The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Thorn, Kate

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Items with "Thorn, Kate" as Credited Author

Good News

The Fourth of July

New York Weekly

A "Blustering" Day in the Country
The "Line" Storm
"Setting" A Hen
"A Good Calculator"
Abandoned Women
Abominable People
About Railway Companies
Accident Insurance
Advertisements in General
Advertising Patent Medicines
Advice to a Young Man
Advice To The Old Woman
After Life Goes
After the Day's Work
After the Election
After the Fray
After the Holidays
Agricultural Fairs
All Over
All the Modern Conveniences
Always Behindhand
Always Unhappy
Amateur Farming
The Amateur Gardener
The Amateur Musician
Ancient Furniture
Another Christmas
As Cold Weather Approaches
At Christmas
At Thanksgiving
At The Beach
At the Post-Office
Auction Sales
Aunt Nabby
Away for the Summer
Baby at the Opera
The Backward Spring
Bad Boys
A Bad Cold
Baggage Smashers
A Bald-Headed Man
Banged Hair
The Bargain-Hunter
Base-Ball Playing
The Bashful Young Man
Be Independent
Be On Hand
Be Patient With Men Who Make Mistakes
Beautiful Snow
Before the Election
Behavior of Children
Being Called at Hotels
Big Brothers
Birds On Bonnets
The Birthday of Washington
The Black Sheep
"Blue Laws"
Blunt People
Boarding in the Country
A Boil on the Nose
Books As Company
Boot Buttons
Borrowing Trouble
Burning A Hornet's Nest
A Busy Day
The Busy World
Buttered Side Down
By-And-By Folks
Calling A Boy Up In The Morning
Camping Out
Candlemas Day
Carrying A Waterproof and Rubbers
"Catching" Weather
The Cause of It
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Shopping
Christmas Thoughts and Themes
Christmas Time
Church Fairs
The Circus
Clergymen Who Do Not Hurt
Clutter in the Door-Yard
"Cold Victuals"
The Comet
Coming Home
Company to Dinner
Country "Best Rooms"
Country Boarding
The Country Singing School
Country's First Visit to the City
Courting Two Girls
Crazy Patchwork
Crying Down One's Victuals
A Cup of Tea
Curious Epitaphs
Dates and Reminiscences
A Day Off
Dead Men's Shoes
The Decay of Hospitality
The Decline in Drapery
Decoration Day
A Defense of Cats
A Deserted House
Deserted Summer Hotels
Did You Ever Notice It?
The Difference Between Single and Married Men
The Dignity of Labor
Do Right For Right's Sake
Doing Men's Jobs
A Doleful Tragedie
Doll Babies
Domestic Critics
Don't Criticise
Don't Do It
Don't Expect It
Don't Fret
Don't Nag
Don't Snub The Boy
Down the Harbor
Driving A Bob-Tailed Horse
Driving Turkeys
Eating An Orange
Editing A Newspaper
The End-Seat Fiend
Envy Among Musicians
Every-Day Trials
Expecting Her Young Man
The Fall Elections
False Colors
False Teeth
The Family Doctor
Fashionable Conversation
Fashionable Flirtations
Fashionable Lies
The Fashionable Woman
The Father of the Family
Female Clerks
A Few Remarks About Corsets
A Few Remarks Concerning Pipes
A Few Unanswerable Conundrums
Fiction and the Rev. Mr. Blowhard
Fifty Dollars A Day
Finding Fault With The World
The First Baby
The First Cool Nights
The First Frost
The First Smoke
The First Time
Fish Stories
The Fishing Season
Five Miles from the Post-Office
Foggy Weather
The Fourth of July
Free and Easy Visitors
Friction Matches
From Girlhood to Womanhood
Fur Cloaks
Gentle Spring
Getting Fire on a Cold Morning
Getting Home
Getting Ready for the Summer Campaign
Getting Ready In A Hurry
Getting Settled
Getting to Sleep
Getting Up A Picnic
Getting up in the Dark
Getting Up in the Morning
Giggling Girls
Give Her A Vacation
Give to the Poor
Give Us A Rest
The Glorious Fourth
Go Slow
Going Blackberrying
Going Courting
Going Down Hill
Going to "the Beach"
Going to the Mountians
Going Wrong
A Good Dinner
A Good Fire
Good Health
A Good Horse
The Good Husband
A Good Letter
Good Neighbors
Greasy Head
Great Men and Popular Men
Growing Old
A Hammer and a Saw
The Hammock
Hanging Out Baskets For Cards
Hanging Out Clothes
Hard Times
A Hat in the Church Aisle
The Hat of the Season
