The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Thorn, Kate

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Items with "Thorn, Kate" as Credited Author

New York Weekly

Abandoned Women
About Railway Companies
Accident Insurance
Advertising Patent Medicines
Advice to a Young Man
All the Modern Conveniences
The Amateur Musician
Ancient furniture
At Christmas
At The Beach
At the Post-Office
Aunt Nabby
Baby at the Opera
Bad Boys
A Bad Cold
Base-Ball Playing
The Bashful Young Man
Be Independent
Before the Election
Behavior of Children
Books As Company
Boot Buttons
Burning A Hornet's Nest
Church Fairs
Clergymen Who Do Not Hurt
Company to Dinner
Country Boarding
The Country Singing School
Country's First Visit to the City
Crazy Patchwork
Crying Down One's Victuals
A Cup of Tea
Dead Men's Shoes
The Dignity of Labor
Domestic Critics
Don't Do It
Don't Expect It
Don't Fret
Driving Turkeys
Eating An Orange
Editing A Newspaper
Expecting Her Young Man
False Teeth
The Family Doctor
Fashionable Conversation
Fashionable Flirtations
Fashionable Lies
The Father of the Family
Female Clerks
Fiction and the Rev. Mr. Blowhard
Fifty Dollars A Day
The First Baby
The First Cool Nights
The First Smoke
The First Time
Five Miles from the Post-Office
Getting Ready In A Hurry
Getting Settled
Getting to Sleep
Giggling Girls
Going Courting
Going Down Hill
Going Wrong
Good Health
Great Men and Popular Men
Hard Times
A Hat in the Church Aisle
Have A Mending Day
Having a Tooth Pulled
He Never Shirked
He Whitewashes His House
High Combs
Hoop Skirts
How A Man Is Sick
How A Woman Climbs A Fence
How A Woman Opens A Letter
How Grandmother Did
How Nice It Was For Abraham
How To Ask Her Father
How to be Agreeable
How to Bring Up a Child
How To Catch A Cat
How To Make Home Happy
How to Travel
How We Flatter Ourselves
I Don't Want To
In A Sick-Room
In Public Places
In the Street Cars
Insolent Clerks
The Interviewer
Is It A Sin To Be Happy?
"It Might Have Been"
January First
Keeping Hens
Killing Time
Large Words
Let the Young People Enjoy Life
Let Us Have Peace
A Little Repairing
Long-Faced Christians
A Lost Hat
The Man Who Has Traveled
The Man Who Told You So
Mind Your Own Business
Moderate Drinkers
Mother Eve's Compensation
A Mouse in the Room
Naming the Baby
A New Tall Hat
The New Year
No Seat
Old Age: Reflections for the Young
Old Maids
The Old School-House
One Man At The Beach
One's Ancestors
Other People's Victuals
Our Enemies
Painted Faces
A Plea for Farmers' Wives
Pleasant Surprises
A Poor Unfortunate
Popping the Question
Post-Mortem Glory
A Problem
The Rage for Old Things
Reading A Health Journal
Rich Relations
Ruinous Prices
"Seeing A Man"
Seeing Him Do It
Sending "Regrets"
A Shiftless Man
The Slave of a Horse
Some Horse-Racing
Spring in the Country
St. Valentine's Day
Straight to the Glass
A Successful Dry-Goods Clerk
Sympathy for Criminals
Table Talk
Taking the Short Cut
Telling A Story
Telling Tales
Ten Minutes for Refreshments
Thanksgiving Day
"The Dear Departed"
Then and Now
Thinks He Is Handsome
This Winter's Weather
Thronged Railway Depots
"Tied Back"
Toads in Rocks
Trails of a Railway Ticket Master
The Trials of a Fat Woman
The Trouble of False Hair
Twitting on Facts
Ugly People's Compensations
Waiting for Ideas
Warming Up Spare Beds
Washington's Birthday
The Weaker Sex
The Weather
What A Man Hates
What A Woman Must Be
What Constitutes Insanity?
What the Baby Thinks
What to Get to Eat
What We Hear Every Spring
When Christmas Comes
When He Goes Alone
"When I Was Young"
When March Winds Below
When the Nights Grow Long
White Lies
Woman's Advantages
Woman's Curiosity
Women As Self-Protectors
A Word to Wives
Ye Gallant Policeman