The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Category - Format : Paperback ("Thickbook")


A-No.1 Series
Adventure Library
Adventure Series (Buckeye/Westbrook)
Alger Series (Mutual Book Co.)
Alger Series (Street & Smith - 1st Series)
Alger Series (Street & Smith - 2nd Series)
Alger Series (Superior)
Alger's Library (Ottenheimer)
Alger's Library (Royal)
Alger's Library (Westbrook)
Allan Pinkerton's Detective Stories
American Detective Series

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Bandit Series (Kerner & Getts)
Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 1st Series)
Bandit Series (Ottenheimer, 2nd Series)
Bandit Series (Royal)
Biographies of Prominent Border Bandits
Books by Horatio Alger, Jr.
Books for Men
Border Series
Bound to Win Library
Boys of Liberty Library (Street & Smith)
Boys' Alert Library
Boys' Dashaway Series
Boys' Home Library
Boys' Library of Adventure and Romance
The Boys' Own Library
Buffalo Bill Border Stories
Burt L. Standish Library

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Calumet Series (Munro)
Champion Detective Series (Hovendon)
Champion Detective Series (Ogilvie)
The Cheerful Hour Series
Circling the Globe Library
Columbia Library
Cowboy Series

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Dashaway Series
Dave Fearless Series
Detective and Mystery Stories
Detective Library
Detective Series
Detective Stories
The Dime Novel
Dr. Jack Series

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Early Western Life Series
Ellis Series
Eureka Detective Series

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Far West Library
Frank Allen Series
French Detective Stories
The Frontier Stories

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Globe Detective Series (Eagle)
Globe Detective Series (Rand McNally)
Golden Library
Good News Library
Grand Detective Stories
Great Western Library

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The Happy Thought Series
Harkaway Library
Henty Novels
Henty Series
Historical Series
The Home Library (Cobb, Baldwin & Co.)
Hub 10ยข Library

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Indian Series
Ivers' Detective Series

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Jack Harkaway Library
Jack Harkaway Stories

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Lake Shore Series
Land and Sea Adventures
Larry Dexter Series
Leather-Clad Tales
Log Cabin Library (Pocket Edition)
Lovell's Detective Series
Lucky Series

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Magnet Library
Medal Library
Merriwell Baseball Stories
Merriwell Football Stories
Merriwell Library
Merriwell Series
Monogram Series
Mooney & Boland Detective Series
Movie Boys Series
Munsey's Popular Series for Boys and Girls
Mystery Stories

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Nat Ridley Series
New Fiction Library
New Romance Library
New Secret Service Series
New York 10c Library (Dike)
New York 10c Library, 1st Series
New York 10c Library, 2nd Series
New York Library (Dike)
New York Library (Ogilvie)
New York Library (Ottenheimer)
New York Weekly Series

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Old Glory Library
Old Sleuth Series (Kerner & Getts)
Old Sleuth Series (Regan)
Old Sleuth Series (Royal)
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Old Sleuth Special Detective Series
Old Sleuth's Own (Ogilvie)
Old Sleuth's Own (Parlor Car)
Old Sleuth's Standard Series
Our Lucky Series
Outlaw Series

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Pall Mall Series
Patrol Detective Series
Picture Play Library
Pinkerton Detective Series, 1st Series
Pinkerton Detective Series, 2nd Series
Pioneer Novels
Pioneer Series
Pirate Story Series
Play Book Series
Police Gazette Library
Popular Fifty Cent Books
Popular Series of Fiction, Fancy and Fact

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Railroad Edition
Religious Books
Round the World Library

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Sea and Shore Series
Secret Service Series
Shield Series
Si Klegg Series
Silver Creek Series
Sport Stories
Star Stories "(Long and Short)"
Starry Flag Series
State Trooper Adventure Series
Stories of Adventure

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The War Library, Pocket Edition
The War Series
Welcome Friend Series
Western Story Library
Wild West Series
Woodville Stories

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Young Detective Series
Young Folk's Library of Choice Literature
Young Folks' Library