The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Series - Adventure Series (Buckeye/Westbrook)

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Publishers: Arthur Westbrook Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
Buckeye Publishing Co. (Cleveland (Ohio)) -- United States
Category: Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")
Issues: 139
Dates: 1908-1934
Schedule: Bi-monthly (later numbers were issued sporadically)
Price: 20¢, 6 for $1.00. Later, price was reduced to 15¢
Size: 7 x 5"
Pages: 200 to 300
Illustrations: Colored pictorial cover
Contents: Jesse James stories believed to be original. The Jeff Clayton stories were reprinted and rewritten from Sexton Blake stories which were originally published in England in the Union Jack. The detective, Old Sleuth and a sprinkling of popular novels of the days were also featured.
Notes / Commentary:

Although the series was issued during the dates stated above, they were kept in print until 1934. In some cases new illustrations were used on the covers.

The first 100 or so issues were very thick, some over 1 1/2" thick. In subsequent editions the paper used was thinner and the books were consequently much thinner and pliable.

Primary Data Source: LeBlanc
Data Entry Status: Done, Believed Complete


1. The Murderer of New Orleans. A Story of Hypnotism, Passion and Crime
2. The James Boys of Old Missouri, and Their Band of Border Bandits
3. The Black Box Murder
4. Harry Tracy, the Death Dealing Oregon Outlaw
5. The Passenger from Scotland Yard
6. The Younger Brothers, the Border Outlaws
7. The Dalton Gang, the Bandits of the Far West
8. Rube Burrow, the King of Train Robbers
9. Jesse James' Dash for Fortune; or, The Raid on the Kansas City Fair
10. Jesse James' Knight-Errant; or, The Rescue of the Queen of the Prairies
11. Jesse James' Midnight Raid; or, the Fight at Battle Mountain
12. Jesse James' Greatest Haul; or, The Daylight Robbery of the Russellville Bank
13. Jesse James' Revenge; or, The Hold-up of the Train at Independence
14. Jesse James' $100,000 Robbery; or, The Hold-up of the Chicago and Alton Train
15. Jesse James' Nemesis; or, The Pinkerton's Oath
16. Jesse James' Terrible Raid; or, The Extermination of the Mexican Bandits
17. Jesse James' Boast; or, Who Killed Daniel Askew
18. Jesse James' Desperate Game; or, The Robbery of the Ste. Genevieve Bank
19. Jesse James' Long Chance; or, The Robbery of the Northfield Bank
20. Jesse James' Battle for Freedom; or, The Fight at Monclava
21. Jesse James, Gentleman; or, The Hold-up of the Mammoth Cave Stage
22. Jesse James' Bluff; or, The Escape from the Chinese High-binders
23. Jesse James' Wild Night; or, The Wrecking of the Rock Island Train
24. Jesse James' Brutal Shot; or, The Murder in the Gallatin Bank
25. Jesse James' Daylight Foray; or, The Looting of the Bank at Croydon, Iowa
26. Jesse James' Threat; or, The Hold-up of the Train at Winston
27. Jesse James' Mid-Winter Lark; or, The Plundering of the Iron Mountain Train
28. Jesse James' Mistake; or, Foiled by Death
29. Jesse James' Race for Life; or, Trailed by the Vigilantes
30. Jesse James' Ruse; or, The Mystery of the Two Highwaymen
31. Jesse James' Bold Stroke; or, The Double Bank Robbery
32. Jesse James' Midnight Attack; or, The Bandits' Revenge on the Vigilantes
33. Jesse James' Daring Joke; or, The Kidnapping of a Bank President
34. Jesse James' Blackest Crime; or, The Destruction of the Overland Stage
35. Jesse James' Nerve; or, The Hold-up of the Missouri Pacific Train
36. Jesse James' Narrow Escape; or, Ensnared by a Woman Detective
37. Jesse James' Last Chance; or, Outwitting the Secret Service Posse
38. Jesse James' Surprise; or, The Looting of the Huntington Bank
39. Jesse James' Legacy; or, Winning Through Death
40. Jesse James' Silver Trail; or, The Plundering of the Mexican Muleteers
41. Jesse James' Ring of Death; or, The Fate of the Texas Rangers
42. Jesse James' Mysterious Foe; or, The Pursuit of the Man in Black
43. Jesse James' Fate; or, The End of the Crimson Trail
44. Jeff Clayton's Lost Clue; or The Mystery of the Wireless Murder
45. Jeff Clayton's strange quest; or, On the trail of a ghost
46. Jeff Clayton's Thunderbolt; or, The Pursuit of the Deep Sea Smugglers
47. Jeff Clayton's Man-Trap; or, The Inn of Terror
48. Jeff Clayton's White Mission; or, In the Service of the King
49. Jeff Clayton in the Heart of Trouble; or, The Trail of the Golden Serpent
50. The Kidnapped President
51. Jeff Clayton's Surprise; or, The Lure of the Red Dragon
52. Jeff Clayton's Riddle; or, The Fatal Thrust of the Phantom Arm
53. Jeff Clayton's Blind Trail; or, Trapped by the Letter "S"
54. Jeff Clayton's Triumph; or, The Syndicate of Crime
55. Jeff Clayton's Discovery; or, The Lure of the Fatal Eye
