locket; or, Helen's New Year
Gay Gomez's Wager, A Legend of Old Spain
Gay Walters' Masquerading
The General's Ward
Genevieve's Wish
A Gentle Savage
Gentleman or Thief?
George Gaston's Pluck, A Boy's Adventure
George Herbert's Thanksgiving Day
Georgie's Garnet
Georgie’s Romance
Geraldine's Husband
Geranium Leaves
Germaine's Destiny
Gertrude's Contretemps
Getting the Start of Him
A Ghost at the Wedding
A Ghost for a Bride
The Ghost of Blue Canyon; or, Jack Bowen's Crack Shot
The Gift She Kept
The Gipsy Bride, A Tale from a Minnesota Inn
The Gipsy Wife; or, Through the Fire
The Gipsy's Curse
The Gipsy. His Life, Habits, and Influence of Nations
The Girl Burglar Captors
A Girl in the Case, A Story of Weymouth County
The Girl Mutineer
The Girl Pilot; or, The Smugglers of the Isle
The Girl With the Golden Heart
A Girl's Faith
A Girl's Freak; or, How Cherry Tested Her Theory
A Girl's Peril, The Story of a Flood
A Girl's Sacrifice
A Girl's Strength
A Girl's Work
Given a Chance
Glad to Get Home
Glen Allen's Christmas
A Glorious Fourth
The Goblin Knight
Gold or Dross?
Golden Wealth, A Story of a Woman's Sacrifice
A Good Ghost
A Good Investment
Good-for-nothing Ruth
The Goose Flight, A Tale of Fall Shooting
Grace Hadley's Decision
Grace Lorraine's Wooing
Gracie's Ghost
Grandfather's Money
Grandma's Way
The Grave by the River
The Greasers of Guyamas, A Tale Told in the Middle Watch
Great Adventurers: Amerigo Vespucci, The Navigator Whose Name We Bear
Great Adventurers: Arctic Explorers, Searchers for a North-west Passage and for the North Pole
Great Adventurers: Columbus, Discoverer of the New World
Great Adventurers: Cortez, The Conqueror of Mexico
Great Adventurers: De Soto, Discoverer of the Mississippi
Great Adventurers: Henry Hudson, The Explorer of the Hudson
Great Adventurers: James Cook, The First Sailor of his Age
Great Adventurers: John Smith, The Founder of Virginia
Great Adventurers: John Smith, The Prince of Adventurers
Great Adventurers: Pizarro, The Conqueror of Peru
Great Adventurers: Sir Walter Raleigh, Soldier, Courtier, Statesman and Adventurer
Great Adventurers: The Cabots, The Discoverers of North America
Great Adventurers: The Norsemen, The Old Sea-Kings and "Vineland"
Great Captains: Blake, "The Father of the English Navy"
Great Captains: Blucher, 'Marshal Forward'
Great Captains: Bolivar, The Liberator of Colombia
Great Captains: Boscawen, The Admiral who Always was Ready
Great Captains: Bruce, The Deliverer of Scotland
Great Captains: Charles XII, The Alexander of the North
Great Captains: Drake, The Knighted Buccaneer
Great Captains: Frederick the Great, "Father Fritz," The Founder of Prussian Glory
Great Captains: Horatio Nelson, The Victor of the Nile and Trafalgar
Great Captains: Ney, "Bravest of the Brave"
Great Captains: Peter the Great, "Emperor of all the Russians and Father of His Country"
Great Captains: Rodney, "Old Safe and Sure"
Great Captains: Sir William Wallace, The Liberator of Scotland
Great Captains: The Iron Duke, The Conqueror of Napoleon
A Great Mistake
A Great Revelation, Some Valuable Thoughts Concerning Human Happiness and Timely Suggestions About Securing it
Greater Love Than a Brother's
Grizzly Jake, the "Terror"
The Guard Above the Heart
The Guard Over the Wedding-Ring
The Gun
Gus Walton's Test
Gussie's Happy Escape
Gussie's Repentance
Guy Smythe, The Reporter
Hair-Dyeing Extraordinary
Hakim Abdallah
Hal Wilmot's Disenchantment
Half a Yard of Alpaca
The Half-Breed's Heroism
Hands Up!
"Handsome Harry"
Hannah's Work
The Happiest Christmas
A Hard-Won Wife. A Sea Episode.
Harry's City Wife
Hattie's Arab
Hattie's New Year's Party
Haunted; or, Old Hilarity's Last Trail
The Havoc She Wrought
The Hay-Loft Guest
Healing a Heart
Heart Before Hand
A Heart of Gold
The Heart of the Rose
A Heart Unvailed
A Heart Wrecked
A Heartless Woman
Helen's May-Basket; or, The Moss-Agate Button
Helen's Secret
Helen's Wedding Present
A Helpmeet in Spite of Him
Her Bridal Day
Her Brief Idyl
Her Choice
Her Country Cousin
Her Crusty Old Bachelor
Her Danger?
Her Easter Bonnet
Her Fairy Tale
Her Grand Success
Her Great Success
Her Hero
Her Husband's Friend
Her Little Mistake
Her Long Branch Trip
Her New Year's Call
Her Only Chance
Her Prophecy
Her Reward
Her Summer Boarder
Her Woman's Privilege
Her Woman's Wit
Her Wrong-Doing
A Hero at Last
Heroes in Homespun
Heroes of History: Captain Cook, the Great Navigator
Heroes of History: Edward, the Black Prince, and the Battle of Cressy
Heroes of History: Mehemet Ali, Regenerator of Egypt
Hetty's Lovers
The Hidden Foe; or, The Tables Turned
The Hidden Letter. A Louisiana Story, Founded on Fact
The Hidden Treasure, A Strange Story of the Aztee Country
The Hidden Treasure
High Stakes, A Story of Southern Life
Hints on Singing
His Disenchantment
His First Job
His Fortune
His Friendliness
His Godmother
His Just Deserts
His Luck
His Mother's Maid
His Only Chance
His Own Fate
His Promise
His Punishment
His Satanic Majesty
His Station In Life
His Story
His Two Loves
His Wife's Enemy
The History of an Accident
History of the Hoop, Genealogy of an Important Article of Female Dress
A Hollow Mockery
The Hollow Tomahawk Handles
Holly Wilde's Master
Home of the Vendetta
The Homesteader's Daughter
The Homesteader's Wife
Honest and True; or, Which Pays The Best?
