The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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"I Shall Not Pass Again This Way"
"I Told You So"
The Tunnel Specter
Some Queer Things About Sleep
The Murdered Comedian
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 1234
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 1232
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 1227
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 1225
Pluck and luck no. 1383
Pluck and luck no. 1382
Pluck and luck no. 1381
The Skeleton Ghost
Ode to an Arab
The Maniac
Life's Scars
The Wreck of the "Whistler"; or, The Ghost of Unknown Island
A Midnight Adventure
A Narrow Escape
Curiously Combined
Pluck and luck no. 1380
Rob Rounds, the young fireman
The Fatal Note-Book. A Tale in Two Parts
Poor Old Dad
The Bell-Ringer of the Rhine
Shadowing A Red Umbrella
Pretty Little Quaker
Paddy Maguire
Black Sheep
Cold Stream Guards
Within an Ace of Being Hanged
The Perilous Rink
Uncle Dave
Baxter's Big Feet
Racing with an Avalanche
When the Whippoorwill is Calling
Don't You Believe It, Dear Boys
Sam and the Panther
A Murderer's Death
Not Work, but Worry
The Mad Brigade
Going to a Boat Race
An Odd Sleeve-Button. A Story in Two Parts
A German Mixture
A Novel Adventure
Be Patient
The Escaped Maniac
The Shadow on the Wall
We Parted at the Twilight Hour