The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Kidder, M. A. (Mary Ann), 1820-1905

Pseudonym: Holt, Harry J.

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Items with "Kidder, M. A. (Mary Ann), 1820-1905" as Credited Author

Beadle's Dime Speakers

What Became of a Lie

The Chicago Ledger

Motherless Girls
The New Year Call

Demorest's Monthly Magazine


Family Story Paper

Love's True Story

Good News

Be Careful
Christmas Comes to Crown the Year
The Glad New Year
"I Told You So!"
"It Is Never Too Late To Mend"
"Know Thyself"
Marry a Gentleman
Never Get Discouraged
Never Mind It
Old Peter's Christmas
An Open Life
The Right Way and the Wrong Way
Round the Curve
"Slow But Sure!"
That Boy of Mine!*
Work and Win
You Stand As Good A Chance As Any

New York Weekly

Above Temptation
Acrostic - To the New York Weekly
Adventures of a "Pattern"
After All!
"After Dark" And After Dawn
After the Jubilee
After the Storm
All for the Best
"All for the Best"
"All Right At Our House"
Almost Over
Alone With Jesus
Amy's Valentine
The Angel of the Street. A Christmas Poem
Another Day
Arraigned at the Bar
As the Children
Ask Me To-Morrow-Song
At the Fair
At the Last!
At The Matinee
Aunt Betsy's Secret
An Autumn Fancy
Autumn Rain
The Autumn's Morning
Baby Bethels
Baby's Spring Token
Bachelor and Benedict
A Bachelor's Reverie
The Bachelor's Soliloquy on Fashion's Mysteries
Be Careful
Be Careful In Your Choosing
Be Careful What You Say
Be Kind
Be Not Too Sure!
Be Not Weary of Well Doing
Be Sorry In Time
Be Your Own Judge
Bear and Forbear
The Beautiful Autumn
"Beautiful Costumes"
Beautiful Flowers
Beautiful May
The Beautiful Spring Has Come
Beautiful to Me
The Beggar's Lullaby
Benny King
The Better Plan!
Beyond the Vail
Blessings and Burdens
The Blossoms in the Grass
Born To Command
Boston Breezes
Bread and Butter
The Bridal and Burial
Build Firm!
Build Right
Bury Your Dead
But a Trifle
The Captain's Secret
Caring for the Old Folks
Central Park
The Chapters of Life
Children and Flowers
The Children Coming Up
The Children in the Country
Children Our Teachers
Christmas Comes to Crown the Year
Christmas Hymn!
Christmas Joys
Let Us All Remember The Poor
Climbing Up The Hill
Come and Testify to Jesus
Come at Last
Come Back.---Song
"Come Right This Way, Father"
Comfort in Jesus
Coming Through the Barley
The Contented Wife
The Coquette
The Country Girl
Country Quiet
Courage, Brothers, Courage!
Cousin Hugh and I
Cousin Maude
Crowned with Light
Dangerous Ground
The Dawn of Love
Day and Night
The Day That I Was Born
"Dear Father"
A Dear Little Home of my Own
Deeds of Boys
Discarded Butterflies! (A Bachelor's Soliloquy)
Do Not Borrow Trouble
"Don't Give Up The Ship"
Don't Go In! A Temperance Song
Don't Lay It Up
Don't Tell Me You Love Me, But Prove It
The Drunkard's Home
Dry Up Your Tears
Dying Faith
The Dying Summer
The Editor's Table
Eternal Light
Everyday Fancies
The Factory Girl
Faint Not By The Way
Faithful Margaret
Fallen Asleep
Farewell, Dolly Varden
A Father's Soliloquy
Father, Ever Keep Me Near Thee
The Feast of the Innocents
"Feed my Lambs"
Filial Affection---Modern
Flowers and Weeds
For Another
Freaks of Fortune
French War Troubles
A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother", "
Friends Tried and True, They Are But Few
From 12 to 1 P. M.
"From Palace to Prison"
"Give Him A Chance"
"Give Me Clean Lips"
The Glad New Year
The Glory Of Man Is Strength
"God Bless You!"
God's Sweet Compassion
"God's Will Be Done"
Going Abroad
Going Home
"Going Where Father Goes"
Gold Fever
The Golden Bond of Brotherhood
Golden Time
Gone, But Not Lost
"Good News and Glad Tidings"
Hail! All Hail!
