The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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New York Weekly v. XLV, no. 7, December 14, 1889
New York Weekly v. XLV, no. 6, December 7, 1889
The Book Worm, September 1901
"Auf Der Weide" (In The Pasture)
When Baby Souls Sail Out
Friendship in Business
Every-Day Trials
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Night-Owls' Tower
Household Accounts
A Husband's Love
A Memory
The Parting Hour
The Rain Comes Sobbing To The Door
Josh Billings' Philosophy
Buried in the Ruins
Mrs. Green's Party
My Cross Day
Calling A Boy Up In The Morning
A Baby's Reflections
Josh Billings' Philosophy
To A Glove
Her Mission
Mother, Come Back!
Revealed By The Dead
In the Fall
A Noble Beggar
Mother's Care
His Early Sin; or, The Romance of the White Horse
Send No Flowers
The Country Life
"Even In Laughter The Heart Is Sorrowful"
Sum People We Kno
A Country Dressmaker Speaks Her Mind
Can You Wait?
A Summer's Experience
Some People
A Funny World Is This
The Small Request
Queen Of My Soul
The Valiant Captain Pro Tem
Josh Billings' Philosophy
The Poor Artist's Triumph
The Willing Heart
Be On Hand
Enjoy, And Spare