The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Banner Weekly

A Cold in the Head
Simon Short's Son Samuel

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The "Dead Beat" in Politics
The "Free and Equal" Humbug
The "Question"—How It Can Be Treated
The "Question"—How To Be Considered
The "Right of Secession", A Fallacy
An Accession to the Family
The Actor
Address to a Class of Young Ladies
Address to a School
An Address to Young Men
Adjuration to Duty and Honor
An Adjuration
After the Battle
An Agricultural Address
All Hail!
America Must Be Free
The American Phalanx
Amnesty and Love
Appeal for Liberty
Appeal in Behalf of American Liberty
Apples and their Application
Are We A Nation?
Arguing the Question
Artemas Ward's Oration
Artemus Ward's Advice to Husbands
Artemus Ward's Trip to Richmond
At Midnight
The Authors of Our Liberty
An Awful Warning
A Baby's Soliloquy
Bachelors and Flirts
The Bashful Man's Story
A Bathettic Ballad
Be Good to the Body
Be Miserable
Be of Good Cheer
Be Sure You Are Right, Then Go Ahead
Be True to Yourself!
The Beauties of the Law
Beautiful Thoughts
Beautiful, and as True as Beautiful
Ben Buster's Stump Oration
The Beneficence of the Sea
The Bible
The Bible
Big Geniuses
The Birthday of Washington
Biting One's Nose Off
The Blessings of Farm Life
The Boots
Boy Suffrage
A Boy's Opinion of Hens
The Boy's Philosophy
A Boy's Testimony
Breakers Ahead!
British Barbarity
British Influence
A Broken Household
Broken Resolutions
Bromley's Speech
Burial of Lincoln
The Burst Bubble
By-Laws of a Debating Society
Byron Christy's Burlesque Stump Speech
Caesar Squash on Heat
Cage Them!
A Call to Liberty
A Call to the Field!
A Call to Vote
Calling the Yeas and Nays
A Candidate for President
The Candy-Pulling
Carl Pretzel's Lecture on Man
Carl Pretzel's Leedle Speedchers
The Case of Mr. McBeth
The Case of Young Bangs
A Catastrophe
Caudle's Wedding Day
Centennial Oration
The Chairman's Guide
Character and Achievement
Charles Dickens on Horses
Cheer Up
Christianity Our Bulwark
The Citizen's Heritage
Civil and Religious Liberty
Civil Service Reform
Clayfoot's Spirit Race
Clory Mit Ter Sthars Und Sthripes
Clothes Don't Make the Man
Colonel Sellers Elucidates
A Colored View of "The Situation"
Comic Grammar
Comic Grammar, No. 2
The Coming Man
The Coming Mustache
Condensed Mythology
Conscience the Best Guide
Considering Reports, Papers, Etc.
Constitution of a Debating Society
Crabbed Folks
The Creownin' Glory of the United States
The Criminal Lawyer
The Crisis of our National Disease
The Critical Moment
Crockett's Advice to Office Seekers
The Crow
The Crowning Glory
A Cry for Life
The Cry of Womanhood
The Curse of One Man Power
The Cycles of Progress
Daking a Schweat
Dan Bryant's Celebrated Stump Speech
Dar's Nuffin New Under De Sun
A Dark Warning
Dat's W'at's De Matter!
The Day of Disinthrallment
De Circumstances Ob De Sitiwation
De Filosofy of Fun
De Goose
De Parson Sowed De Seed
Debate in Full: Which is the Greatest Benefit to his Country—The Warrior, Statesman, or Poet?
The Debating Club
The Debating Society
The Declaration of Independence
The Decorum of Debate
Defense of Thomas Jefferson
The Delights of Spring
Der Loddery Dicket
Dhere Vas No Crying High Above
Died of Whiskey
Digestion and Paradise
The Disappointed Discoverer
The Disconcerted Candidate
Discoveries of Galileo
The Dishonesty of Politics
Distinction's Disadvantages
Doctor De Blister's Announcement
Dodds versus Daubs
Don't Call a Man a Liar
Don't Depend On Daddy
Don't Despond
"Dot Musquiter"
Dow, Jr.'s Lectures
The Dread Secret
A Dream!
