The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Blum, Edgar C., 1866-1927
Hopkins, John Baker, 1830-1888
Hopkins, John
Cadet, A West Point
Paine, Thomas
Lepelletier, Edmond, 1846-1913
Mathiew, Michael H.
Ellis, Meta
Myers, Hamilton
Brodhead, Richard
Argyll, George Douglas Campbell, Duke of, 1823-1900
Field, Braddock
Stanley, Sybil
H., L. C.
Bragonier, Ro. C.
C., H.
Trial, Taberah
Bliss, Edgar Janes
Author of "Noblesse Oblige"
Coventry, John
Cokran, Alice
Thomas, Ella Viola
Author of Zeke Sternum, Wooden-Legged Spy, Tiger-Eye, Gambler Among the Redskins
Barber, W. R.
Author of Black Bill, Trapper, Buffalo Jack, Spotted Dan
Reefer, Rolling
Author of Old Jim of the Woods, Hunter of the Black Hills
Author of Owl-Face, Bloody Footprint, Iron-Handed Trapper
Villari, Linda, 1836-1915
Erskine, Thomas, Mrs
Hullah, Mary E.
Jenkins, C., Mrs
Cadell, H. M., Mrs., 1844-1884
Ewing, Hugh, 1826-1905
Droz, Gustave, 1832-1895
Dingelstedt, Franz von, 1814-1881
Sheridan, John B.
M., W. A.
Clare, Annie
George, Henry
Montgomery, Florence, 1843-1923
J., J. A.
Kelso, Kate
Marston, Owen
Craven, Augustus, Mme., 1808-1891
Author of "He", "It"
Brewer, John Francis
Lancaster, A. E.
Goldsmid, Howard