An Honest Man, A Story of an Election Day
An Hour of Agony; or, The Rejected Lover's Vow
An Hour's Masquerade
How a Love-Dream Ended
How a Man Takes Care of a Baby
How Bob Got Even
How Bob Won His Wife, An Authentic Ghost-Story
How Charlie Proposed
How Death Won
How Ethelyn Was Outgeneraled
How Fate Settled It
How He Came to Marry Her
How He Came to Propose
How He Forced the "Yes"
How He Found Her
How He Made His "Pile"
How He Married For Money
How he was Checkmated
How He Was Cured
How He Was Won
How He Won a Wife
How He Won Her
How I Got to Denver
How it Came Home to Her
How it Came Home To Her
How it Ended
How It Was Decided
How Jack Won a Wife, The Romance of a Sleigh-Ride
How Joaquin Died
How Joaquin Paid His Debts
How Joaquin Won His Bride
How Little Coyote Won
How Little Hannah Saved the Farm
How Near She Came
How Near She Came by An Active Detective
How Percival Won His Sports
How Roxy Celebrated the Fourth
How She Came to Have Him
How She Caught the Burglar
How She Conquered
How She Didn't Succeed
How She Humiliated Him
How She Kept Her Word
How She Lost Her Lover
How She Made Her Fortune
How She Proposed
How She Proposed; or, What Came of a Leap Year Party
How She Thwarted Them
How She Waited
How She Was Conquered
How She Went Home, A Christmas Story
How She Went Summering
How She Went to Newport
How She Willed It
How She Won Her
How Si Slocum Won His Vessel
How the Burglars were Taken
How the Girls Had Their Revenge
How the Mate Won a Wife, A Sea Sketch
How the Train Was Saved, The Story of a Dark Night's Work
How Their Happiness Came
How they Fooled Old Billy
How They Went Home
How to Become a "Crack" Shot
How to Shoot: Answers to Queries
How to Shoot; or, Early Lessons in Rifle Practice
How Two Women Waited
Hoyden Letty
The Huguenot Captain, A Romance of France in the Olden Time
The Human Hair
A Hundred Thousand Dollars
Hung by Mistake
The Hunted Heiress
The Hunted Heroine; or, The Hawks of the Valley
The Hunter's Peril
Hunting in the Swamp: My First Bear
Hunting Rattlesnakes
Hunting the Swordfish
Hunting the Wildcat
A Husband's Wrong
Ianthe's Riches
Ida Searle's Fortune
Ida's Wedding-Dress
Idiot Tom
An Idyl of the Sea
The Imprisoned Bride, A Christmas Tragedy
In a Bin
In a Moment of Passion
In a Panther's Den
In a Thousand Worlds
In a Tight Box
In a Tight Place, A Tale of the Old Santa Fe Trail
In Love with a Photograph
In Spite of Himself
In Spite of Himself
In the Cyclone
In the Ebony Shaft
In the Stocks, A Camp-Fire Yarn
The Indian Bride
Indian Honor
Indian Scouts
The Indian Vendetta
Inez Gonzalez
Inez's Story
Initiating a "Greenhorn"
Innuit Life
Instead of Dressmaking
Into the Whirlpool, A Story of Two Lives
Invisible Inhabitants of the Air
Irel Green's Ivy
Irene's Idyl
Iris Clifton's Pearls
Irish Norah; or, The Price of a Wife
The Iron-bound Chest
The Island Girl's Story
The Island Nymph, A Society Island Adventure
Isoline, A Venetian Tale
It Might Have Been
Iva's Bridegroom
Jack Alden's Widow
Jack Brand's Bridal
Jack Corbin's Adventure
Jack Hays's Famous Charge
Jack Rambler, The Boy Marksman
Jack Renshaw's Probation
Jack Winthrop's Boast
Jamie's Wife
Janie's Robber
Jealous Lucy
A Jealous Woman's Work
The Jealousy-Cure
Jean Howard's Temptation
Jennie Horton's Country Lover
Jennie's Ring
Jesse Black, With a Pack on his Back
Jessie Burke's Warning, A New Year's Eve Illusion
Jessie's Test
Jim Smith's Will
Joaquin's Gratitude
Jocelyne's Engagements
Joe Billikens, A Reminiscence of West Virginia
Joe Bludyer's Last Fight, A Story of the Plains
Joel Canby's Hate, A Story of "Old Kaintuck"
John Chinaman's "Find," A True Incident
John Laverton's Two Loves
John Miner's Money, The Story of a Miser's Gold
John Morgan's Legacy
John Smith's Passengers
John Ward's Housekeeping
John's Christmas
Johnnie Armstrong; or, The King of the Moss-Troopers, A Romance of the Scottish Border
Johnny Hatch; or, The Boy Detective "Jugged"
Josiah's Elopement
Josiah's Serenade
Josie's Jealousy
The Joy of His Life
Judge Not
The Jumper; or, Impromptu Sleigh-Rides in the West
A June Idyl
Just in Time
Just in Time
Just in Time, A Woman's Adventure
A Just Retribution
Just Saved, A Story of a Woman's Hate
Just to Please Grandpa!
Justice or Injustice?
The Kanaka's Forgiveness
A Kanaka's Vengeance
Katie's Lover
A Kentucky Elopement
The Key of the Convent
King Cophetua
The King Grizzly; or, Molly Payson's Victory
The King's Dwarf
A Kiss in the Dark
Kit Carson's Sagacity; And How he Averted a Massacre
Kitty's Entanglement
Kitty's Night-Watch
The Knight of Chiswick
The Knight's Peril
The Krooman's Vengeance
La Coterie Carnival
La Princesse, A Story for the Holidays
The Lace Parasol
Lady Cecil's Betrothal
Lady Elinore's Champion, An Old English Tale
The Lady of Lyons
The Lady of the Tower
A Lady-Killer
The Lakeman's Fate
The Lancer Colonel
Lasso-Bound; or, A Narrow Escape From a Rope Coil
The Last Chance Well
The Last Cruise
Laura's Thanksgiving
Laurel's Last Escapade
The Lawful Wife
A Lawyer's Interested Advice
Lazy Jim, The Hero of the Arkansas
Learning to Skate
Leaves From a Lawyer's Life
The Legend of St. Asaph's
Legend of the Lakes: The Hermit's Isle of Lake Ontario
Legends of the Lakes: Olph, the Smuggler of Ontario
Legends of the Lakes: The Bride of the Mormon Smuggler
Legends of the Lakes: The Haunted Light-house of Lake Erie
Legends of the Lakes: The Middy's Indian Bride
Legends of the Lakes: The Phantom Schooner of Lake Superior
Legends of the Lakes: The Pirate of Mackinaw
Legends of the Lakes: The Queen of the Storm
Legends of the Lakes: The Specter of the Rapids
Legends of the Lakes: The Treasure Island of Lake Huron
Leonard's "Amen!"
Lesley's Little Plan
The Lesson He Learned
The Lesson She Learned
Lester's Love
Lettie Ridgeway's Romance
The Lettre de Cachet
Letty's Lovers
Lieutenant Gordon Pitt
A Life Lesson
A Life Redeemed
The Life-Hunter
Lights in Nature
Like Cures Like
Lilac's Husband
Lilian's Husband
Lilian's Loss
Lillian's Lace Vail
A Lily of the Fields
Linda's Discovery
The Line of Death, A California Sketch
Linnie's Wisdom
A Little Dressmaker's First of April
A Little Episode
Little Fleeta's Thanksgiving
A Little Game
The Little Gold Cross
The Little Gold Key
The Little Greaser
Little Jane, A Tale of the Old Columbia Trail
Little Johnny Clam, The Drummer-Boy of Chicamauga
Little Lightning, The Boy Robber
Little Lilian's Venture
Little Mavourneen
Little Mischief
Little Old Lady
A Little Piece of Strategy
Little Queen Bess
A Little Romance
A Little Savage
The Little Schoolma'am
Little Texas; or, Led Astray, A Cowardly Compromise
The Little White Flower
Lizzie's Reward
Lizzie's Sacrifice
A Long Lesson
The Longest Way Round
Looking Back
Losanimas Joe Strikes a Balance
Losanimas Joe's Adventure
Losing a Bride
Loss and Gain
The Loss of the Medora
Lost and Won
Lost and Won, A Sea Sketch
The Lost Child, A Sea Sketch
Lost in the Sand-Hills
Lost Love
The Lost Lover, A Tale of the North and South
The Lost Lovers, A Sea Sketch
The Lost Mine
The Lost Ring
Lost Rosalie
The Lost Scalp
The Lottery of Death
Lou Burton's Bonnet
Louie's Story
The Love a Woman Bears
Love Against Lucre
Love and Dietetics
Love and Law
Love and Leap-Year
Love and Sea-Lions
Love in a Hood
Love in the Farm-house
The Love of a Desperado
Love or Duty? or, Bertha Irving's Decision
A Love Story
The Love Test. A Tale of a Heart too Sorely Tried
Love Through Tears
Love vs. a Rain Storm
Love's Compensations
Love's Maneuver
Love's Might
Love's Ruse
Love's Sacrifice
Love's Stratagem
Love's Sweet Revenge
Love, the Glorifier
A Love-affair
The Lover Fiend
The Lover's Escape
The Lover's Intrigue; or, The Spaewife's Prophecy
The Lover's Parting; or, Saved From Death
The Lover's Sacrifice
A Lover's Trial; or, Winning A Bride
The Loyal Dwarf, A Story of Cromwellian Days
A Loyal Heart
Loyal unto Death
Lu's Masquerade
Lucia, A Story of New Orleans
Lucky for Somebody
Lucky Joe's Big Diamond
Lucky Lucy
A Lucky Shot
A Lucky Sneeze
A Lucky Strike
A Lucky Wind, An African Coast Adventure
Lynching a Mail Robber
Mabel's Brigand
Mabel's Match
Mac's Bride
The Macaroni Man, A Story of the Hard Times
A Mad Adventure
Mad Agnes' Warning
The Mad Baker, An Episode of the Great London Fire
The Mad Chief
The Mad Guide
The Mad Lover
The Mad Mate
Mad or Not?