Drive On!—Drive On!
Drum-Head Sermons
A Drunken Soliloquy
The Due Order of Questions
Dundreary's Wisdom
A Dutch Sermon
Duties of American Citizens
The Duty of Christian Patriots
Early Retiring and Rising
Early Rising
Early Rising. A Sad Man's Views
The Ear— An Eassay on a Prominent Topic
The Editor
Effects of Intemperance
The Eloquence of James Otis
Emancipation of Science
The Ends of Peace
An Enemy to Society
The Equality of Man
Esop's Fables
An Essa onto Musik
An Essay on Cheek
The Eternal Hymn
Eulogium on Henry Clay
The Evil Beast
Evils of Ignorance
Exercises in Prose and Verse
An Exhortation to Patriots
Extracts from President Lincoln's Message Extra Session of Congress, July 4th, 1861
Extracts from the Last Speech Made by Stephen Arnold Douglas, Delivered at Chicago, May 1st, 1861
Extracts From Thomas Francis Meagher's Address Before the "Monster Irish Festival," Held at Jones' Wood (Near New York City), August 29th, 1861
The Eye
Falstaff's Soliloquy on Honor
A Familiar Lecture on Science
Farmer Thornbush on Fools
Fashionable Women
A Fearless Plea
Fern Thistles
Foggy Thoughts
A Foreigner's Tribute
Formation of a Debating Society
A Fourth of July Oration
Free Italy
Freedom the Only Hope
Freedom the Watchword
Frequent Critters
A Fruitful Discourse
The Fruits of the War
A Genewine Inference
George Francis Train's Speech Before the Brotherhood of St. Patrick, in London
The Glass Railroad
Gnarled Lives
God's Liquor
Golden Rules
Good Advice
Good Faith
A Good Life
Good Manners - A Homiletic
Good Nature
The Good Old Times, Indeed!
The Good Old Times
Good-Nature, What a Blessing!
The Gospel of Autumn
Gotlieb Klebcyergoss on the War
Gottlieb Klebcyergoss Again
The Great Commoner
The Great Lesson to Learn
Great Lives Imperishable
Gretchen Und Me Go Oud
The Hamerican Voodchuck
Hamlet's Soliloquy
Hans Donderbeck's Wedding
Hans Schlackenlichter's Snake
Hans Schwackheimer versus Woman's Suffrage
Hans Von Speigel's Fourth of July Oration
A Hard-Shell Sermon
The Hardest Lot of All
A Hardshell Sermon
The Harp of a Thousand Strings
He Didn't Sell
He is Everywhere
A Healthy Discourse
The Heart
Heroism and Daring
Hezekiah Dawson on Mothers-In-Law
Hifalutin Adolphus
Hints to a Chairman
History of a Life
History of our Flag
The Hog
Hon. J. Moses Stubbs' Views "On The Sitation"
Honesty is the Best Policy
Honor to the Dead
The Horse
The House-Maid
How Freedom is Won
How Much We Owe to the Union
How Named
How to Be a Fireman
How To Debate
How to Report
How to Save the Republic
Human Nature
Humbug Patriotism
Hun-Ki-Do-Ri's Fourth of July Oration
"I Can't"
I Have Drank My Last Glass
The Idler
If You Mean No, Say No
The Illigant Affair at Muldoon's
The Immortality of Patriots
Immortality of the Soul
"In a Just Cause"
In For The Railroad
Influences of Liberty
The Instability of Successful Crime
Intellectual and Moral Power
Intelligence the True Basis of Liberty
Interrupting a Vote
An Invitation to the Bird of Liberty
The Irish Element
The Irish of It
The Irishman's Panorama
"It Might Have Been"
It's Office and Usefulness
The Italian Struggle
Italy's Alien Ruler
The Itching Palm
J. Caesar Pompey Squash's Sermon
Jack Sprat
Jacob Whittle's Speech