Hands, Feet, And Tongue
Hannah's Perversity
Hard To Suit
"Have Charity"
"Have You A Home?"
Have You Ever Lost a Child?
Have You Tried?
Having and Giving
"He Died From Home"
He'll Come When I Call Him
A Healthy Tongue
A Heart of Fire
Heavenly Harmonies
The Hebrew Hero
"Here, Newsboy!"
His Wife's Judgment
The Home Choir
"Home Decorations"
Home Life
A Home Scene
Home the Best Place
Horses' Rights
How Can A Woman Tell?
How Can We Tell?
How Do You Know?
How it Happened
How Jack Saved His Enemy
"How Many?"
The Humble New-Year Call
Hungry and Cold
Hunting For Quail
Hymn of Aspiration
The Hypochondriac to the Spring
I Am Happy, Mother, Darling
"I Believe In My Mother's God" [The Soldier's Creed]
"I Have Enough!"
"I Have No Time"
I Haven't Got A Penny. Young America's Soliloquy
I Love Him For Himself
I Love Thee Yet, Don't Fear!
"I Told You So!"
"I Want No Harp In Heaven"
"I Will Come Back To-Night"
I Will Trust Him
I Will Wait
I Would Marry in the Spring-Time
I'll Stand Up For Mother
I'll Wait Awhile Longer
I'll Watch and Wait
If I Knew It Came From Paris!
"In God's Good Time"
"Is God Dead?"
Is He Coming?
Is It Fair?
Is It Far?
Is My Name Written There?
Isn't That Good News?
"It Is Done!"
"It Is Never Too Late To Mend"
It Is Not So
"It Is Well With The Child"
It Seemeth Long
It Was True
Jack Tar's First Glimpse at the Last Fashion
James Cartwright's Twins
A Jealous Woman's Confession
Jesus Died for All
"Jesus Wants You"
Jesus Will Open The Door
"Joe's Luck"
June Roses
Keep Me Humble
Keeping Still
The Key-Note
"Know Thyself"
Lady Lisle
The Last!", "
Lay Up A Little
Lead Me Along The Heavenly Way
Lead Me, My Father!
The Lesson of the Hour
Lessons for the Young (To be read in these days of dangerous infidel teachings)
Let Me Do Right
Let Me Work
Let the Little Children Pray. A Missionary's Touching Story
Let Us Practice What We Preach
"Let Well Enough Alone"
"Let, Me Go Home!"
Letters to Girls
Letters to Girls: "Butterfly" Raiment
Life Is What We Make It
Lift Him Up
Lift Up Your Fallen Sister
The Light-House-Keeper's Daughter
"Like a Shock of Corn"
Little Bessie
Little Children Love the Snow
A Little Incident*
The Little Ones
Live An Open Life
"Live It Down!"
Looking Down Over The Cliff
Lord, Break This Heart Of Mine
Lord, Send Me
Lord, Take My Hand
Lord, Turn Back the Hand of Crime
Love's Age!
Love's Golden Chain
Love's Phonograph
The Lovers' Misunderstanding
Lucky Days
The Lucky Man
The Magical Ocean
"Make Room for Jesus"
Man vs Woman
A Man With An Evil Eye
Managing for Papa
Marry a Gentleman
Mary Ann
Mary's Plea
Maud's Summer Afternoon
May and December
May Fancies
The Memorial May-Time
Mine for Life
The Miser's Prayer
Mistakes of a Life-Time
A Model Husband
"More Prayer"
A Mortal After All
"Mother is Dead!"
Mother Love
A Mother's Love
A Mother's Trust
Mr. Bodkins' Silver Wedding
My Baby
My Bouquet
My Family Affairs
My First Valentine
My Future Husband. A Maiden's Soliloquy
My Girls and Boys
My Heart Would Have An Answer
My Husband and I
My Husband's Rich Relations
My Jewels
My Kingdom
My Little One
My Little Ones
"My Mother, Sir"
My Only Girl
My Outlook
My Pen and Ink
My Robin
My Ships
My Soldier's Grave
My Sorrow
My Spring
My Summer at Brookside
My Treasure
My Treasures
My Wife
Never and Ever
Never Mind
Never Mind It
New "Marching Along"
New Year's Morning
Next Year's Promise
"No Home!"
No Shoes in December
"No. 777"
Nobody's Help Like Your Own!
None Remember Me
Noonday Picture
"Not All Rest"
Not Far
Nothing But Sin
"Nothing Left!"
Nothing New
Nothing New To Please Me!
Nothing New!
Nothing to Do!
Oh! When?
Old Before Her Time
The Old Gray Shawl
Old Mrs. Perkins; or, The May Flitting
Old Peter's Christmas
