The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Winning His Rights; or, The Plucky Fight of Roy Wheeler. An Exciting Story in Four Parts
An Exciting Contest with a Wounded Tiger
Her Cruel Pa
Oh Why?
The Skipper's Legacy
Dandy Dan of Deadwood in Texas; or, The silver moon mystery
The skeleton island; or, A cruise in an underground river
Pawnee Bill's double; or, The great scout's best trail
Wide awake library, vol. II, no. 1015
Wide awake library, vol. II, no. 1016
Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 1006
Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 1005
Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 990
Wide awake library vol. 1, no. 989
Young Jack Harkaway fighting the bandits of the Balkans
There's a Boy in the House
He Took Her at Her Word
Man Is a Lord of Creation
The Random Shot; or, Besieged by the Black Men
The Rivals; or, The King and Queen of the Pacific. A Story of Land and Sea
Adventures of a Sailor in Africa
The Brook
A Variation of Hood
The Grizzly Killer; or, Strangely Found Evidence
Old Steb's Forty-Third
Sweet to Do Nothing
Two Queer Cases
The Waiting Prize
Sealed Order No. 2; or, A Night Before Savannah
The Seven Masks; or, The Secret of the Man in Brown
While the Old Man's Gone to Lunch
The Girl for Me
She and I
After Marriage
Keeps a Remembrance
Union Dave; or, The Boy Captive of Libby Prison. A Thrilling Sketch of the Civil War
Appointed to West Point; or, Fighting His Own Way
An Unexpected Rise
Adam's Boyhood
From Newsboy to President; or, The Early Struggles of a Great Statesman
A long hunt
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 380
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 377
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 375
Liberty Boys of '76, no. 357
Honor's Worth
A Beautiful Woman
Christine Brownlee's Ordeal