The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Morris, Anthony P. (Anthony Paschal), Jr., 1849-1921

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Items with "Morris, Anthony P. (Anthony Paschal), Jr., 1849-1921" as Credited Author

"Why Is It Ever Thus?" (1 edition)
The Ambidexter Trick (1 edition)
The Aphelion (1 edition)
The Ark and Dove (1 edition)
Autumn (1 edition)
Azhort, the Axman; or, The Secrets of the Ducal Palace, A Romance of Venice (12 editions)
Baltimore Ben, the bootblack detective, or, The fortunes of an orphan girl (2 editions)
Beautiful Sphinx; or, The Man-Spider of Wirthmoor, A Tale of Early St. Louis (13 editions)
The Black Crescent; or, Coals and Ashes of Life, A Masked Mystery of Baltimore (12 editions)
The Blade of Sedgemoor; A Romance of the Rout at Bridgewater (1 edition)
The Blue Light (1 edition)
The Bride of Londonderry (1 edition)
Cat and Tiger; or, The Star of Diamonds, A Romance of Love and Mystery (23 editions)
A Champion's Dagger (1 edition)
The Cipher Detective; or, Fighting for a Fortune (3 editions)
The Cross of Carlyon; or, The Lady of Lochwood, A Romance of Baltimore (12 editions)
Drowned (1 edition)
The Electric Hand; or, The Wharf Hat of the Lazaretto (2 editions)
Electro Pete, the Man of Fire; or, The Wharf Rats of Locust Point. A Baltimore Detective Tale (3 editions)
The Faded Rose (1 edition)
The Fission (1 edition)
The Flaming Talisman; or, The Unfulfilled Vow (23 editions)
Flight of Fancy on Christmas Eve (3 editions)
Franz, The French Detective; or, The Bride of Paris, A Thrilling Story of the Commune (12 editions)
The Frozen Face (1 edition)
The Ghouls of Baltimore! A Story of the Monumental City (1 edition)
Give Me The White (1 edition)
A Glorious Valentine (2 editions)
Hank Hound, the Crescent City detective, or, The owls of New Orleans (1 edition)
Happy Birds! (1 edition)
The Head Hunter; or, Mark Magic in the Mines (3 editions)
Hearts At Home (2 editions)
Hercules, the Hunchback; or, The Fire-Fiends of Chicago, A Revelation of the Great Conflagration (12 editions)
The Home in the Dell (1 edition)
Hoodwinked; or, Dead and Alive, A Tale of Man's Perfidy and Woman's Faith (23 editions)
I Can Not Sing (1 edition)
I Cannot Sing (1 edition)
If You But Seek (1 edition)
In Shadow-Land (1 edition)
In The Twilight, A Christmas Reverie (1 edition)
Iron and Gold; or, The Night-Hawks of St. Louis (23 editions)
Jack Simons, Detective; or, The Wolves of Washington. A Drama of Lives and Mysteries at the Gay Capital (13 editions)
Jim Blackford's Fingers (1 edition)
Joseanne (1 edition)
Kiss Me! (1 edition)
Long Ago Years (1 edition)
Love's Arrow (1 edition)
The Man of Steel; or, The Masked Knight of the White Plume. A Tale of Love and Terror (13 editions)
Mark Magic; the Detective. A Story of a Beautiful Woman's Strange Career (3 editions)
Out of the Tomb; or, The Triumph of Faith. A Story of Decoration Day (2 editions)
Oylyn, the Maid of Athlone (1 edition)
Pearl of Pearls; or, Clouds and Sunbeams (24 editions)
Poor In A World Of Plenty (1 edition)
The Red Scorpion; or, The Beautiful Phantom (31 editions)
The Roughs of Richmond, or, The mystery of the golden beetle (1 edition)
Shall I Be Denied? (3 editions)
A Shoe in Evidence (1 edition)
A Sigh (1 edition)
The Silver Key (1 edition)
The Silver Serpent; or, The Mystery of Willowold (24 editions)
Snatched from Death (1 edition)
Solitude (2 editions)
Song (3 editions)
Song For Springtime (2 editions)
Sound the Lyre! (1 edition)
Spirit of the Spring (1 edition)
Star Darling (1 edition)
Starved in Mid-air, The Light-Keeper's Story (1 edition)
Stealing a Heart; or, The Rival Half-Sisters, A Tale of the Tides of Love (23 editions)
The Stolen Will (1 edition)
Story of a Copper Cent (1 edition)
Summer (1 edition)
Susan, A Tale For Christmas-Tide (1 edition)
The Tarnish of Time (1 edition)
Three Pictures (2 editions)
What To Dream (1 edition)
Where Are They Now? (1 edition)
A Wicked Love; or, Saved by a Detective. A Thrilling and Exciting Story of Baltimore (3 editions)
Wind Sighs, A voice at the portals of the New Year (2 editions)
The Work of a Day; The Story of the Caldwell Tragedy (1 edition)
Ytol; or, Lost Wedded, Widowed and Rewon, A Story of Trials and Balms (23 editions)