The Mad Pilot, The Story of a Girl's Heroism
The Mad Puritan, An Incident of the Seventeenth Century
The Mad Rivals
The Mad Skater
A Mad-Cap
Madam Mobcap
Madeline's Plot
Madge's Fate
A Madman at the Wheel
Maggie's Lover
Maggie's Shop
The Main Truck, A Sailor's Story
Major Bunker's First Horse Race
The Making of Him
The Man From New Mexico
The Man in the Gray Room
A Man of Genius
A Man of Mars
The Man with a Mania
A Man's Art
A Man's Blunder
A Man's Forgiveness
A Man's Method
A Man's Obstinacy
A Man's Perfidy
A Man's Revenge
A Man's Way
A Man's Work
Managing a Widower
The Maniac Captain, A Tale of the Pacific
The Maniac Duelist, A Story of the New Hampshire Woods
The Maniac Wife
Marco's Jaguar, A Story of the Bolivian Andes
Margaret and Her Friends
Margaret's Thanksgiving
Marian's Situation
Mark Dane's Hate
Mark Vicker's Oath; or, The Young Scout's Love and Revenge
Mark's Choice
Markhead's Last Shot
A Marriage Ceremony, A St. Valentine's Freak
A Marriage Notice
Married To Order
Marrying On Time
The Mask Unmasked, A Hint to Young Men
The Masked Bridegroom; or, Married by Force
The Massacre at Tein-t-sin
Master or Man?
A Match For Him
The Mate's Sacrifice
Maud's Ambition
Maud's Easter Lilies
Maud's Secret
Maximilian's Spy
May's Engagement Ring
A May-Basket
McPherson's Ride, A Frontier Sketch
A Medical Student's Story
Meg's Christmas
The Men of '76: "Old Put"
The Men of '76: Alexander Hamilton
The Men of '76: Baron Steuben, The Organizer and Disciplinarian
The Men of '76: Benedict Arnold
Men of '76: Benjamin Lincoln, "Old Steadfast"
The Men of '76: Count Pulaski, The Knight of Liberty
The Men of '76: Dan Morgan, the Virginia Wagoner
The Men of '76: De Kalb, The Soldier of Honor
The Men of '76: Ethan Allen, The Green Mountain Patriot
The Men of '76: Franklin, The Printer, Patriot and Philosopher
The Men of '76: Gates, The Conqueror of Burgoyne
The Men of '76: Greene, The Rhode Island Blacksmith
The Men of '76: Jefferson, The Pen of the Revolution
The Men of '76: John Adams, The Colossus of the Revolution
The Men of '76: John Paul Jones, The Terror of the Seas
The Men of '76: John Stark, The Wood-Ranger of the North
The Men of '76: Knox, The Artillery Chief
The Men of '76: Kosciusko, The Hero of Two Worlds
The Men of '76: Lafayette
The Men of '76: Mad Anthony Wayne, The Pennsylvania Blucher
The Men of '76: Marion, The Swamp Fox
The Men of '76: Montgomery, The Chivalrous Soldier
The Men of '76: Moultrie, The Palmetto Defender
The Men of '76: Patrick Henry, The Tongue of the Revolution
The Men of '76: Samuel Adams, "The Father of the Revolution"
The Men of '76: Schuyler, The Patriot Without Reproach
The Men of '76: Sergeant Jasper, The Hero of the Ranks
The Men of '76: Sullivan, The Lawyer-Soldier
The Men of '76: Sumter, The South Carolina "Came Cock"
The Men of '76: Washington
The Mexican Guide
The Mid-Ocean Mutiny
The Midnight Duel
Mildred's Revenge
The Mill of the Long-Horns
Mill, Mine, and Master
Millie's Merino Dress
The Millville Parson
Mine or Thine?
The Miner's Daughter, A Western Mystery
The Miner's Daughter
The Miner's First Love
The Minister's Escape
The Minister's Wife
A Ministerial Romance
Minkskin Mike "Takes a Deal"
Minnie Hosmer's Christmas
Minnie's Beacon; or, A Fortunate Mistake
Minnie's Reason Why
A Minute's Madness
Miriam's Story
A Miser's Legacy
The Miser's Treasure, A Sketch of the War of 1812
Miss Anstruther's King
Miss Bellblossom's Affair
Miss Beryl's Ride
Miss Casilear's Poem
Miss Everett's Hero, A Sketch of Newport Beach
Miss Gilroy's Maid
Miss Grayson's Committee
Miss Hannah's Neighbor
Miss Hatty's Valentine
Miss Kizzy's Boarder
Miss Langmaid's Antecedents
Miss Leighton's Pride, A Christmas Story
Miss Payne's Love Story
Miss Perrott's Pet
Miss Professor Jones
Miss Shoddy's Receptions
Miss Smith's Burglar
Miss Susan's "Chance"
Miss Vallery's Party
The Missing Bride
The Missing Diamond
The Missing Heir; or, False Hearts and True
The Missing Will, A Story of St. Patrick's Day
The Mistakes of a Day
A Model Mother-in-Law
A Moderate Drinker
A Modern Bluebeard
The Money-Maniac, A Western Life Romance
A Month's Wages
Mordaunt's Bride
Morning Calls; or, Not Trusting To Appearances
A Mortal Sacrifice
The Most Celebrated of Cases
Mother Sargent's New Hired Girl
A Mother's Humiliation
A Mother's Reward
The Mountain Chasm
Mountain Tom's Oath
A Moving Tale, of the First of May
Mr. Arthur Leroy
Mr. Bessemer's Lesson
Mr. Bliss' Narrow Escape, A Warning to Young Men
Mr. Brancepath's Phantom
Mr. Harris at Home
Mr. Lexington's Summer Trip
Mr. Lovell's Cinderella
Mr. Peter Pendleton's Legacies
Mr. Superintendent's Test, A Story of the Melbourne Police
Mr. Thorndyke's Theory
Mr. Tripp's Money
Mr. Tulip
Mrs. Brown's Ride
Mrs. Butterworth's Boarder
Mrs. Castellan's Coasting Party
Mrs. Darrow's Admirer
Mrs. Dibbs's Burglar
Mrs. Estabrook's Maid
Mrs. Fraley's Unwelcome Guest, A True Story of a Tramp
Mrs. Garnet's Neighbors
Mrs. Gregg's New Dress
Mrs. Higgins' Beans
Mrs. Jones' Elopement
Mrs. Jones's Accounts
Mrs. Leslie's Stepdaughter
Mrs. Markham's Help
Mrs. Patterson's Journal, A Sketch which contains more Truth than Poetry
Mrs. Ruslington's Defeat
Mrs. Senior's New Year's Gift
Murder Will Out
Murdered by Fate
A Murdered Soul
The Murderer's Fate
A Musical Prodigy
The Mute Driver
My Arab Angel, A Story of the Great Syrian Desert
My Brother's Wife
My City Friends
My Dance Among the Rattlesnakes, A Nebraska "Experience"
My First Exploit
My First Victim, The Story of an Old Detective
My Housekeeping
My Jealousy
My Lady's Wedding-Day
My Love-Affair
My Passengers
My Pickpocket, A Young Lady's Story
My Ride for Life
My Rival's Revenge
My Sister's Dream
My Stratagem
My Traveling Acquaintance
My Unlucky Ride
My Wife and Mother-in-law
Myrtle Raplye, The Bookbinder Girl
Myrtle's Fortune
Myrtle's Heroism
The Mysterious Cantatrice
The Mysterious Indian
The Mystery of Black Canyon
Names of Trees
Naming a Yacht
Napoleon the First
A Narrow Escape
The Nautch Girl's Vengeance
Nebraska Ned, The Boy Ranger of the Niobrara
Ned's Adventure
Neddie's Peril, A Thrilling Sketch
Nellie's Peril
Nellie's Thanksgiving
A Nest of Tartars, A Sea Sketch
Nethoto's Wooing
A New Way of Getting a Wife
A New Year Story
A New-Fashioned Girl
The Newsboy's Christmas
The Next Summer
Nick Pepper, And How He Kept the Combination
A Night Among Worlds
A Night at Room "50"
A Night of Terror