Jeriah Jebooms' Oration
Jerks Prognosticates
Jesus Forever
Jim Wolfe and the Cats
Jo Bows on Leap Year
Joan of Arc
Johnny Shrimps on Boats
Johnny Shrimps' View of Amusements
Josh Billings on Courting
Josh Billings on Laughing
Josh Billings on the Buzzers
Josh Billings' Advice to the Graduating Class, or Any Other Class on Break-Up Day
Josh Billings' Lecturing Raid Through the State of Maine
Josh Billings's Views
Josiah Axtell's Oration
Judge Not Thy Brother
Judges Not Infallible
Keep Cool
A Kentuckian's Appeal
Kentucky Steadfast
King William Rufus
The Kings of Business
Konsentrated Wisdum
The Ladies' Man
The Land We Love
The Language of the Eagle
The Last of the Sarpints
The Latest Chinese Outrage
Latin Quotations and Phrases
A Lay Sermon
Leatherlung's Con and Pro
Lecter on Wimmen's Rites
Let It Alone
Let the Childless Weep
The Liberal Candidate
Liberty and Union
Liberty of Speech
Life Is Just What You Make It
Life Is What We Make It
Lights Out
The Lime-Kiln Club Oration
The Limits to True Happiness
The Lion in Love
A Little Big Man
A Little Correspondent
Little Sermons
Little Things
Live for Good
Live For Something
Local Rules of Debate
Local Rules of Order
The Logic of Debate
Look Upward!
Looking Backward
Love of Country
Loyalty to Liberty Our Only Hope
Macbeth and the Dagger
Man's Connection with the Infinite
A Man's True Relation to Society
Man, Generically Considered
Manifest Destiny
The Manifest Destiny of the Irishman
Mark Twain's Good Little Boy
Mark Twain's Oration on the 19th Century
Mars and Cats
The Matter-of-Fact Man
Maxims to Observe
The Mechanic
Mein Tog Shneid
A Meteoric Disquisition
A Michigander in France
Mind Your Own Business
The Miseries of War
The Modern Fraud
The Modern Good
The Modern Puritan
The Moon
Moral Desolation
The Moral Factor
Moral Littleness
Morality's Worst Enemy
Mose Skinner's Silver Wedding
The Most Precious Gift
The Mountebank
A Moving Sermon
Mr. Lo, According to the New Verison
Mr. Puff's Account of Himself
Mr. Spicer's Views of Married Life
Mrs. Caudle's Umbrella Lecture
A Mule Ride
Murder Will Out
My 4th of July Sentiments
My Castle in Spain
My Country
My Dream
The Mystery of Life
The National Ensign
The National Flag
National Hatreds Are Barbarous
Natural History
Nature and Nature's God
The Neck
A Negro Lecture on Locomotion
A New Declaration
The New Dispensation
New England and the Union
New England Weather
The New Era of Labor
The New Essay on Man
The New Mythology
The New Scriptures
The Niam Niams
No Alternative But Liberty
No Peace with Oppression
A Noble Plea
Now and Then
Now is the Time
Objects of a Committee
Observations of Good Authorities
The Ocean Storm
Of Subsidiary Motions
The Office-Seeker
Old Age
The Old Bachelor
Old Bachelors
Old Caudle's Umbrella
Old Ocean
"Old Scrooge"
Old Things
Oliver Hazard Perry
On Keeping At It
On Lager
On Shanghais
The One Great Need
One Hundred Years Ago
The Only Safety
The Only True Nobility
The Onus of Slavery
Oration on the Closing Year
The Orator of the Day
Order of Business or Proceedings
The Order of Business
Order of the Argument
Ordinary Meetings and Assemblies
Organization of Deliberative Bodies, Conventions, Annual or General Assemblies, Etc.
