The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Mott, Edward Harold, 1845-

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Items with "Mott, Edward Harold, 1845-" as Credited Author

Andy's Blink Oath (1 edition)
Beefing a Steer (1 edition)
The Biffbulger, The Old Settler's Settler (1 edition)
Cats and Catfish, The Old Settler's "Coincidence" (1 edition)
The Eel and the Sucker (1 edition)
The Fate of "Nooky-Flop", What The Old Settler Told Peleg (1 edition)
The Fate of Nocky-flop, The Old Settler's Yarn (1 edition)
Fishing for "T'rants" (2 editions)
The Gingerbread Heart; or, Wuncutt's Green Christmas (1 edition)
How Andy Met the Bear (1 edition)
How He Had His Revenge, The Old Settler's Talk (1 edition)
How Sam Stover Won a Wife (1 edition)
How She Won Jabez (1 edition)
How the Bear Turned White (1 edition)
How the Scoffer was Converted, The Old Settler Talks (1 edition)
In the Freshet (1 edition)
Kannawinkis Weather (1 edition)
Last of the Panthers (1 edition)
A Lively Wedding (1 edition)
Nothin' But the Truth; or, How the Old Settler Settled It (1 edition)
Old B'Gosh's Toast, And Why He Gave Thanks (2 editions)
Old B'gosh's Yarn (1 edition)
The Old Settler Again, His Onnat'ral Crows (1 edition)
The Old Settler Again, How a Panther Saved His Life (1 edition)
The Old Settler and His Tales of Sugar Swamp (1 edition)
The Old Settler at it Again (1 edition)
The Old Settler Protests (1 edition)
The Old Settler Sees It (2 editions)
The Old Settler's Besetting Sins (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Marbles (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Narrow Escape (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Relative (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Settler, Coldy's Eleven Panthers (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Story, Sam Sally, and the Baby (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Story (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Tip-Ups (2 editions)
The Old Settler's Warning (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Whopper (1 edition)
The Old Settler's Yarn (1 edition)
The Old Settler (1 edition)
Panthers and Painters (1 edition)
People He Knew, The Old Settler Speaks (1 edition)
Piney Woods Proof: How 'Rastus Brought Relief (1 edition)
A Poser for the Old Settler (1 edition)
A Remarkable Conversion, The Old Settler's Story (1 edition)
The Shattered Stranger (1 edition)
A Spoiled Christmas, The Old Settler's Yarn (1 edition)
The Sugar Swamp Celebration, The Old Settler's Version (1 edition)
The Tale of a Tail, The Old Settler's Double Bag (1 edition)
The Tamed Catfish: the old settler on Natural History (1 edition)
A Tetchin' Sight, The Old Settler's Latest (1 edition)
The Trained Snakes (1 edition)
Uncle 'Bijah's Harvest Home (2 editions)
An Unfailing Sign, The Old Settler's Proof (1 edition)