A Night on the Flood
A Night on the River
The Night-Hawks' Swoop
Nina Bernardo
The Ninth's Major, A Story of India
Nobility versus Nobility
A Noble Rival; or, The Chieftain's Sacrifice
Noblesse Oblige
Nobody's Children
Norah's Pard
Norah's Sleigh-ride, And What Came of it
The North Pole
A Nose for Gold
Not a Heroine
Not Quite a Tramp
Not the Tenderfoot He Looked
Not Wisely, but too Well
A Notable Failure, A Story from Match-Making Mothers
A Note
Notes From a Police Spy's: That Queer Case at Long Branch
Notes of Travel, Through France to Switzerland
Nothing but a Baby
A Novel "Risk"
A Novel Craft, The Story of a Brave Girl's Adventure
A November Day Story
Nugent Thorncreste's Luck
The O. X. Note
The Oath of the Tlascalan
The Occupant of No. 34
The Ocean Bride
An Odd Character
The Odor of Honeysuckle
An Offer
Old Arkansaw's Ruse
An Old Bachelor's Story
The Old Clock's Secret
The Old Detective's Story
The Old Hunter's First Love
Old Jack's "Boomerang"
Old Joe's First Love
Old Kit's Ruse; or, Tragedy of the Robber's Pocket
The Old Life and the New
Old Love and Young
An Old Maid's Story
An Old Maid
Old Maids
An Old Man's Darling
An Old Man's Darling
An Old Man's Darling
Old Markhead
The Old Miner's Ruse; or, John Cleveland's Temptation
Old Mortimer's Ranch
Old Mr. Etheridge's Wife
Old Natty Thorne's Adventure
Old Occident's Stratagem
The Old Sea Dog's Ward
Old Smith and His Daughter
Old Solitary's Secret
Old Tom Gregg's
The Old Valise
Old Vic’s Story
The Old Well, An Incident of Frontier Life
An Old-Time Story, A Noble who Murdered Children by the Hundred through Superstition
On a Colorado Cattle Ranch
On Condition
On Deck, An Old Sailor's Story
On the Brink; or, Addie's Trip to Long Branch
On the Flood
One Case of Rivalry
One Day’s Episode
One Fellow's Blunder
One Generous Act
One Life's Mystery
One Literary Venture
One Mad Act, A Story of Christmas-Time
One Man's Mistake
One Man's Story
One New Year's Day
One of Life's Histories
One of Life's Mistakes
One of Life's Tragedies
One of the World's Mysteries
One Thousand Dollars Reward
One Way of Courting
One Way of Keeping House
One Woman's Career
One Woman's Experience
One Woman's Faith
One Woman's Good Work
One Woman's Understanding
One Woman's Work
Only "An Assistant"
Only a Boy's Love
Only a Brother-in-Law
Only a Drayman, A Moving-Day Romance
Only a Flirtation
Only a Love Story
Only A Mechanic
Only a Newspaper Man
Only a Story Writer
Only a Tramp Printer
Only Just Lizzie
Only the Lips
The Oracles of the Stars, What the Astrologers Foretell for 1881
Ordering a Wife
Origin and Romance of Kissing
Osceola's Oath, A Story of the Florida Everglades
Other People's Jewels
Our Cousin
Our Little Ballet Girl
Our New Minister
Our Western Cousin
Out of Gotham
Out of Her Place
Out of Her Sphere
Out of the Depths, A Story of the Lost Ship
Out of the Shadow
"Out on a Fly"
The Outlaw Duped, A Sketch of Texan Life
An Outlaw Hunt
The Outlaw's Halter
The Outlaw's Wife
Outwitted; or, Young Hearts vs. Old Heads
Outwitting the Bear
Over the Falls
Over the Fence
Overheard; or, A Blow in the Dark
Overland Sketches: Bob Scott, The Lightning Driver
Owaisa's Warning
A Pack of Fools
Paddy's Blunder; or, The Capture of the Pass, An Incident of the Sepoy Rebellion
A Pair of Gold Bracelets
A Parlor Drama
The Parson and Revolver
Parson Little's Donation Party
The Parson's Card; or, The Brookton Social
The Parson's Choice
The Parson's Quilt, A True Story
The Parson's Surprise
Part of the Price
The Parted Lovers, A Tale of the Sea
Partner and Confidential Clerk, A Death in Life Experience
Patrician or Plebeian? A Story of March the Seventeenth
The Patriot's Daughter, A True Story of the Wataree
The Patriot's Daughter
Patty's Valentine
Paul Jones' Protege, A Sea Story of 1778
The Pawnee Sacrifice
The Peach-blossom Silk
Pearl Island; or, My Fortune
Pearls and Plumstones
A Peculiar Telegraph
A Peep Under the Curtain
Peer and Peasant
Peg's Romance
Pen Pictures of the Far West: "The Haunted Vale"
Pen Pictures of the Far West: A Hunter's Paradise
Pen Pictures of the Far West: A Miner's "Steamboat"
Pen Pictures of the Far West: A Nitro-Glycerine Advent
Pen Pictures of the Far West: A Tragedy of the Nez Perces Trail
Pen Pictures of the Far West: A Used-Up Stage Line
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Among The "Crows"
Pen Pictures of the Far West: An Awful Lesson
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Early Rocky Mountain Explorers
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Facts About Road-Agents
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Fight With Mountain Lions
Pen Pictures of the Far West: How Hunters Spend the Winter
Pen Pictures of the Far West: How Oregon Was Saved
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Lo-Lo and His Grave
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Mysterious Disappearance of Gold Miners
Pen pictures of the Far West: Pioneer Times In Nebraska
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Reformed Through a Tragedy
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Saved By His Horse
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Signs In The Sands
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Sitting Bull's First Battles
Pen Pictures of the Far West: The Prince of Mountain Frauds
Pen Pictures of the Far West: The Salt Lake Mystery
Pen Pictures of the Far West: The Woman War-Chief
Pen Pictures of the Far West: Wilderness Sufferings
The Penalty She Paid
The Penny Saved
The Peon Girl
The Peon of New Mexico
The Peon's Message; or, The Sun-Child's Choice
The Perfidy of the Washita Reserve; or, Sam Houston's Expedition of 1859
A Perilous Cruise
A Perilous Slide
A Persecuted Man
Personal Reminiscences
Pet and the Panther
Pfeiffer, the Trailer
The Phantom Train
Phil's Intercession
Picked Up On a Prairie
Piling On the Style
Pink Geraniums
Pink Revere's Hero
The Pink Rosebuds
Piqued Into Love
The Pirate's Prize
The Pirate's Prize
Pistols For Two
Plain Jane
Plain Linen
A Planchette Story
Playing a Part
Playing for a Legacy
Playing for High Stakes
A Plucky Boy
A Plucky Little Woman
Plucky Sallie, An Episode of the Prairie Farms
The Plymouth Outlaw
The Poisoned Apple
The Poisoned Ring
The Poisoner's Son, An Italian Tale
The Poor Cousin
Poor Lucilla
Poor Nina
Poor Philip! The Story of the Man of the Iron Mask