Hat On In The House
Have A Mending Day
Having a Tooth Pulled
He Died Rich
He Never Shirked
He Whitewashes His House
Hearing Something in the Night
Helping Mother
Her Cooking
High Combs
Hints About Babies
Hints to Horse-Car Conductors
Hints to Railway Travelers
Hints To Street-Car Conductors
Hints to Visitors
The Hired Man
His First Watch
His Fishing
His Grandson
His Light Spring Suit
His Mother's Apron-Strings
His Mother-In-Law
Holier Than Thou
Home for Thanksgiving
Home to Mother's
Hoop Skirts
House Cleaning
House Furnishing
How A Man Goes Shopping
How A Man Hangs Out Clothes
How A Man Is Sick
How A Woman Climbs A Fence
How A Woman Handles A Gun
How A Woman Opens A Letter
How A Woman Stays Alone Nights
How Did Adam Do Without Newspapers?
How Grandmother Did
How He Does It
How He Dresses The Baby
How It Is Done
How Nice It Was For Abraham
How She Does It
How She Puts Up a Window-Shade
How Some Of Them Do
How To Ask Her Father
How to be Agreeable
How To Be Fashionable
How to Bring Up a Child
How to Carry an Umbrella
How To Catch A Cat
How To Have A Happy Home
How to Have a Patient Husband
How To Make Home Happy
How to Travel
How To Write A Successful Book
How We Flatter Ourselves
Humorous Writing
Hunting For Something
I Don't Want To
"I Told You So!"
The Ideal Good Boy
If We Could Go Back
If Women Proposed
If You Go To A Restaurant
If You Had Your Way
If You Should Write a Novel
Imaginary Ailments
The Imperial Ukase
In A Crowd
In A Hurry
In A Sick-Room
In December
In Hot Weather
In Love
In Public Places
In the Days of Your Ancestors
In the Fall
In the Street Cars
Inauguration Day
The Inconveniences of Rusticating
The Indifferent Waiter
Information Wanted
Inharmonious Church Choirs
Insolent Clerks
Insulting Questions
The Interviewer
Is He Rich?
Is It A Sin To Be Happy?
Is It Ungenteel To Eat?
Is Marriage A Failure?
Is There Any Reason Why?
"It Might Have Been"
January First
John's Folks
Just Married
Keep Up The Mending
Keep Your Engagements
Keep Your Eyes Open
Keeping Hens
Keeping Together In A Crowd
Killing Time
The Labor Question
Large Words
Learning To Do Without
The Legends of Childhood
Let the Young People Enjoy Life
Let Us Have Peace
Little Brothers
A Little Painting
A Little Repairing
Little Sisters
Little Worries
Long Engagements
Long-Faced Christians
Loss of Dignity While Asleep
A Lost Art
A Lost Hat
Lovers On Excursions
Mad Dogs
Making Fire On A Cold Morning
Making It Comfortable
Making Predictions
Making Things Tidy
Making Wills
A Man Can't Do Them
Man Needs Assistance
The Man Who Argues
The Man Who Has Traveled
The Man Who Told You So
March Weather
Matches Not Friction
The May Hegira
A Memory for Dates
Mind Your Own Business
The Miseries of Moving
"Mister" and "Bub"
Moderate Drinkers
The Modern Little Girl
Monuments To The Dead
A Morning Nap
Mother Eve's Compensation
A Mouse in the Room
Moving Day
Mr. J. James Smith
Mrs. Eve
Musical Neighbors
Naming the Baby
Never Congratulate Yourself
A New Departure
New England Thansgiving
A New Fall Suit
A New House
A New Invention Proposed
The New Minster
New Neighbors
A New Spring Suit
A New Tall Hat
New Year's Bargains
The New Year
Newspaper Borrowers
A Newspaper Editor
Niagara Hackmen
No Followers Allowed
No Matches in the Room
No Seat
No Umbrella
"Nobody To Blame"
Not Married
Not Satisfied
Nothing Cooked
Odd Spells in a Husband
Old Age: Reflections for the Young
Old Bachelors
The Old Barn
An Old Fashioned Quilting
An Old Fogy Town
The Old Garret
Old Maids
An Old Man's License
The Old Meeting-House
The Old School-House
Old Shoes
The Old Tin Trumpet
An Old-Fashioned Apple-Bee
Old-Fashioned Heroines
An Old-Fashioned Husking
The Old-Fashioned School
The Old-Fashioned Stage-Coach
On Their Return
One Man
One Man At The Beach
One of Life's Illusions
One's Ancestors
The One-Man Power
The Organ-Grinder
Other People's Victuals
Our Enemies
Owning a Fast Horse
Painted Faces
The Patchwork Quilt
Patent Medicines
People In Love
The Photograph Album
Picking Folks To Pieces
