The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Most Recently Added Series

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G. P. R. James's Books
Franklin Series (Homewood)
Frank E. Smedley's Works
Excelsior Literature Series
Eugene Sue's Great Novels
Emile Zola's New Realistic Books
Ellen Pickering's Works
D'Israeli's Works
Diary of a Minister's Wife
Diamond Handbook Series
Dawley's Ghost and Vampire Series
Choice Reading
Charles Lever's Novels
Charles J. Peterson's Works
Charles Dickens' Works
Boys' Comic Library
A Bad Boy's Diary
Alexander Dumas' Works
Beadle's Dime Handbooks
The People's Home Journal (Lupton)
Atlantic News Popular Series
The Home
Sunlight Series
Old Sleuth Series (Ottenheimer)
Ainsworth's Great Works
The Broadway Series
Collection "Patrie"
La Guerre infernale
The Young New Yorker
Sergel's Columbian Library
Arcadian Series
American Boy Magazine
Sunshine of Youth
Ballou's Monthly Magazine
Boston Globe
Young Folks' Paper
Student and Schoolmate
Young Israel
Comfort Magazine
Garfield Library, Second Series (Aldine, London)
Alger Series (Ogilvie)
Hilton's Library of Standard Novels
Alger Series for Boys
George W. Goode's Pocket Library
Garfield Library (Aldine, London)
Every Boys' New Monthly
The Moving Picture Boys Series
The Motion Picture Chums Series
Maxwell's Works