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Account of an Adventure. Which Befell William Bradford of the Mayflower-What Time She Arrived at Cape Cod in the Year 1620
Poor Jane McRea. A Fourth of July Picnic
The Shop-Girl
"For A' That and A' That." A Parody
"Come Unto Me"
Bunker Hill
A Woman Above Him
Old Letters
What Were Home Without The Children?
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Points
Would You Like to be Somebody Else?
Steal and Compromise
A Romance of the Rail
On the Burial of a Child
Castle Building
The Siege and Defense of Genoa
The Monkey's Ghost
A Picture
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Dry Toast
Love's Perfidy. A Song
I Wish I Wasn't a Man. Dedicated to A. Roland
For One's Health
The Inner Sanctum
An Ode to my Sewing-Machine
A Bitter Bondage
"The Light"
In Relation to Columbus
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Short-Winded Letters
The Rose-Bush in the Upper Window
Nothing to Do
Bad Girls
Try to be a Woman
To a Lily
Blows on the Head
Something About Texas
The Boy Gold Miner; or, Fighting the Table Mountain Band
An Ogre of the Deep
Fred Saxon's Revenge; or, The Wreckers of Abaco Island: In Two Parts
Saved by a Parrot
An Heroic Woman
Wetzel's Adventure
In Fort and Prison; or, The Mystery of Larry Redmayne
Running Away with an Engine
Pig-Sticking in India
How We Removed the Rats
The Mystery of Terry Tinker