The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Sara, Delle, Colonel

Pseudonym For: Aiken, Albert W., 1846-1894

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Items with "Sara, Delle, Colonel" as Credited Author

Note: This list is sorted by the earliest known dated edition for each title; earlier editions may exist.

Date Unknown

The Abbot's Slave, An Old English Story
After Blue Off Nantucket
The Assassin of Ruelle, An Episode in the Life of Richelieu
Billy Buttons, The Snake-Catcher, A Yarn of Sandusky, Ohio, in the Olden Time
The Cayman of Carribee
The Dark Lady of Dundee, A Scottish Legend
A Day at Miller's Bayou, A Fishing Trip in Louisiana
The Fayre Ladye of Lambeth, A Story of England in the Days of Charles II
Gay Gomez's Wager, A Legend of Old Spain
The Greasers of Guyamas, A Tale Told in the Middle Watch
The Huguenot Captain, A Romance of France in the Olden Time
Johnnie Armstrong; or, The King of the Moss-Troopers, A Romance of the Scottish Border
Lady Elinore's Champion, An Old English Tale
Marco's Jaguar, A Story of the Bolivian Andes
McPherson's Ride, A Frontier Sketch
My Arab Angel, A Story of the Great Syrian Desert
Osceola's Oath, A Story of the Florida Everglades
Paddy's Blunder; or, The Capture of the Pass, An Incident of the Sepoy Rebellion
The Poisoner's Son, An Italian Tale
The Prisoner's Pet, A French Romance
The Rival Lovers, A Story of the Great English Civil War
The Rivals of Vendotina, A Story of Milan
The Royal Scamp, A French Tale
The Royal Spy, A Story of New Haven in the Olden Time
Snake Hill, A Jersey Yarn of Bergen County
The Strange Woman, A Persian Legend
A Taste of the Guillotine, A Story of the Reign of Terror
Three Roads to Fortune, An Arabian Legend
The Vengeance of Bothwellhaught, A Scottish Tale
The Warrior Lovers, A Moorish Romance
The Witch's Daughter; or, The Tragedy of the Wishing-Well of Cairn Toul. A Scottish Legend
The Wreck of the Golden Keys, A Story of the Spanish Main
Wycommet, the Saco, A Story of Colonial New England


Silver Sam; or, The Mystery of Deadwood City


The Lion of the Sea; or, The Vailed Lady of San Tropez


The Scarlet Captain; or, The Prisoner of the Tower, A Story of Heroism
Shamus O'Brien, The Bould Boy of Glingal; or, Irish Hearts and Irish Homes


Cool Desmond; or, The Gambler's Big Game, A Romance of the Regions of the Lawless