The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Dorothy Dart Wants to be Police Officer
Historical Sketches: A National Song
Jeannie's Big Scholar
Nan the Beggar Girl
One Summer Afternoon
Precautions for Safety. During Thunder-Storms
The Second Mrs. Luttrell
The Secret Chart; or Treasure Hunting in Hayti
Good News, v. 7, no. 164, June 24, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 163, June 17, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 162, June 10, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 161, June 3, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 160, May 27, 1893
I Don't Wish I Were A Man
A Chinese Wedding
A Life Struggle
Historical Sketches: Rebellion in Virginia 200 Years Ago
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Wet Toast
Crime Providentially Punished
No Cross-No Crown
Snow Clouds
Fair in Face--False in Heart
Lie Still, My Heart!
Wanted-A Perfect Man
What People Say Of Us
He Lied
Decoration Day, 1877
Hymn of Spring
The Curtain of Flame
Little Jinks. A Christmas Story
The Strange Christmas Story
The Royal Road to the Heart
On Broadway. A Christmas Story
Found in a Coffin. A Christmas Sketch
"Showing Off" a Child
Solving the African Problem
Christmas Hymn in the Centennial
An Unpublished Letter of Dr. Franklin
The Ice-Fiend
Holiday Time
Trailed and Caught
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Epistols
"Baby Talk"
How to Have a Patient Husband
The Portrait
The Stereopticon Show
One Hundred Years Ago: A Centennial Offering