The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Person - Crosman, Mary J.

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Items with "Crosman, Mary J." as Credited Author

Aims and Ends (1 edition)
Ampato Sapo: A Legend of St. Anthony (1 edition)
Bessie Mason (1 edition)
Conforming To Circumstances (1 edition)
Cornelia (1 edition)
A Day of Shopping, From the Experience of Mrs. Gage (1 edition)
Emma Winter's Visit (1 edition)
The First Commandment With Promise (1 edition)
Growing Old (1 edition)
Helen Lowber (1 edition)
John Wright, of Ellville (1 edition)
The Little Flower-Girl (1 edition)
My Neighbor (1 edition)
Ponce-de-Leon (1 edition)
The Prisoner's Guest (1 edition)
"Welden and I" (1 edition)