Poor Sarah! A True Sketch
A Poor Student
Poor Uncle Ed
The Power of Kindness
A Prairie Apparition
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Ben Thompson's Vendetta
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Bony Ernest Keeps His Oath
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Bronco Bill's Bet
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Buckskin Sam's Triple Duel
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Buffalo Bill's Indian Sweetheart
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: California Joe's Love Trail
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Captain Payne, the Cimarron Scout
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Colorado Charlie's Duel
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Custer's Indian Pard
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Doctor Carver Wins a Captive
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Frank North's Twelve Shots
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Handsome Charlie's Vendetta
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Hotspur Harry's Red Trail
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Jack Crawford's Double
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Jack Nelson's Indian Bride
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Joe Rainbolt's Death-Trail
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Kit Carson's Vendetta
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Little Billy, the Mustanger
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Texas Jack's Leap For Life
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: The Boy Chief's Double Duel
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: The Texas Night-Hawk
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Tom Sun Revenges A Pard
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: White Beaver's Death-Trail
Prairie Pards; or, Tales of Border Trails: Wild Bill's Rival
Prairie Pete's Heroism, A Story of the Niobrara
The Prairie Pirates of Santa Anna's Peak
Preserving His Honor
The Pretty Debtor
A Pretty Face, A Railroad Adventure
Pretty Mrs. Gordon
Pretty Mrs. Gordon
The Price of a Bell Dress
The Price of a Blow
The Price of a Discovery
The Price of a Pair of Boots
The Price of a Woman's Soul
The Price of Deceit
The Prisoner's Pet, A French Romance
A Professional Whistler
A Promise Redeemed
A Promise to the Dead
The Promised Bride, A Sea Sketch
A Prophecy
The Prophet's Rock
The Prophetic Picture
A Proud Heart's Faith
Proved True
Proving a Heart
The Puritan Lady, An Incident of the English Civil War
Puritan Prissie, A Tale of Roundheads and Cavaliers
Put to the Test
Quaint Craft
Queen Gertie's Past
The Queen of the Cabin
A Queer Mistake
A Quiet Tragedy
Quite a Dilemma
A Race for a Fortune
A Race with a Cyclone
A Race With a Grizzly
Rachel's Lover
Raising the Dead; or, How Tom Kendall Won A Wife
Ralph's Happy Mistake
The Ranchman's Rest Tragedy
The Ranger's Ransom, A Story of Cherry Valley
Ranger's Revenge, A Story of Colonial Virginia
The Rattlesnake's Bite
Rattlesnakes at Order
Raynal Lord's Sacrifice
Reading Signs in the Sky
A Real Heroine; or, The Maid of Waunetta Falls
The Reason Why
The Reason Why
Recalled to Life: A Tale of Witchcraft
Recapturing a Prize, A Story of the Revolution
Recollections of the South: A "Risky" Shot
Recollections of the West
Recollections of the West: "Foxing" for Burglars
Recollections of the West: A Flying Shot
Recollections of the West: A Gambler's Gratitude
Recollections of the West: Among the Wolves
Recollections of the West: An Indian's Revenge
Recollections of the West: Between two Fires
Recollections of the West: Davy Crockett's Shooting-Match
Recollections of the West: Heading off a War-Party
Recollections of the West: How an Indian Kept his Word
Recollections of the West: How Ben Hardin Beat Davy Crocket Shooting
Recollections of the West: How Davy Crockett became a 'Substitute"
Recollections of the West: How Davy Crockett was made Colonel Crockett
Recollections of the West: How I Won the "Pool"
Recollections of the West: How Old Grizzly Trapped his Bears
Recollections of the West: In a Rattlesnake Den
Recollections of the West: Kenton's Shot for Life
Recollections of the West: Old Eph Guarding a Treasure
Recollections of the West: Old Willoughby and the Robbers
Recollections of the West: Red Cloud
Recollections of the West: Saved by a Grizzly
Recollections of the West: The "Major's" Hollow Log
Recollections of the West: The Early War-path
Recollections of the West: The Great Horse-thief League
The Red Mafordi
A Red Rose
The Red-Skin's Request
Redeeming Herself
A Redwood Ride
The Regent's Rival, A Story of France
Reginald's Second Valentine
The Reign of the Siren
The Rejected Pearl
Remember Benson
Rena's Jealousy
Renie's Love Story
Result of an Ill Wind, A Sea Sketch
The Revelation of a Night
A Reverie, A Journal-Leaf and a Letter
The Reverse of the Shield, A Holiday Story
Ribera's Doom, A Cuban Story
Rich Elsington's Folly
Rich or Poor?
A Ride for Life
The Ride of Lucky Dan
A Ride with a Madman
Right at Last
The Right of Search, A Story of the African Slave Trade
Righting a Wrong
The Rigoletta's Engineer
Ringwood's Camp-Fire Yarns: "How Billy Grady Walked into the Trap"
Rip Van Winkle, The German Legend of Peter Klaus
Rival Belles; or, The Heiress of Castle Rea
The Rival Hunter; or, Starlight, The Shawanee Beauty
The Rival Lovers, A Story of the Great English Civil War
The Rival Lovers
The Rival Sharpshooters
The Rival's Fate
The Rival's Revenge
The Rivals of Vendotina, A Story of Milan
The Robber Lover
The Robbers' Cave
Rocky Mountain Al, The Scout of the Pecos
A Rogue's Game
The Romance of a Man's Life
The Romance of a Night
The Romance of Blue Court Hall
The Romance of Rookwood
A Romaunt
Rosa Kent's Riddle
Rosamond's Wedding
Rosebuds in June
A Rough Wedding
Roughly Parted
The Roundwood Ghost
The Rover's Child
Roy's Sister
The Royal Scamp, A French Tale
The Royal Spy, A Story of New Haven in the Olden Time
Ruby and Gold
Run Into: A Sea Sketch
Running a Mook
Running the Gantlet
A Ruse de Guerre
A Rustic Beauty
Ruth's Legacy
A Sadder and a Wiser Man
Sadie's Strawberries
The Sailor's Choice
The Sailor's Daughters
A Sailor's Racket
A Sailor's Stratagem
The Sailor's Temptation
Saint and Woman
Saint Valentine Forever!