56. Jeff Clayton's Long Chase; or, The Trail of the "Apache"
57. Cleopatra: Being an Account of the Fall and Vengeance of Harmachis, the Royal Egyptian, as Set Forth by His Own Hand
58. Jeff Clayton's Master Stroke; or, The Rainbow and the Pot of Gold
59. Jeff Clayton's Decoy; or, The Man with the Iron Face
60. Old Sleuth's Greatest Case; or, Caught By the King of All Detectives
61. Jeff Clayton's Pursuit; or, A Strange Quest among the Heathen
62. Old Sleuth to the Rescue; or, The Million Dollar Conspiracy
63. Jeff Clayton's Puzzle; or, The Hold-Up of the Gold Special
64. Old Sleuth's Winning Hand; or, The Bay Ridge Mystery
65. Jeff Clayton's Red Mystery; or, The Nihilist's Conspiracy
66. Old Sleuth, the Avenger; or, The King of Detectives
67. King Solomon's Mines
68. Old Sleuth's Triumph; or, "Piping" the Bronx Mystery. A New York Detective Story
69. Jeff Clayton's Deal with Death; or, The Robbery of the Midnight Special
70. Old Sleuth the Detective. A Three-Fold Mystery.
71. A Prince of Swindlers
72. Trapping the Moonshiners; or, A Government Detective in the Tennessee Mountains
73. Jeff Clayton's Fatal Shot; or, Solving the Great Chinatown Mystery
74. The River Detective and the Wharf Rat's Gang
75. The Mystery of the Clasped Hand
76. The "Dock Rats" of New York; or, The Smuggler Band's Last Stand
77. Jeff Clayton and the Outlaws; or, The Train Robbers' Last Stand
78. A Midnight Quest; or, Badger's Strange Case
79. She: A History of Adventure
80. Jeff Clayton's Golden Ladder; or, The Pirate's Loot
81. The Phantom of Meadow Creek; or, The Crime of the Tennessee Mountains
82. In the Power of the Sultan
83. Jeff Clayton's Dancing Bubble; or, The Strangler's League
84. The Lone House by the Sea; or, The Mystery of the Unknown Man
85. The Severed Hand
86. Jeff Clayton's Demon Pursuer; or, The Roman Bandit's Ruse
87. The Great River Mystery; or, In the Clutches of a Beautiful Blackmailer
88. Under Troubled Skies: The Strange Happenings that Befel the Most Reckless Soldier of Fortune Known in the Revolutionary Republics
89. Jeff Clayton's Brigand Foe; or, The Doom of the Guerrilla Chief
90. Old Electricity, the Lightning Detective; or, Through by Night
91. The Witch's Head
92. A Bid for Fortune; or, Dr. Nikola's Vendetta
93. Jeff Clayton's Last Bullet; or, The Privateer's Revenge
94. The Floating Head; or, Caught by the King of the Detectives
95. Dr. Nikola
96. Jeff Clayton's Lost Ship; or, The Brave Rovers
97. The Woman of Death; or, The Italian Adventuress' Last Plot
98. Dr. Nikola's Experiment
99. Jeff Clayton's Daring Leap; or, The Buccaneers of the Great Lakes
100. Trapped by a Female Detective; or, Mura's Great Case
101. The World's Desire
102. Jeff Clayton's Wild Ride; or, The Highwayman of the Hills
103. Shadowed by 2. A Tale of Baffling Mystery
104. The Jewel of Death
105. The Ubiquitous Yank; or, The Weird Narrative of a Lost Man
106. The Shadow on the Sea
107. The River Tragedy; or, The Mystery of the Missing Millions
108. Mysterious Mr. Sabin
109. The Terror of a Night; or, The Secret of a Haunted House
110. Jeff Clayton at Bay; or, The Mystery of the Great Ruby
111. Shadowed to His Doom. A Tale of Mystery.
112. The Mystery of the Crimson Blind
113. Tracked by a Female Detective; or, The Great Bond Mystery
114. A Japanese Revenge
115. The Veiled Beauty; or, The Mystery of the California Heiress
116. Jeff Clayton's Winged Flight; or, The House of the Last Lamp
117. The Secret Compact; or, The Lone House by the River
118. The Doom of the Demon Band; or, Saved by the Gypsy Detective
119. A Texas Thoroughbred; or, The Strange Adventures of Colonel Rocket
120. Jeff Clayton's Maked Foe; or, The Outlawed Heiress
121. The American Monte Cristo; or, The Omnipresent Avenger
122. Jeff Clayton's Invisible Hand; or, The Outcast Night Hawk.
123. The Baronet's Crime; or, Ellen Hepburn's Peril
124. In the Russian Secret Service; or, The Strange Adventures of an American Detective
125. Carried by Storm
126. Jeff Clayton's Strong Arm; or, The Desperadoes of Hell Gate
127. The Kidnapped Heiress; or, Murdock's Strangest Case
128. Dead, Yet Living
129. The Mystery of the Beetle; or, The House with the Open Window
130. Under a Mask; or, From Dark to Dawn
131. The Headless Girl of the North River; or, The "Last Shadow" of the Giant Detective
132. The Secret of the Chinese Jar; or, The Loot of the Summer Palace
133. The Vial with the White Powder; or, Deadly Foes to the Grave
134. Mr. Marx. Secret; or, The Slate Pits Tragedy
135. The Dagger of Fate; or, The House of Mystery
136. Jeff Clayton's Mexican Plot; or, The Man in the Grey Suit
137. The Darkest Hour; or, The Convict's Escape
138. The Lure of the Black Pool; or, Old Sleuth's Discovery
139. A Daughter of Astrea

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