The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Bread and Bread-Making
A Live Hero
Some Day
An Old Man's Wife
Revenge By Proxy
Lessons for the Young (To be read in these days of dangerous infidel teachings)
Dame Penraven's Jewels
The Late Francis S. Street
The Rage for Old Things
By and By
Dora's Mistake
Album Verses
Fred, the Factory Boy, or, The Old Blotting-Pad. A Tale of the Looms
Long Ago
The Haunted Factory
Bodway's Electric Rat
A Husband in a Dream
How I Came To Be A Detective
Teach the Truth
How Pat Saved His Baoon
Why I Sing
Baby Sleeps
In the Lions' Den
An Active Corpse
Mr. Jonakin Keeps House
Yankee Land (As seen from across the water)
A Winter Reverie
Texas Gleanings: Unfounded Suspicion
Potts on Wiggins
Fight On The Platte
A Royal Anecdote
A Dream Lesson
Hoop Skirts
An Exciting Rescue
In the Alcove
Little Jack's Pledge
Climbing Up The Stairs
A Simple Cure for Several Ills
A Detective's Story
A Crazy Captain
The May Queen
The Struggle for Life
Old Mortality, King of Detectives; or, Piping the New York Mystery
I Wonder
A Dream That Prevented Crime
Beating A Banker
To A Child Kneeling
Briggs' Queer Marriage