The Same Old Story
The Sandalwood Fan
Sardis' Bride
The Satinwood Chairs
Saved at the Altar
Saved By a Letter
Saved by a Life, An Incident of the Siege of Boonesboro
Saved by a Vulture; or, The Wreck of the Providence, A Sea Tale
Saved by a Woman's Hand
Saved by an Accident
Saved by an Enemy
Saved by His Mare, An Indian Trader's Story
Saved by Stratagem
Saved by the Dead
Saved by Wolves
Saved to Curse
Saving a Foe; or, Double Patriotism
Scalping a Bald-head
Scalping a Friend, Our Guide's Story
Scar-Faced Sam
The Scarlet Lining, A Sea Sketch
Scarlet Poppies
The Scarlet Secret, An Episode of the Crescent City
A Scholar for Life
A Schoolmaster Loose
The Schoolmaster
Sculpture, Ancient and Modern Statue Making
Sea Monsters
The Sea-Serpent
A Sea-side Idyl
A Season and its Sequence
The Secret of a Skull
The Secret of the Isle
Seeing and Believing
Selim's Search: And What Discouraged Him
The Senator's Crime, A Story of the Capital
Sentiment and a Tin Gutter
Served Him Right!
Seth Martin's Escape
Settling Scores
The Shadow on the Wall
Sharp and Sharper, Adirondack Adventure
She Who Dared
Shooting on the Kansas Plains
Shooting Porpoises
A Shot for a Life
A Shot in the Ice
Shot with a Pack-saddle
The Silent Witness, A Story of the St. Croix
The Silent Witness
Silken Faith
The Silken Noose
Silver and Gold
The Silver Belt
The Silver Key
The Silver Lining
The Silver Queen
The Silver Stream Tragedy
Simon's Third
A Simple Cure
The Sin Not to be Forgiven
A Sioux Squaw's Devotion
The Sioux's Revenge
Sir Launfal's Wooing
Sir Wellyn's Wager
A Sister's Art
A Sister's Art; or, "In a New Light"
A Sister's Sacrifice
A Sister's Vengeance; or, The Beauty of the St. James
Sixteen and Forty; or, Who Was Caught?
The Skeleton's Will
Skim-Milk After Cream
Skipping Fawn; or, The Indian Lover's Stratagem
A Sleeping Beauty
The Sleeping Statue
A Slight Change of Programme
A Slight Difference
A Slight Mistake
A Slight Mistake
A Small-pox Heroine
Snake Hill, A Jersey Yarn of Bergen County
Snow Lost and Love Won
Snowie, A Story of the Backwoods
So As By Fire
Sol Bundy's Love Affair
Somebody's Darling
Something of a Butterfly; or, The Velvet Cloak
The Son's Revenge
The Soprano Substitute
Sowing Dragon's Teeth
The Specter Canoe
The Specter Captain, A Sketch of Barnegat
The Specter Light, An Engineer's Story
The Specter of Bolton Towers, A Christmas Story
The Spider and the Fly, A Story with a Moral for Young Girls
The Spirit of the Forest; or, Clipping A Curl
The Spirit Guide
Sports and Pastimes
Sports and Pastimes: An Urgent Want and The Art of Walking I
Sports and Pastimes: Archery
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball, The League and International Championship
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball, The League Campaign of 1878
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball, The Metropolitan Base-Ball Writers
Sports and Pastimes: Base-Ball—Professional Arena
Sports and Pastimes: Baseball, The College Championship
Sports and Pastimes: Basel-Ball, Batting Vs. Pitching
Sports and Pastimes: Camping Out I
Sports and Pastimes: Chess
Sports and Pastimes: Chess in America
Sports and Pastimes: Cricket
Sports and Pastimes: Cricket
Sports and Pastimes: Cricket and Base-Ball
Sports and Pastimes: Football
Sports and Pastimes: Pedestrianism V
Sports and Pastimes: Preparing for 1875
Sports and Pastimes: Roller Skating
Sports and Pastimes: Roller-Skating
Sports and Pastimes: Skating
Sports and Pastimes: Skating
Sports and Pastimes: The Art of Walking II
Sports and Pastimes: The Art of Walking III
Sports and Pastimes: The Art of Walking IV
Sports and Pastimes: The Bane of the National Game
Sports and Pastimes: The Base-ball Campaign of 1880
Sports and Pastimes: The Base-Ball Prospects For 1878
Sports and Pastimes: The La Crosse Tournament
Sports and Pastimes: The National Game
Sports and Pastimes: The Policy of Honest Play
Sports and Pastimes: The Prize Tournament
Sports and Pastimes: The Prize Tournament, Records, and Judgement
Sports and Pastimes: To Readers
A Spurt with a Lion
Squatter Sovereignty
The Squire's Wooing
St. Denis Place
St. Ermine's Wager
St. John's Wife
St. Valentine's Day
The Stage-Driver's Story
Station No. 3
Stealing a Heart
The Step-Brothers, A Story of Colonial Times
Stephen Girard, The Miser Philanthropist
The Stolen Mustang
The Stolen Will
Stopping the Mail
Stories of Chivalry: Count Pastellar's Daughter
Stories of Chivalry: Mad Rudolph
Stories of Chivalry: The Black Gondola
Stories of Chivalry: The Crusader's Last Stroke
Stories of Chivalry: The Lettres De Cachet
Stories of Chivalry: The Poisoned Kiss
Stories of Chivalry: The Silver Mask
Stories of Chivalry: The Traitor's Page
Stories of Chivalry: Who Rode The Black Horse
The Storm Waif; or, The Debt of Honor
The Story of "Jack"
The Story of a Flirtation
The Story of a Lace Dress
Story of a Lamp-post
The Story of a Nightcap
The Story of a Ring
The Story of a Song
The Story of a Star
The Story of Bluebeard
The Story of William Penn
A Strange Coming Home
A Strange Denouement
A Strange Disappearance, The Story of a Haunted Manse
A Strange Dream, And What Came Of It
A Strange Duel
A Strange Duel, A Story of Deadwood
Strange Plants
A Strange Preserver
Strange Stories: A Game with St. Peter, A Story of Famous Claude Duval
Strange Stories: Admirable Crichton; Scholar, Swordsman and Musician. A Story of the Sixteenth Century
Strange Stories: Arrah of the Kiss, An Irish Legend of the Rising of '98
Strange Stories: Beneath the Waves; or, The Legend of the Buried Ship
Strange Stories: Beth Gellert; or, The Dog of Snowdon, A Welsh Legend
Strange Stories: Black Peter, A Legend of the Pyrenees
Strange Stories: Bothwellhaugh, The Regent Slayer, A Story of Scottish Vengeance
Strange Stories: Bould Captain Kelly, An All-Hallow-Eve Story
Strange Stories: Cat's Elbow, A Legend of the Rhine
Strange Stories: Christian, The Fisherman, A Danish Legend
Strange Stories: Finla the Great, A Legend of the Clan Farquharson
Strange Stories: Gay Von Stein; or, A Bargain with Satan. A Legend of the Town of Mayence
Strange Stories: Hans' Nine, A Legend of Frankfort
Strange Stories: Hans, The Bloodhound, A Legend of Bohemia
Strange Stories: Hob of Teviotside, A Scottish Tale
Strange Stories: Juanita; or, The Eve of St. John, A Story of Old Spain
Strange Stories: Lord Scroope's Fool, A Scottish Border Legend
Strange Stories: Murphy's Goblin, A Legend of County Kerry
Strange Stories: Only a Nail, A Russian Legend
Strange Stories: Pelago, A Spanish Legend
Strange Stories: Raven of Ravenhill, A Legend of Wales
