The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Adams, Grizzly, 1812-1860

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Bruin Adams, Old Grizzly's Boy Pard. Scenes of Wild Adventure in the Life of the Boy Ranger of the Rocky Mountains


Old Grizzly Adams, the Bear Tamer; or, "The Monarch of the Mountains." Thrilling Adventures in the Life of the Famous "Wild Hermit of the Rockies," and "Grizzly Bear Tamer," as he was known from Montana to Mexico, and Whose Deeds of Daring, as Indian Trailer, Savage Beast Conqueror, and Mountain Regulator, would Fill Volumes
Old Grizzly, The Bear-Tamer; or, The Wild Huntress of the Rocky Mountains


Young Grizzly Adams, the Wild Beast Tamer: A Story of Circus Life