The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Star Library
Star Fiction Library
Standard Series of Paper Novels
Standard Series
Standard Literature Series
The Standard Library
Standard Fiction Series (Optimus)
Standard Fiction Series (Laird & Lee)
Standard Fiction Series (Eastern)
Sport Stories
Special Garvice Library
Souvenir Series
Southworth Series
Southworth Library (New Edition)
Southworth Library
Silver Creek Series
Si Klegg Series
Shield Weekly
Shield Series
Shield Detective Series
Sherlock Holmes Library
Sherlock Holmes Detective Library (White)
Sherlock Holmes Detective Library (Royal)
Sherlock Holmes Detective Library (Ottenheimer)
Sheldon Novels
Sheldon Library
Shaw's Novels
Series of Sea Tales
Series of Prize Novels
Series of Military Novels
Series of American Novels
Sergel's International Library, New Series
Select Series
Select Library
Secret Service Series
Seaside Library 25c Edition
Seaside Library, Pocket Edition
Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)
Seaside Library (Jordan Marsh)
Sea Tales
Sea Shore Library
Sea and Shore Series
Savoy Series
Saturday Night
Saturday Library
Rugby Library
Royal Series (White)
Royal Series (Royal Publishing)
Royal Series (Ottenheimer)
Royal Series (Munro)