The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Oakes, Christopher
Favorite Author, A
Author of Tom Turbin, Trapper
H., A. D.
Fletcher, Samuel
Chase, J. C.
Mackey, John W.
Author of Sol Sawbones
Author of Long-Legged Joe, Clumsy Foot, Old Nick of the Swamp
Author of Old Jim of the Woods, Billy Bowlegs
Author of The Rival War Chiefs, Silverheels
Author of Black Bill, Trapper
One Who Knows How to Please the Boys
Author of The Hunters, The Trappers' Retreat
Author of Spotted Dan, Cooney Bush
Author of Brimstone Jake, Texas Joe
Author of Brave Boy Hunters of Kentucky
Author of Rolling Thunder, Silverheels, the Delaware, The Spy of Delaware
Kelly, Alfred
Barber, Wm.
Anderson, George
Eyre, Kate
Aunt Breezy
Maple, Meta
Clarke, C. M, Mrs.
Fairchild, Olive P.
Halse, George, (George Frederick), 1826-1895
Mck, J. C.
Benjamin, E. B. (Edmund B.)
Gilchrist, Murray, 1868-1917
Moodie, Susanna
Mulbach, Louise
De Bruneval, Louise
Hackla╠łnder, F. W. (Friedrich Wilhelm)
Tribune Prize Story
Smith, A.
Cockton, Harry
Carey, Edward H.
Sidner, Aurelia I.
W., Wm.
Noe, Julian Gerard
Myrtle, May
Johnson, Ella V.
Benson, Metta Snyder
Newcomb, T.