Strange Stories: Rosel of Basil; or, How a Woman Saved a Town
Strange Stories: Soulis, the Wizard, A Legend of the Scottish Border
Strange Stories: Tannhauser, The Troubadour; A Legend of Thuringia
Strange Stories: Tell, The Switzer, A Legend of the Swiss Cantons
Strange Stories: The Advocate of Terracina, An Italian Legend
Strange Stories: The Banshee, An Irish Legend
Strange Stories: The Beggars' Church, A Legend of Milan
Strange Stories: The Black Captain, A Legend of the Lochaber Men
Strange Stories: The Black Dancer, A Legend of Bergen
Strange Stories: The Bloody Deer, A Legend of the Youth of Great King Alfred
Strange Stories: The Bottle Imp, A Legend of Milan
Strange Stories: The Brigand's Justice, An Italian Tale
Strange Stories: The Buried Treasure, A New England Legend
Strange Stories: The Colt of Keeldar, A Legend of the English Pale
Strange Stories: The Dead Man's Hand, A Legend of the West Riding of Yorkshire
Strange Stories: The Demon Duelist, A Legend of Granada
Strange Stories: The Demon Rocks of Cornwall, A Very Old English Tale
Strange Stories: The Demon-Robber, A Tale of Paris
Strange Stories: The Devil's Ducat, A Legend of Milan
Strange Stories: The Emperor's Dream, An Old German Legend
Strange Stories: The Fairy Circle, An Old Irish Story of County Munster
Strange Stories: The Fairy Fiddle, A Legend of the South of Ireland
Strange Stories: The Fairy Ointment, A German Legend
Strange Stories: The Feathered Vest, A Norwegian Legend
Strange Stories: The Felon Pig, An English Legend
Strange Stories: The Flower of Zombar, A Hungarian Legend
Strange Stories: The Foot on the Wall, A Legend of the Rhine
Strange Stories: The Fountain of Youth, A Tale of Florida
Strange Stories: The Ghost of Santanda, A Mexican Legend
Strange Stories: The Goblin Drum, A Legend of the Rhine
Strange Stories: The Goblin of Anjou, An Old English Legend
Strange Stories: The Greek Slave, A Tale of Venice
Strange Stories: The Green Lady of Truagh, A Legend of County Monaghan
Strange Stories: The Haunted Tower, A Legend of Northumberland
Strange Stories: The Headless Cross, A Legend of the Scottish Border
Strange Stories: The Infants of Lara, A Legend of Castile
Strange Stories: The Knight of Stafflehausen; or, The Spirit of the Waters, A German Legend
Strange Stories: The Lady of Faenza, An Italian Legend of the Fifteenth Century
Strange Stories: The Lady of the Glen, A Legend of Glenfinlas
Strange Stories: The Legend of Tregeagle, An Old Cornish Story
Strange Stories: The Lily of France; or, The Maid of Orleans
Strange Stories: The Lonesome Lodge, A Story of the Scottish Border
Strange Stories: The Luck of Muncaster, A Legend of Merrie England
Strange Stories: The Lying-Field, A Legend of Alsace
Strange Stories: The Man in the Moon, A Norwegian Legend
Strange Stories: The Miser's Daughter, A Tale of Freiburg
Strange Stories: The Money-Chest of the CID, A Legend of Old Spain
Strange Stories: The Moorish Captive, A Legend of Granada
Strange Stories: The Moorish Pearl
Strange Stories: The Mystic Light of Corbeil, A French Story
Strange Stories: The Outlaw's Trick, A Legend of Robin Hood
Strange Stories: The Owls of La Vendee, A Legend of Brittany
Strange Stories: The Prisoner of Trifels, A Romance of the Middle Ages
Strange Stories: The Red Columns; or, The Gamester's Oath, A Legend of Venice
Strange Stories: The Red-Cross Knight, A Legend of Durham
Strange Stories: The Ruby Ring of Colonsay, A Legend of Corrivrekin
Strange Stories: The Sack of Baltimore, A Legend of the Irish Seas
Strange Stories: The Seven Bullets, A German Legend of the Hartz Mountains
Strange Stories: The Spanish Vulture, A Legend of Flanders
Strange Stories: The Specter Bridgegroom, An Irish Legend of the Bleak Hills of Kerry
Strange Stories: The Stranglers of Ind
Strange Stories: The Tree of Death; or, The Law of Java
Strange Stories: The Waxen Image, A Legend of Nostradamus, the Sorcerer
Strange Stories: The Worme of Lambton
Strange Stories: Were You Ever Hung?
Strange Stories: Why the Sea is Salt, A Breton Legend
A Strange Story
Strange Story: An Irish Legend
A Strange Wedding
The Strange Woman, A Persian Legend
Strawberry Shortcakes, A Summer Romance
The Strawberry Thief
The Stray Shot, An Adventure in the Harbor of Alexandria
The String of Pearls
A Stroke at the Heart
A Stroke in the Dark, A Sketch of Cape Cod
Stronger Than Death
Such a Bargain
Such a Mistake
A Summer Afternoon
A Summer Romance
A Summer Storm, A Little Story with a Big Moral
A Summer's Episode
A Summer's Reward
Sundered Hearts
Sunny South Sketches: A Conch Shell
Sunny South Sketches: Dining "a la Carte Blanche"
Sunny South Sketches: Hydrophobia
A Surprise That Didn't Work
Susan, A Tale For Christmas-Tide
Susanna's Enterprise
The Swamp Fox
Swamped by a Devil-Fish
Sweet William, An Episode of Feather River
A Sweet-Brier Rose
Sweeter than Wealth or Fame
A Swing for Life
The Swordfish
Taking a Bull by the Horn
A Tale of Spirits
A Tale of Three Cities
Tales From Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night's Dream
Tales From Shakespeare: As You Like It
Tales From Shakespeare: Hamlet, Prince of Denmark
Tales From Shakespeare: King Lear
Tales From Shakespeare: Macbeth
Tales From Shakespeare: Measure for Measure
Tales From Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing
Tales From Shakespeare: Othello
Tales From Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
Tales From Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice
Tales From Shakespeare: The Tempest
Tales From Shakespeare: The Winter's Tale
Tales From Shakespeare: Twelfth Night; or, What You Will
Tales of an Army Officer: "Passing in his Checks;" or, On the War-path with General Crook
Tales of an Army Officer: A Girl's Great Peril
Tales of an Army Officer: A Plucky Girl
Tales of an Army Officer: A Sergeant of Custer's; or, The Night Before the Massacre
Tales of an Army Officer: Death of Yellow Hand
Tales of an Army Officer: Indian Tom's Story
Tales of an Army Officer: Lottie; or, The Girl-Gambler's Warning
Tales of an Army Officer: Nearly A Tragedy
Tales of Salt Water: The Girl Wrecker
Tales of Salt Water: The Mutineer Middy
Tales of Salt Water: The Phantom Schooner
Tales of Salt Water: The Pilot's Strategy
Tales of Salt Water: The Yankee Coaster
Tales of the Border: "Wild Austin's" Race
Tales of the Border: How Charlie Dunlap Won his Wife
Tales of the Foothills: "John"
Tales of the Foothills: A Good Thing
Tales of the Foothills: Old Jim's Ghost
Tales of the Foothills: The Miner's Warning
Tales of the Foothills: The Unlucky Partner
Tales of the Indias: The Battle of the Jute Hooks
