The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Lee, Catharine L.
Rozier, Roland
Ellsworth, D.A.
Stanton, Frank L.
Baxendale, Walter
Roeder, Adolph 1857-1931
Wellesley, A.
Richie, Mary
P., H.
Peak, John T. F.
Hooke, Charles Witherle, 1861-1929
McWatters, George S.
Clark, S. Irene
Nelwome, Arthur
Andrew, S. W.
Culver, Major Henry C.
Farley, George P.
W., A. R.
Kirke, Edmund
Harding, W. H.
Cole, Annie Cable
Old Bachelor
Cousin Maude
Austin, Alon D.
Hopkins, G.
W., H. N.
Keitch, Jack
Percy, B.
T., W.
Bretnell, Wilton
Erald, H. V.
Maud, Alice
Francis, G. F.
Stone, Margaret
Stretchwell, Gideon
Graves, Allen
Cholwell, John B.
Hanley, M. J.
Metcalfe, Francis
Endoll, Victor O., Lieut.
Stewart, James E.
Shea, John D.
Courtney, Isa
Quiver, Jenny, Mem. of Village S. A. S.
Cardovan, Edgar Rupert
B., E. T.
Hudson, May
Thorne, Nettle