The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Hazel, Fred
Author of "Hawkeye, the Yankee Detective"
Author of "The Lightning Change Detective"
Poet, Oriole
Ober, Louis G.
Sheffer & Blakely
Doyle, Charles A.
Hackett, M. J.
Herd, Tom
L., R.
Casey, John F.
Wallace, Frank L.
D., B. G.
Stevens, W. D.
Rufie, Charlie
Chetwynd, Tony, Esq.
Walters, H. R.
Scully, Ed.
Campbell, Frank
Our Guide
Claxton, Thomas L.
Baron, Billy
Chadwick, Allen
Clyde, Ella F.
Croman, Mary J.
Connelly, R. E.
Callard, Fred
Walsh, E. J.
Author of "The Seaside Detective"
Brierly, Bob
Conroy, J.
Author of "Silverheels"
Wynne, Siebert
Cozzens, S. W.
Read, C. A.
Tresidder, Thomas W.
Boy, Baltimore
Konoliman, Charley
Bugg, Jonathan, Esq.
Clarke, S.
Dodson, Harry H.
Stafford, Charles H.
Bennett, Harry
Livingston, E.
Beck, Jas. M.
Myers, Henry E.
Tyrrel, James