The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Most Recently Added Series

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Starbuck's Book of Romance
Smith's Works
Sir E. L. Bulwer's Novels
Sea and Piratical Tales
Rugby Edition
Richard Henry Savage's Popular Novels
Reynold's Great Works
Randall Series
Popular Songs for All People
Quaker City Series
Primrose Series (Hunter, Rose & Co.)
Premium Edition
Popular Books for All People
Popular Plays and Screen Library
Petersons' Sterling Series
Petersons' Square 12mo Series
Overland Library
Our Comic Books
Our Boy's Journal
Osgood's Library of Novels
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Ogilvie's Series Books
Ogilvie's Onyx Edition
Ogilvie's Joke Book Series
Ogilvie's Joke Books
Ogilvie's Hand Book Series
Ogilvie, "Going Some" (Series)
Ogilvie's Fun Books
Norris Square Series
New Twentieth Century Hand Books
Neely's Classic Library
Neely's Choice Library
Nat Gould
Mrs. Henry Wood's Novels
Mrs. Grey's Popular Novels
Mrs. F. H. Burnett's Novelettes
Mississippi Library
Miss Pardoe's Works
Miss Braddon's Fascinating Books
Military Novels
Macmillan's Novelists' Library
Lyceum Series
Metropolitan Idle Hour Series
Library of Classics
Joke and Fun Books
Buffalo Bill's avonturen
Jack Sheppard Series
The Irving Library
Humorous Books
Holyrood Series