The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Wilson, John A. B.
Finlay, D. J.
Lang, E. Hamilton
Warner, George W.
Talmadge, DeWitt
Halliburton, T. C.
Stewart, A. A.
Bell, S. May
M'Key, Knight
Author of "For Life and Death"
Author of "Magdalen's Legacy"
Author of "Fairy Gold"
Author of "Bonnie Barbara Allen"
New Author, A
Hoyt, Martin W.
Wicks, Eva Alden
Barry, Magdalen
Clifford, Carrie
Hodnett, John Pope
Franklin, Will Bostwick
Reynolds, Louise C., Mrs.
Fisher, Nellie, Mrs.
Farley, Marah Crosse
M., H. J.
Harcourt, Harold
Nickerson, C. Dora
M., V.
Wynne, M. H.
S., L. L.
Duval, Kate
Brown, Bessie
Opal Libbey, Laura J.
March, Jennie
Wallace, Mackenzie
Bonney, Callie L.
Watson, Malcolm, 1853-
Courtney, W. L. (William Leonard), 1850-1928
H., E. K.
Filmore, Parker
Newby, C. J., Mrs.
Black, Clementina
Brontèˆ, Emily, 1818-1848
Sterling, M. C.
Banim, John, 1798-1842
Bolton, Sarah T., 1814-1893
W., W. A.
Lyon, Genie
Davies, D.
Rosenberg, C. G.
Harrington, Kate, 1831-1917