The Organization
Ossian's Address to the Sun
Our Cause
Our Country
Our Country First, Last, and Always
Our Country's Future
Our Country's Greatest Glory
Our Destiny
Our Domain
Our Duties
Our Gifts to History
Our Great Inheritance
Our Great Trust
Our Natal Day
Our Natal Day
Our Only Hope
Our Responsibility
Our True Future
Parson Caldwell
Pastor Barebones's Anathema
Pat O'Flaherty on Woman's Rights
Pat's Correspondence
The Patriot's Choice
A Patriotic "Splurge"
The Penalty of Selfishness
Penny Wise and Pound Foolish
The People Always Conquer
The People
Permanency of States
The Permanent Nature of the National Government
Permanent Organization
Picnic Delights
The Pill Peddler's Oration
Playing Ball
Plea for Ireland
A Plea for Skates
A Plea for Smiles
Plea for the Maine Law
A Plea for the True Republic
Plenty Small's Proclamashun
Political Stump Speech
Pompey Squash on Independence
Poor Richard's Sayings, As Annotated by Lord Dundreary
Popular Indifference Denounced
The Power of an Idea
Practical Phrenology
Prayer to Light
The Precious Freight
The Precious Heritage
Preliminary Organization
The Preliminary Premise
Prerequisites to Oratorical Success
The Present Age
Pretzel As A Soldier
Pretzel's Speech Before The Illinois Assembly
The Printing Press
Prof. Snuffles on Electricity
Professor Dinkelspeigelmann on the Origin of Life
The Professor on Phrenology
Pumpernickel and Popschikoff
Purity of Speech
Purity of the American Struggle
The Purse and the Sword
Queer People
The Raccoon
The Rain
Rasher at Home
The Real Conqueror
The Rebellion of 1861
Reckermemper Der Poor
Religion the Keystone
Repeal! Repeal!
Resistance to Oppression
A Review of "The Situation"
The Rhetoric of Debate
The Right of Neutrality
The Right of Self-Preservation
Right of the Federal Government to Exist
The Right of the People
Rights of Speaker as Against a Decision of the Chair
Rights to the Floor
Romeo and Juliet
Rules of Government
Rules of Order and Procedure
Running for the Legislature
Ruth and Naomi
The Sabbath
The Sabbath
A Sad Story
Sam Slick's Definition of a Sweetheart and a Wife
Saturday Night's Enjoyments
Save the Republic!
Scandal. A Drum Head Sermon
The Scholar's Dignity
Scientific Lectures
Scipio Scrogg's Questions
Scorn of Office
The Sea, the Sea, the Open Sea!
The Sea-Serpent
Seed Time and Harvest
Seeing the Eclipse
Self-Evident Truths
Sergeant Buzfuz in the Case of Bardell vs. Pickwick
A Sermon for the Sisters
A Sermon on the Feet
A Shakesperian Scholar
A Sheep Story in Prosy Rhyme
Sherman's Reply to Hood
Short Anatomical Lecture: The Heart
Short Anatomical Lecture: The Lungs
Short Sermon
A Short Sermon from the Hard-Shell Baptist
A Shot at the Decanter
The Silent Teacher
Sink or Swim
The Six-Year-Old's Protest
A Smile
Social Science
Sorrowful Tale of a Servant Girl
Sour Grapes
The Source of True Reform
Speaking for the Sheriff
The Spirit of Forgiveness
The Spirit-Siren
Sprays From Josh Billings
Stability of Christianity
Stand By The Constitution
The Star Bangled Spanner
The State Immortal
The Statesman's Labors
Stay Where You Belong
Stealing Fire—The Story of Prometheus Modernized
The Story of the Little Rid Hin
The Street Arab's Sermon
A String of Onions
A Stump Speech from the Constable
Subjects for Discussion
The Successful Life
Sut Lovengood at a Candy Pulling
The Swell
Swelling Manhood
The Sword the True Arbiter
Systems of Belief
Taste Not
Te Pesser Vay
Tecumseh's Speech to the Creek Warriors
A Telling Plea
Temptations of Large Cities
Terrence O'Dowd's Patriotism
Terrible T-Tale
Territorial Expansion
A Texan Eulogium
A Thanksgiving Sermon
That Donation Party
That's What's The Matter
Their Powers
The Thermopylae
They May Be Happy Yet
A Thought
Three Fools
Through the Wood of Stars
Time's Soliloquy
Timidity is Treason
Tobacco, Boys!
