The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Buffalo Bill and the chief's daughter; or, Three Bills in a triple bill
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 250
Margaret's Dream
The Sweet Long-Ago
Buffalo Bill calls a halt; or, Pawnee Bill's Texas tangle
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 243
A Little While
A "Pig-Sticking" Adventure
With rifle and lasso; or, A triumph of the right
Buffalo Bill and the boomers; or, Pawnee Bill's strike at Kingfisher
Christian Charity
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 242
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 234
Buffalo Bill's ultimatum; or, Facing terrors with Pawnee Bill
Black Mountain Ranch; or, Ted's Mexican enemy
Buffalo Bill's island in the air; or, The secret of the mesa
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 232
Buffalo Bill's promise to pay; or, The diamond coterie
The Sinner's Appeal
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 227
A New House
"What is Prayer?"
A Prophetic Banquet
Nothing But Rags
The Scout's Adventure
That Thanksgiving Turkey
Head Winds
Boys Will Be Boys
The Old House
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Brik Batts
A Piece of Pie. A Story for the Juveniles
Growing Old
Going to the Centennial
Love's Daughter of the Isles
The Lost Girl
How Could I Help It?
Our Milkman
Double Acrostic*
Wild Ann. A Legend of the Early Pioneers
The Gunner's Death
The Choice
A Tribute. To the Memory of Stephen C. Foster
The Josh Billings Papers: Kissing
Kya Keo's Lesson
Home Again
Defiance Rock. A Legend of the Passaic
Doesticks' Letters: Doesticks on Croquet