The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Conway, Hugh, 1847-1885

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Items with "Conway, Hugh, 1847-1885" as Credited Author

Adventure Series (Max Stein)

15. Called Back

Alert Library

18. Bound By a Spell
36. Dark Days

American Series

7. Living or Dead
18. Bound By a Spell
126. A Cardinal Sin

Arrow Library

112. Living or Dead
131. A Cardinal Sin
191. Bound By a Spell
211. Dark Days
302. A Family Affair

Calumet Series (Homewood)

66. Called Back

Delphic Series

22. Dark Days

Electric Series

88. Bound By a Spell
89. Called Back
90. A Cardinal Sin
91. Circumstantial Evidence
92. Dark Days
93. A Family Affair
94. Living or Dead
95. The Missing Will
96. Slings and Arrows
97. The Story of a Sculptor
352. Called Back
354. The Missing Will

Empire Series

189. Called Back

Family Fiction

The Mother's Vigil

Favorite Library of Choice Fiction

12. Living or Dead

Fireside Series (Hovendon)

68. Dark Days
69. Circumstantial Evidence
70. The Missing Will
71. Living or Dead
72. Bound By a Spell
74. A Cardinal Sin
75. A Family Affair
76. The Story of a Sculptor
77. Slings and Arrows

Globe Library

1. Called Back
20. Dark Days
76. Living or Dead

Golden Gem Library

14. Called Back

Granite Series

23. Called Back
29. Dark Days

Happy Thought Library (Optimus Printing)

20. Called Back

Hart Series

167. Living or Dead
186. Bound By a Spell

Hawthorne Library

225. Called Back
355. A Cardinal Sin
378. A Family Affair

The Home Library of Select Literature

22. Out of the Depths
45. Carriston's Gift

The Home Series

Carriston's Gift
The Story of a Sculptor

Hugh Conway's Works

Called Back
A Cardinal Sin
Circumstantial Evidence
Dark Days
A Family Affair
The Missing Will
Slings and Arrows
The Story of a Sculptor

Illustrated Publishing Co.'s Popular Series

1. Living or Dead

The Keystone Library

201. Called Back
202. Dark Days
203. Carriston's Gift
204. Paul Vargas: A Mystery
205. A Family Affair
206. The Story of a Sculptor
207. Slings and Arrows
208. A Cardinal Sin
209. Living or Dead
210. Bound By a Spell
211. All in One
212. Dead Man's Face, etc.

Keystone Series of Novels

9. Called Back

Leisure Hour Library, 1st Series

74. Called Back
77. Dark Days
84. Carriston's Gift
88. The Blatchford Bequest
100. Out of the Depths

Leisure Moment Series

24. Called Back
42. Dark Days
44. Bound Together
49. Carriston's Gift
52. A Family Affair

Lovell's Household Library

46. Called Back, and Dark Days

Lovell's Library

672. Slings and Arrows
715. A Cardinal Sin

Lucky Series

16. Called Back

Majestic Series

56. Called Back
78. Dark Days
118. A Family Afair
227. Living or Dead

The Marvelous Library

25. Called Back
28. Dark Days

Munro's Library (Pocket)

215. Called Back
259. Dark Days
372. Carriston's Gift
375. A Family Affair
433. Slings and Arrows
434. All in One
453. Dead Man's Face, etc.
525. A Cardinal Sin
571. Living or Dead
614. Bound By a Spell

Munro's Library of Popular Novels

The Daughter of the Stars
8. Called Back
122. The Daughter of the Stars, and Other Tales
214. The Blatchford Bequest

New England Series

30. Called Back
31. A Cardinal Sin
32. Circumstantial Evidence
33. Dark Days
34. A Family Affair
35. Living or Dead
36. The Missing Will
37. The Story of a Sculptor
72. Slings and Arrows

New York Weekly

The Mother's Vigil

Popular Series of Choice Novels (Crawford)

19. Called Back

Red Letter Series (International Book Company)

36. Dark Days
68. Called Back

Savoy Series

25. Called Back
185. The Daughter of the Stars
254. The Blatchford Bequest

Seaside Library (Ordinary Edition)

Blatchford Bequest and Other Stories
Called Back
Dark Days
The Daughter of the Stars
2027. Carrison's Gift
2034. A Family Affair
2041. Slings and Arrows, and Other Stories
2071. Living or Dead
2074. Bound By a Spell

Seaside Library 25c Edition

26. A Cardinal Sin
29. Called Back
43. Dark Days
45. Living or Dead
47. Bound By a Spell

Seaside Library, Pocket Edition

The Daughter of the Stars
Paul Vargas: A Mystery
240. Called Back
251. The Daughter of the Stars, and Other Tales
252. Paul Vargas and Other Stories
301. Dark Days
302. The Blatchford Bequest
502. Carrison's Gift
543. A Family Affair
601. Slings and Arrows
711. A Cardinal Sin
804. Living or Dead
830. Bound By a Spell
1353. All in One
1684. The Story of a Sculptor
1722. Somebody's Story

Sunset Series

175. Dark Days
189. Called Back

Surprise Series (Hovendon/International Book Co.)

43. Called Back

Surprise Series (Ogilvie)

43. Called Back
65. Twelve Complete Short Stories

Victor Series of Paper Books

The Daughter of the Stars
78. The Daughter of the Stars, and Other Tales
192. Called Back
237. The Blatchford Bequest

Western Star Series

Circumstantial Evidence
The Daughter of the Stars
The Doctor's Patient
In One Short Year
Miss River's Revenge
The Missing Will
The Mysterious Letter
Old Bobbett's Ghost
Old Memories
Our Honeymoon
Our Last Walk
The Phantom Woman