The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918

Pseudonym: James, Capt. Lew

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Items with "Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918" as Cited Author

Cool Dan, the Sport's Plucky Pard; or, The Mascot of Creede

Items with "Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918" as Credited Author

The All-Round Sports; or, The Keeper of the Seals. A Romance of Glory Flat and Beyond (1 edition)
Banty Billy's Bonanza; or, The Bear-Tamer's Disguise (1 edition)
Belshazzar Brick, the Bailiff of Blue Blazes; or, Four Horse Frank's Frolic at Bad Luck Bar (1 edition)
Billy Bird's Bonanza; or, The Rook-Raven's Root-Out (1 edition)
Captain Cutsleeve; or, Touch-Me-Not, the Little Sport. A Romance of Glory Gulch (1 edition)
Cedar Swamp; or, Wild Nat's Brigade. A Tale of Tory Treachery and Patriot Bravery (5 editions)
The Clubman-Crooks Cat's-Paw; or, One against Seven (1 edition)
Cool Carson (1 edition)
Crack Shot of Coyote Bar; or, A Fresh from 'Friso' (1 edition)
Crack-Shot Daisy's Drop; or, Bronco Billy's Big Brush. A Story of the Rustlers at Double O Ranch (1 edition)
Cyclone Pete, the Silk Hat Detective; or, The Every Ready Sport on his Mettle (1 edition)
Dandy Darke; or, The Tigers of High Pine. A Story of a Camp of Refuge (2 editions)
Derringer Deck, the Man with the Drop; or, Colonel Coldsteel and his Lucky Seven (1 edition)
Desert Alf, the Man with the Cougar; or, The Strange Pilgrimage of Gentle Jack. The Romance of Estacado Desert Kingdom (1 edition)
Diamond Dave, the Gilt-Edge Shooter; or, Daddy Grimes' Deadly Grip (1 edition)
Double Cinch Dan, the Sport with a Charm; or, The Saints of Sunrise (1 edition)
Double-Shot Dave of the Left Hand; or, A Cold Wave at Black Dam (1 edition)
The Dude Detective; or, Phelim McGallagin's Hard Luck Hustle (1 edition)
The Dude from Denver; or, The Game at Ground Hog (1 edition)
The Facts in the Case (1 edition)
Faro Frank of High Pine; or, Dandy Darke's Go-Down Pards (2 editions)
Flip-Flap Fred at Hard Pan; or, The Fakir Detective's Remarkable Ruse (6 editions)
Free Trappers' Pass; or, The Gold-Seeker's Daughter (3 editions)
Fresh Frank, the Derringer Daisy; or, Millions on the Turn (2 editions)
The Frisco Sport; or, The Man from Boston at Paradise Park (1 edition)
The Game at Fair Play (2 editions)
Genteel Jim, Sport-at-Large; or, Doghole Dick's Drop (1 edition)
Gentle Jack, the High Roller from Humbug; or, The Dark Deal at Doubledeck. A Romance of the Gray Mare Mine (1 edition)
Gentleman Dave, the Dead Game Sport; or, The Card Queen of Silver Seam (1 edition)
The Ghost From the Sound (1 edition)
Gilt-Edge Johnny; or, Roldan and His Rovers. The Story of the "Ranch Accursed" (1 edition)
The Girl Sport-Shadower; or, Clark's Close Shave. A Story of the Vigilantes' Chief at Touch-and-Go (1 edition)
Hair Trigger Tom of Red Bend; or, All Wool and a Yard Wide (1 edition)
Hands Up; or, The Knights of the Canyon (1 edition)
The Haunted Hunter; or, Bill Blaze, the Luckless Trapper (4 editions)
Hurrah Harry, the High-Horse from Halcyon; or, High Old Times at Hard Pan (1 edition)
The Hustler Rogue Catcher; or, The Big Blowout at Pay Dirt (1 edition)
In Masquerade; or The Luck of a Free Lance (9 editions)