Tales of the Indies: A Strange Fight
Tales of the Indies: A Treacherous Guide
Tales of the Indies: Cast Away on Tiger Island
Tales of the Indies: Chased by an Alligator
Tales of the Indies: Rajine
Tales of the Indies: Smoky Jack's
Talked About People: Alfred S. Barnes, Publisher of School-books
Talked About People: Allan Pinkerton, The Noted Detective
Talked About People: Captain James B. Eads, Civil Engineer
Talked About People: Cardinal John McCloskey
Talked About People: Charles L. Tiffany, Gold and Silversmith
Talked About People: Charles O'Conor, Lawyer
Talked About People: Clara Louise Kellogg, Prima Donna
Talked About People: Clara Morris, Actress
Talked About People: Cyrus W. Field, The Originator of Ocean Telegraphs
Talked About People: Dion Boucicault, Dramatist and Actor
Talked About People: Dwight L. Moody, Evangelist
Talked About People: Edward Hanlan, Oarsman
Talked About People: Edwin Booth, Tragedian
Talked About People: General John Newton, Superintending Engineer of Hell Gate and other Improvements, New York
Talked About People: General Luigi Palma Di Cesnola, Archeological Explorer
Talked About People: George W. Childs, Proprietor of the Philadelphia Public Ledger
Talked About People: Henry Bergh, President of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Talked About People: Henry Hilton, Merchant and Capitalist
Talked About People: Henry M. Stanley, PH. D., Journalist and Traveler
Talked About People: Horace B. Claflin, Dry-Goods Merchant
Talked About People: Jay Gould, Capitalist
Talked About People: John B. Gough, Temperance Reformer
Talked About People: John Lester Wallack, Actor and Manager
Talked About People: John Roach, Great American Shipbuilder
Talked About People: Joseph Jefferson, Comedian
Talked About People: Louis Prang, Art and Educational Publisher
Talked About People: Metta Victoria Victor
Talked About People: Ole Bull, Violinist
Talked About People: P. G. Gilmore, The Musician
Talked About People: P. T. Barnum, Showman
Talked About People: Peter Cooper, Philanthropist
Talked About People: Rev. James McCosh, D. D., LL. D., Metaphysician
Talked About People: Rev. John Hall, D. D., Pastor of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church, New York
Talked About People: Rev. Robert Collyer, Pastor of the Church of the Mes iah, New York
Talked About People: Rev. T. De Witt Talmage, D. D., Pastor of the Tabernacle, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Talked About People: Rev. Theodore L. Cuyler, D. D., Pastor of the Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church, Brooklyn
Talked About People: Richard J. Gatling, Inventor
Talked About People: Royal E. Robbins, Watch Manufacturer
Talked About People: Seth Green Pisciculturist
Talked About People: Sinclair Tousey, President of the American News Company
Talked About People: Thomas Alva Edison, Inventor
Talked About People: Thomas L. James, Postmaster of New York City
Talked About People: Thomas Nast, Artist
Talked About People: William H. Vanderbilt, Great Capitalist
Talked About People: William M. Evarts, LL. D., Lawyer and Statesman
Talked About People: William W. Corcoran, Philanthropist
Talked About: Theodore Thomas, Musician
Tall Shooting; or, How Cumberland Dave "Did" the "Drummers"
The Tame Citizen
Taming a Hoyden
A Taste of the Guillotine, A Story of the Reign of Terror
The Teamsters' Duel
Tebke; or, A Stratagem of Love
A Telegraph Operator's Story
The Tell-tale Figure-head
The Tell-tale Finger
The Telltale Bullet
The Telltale Button
A Telltale Phonograph
Tempted, but True
Ten Years of Her Life
A Terrible Doom, A Story of To-day
A Terrible Mistake
The Terrible Texan, A Camp-Fire Yarn
The Test of Love
Testing a Heart
Texan Life Sketches: An Odd Mistake
Texan Life Sketches: Apache Station; or, The Old Sunset Route
Texan Life Sketches: Fighting Ben and the Long-Legged Loper of Llano
Texan Life Sketches: Our Ride for Life
Texan Life Sketches: Paint Creek; or, The Big Buffalo Trap of the Llanos
A Texan Mine
A Thanksgiving Romance
That "Dolly Varden"
That "Sharp" Smith, A Reese River Yarn
That Dreadful Dinner
That Five-Dollar Bill
That Girl o' Winslow's, A Tale of the Mines
That Lottery Ticket
That Mysterious Jones
That Nose
That Old Stove
That One Night
That Rundel Girl
That Strange Boy
That Treacherous Sachel
That Western Cousin
Their Two Mothers
Their Wedding Trip
Theo's Christmas
A Thief in the Night
Thompson's Pig
Thoroughly a Woman
Those Black Eyes
Those Circus Bills
Those Few Days
Three Christmas Eves
The Three Gold Links, A Story of Early California
Three Roads to Fortune, An Arabian Legend
Three Summer-Times
A Thrilling Tale: A Groan from Underground!
A Thrilling Tale: Death's Face
A Thrilling Tale: The Man-Trap
Throstlewigg's Tenant, A Story of Old-Time Virginia
Through Fierce Fires
Through Fire
Through Fire and Water
Tied to the Track, A Station-Master's Story
The Tigers of the Sea
A Tight Place
A Timely Warning
Timothy Tootsbury's Cure
Timson's Masquerade
To the Death; or, True Love In The Old Time
The Toltec Prophetess
Tom Begley's Chum
Tom Galloway's "Pet Injin"
Tom Wilson's Creek
Too Clever by Half
A Too Common Story
Too Late
Too Sharp, An Episode in the Life of a Man of the World
Too Suspicious By Half
Torpedoed, An Incident of the Oil Regions
A Total Failure
A Touch of Jealousy
Tough Fight With a Lynx
A Tough Time
A Tough Yarn
A Tough Yarn
Toying with a Man's Heart
Tradillo, the Corsair
The Tragedian's Plot, A Story of New York
The Tragedy of a Night
Training a Husband
The Traitor Page
The Tramp Ashore; or, Daybreak in a Hindoo Village
A Tramp's Job
The Tramp's Views of Life
Trapped; or, The Baffled Royalist
A Trapper's Presentiment
Travelers of the Sky
Treasure Trove
A Treasury Romance
Treed by Red-skins, A Camp-Fire Story
Tricked and Trapped, A Tale Told by the Ex-Sheriff
Troublesome Children
Trout Fishing
A True Gentleman, A Leaf From The Life Of A Soldier
True Love Match
The True Story of Brown
True to the End
A True Woman's Love
The Truth at Last, A Tale of Light and Shadow
The Truthful Pilot
A Turkey Hunt; or, Experience vs. Conceit
The Turn of a Copper; or, How Minnesota Joe Lost and Won
A Tussle with "Old Eph"
The Twelfth Juror
Twice Shot
The Two Counts, A Story of Spain
Two December Nights
Two Girls in the Case
Two Girls' Valentines
Two Hundred Thousand, A Story of City Life
Two Lady Detectives
Two Men
Two Nights
Two Sides of a Story
Two Sides of the Wreck
The Two Spies, A Story of Custer's Last Raid
Two St. Valentine's Days
Two Strange Seamen
The Two Thanksgivings
Two Women
Two Women's Faces