The Old Year and the New
Old-Fashioned Love
The Old-Fashioned Mother
On the Atlantic
One Letter
One Match Too Many
One Valentine
One Week Ago
Only a Baby
"Only a Fashion-Plate!"
Only a Minor
Only an Editor
The Only One", "
"Only this Time"
Other People's Children
Our Boy at the Sea-Side
Our Milkman
Our Necessity
Our Queen
Our Robin Red-Breast
Our Summer Work
"Out of the Dark"
Out of the Darkness
Out On The Sea
Over the Way
Painting on the Rocks
The Parson's Fee
The Parting At The Beach
The Pauper's Lot
The Philosopher and the Grumbler
The Pic-nic Party
Picnic Song
Pleasant Reading
A Pledge Before We Part
Plenty of Time
The Poor Man's Holiday
Pray, Mothers, Pray
Pray, Oh, Are You Praying?
Prettiest of All
Pretty Jenny
Put Them Down
A Quadroon's Story
Read the Child a Story
A Real Friend
The Reason Why
Remember the Children
Remember the Poor
The Right Way and the Wrong Way
Romance of the Day
Rose at the Window
Rose Revere
Rose-Crowned: Temperance Song
Roses and Thorns
Rosie Bland
Rosy Childhood
Round the Curve
The Ruined Home
"Sailed To-Day!"
"Save Me Now, Lord"
Saved by Grace
Saviour of Men
The Scarlet Hood
A Scolding Tongue
The Secret. [?]
Send Something
Send Us The Flood, Lord
She Can Never Be Mine
She Is A Woman, Remember
Ship News
The Ship of Delf
Shopping Trials
Shut In!
The Silent Clock
Silver Leafed Poplar
Sing Me Something Pleasant
Sleighing Song
"Slow But Sure!"
The Small Request
The Smooth Path and the Rugged Road
The Snow-Mantle
"So Fate Willed It!"
Something Gone!
Song of the Types
Song-Love's Call
Song: Don't Marry Him, Jane
A Spoiled Child
Spring's Delay
Spring's First Blossoms
Spring-Tide Fancies
A Step or Two
"Still on the Rocks"
The Strange Christmas Story
The Street Child
The Struggle for Life
"Such As It Is!"
Suffer Them to Come Unto Me
Summer Joys
Summer Roses
Summer Time
Sunday Morning
The Swallows' Strike
Sweet Eglantine
Sweet May Time
Take It Home To Yourself
Take Us Inside
"Taking Account of Stock"
The Tale of Scandal
The Tale of the Winds
Teach the Truth
A Teacher's Prayer
Temperance Pledge---Copartnership Notice
Tender Words
That Aggravating Woman
That Awful Boy*
That Boy of Mine!*
"The Last Plank"
They Loved One Another!
Thrice Married
The Time for Action
"Time Well Spent"
Time Will Tell
"Time Will Tell!"
To A Fellow Woman-Worker
To A Sewing-Girl
To An Aged Mother
To Be Continued
To My Wife
To the Country Maiden
To Wives
To Young Ladies. Clean Lips and a Pure Heart
To-Day and To-Morrow
Too Bright to Last
Too Genteel!
Treat Him Kindly
True As Love Could Make Her
True Salvation
Trust In Mother
Trust Me, Cathleen
Try it a Year!
A Turn of Fortune's Wheel
The Two Verdicts
Under And Over The Snow
The Unfortunate Dimple
The Unwelcome Guest
Upward Bound
The Vender's Story
The Watering-Place
"We Buried Our Babe At Sea"
We'll Go Up And Take the Land
We'll Not Forget The Poor
Welcome Back to School
What Can I Do?
What Good Have I Done in the World?
"What Is A Reported?"
What Is That To Me
What One Day Brought
What Shall My Recompense Be!
Whatever I Do, Let Me Do to the Glory of God!
Wheat and Tares
When My Hair Has Turned Gray
When We Go Up From Jordan
Where to Sow
Which Was The True Love?
Which Was To Blame?
Who Is Your Doctor?
Who Knows?
Who Will Have Him To-Night?
Wife and I
Will You Please Lead Me To Jesus
Winning the Colors
Winter Roses
Woman's Rights
Woman, Give Us True Woman
Work and Win
The Working Girl
Ye Are Bidden To A Feast
"Yes" And "No"
Yesterday and To-Day
You Do Not Love Me
You Stand As Good A Chance As Any
You Told Me You Loved Me!
You'll Not Forget Us
Young Girls
The Young Man's Romance
Your Autograph
Your Monument

The People's Home Journal (Lupton)

Keep Me Humble