Johnny's Pocket (1 edition)
Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Lightning Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den (8 editions)
The King-Pin Tramp; or, Hustling Frisco Hoodlums (1 edition)
Kirk King, the Man from Kirby; or, Short-Card Charlie at Boot Jack (1 edition)
The Lady With the Sword (2 editions)
Leonard's "Amen!" (1 edition)
The Lightning Sport; or, The Bad Men at Slaughter Bar (2 editions)
Lucky Lester's Lone Hand; or, Uncle Bedrock's Queer Game at Ginger Flat (1 edition)
Magic Mike, the Man of Frills; or, Bad Ben's Bad Brigade. A Story of the Labryinths at Walnut Bar (1 edition)
Major Sunshine, the Man of Three Lives; or, The Waiting Waifs at Git Thar (1 edition)
Mike, the Indian Rater (1 edition)
Monte Saul, the Sport; or, High Hustling at Dead Latch (1 edition)
Mr. Jackson, the Gent from Jaybird; or, The Mystery of the Lower Drift (1 edition)
Norah's Pard (1 edition)
Old Bill Blaze; or, The Black Squaw (1 edition)
Old Handcart's Big Dump; or, The Rekestraw Ructionist. A Romance of the League at Hard Luck (1 edition)
Oregon, the Sport with a Scar; or, The Best Men of Brace Box (1 edition)
Pinnacle Pete; or, The Fool from Way Back (1 edition)
The Piper Detective; or, The Gilt Edge Gang (1 edition)
Pistol Pards; or, Soft Hand,the Silent Sport from Cinnabar (1 edition)
Poker Pete's Double Dodge; or, The Mighty Close Call (1 edition)
Posy Pete, the Sunflower Sport; or, Steelgrip Steve's Fine Play (1 edition)
Queen Edna, of the Panthers; or, Cyclone Saul's Search (1 edition)
The Rival Rovers; or, Uncle Bedrock's Big Break. A Romance of Paddy's Flat (1 edition)
A Rolling Stone. Incidents in the Career on Sea and Land as Boy and Man, of Col. Prentiss Ingraham, Soldier, Sailor and Wanderer (3 editions)
Royal George, the Three in One; or, The Cold Deck on Blazer's (1 edition)
Seven-Shot Steve, the Sharp with a Smile; or, Dan Garland's Great Clean-Up (1 edition)
Six-Foot Sol, the Sharp-Shooter; or, Johnny on the Spot. A Story of Grizzly Gulch (1 edition)
Snapshot Sam, the Pistol Sharp; or, The Racket at Angels' Flat (1 edition)
Soft Hand Sharp; or, The Man with the Sand (1 edition)
Soft Velvet, the Man from Sandrock; or, The Sports of Gold Bank. A Story of the Ventriloquist Detective's $1,000,000 Search (1 edition)
Solid Pete, The Sport; or, The Masked Riders (1 edition)
A Sport in Spectacles; or, The Bad Time at Bunco (2 editions)
The Sport in Velvet; or, Big Burk's Bluff (1 edition)
The Sport of Silver Bend; or, The Man with the Black Mask (1 edition)
The Stranger Sport's Shake-Up; or, Red-Hot Rube's Racket at Red Bend (1 edition)
Thompson's Angel (1 edition)
Three Handsome Sports; or, The Double Combination (1 edition)
The Tie-To Sport; or, High Hustling at Sinner's Flat (1 edition)
The Two Cool Sports; or, Gertie of the Gulch. A Story of the Hidden City (1 edition)
Two Dead-Square Sports; or, The Fairy Belle Bonanza. A Story of the Ruction at Yellow Dog (1 edition)
Uncle Bedrock's Big Bounce; or, The Bad Men of Mineral Bar. A Romance of Sunken River (1 edition)
The Vagrant Detective (1 edition)
The Watch-Eye Cayuse (1 edition)
When Reuben Awoke (1 edition)
White Wind, Prairie Witch; or, The Rooster of Long Divide (1 edition)