The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Say, Jean Baptiste
Author of "Frank James' Mistake"
Coombs, Officer
Woglom, Police Inspector
A Retired Officer
Paul Bayard
Haley, Ed
Wildwave, Willie
Archer, Charles
Kean, Helen Ashland
Mead, J. H.
Callan, John
Morton, Dan F.
Fryer, C.W.
Joy, Jane Ellis
One of the Force
Dawson, Captain
McGovan, James
Ellis, Chas. T.
Cullen, J. P.
Johnson, G. S.
An Ex-Confederate
Fox, Will H.
Detective Collins of Denver
Davis, A. B.
Bindloss, Harold
Hoyt, George P.
Groff, Joseph Coblentz
Basler, H. R.
Author of "Old Avalanche"
Author of "Old Kit, the Detective"
A French Detective
Author of "Old Thunderbolt"
Police Reporter, An Old
Police Captain Grace
A Celebrated French Detective
Thompson, R. Keene
Sergeant, Rollins
Maori, Old Cap
Author of "The Scotland Yard Detective"
A London, Police Captain
Author of "The Masked Detective"
Hazel, Fred
Author of "Hawkeye, the Yankee Detective"
Author of "The Lightning Change Detective"
Poet, Oriole
Ober, Louis G.