The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918

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Items with "Eyster, William R. (William Reynolds), 1841-1918" as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.

Date Unknown

Cool Carson
Mike, the Indian Rater
The Vagrant Detective


Cedar Swamp; or, Wild Nat's Brigade. A Tale of Tory Treachery and Patriot Bravery


Free Trappers' Pass; or, The Gold-Seeker's Daughter


The Haunted Hunter; or, Bill Blaze, the Luckless Trapper


Dandy Darke, or, The tigers of High Pine
Faro Frank of High Pine, or, Dandy Darke's go-down pards
The Game at Fair Play
Norah's Pard
Pistol pards, or, Soft hand, the silent sport from Cinnabar
Soft hand, sharp, or, The man with the sand


Hands up, or, The knights of the canyon
Leonard's "Amen!"
The lightning sport, or, The bad men at slaughter bar
A Rolling Stone. Incidents in the Career on Sea and Land as Boy and Man of Col. Prentiss Ingraham
The two cool sports, or, Gertie of the Gulch


Captain Cutsleeve, or, Touch-Me-Not, the little sport
Magic Mike, the man of frills, or, Bad Ben's bad brigade


A sport in spectacles, or, The bad time at Bunco


Derringer Deck, the man with the drop, or, Colonel Coldsteel and his lucky seven
Double-Shot Dave of the left hand, or, A cold wave at Black Dam
The Facts in the Case
Jubilee Joe, The Chain-Lightning Detective; or, The Lamb in the Wolf's Den
Royal George, the three in one, or, The cold deck on blazer's
Thompson's Angel
Three handsome sports, or, The double combination


The piper detective, or, The Gilt Edge Gang
Snapshot Sam the pistol sharp, or, The racket at Angel's Flat


Hair Trigger Tom of Red Bend, or, All wool, and a yard wide
Major Sunshine the man of three lives, or, The waiting waifs at Git Thar
Pinnacle Pete, or, The fool from way back


The dude from Denver, or, The game at Ground Hog
Fresh Frank, the derringer daisy, or, Millions on the turn


Belshazzar Brick, the bailiff of Blue Blazes, or, Four Horse Frank's frolic at Bad Luck Bar
The dude detective, or, Phelim McGallagin's hard luck hustle
The Ghost From the Sound
Hurrah Harry, the high-horse from Halcyon, or, High old times at Hard Pan
Oregon, the sport with a scar, or, The best men of Brace Box
Seven Shot Steve, the sharp with a smile, or, Dan Garland's great clean-up


The all around sports, or, The keepers of the seals
Desert Alf, the man with the cougar, or, The strange pilgrimage of gentle jack
Gentle Jack the high roller from Humbug, or, The dark deal at Doubledeck
Johnny's Pocket
Old Handcart's big dump, or, The rakestraw ructionist


Double Cinch Dan, the sport with a charm, or, The saints of Sunrise
Gilt-Edge Johnny, or, Roldan and his rovers
Lucky Lester's lone hand, or, Uncle Bedrock's queer game at Ginger Flat
Mr. Jackson, the gent from Jaybird, or, The mystery of the Lower Drift
The Watch-Eye Cayuse


Flip-Flap Fred at Hard Pan; or, The Fakir Detective's Remarkable Ruse
Old Bill Blaze; or, The Black Squaw
The rival rovers, or, Uncle Bedrock's big break
Uncle Bedrock's big bounce, or, The bad men of Mineral Bar


The hustler rogue catcher, or, The big blow-out at Pay Dirt
The king pin tramp, or, Hustling Frisco hoodlums
Poker Pete's double dodge, or, The mighty close call
The sport of Silver Bend, or, The man with the black mask
The tie-to sport, or, High hustling at Sinners' Flat


Diamond Dave, the gilt-edge shooter, or, Daddy Grimes' deadly grip
Gentleman Dave, the dead game sport, or, The card queen of Silver Seam
Kirk King, the man from Kirby, or, Short-Card Charlie at Boot Jack
Monte Saul, the sport, or, High hustling at Dead Latch


Billy Bird's bonanza, or, The Rook-Ravens root-out
The clubman-crook's cat's-paw, or, One against seven
Crack-Shot Daisy's drop, or, Bronco Billy's big brush
The frisco sport, or, The man from Boston at paradise park
Genteel Jim, sport-at-large, or, Doghole Dick's drop
The sport in velvet, or, Big Burk's bluff
The stranger sport's shake-up, or, Red-Hot Rube's racket at Red Bend


Banty Billy's bonanza, or, The bear-tamer's disguise
The girl sport-shadower, or, Clark's close shave
Posy Pete, the sunflower sport, or, Steelgrip Steve's fine play
Six-foot Sol, the sharp-shooter, or, Johnny on the spot
Soft Velvet, the man from Sandrock, or, The sports of Gold Bank
Two dead-square sports, or, The fairy belle bonanza


Cyclone Pete, the silk hat detective, or, The ever ready sport on his mettle
Queen Edna, of the panthers, or, Cyclone Saul's search


The Lady With the Sword


In Masquerade; or The Luck of a Free Lance


When Reuben Awoke