Picnic Suggestions
A Place to Sell
A Plea for Farmers' Wives
A Plea for the Country Doctor
The Plea for the Old Horse
Pleasant Surprises
Poor Mrs. Flutter
A Poor Unfortunate
Popping the Question
Popular Preachers
Post-Mortem Glory
Post-Office Mirrors
Preparing for Company
Pretty Girls
A Problem
Putting to Rights
Quarreling Choirs
The Quarrels of Married People
Quoth the Raven-"Nevermore!"
The Rage for Old Things
Rail-Car Windows
A Railroad Car Nuisance
Rainy Sundays
Reading A Health Journal
Ready For Winter
Real Poverty
The Reason Why
Reflections for the Young
Reminded of a Story
Rich Relations
Romance and Reality
Ruinous Prices
The School-Girl
Schoolgirl Friendships
The Second Time
"Seeing A Man"
Seeing After It
Seeing Him Do It
Sending "Regrets"
Setting People Right
Shaking Hands
Shall Women Marry?
A Shiftless Man
Short Dresses
"Showing Off" a Child
Signs of Spring
Sins of Dressmakers
The Slave of a Horse
Slippery Sidewalks
Smart Men
A Smart Woman
Smart Young Men
So Many Societies
Some Horse-Racing
Some People
Some Unsolicited Advice
Somebody To Lay The Blame On
Something About the Girl
Splitting Kindlings
Spring in the Country
Spring Mud
The Spring Renovation
St. Valentine
St. Valentine's Day
Staying At Home
Stop When You Are Done
Straight to the Glass
Strange Beds
Stray Cats
Street Car Etiquette-For Ladies
Street Corners
The Sublimity of Impudence
A Successful Dry-Goods Clerk
Suggestions to Piano Players
Summer Excursions
The Summer Girl
The Summer Outing
Summer Relations
A Summer Shower
The Sun Bonnet
Sunday as a Holiday
The Sunny Spring
Sympathy for Criminals
Table Talk
Take Your Comfort While You Can
"Taking On"
Taking the Short Cut
A Talk About Teeth
Talking it Over
Telling A Story
Telling One's Troubles
Telling Tales
Ten Minutes for Refreshments
Thanksgiving Day
That Bicycle Skirt
That Boy
"That Carpet"
"That Cat"
That Clothes-Line
"The Cheapest Unlaundered Shirt in the City"
"The Dear Departed"
Their Wants
Then and Now
"They Say"
Things A Woman Can Do Best
Thinks He Is Handsome
This Winter's Fashions
This Winter's Weather
Thronged Railway Depots
Throwing Cold Water
"Tied Back"
Tied To His Mother's Apron-Strings
Time Enough
The Time of Gray Hairs
To Be A Pope
To Gratify His Wife
To Stop A Runaway Horse
Toads in Rocks
The Toboggan Craze
Too Much Talk
Total Depravity of Inanimate Things
The Trails In An Ordinary Ordinary Courtship
Trails of a Railway Ticket Master
The Traveler
Tree Agents
The Trials of a Fat Woman
Trials of a Railway Ticket Master
The Trouble of False Hair
The True Spirit of Patriotism
Twitting on Facts
Two Minutes Late
Ugly People's Compensations
Use Simple Words
Useless Women
Visiting Remarkable Places
Wait On Yourself
Waiting For A Woman To "Get Ready"
Waiting for Ideas
Warming Up Spare Beds
Washing Day
Washing Dishes
Washington's Birthday
Watching Lovers
The Weaker Sex
Weather Prophets
The Weather
Well-Bred (?) Men and Women
What A Man Hates
What A Woman Must Be
What Constitutes Insanity?
What Everybody Can Do Best
What For?
What Is Expected Of An Author
What Makes Them Do It?
What Nobody Wants
What People Say Of Us
What the Baby Thinks
What to Get to Eat
What We Expect
What We Hear Every Spring
When A Rich Man Dies
When Christmas Comes
When Father Stays at Home
When He Goes Alone
"When I Was Young"
When It Meets
When March Winds Below
When The Boy Comes Home
When the Daughter is Married
When the Mercury Rises
When the Nights Grow Long
When The Schools Commence
When They Return
When Your Boy Comes From School
Where Are They?
White Lies
Why Are You Here?
Why Do Boys Throw Stones?
Why Is It
Why She Looks Older Than Her Husband
Why They Do Not
Why Will They?
Winter Friends
With the Coming of the New Year
Woman's Advantages
Woman's Curiosity
Women as Carpenters
Women As Self-Protectors
Women's Rights
A Word to Husbands
A Word to Wives
Work Is Honorable
Ye Gallant Policeman
The Year's Wood
The Young Girl's Ideal
Young Men's Sisters
Your Boy
Your Summer Outing
Your Summer Toilet