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Shadows of leaves
Street & Smith's Literary Album, v. 9, no. 212, January 8, 1870
A broken bond; or, The man without morals
Hidden foes; or, A fatal miscalculation
A battle for right; or, A clash of wits
The photographer's evidence; or, Clever but crooked
The past
Her injustice
A faithful dog
It might have been
Osceola's vengeance: A story of the Seminoles
My Bonny Jean
Street & Smith's Literary Album, v. 9, no. 210, December 25, 1869
Bacchanalian song
Mabel's destiny; or, The lover's triumph
The darkened life; or, Who was the murdered?
Honor and fraud; or, The disputed inheritance
A Warning
A True Ghost Story
Just Left Him for a Minute
No Better Than She Ought to Be
That Aggravating Woman
Was It Her Mother? The Story of a Strange Watcher
In a Terrible Fix
"'Twill All Come Out Right in the End"
Robins in the Morning
Playing Children
The Rivals
The sea
The wind
The dying day
The old, old story
The mountain queen
Absence obliterates
Eva Granger
So near!
Investing My Uncle's Gift
The Young Chief's Bride
One Way to Keep a Dog
The Young Stone-Cutter; or, The Secret of the Stolen Quarry
Startling Adventure in Kentucky
A Revolutionary Coward
The Guide's Warning
Mutiny of Shipboard
Glim Peters; or Tracing the Insurance Swindlers