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New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 72
Buffalo Bill and the Indian girl; or, Pawnee Bill on the job
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 271
New Buffalo Bill weekly, no. 266
Buffalo Bill and the red renegade; or, Pawnee Bill and the outlaw of the hills
A Big Swindle
Baiting a Tiger
The Midnight Alarm
An Indian's Gratitude
Saved by a Cannon-Ball; or, The Army Reminiscences of Captain Jack: In Two Parts
An Exciting Journey
A Fortune from an Ant-Hill
The Tempter and His Victim
The Robber's Glen
The Phantom of the Shrouds
Adventure with a Grizzly Bear
Buried Alive in the Ocean
A Fight with Cold Type
Dick Oakley's Adventures; or, The Secret of a Great Exhibit: A Story of the Columbian Exposition
The Crime of Gifford
A Clever Sword-Thrust
Indian Arrow Poison
Young America and the Greasers
"Man the Life-Boat"
Fighting a Grizzly
The Last Day
The Indian Girl's Rescue
Good News, v. 7, no. 168, July 22, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 167, July 15, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 166, July 8, 1893
Good News, v. 7, no. 165, July 1, 1893
Devil-May-Care Dick. An Actual Experience
Gid and the Devil
Hearkening for his Step
Two Voices
Woman's Rights
A Leaf of Summer
Unrepresented Americans
Something About Texas
A Big Swindle
Empty Hands
The Eagle and the Serpent
Jennie's Babies
Josh Billings' Philosophy: Husks
In the Everglades. A Fourth of July Story
Twilight Thought
Putting a Bull to the Test
The Silent House