Tommy Taft
Touch of the Sublime
The Tragedy at Four Ace Flat
The Treasures of the Deep
Treatment of Petitions
The Treaty of Peace
The Tropics Uncongenial to Greatness
True Character of the Revolution
True Cleanliness
True Fame
A True Friend
The True Gentleman
The True Greatness of Our Country
The True Heroes
The True Higher Law
True Immortality
True Law and False
True Manhood
True Moral Courage
True Nationality
The True Saviors
The True Scholar
The True Story of Franklin's Kite
The True Union
The Truly Great
Turkey Dan's Fourth of July Oration
The Twenty-Second of February
The Two Dogs—A Fable
The Two Lives
The Two Lives
The Unbeliever
The Unfinished Problems of the Universe
The Union a Household
The Union and its Results
The Union Square Speeches
The Union
The United States
Unjust National Acquisitions
The Unwritten 'Claws' of the Constitution
The Use of Time
Vagaries of Popping the Question
A Valediction
Value of Life Work
Value of Reputation
The Value of Virtue
Ven T'e Tide Cooms In
The Venomous Worm
A Very Smart Boy's Opinion
A Victim of the Toothache
Views on Agriculture
The Want of the Country
The Want of the Hour
War and Dueling
War, War to the Death
Washington and Franklin
Washington's True Attributes
The Watches of the Night", "
Webster's Political System
What England Has Done
What is True Happiness?
What is War?
What Was Learned
What We Are
What We See In The Sky
When Not to Sit
When You're Down
Where the Hen Scratches
The Whisky Why Is It
Who are the Free?
Who is my Opponent?
Who Rules
Whom to Honor
Why There Are Few Good Debaters
The Wolf and the Lamb
Wolfe's Address to his Army
Woman's Claims
Woman's Love
Woman's Rights
Woman's Rights
Woman: God Bless Her
A Word With Snooks
A Word With You
Words of Silver
The Work of Faith
The Work To Do
The World We Live In
The World
Worth Makes The Man
The Wrong and the Right Road
Wrongs of the Indians
Yankee Doodle Aladdin
Yawcob Hoffeltegobblegunst's Treason
"Young America" on Progress
1. The Dime Speaker
2. Beadle's Dime National Speaker
3. Beadle's Dime Patriotic Speaker
4. Beadle's Dime Comic Speaker
5. Beadle's Dime Elocutionist
6. Beadle's Dime Humorous Speaker
7. Beadle's Dime Standard Speaker
8. Beadle's Dime Stump Speaker
9. Beadle's Dime Juvenile Speaker
10. Beadle's Dime Spread-Eagle Speaker
11. The Dime Debater, and Chairman's Guide
12. The Dime Exhibition Speaker
13. The Dime School Speaker
14. The Dime Ludicrous Speaker
15. Carl Pretzel's Komikal Speaker
16. The Dime Youth's Speaker and Reform Orator
17. The Dime Eloquent Speaker
18. The Dime Hail Columbia Speaker
19. Beadle's Dime Serio-Comic Speaker
20. The Dime Select Speaker
21. The Dime Funny Speaker
22. The Dime Jolly Speaker
23. The Dime Dialect Speaker
24. Dime Book of Recitations and Readings
25. The Dime Burlesque Speaker

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The Saturday Journal

The Tramp's Views of Life

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

1649. Seed Time and Harvest

Trans-Atlantic Novels

20. The World We Live In