The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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A Couple of Characters
A Kind Word
"Cold Victuals"
Something About The Araucanians
Adventures of a "Pattern"
My Playfellows
A Hot Bath in Wyoming
The Last Good-Night
Daisy Burns
Josh Billings' Philosophy
My Bonny Kate
The Skeleton Chair
The Dying Girl
A Jealous Woman's Confession
Two Violas
The Fretful Employer
His Mother-In-Law
Morning Song
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Story Told Anew
Hard Times
At The Window
The Double Rescue
"I'll See About It"
Spare the Children
When The Schools Commence
Our Postmaster's Lay-Out
A Bachelor's Reverie
The Ideal Husband
The League of the Guadalupe. A Wild Tale of the Texas Frontier
King and Poet
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Betsey and I
Bread and Butter
The Poet's Dreams
Getting Home
The Deacon's 'Possum Hunt
The Phantom of the Sands
How To Keep Young
The Llama Driver's Story. A Tragedy of the Andes
Where My Heart Lies
Tressillian's Heir
Acquired Tastes
I'm Happy When You're Near Me. Designed for Music
It Singeth Low In Every Heart
Mrs. Skillet's New Boarders
Two Disagreeable Fellows
Don't Touch It