The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Montford, Maude
Fay, Zina
Shelly, S.
Robinson, A. F. M.
Lukens, Henry Clay, 1838-
Simpson, J. D.
Franklyn, A.
Kennedy, Grace, 1782-1825
Roberts, H, Sir
Bynner, Edwin Lassetter, 1842-1893
DeNormand, Hugh
Tartar, Cream O', M. D.
Greiner, H. A.
Oakley, Sophie, Mrs.
Lineameauer, George
Wilford, J. C.
Lampton, Don
H., E. M. R.
Murphy, Blanche
Ryerson, L. J.
W., L. A.
Wilden, L. Cary
Brunton, William
Miller, T. D. E.
Parkhurst, E. A., Mrs.
Southerner, A
Townsend, Virginia F. (Virginia Frances), 1836-1920
Author of "Elizabeth", "Seed-Time and Harvest"
Barclay, Captain
Hammond, James R.
Edmunds, Will H.
M., A. R.
Garnet, Clew
Norton, Florice, Mrs.
Kollock, J. H.
Bergsol, W.
Smith, J. Gregory (John Gregory), 1818-189
Scribe, Eugène, 1791-1861
Houldin, Robert, 1805-1871
King, Olivia
Rudolph, M., Prof.
B., P. F.
Roberts, Mary
Nelson, Geo. A., General
Pottow, Arthur
Author of "Yankee Doodle"