The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - School and sports stories

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Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Octavo edition)

11. Charley Skylark. A Story of School-Boy Scrapes and College Capers

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

91. The Captain of the Club; or, The Young Rival Athletes. A Romance of Truth and Treachery

Beadle's Pocket Library

121. Harry Armstrong, the Captain of the Club; or, The Young Athletes. A Romance of Truth and Treachery
391. Charley Skylark, the Sport. A Story of Schoolday Scrapes and College Capers

The Boys of New York

One of the Boys of New York; or, The Adventures of Tommy Bounce
Pluck; or, The Family Mischief
Shorty; or, Kicked into Good Luck
Tommy Bounce, Jr.; or, A Chip of the Old Block

The Eureka Series

16. Tom Brown's Schooldays

Five Cent Comic Library

6. Tommy Bounce, the Family Mischief
14. One of the Boys of New York; or, The Adventures of Tommy Bounce
165. Shorty; or, Kicked into Good Luck
186. Tommy Bounce, the Family Mischief

The Giant Series

42. Tom Brown's Schooldays

Lovell's Library

61. Tom Brown's Schooldays

Neely's Popular Library

Tom Brown's Schooldays

Neely's Tourist Library

21. Tom Brown's Schooldays

New Tip Top Weekly

Frank Merriwell Jr. and the "Spell"; or, A Fardale Mystery
Frank Merriwell Jr. and the Little Black Box; or, The Man from the West
Frank Merriwell Jr. at Fardale; or, Fighting His Own Way
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Classmates; or, Standing By His Colors
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Jujutsu; or, The End of the Ruby Trail
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Night Off; or, The Little Black Box
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Quarter-Back; or, The Fardale Plotters
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Repentant Enemy; or, A Puzzling Trail
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Touchdown; or, Winning the Game with Franklin
Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Winning Run; or, The Wonder of Fardale
Frank Merriwell Jr., Plebe; or, The Jolly Fiends of Fardale
Frank Merriwell, Jr. and the Jolly Dogs; or, The Rivals of Fardale
Frank Merriwell, Jr. and the Prince; or, The Crooked Trail of Bully Carson
Frank Merriwell, Jr. and the Talking Head; or, Mysterious Mr. Lee
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Detective Work; or, In Peril of His Life
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Diamond Foes; or, Won in the Ninth
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Fardale Visit; or, The Girl with Golden-Brown Hair
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Girl Friend; or, Tricks of a Tramp
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Great Game; or, The Captain on His Metal
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Ice Queen; or, A Fight for Square Sport
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Pick-Up Nine; or, Helping a Fardale Plebe
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Yacht Victory; or, The Battle Against Treachery
Frank Merriwell. Jr. and the Ice Masquerade; or, The Turning of the Tables

Souvenir Series

69. Tom Brown's Schooldays

Sunset Series

173. Tom Brown's Schooldays

Tip Top Weekly

Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle Warriors; or, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Pitcher
Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters I-XII
Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters XIII-XXIV
Dick Merriwell at Gale's Ferry; or, The Crack Man of the Crew
Dick Merriwell at His Best; or, Rounding the Team into Form
Dick Merriwell at the Meet; or, Honors Worth Winning
Dick Merriwell at the Olympics; or, The Winning Jump for America
Dick Merriwell Caught Napping; or, The Rube That Could Pitch
Dick Merriwell Comes Back; or, How Harvard Lost the Title
Dick Merriwell Defeated; or, The Champion of the Clover Club
Dick Merriwell Doubted; or, Put to the Test
Dick Merriwell in Court; or, Judge Grimm of Grumblestone
Dick Merriwell in Stockholm; or, How the Olympic Hurdle Race Was Won
Dick Merriwell in the Copper Country; or, The Search for a Lost Mine
Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains; or, The Search for Dead Injun Mine
Dick Merriwell in the Marathon; or, The Sensation of the Great Run
Dick Merriwell in the North Woods; or, The Timber Thieves of the Floodwood
Dick Merriwell in the Swedish Stadium; or, How Headwork Won an Olympic Race
Dick Merriwell in the Wilds; or, The Call of the Woods
Dick Merriwell Looks Ahead; or, How Baseball Saved the Bank
Dick Merriwell on the Boards; or, Fighting the Theatrical Syndicate
Dick Merriwell on the Deep; or, The Cruise of the "Yale"
Dick Merriwell Watched; or, The Secret of the Shadow
Dick Merriwell's "Dip"; or, The Mysterious Movements of a Hat
Dick Merriwell's "Skyscooter"; or, Professor Pagan and the "Princess"
Dick Merriwell's "Wing"; or, The Man Who Couldn't Be Stopped
Dick Merriwell's Advice; or, The Man Who Woke Up
Dick Merriwell's Astuteness; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
Dick Merriwell's Backstop; or, The Result of Bad Habits
Dick Merriwell's Battle for the Blue; or, The Yale Nine at West Point
Dick Merriwell's Brain Work; or, The Frustration of the Sneaky Tutor
Dick Merriwell's Champions; or, Foul Play in the Hockey Game
Dick Merriwell's Close Shave; or, The Man With a Grouch
Dick Merriwell's Colors' or, All for the Blue
Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
Dick Merriwell's Control; or, The Man on the Bench
Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, A Friend in Need
Dick Merriwell's Dandies; or, A Surprise for the Cowboy Nine
Dick Merriwell's Desperate Work; or, Snatching Victory from Defeat
Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Case of the Varsity Shortstop
Dick Merriwell's Development; or, The All-Round Wonder
Dick Merriwell's Device; or, The Yale Pitcher's New Curve
Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Under Two Flags
Dick Merriwell's Dog; or, Faithful to the Last
Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
Dick Merriwell's Enigma; or, The Mystery of Mermaid Island
Dick Merriwell's Enthusiasm; or, The Sophomore Pitcher's Last Ball
Dick Merriwell's Equal; or, The Fellow with the Flying Feet
Dick Merriwell's Evidence; or, Yale's Left-Handed Victory
Dick Merriwell's Example; or, The Fellow Who Flunked
Dick Merriwell's Eye; or, The Secret of Good Batting
Dick Merriwell's Flyer; or, Champions of the Ice
Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
Dick Merriwell's Fun; or, Buckhart as a Reformer
Dick Merriwell's Ginger; or, A Check for the Crimson
Dick Merriwell's Good Cheer; or, Holidays with the Exiles
Dick Merriwell's Good Fellowship; or, The Man with the Wrong Idea
Dick Merriwell's Heroic Crew; or, How a Yale Ball Player Saved a Boat Race
Dick Merriwell's Hot Pursuit; or, Running Down the Kidnappers
Dick Merriwell's Inspiration; or, The Boys of Loon Lodge
Dick Merriwell's Marathon; or, How the Last Olympic Mile Brought Victory
Dick Merriwell's Marksmen; or, The Best Men at the Traps
Dick Merriwell's Mind; or, The Ideal of Manhood
Dick Merriwell's Money; or, Playing a Losing Game
Dick Merriwell's Motto; or, Fair Play and No Favors
Dick Merriwell's Mysterious Disappearance; or, The Game in the Balance
Dick Merriwell's Pick-Ups; or, A Game with the Outlaws
Dick Merriwell's Princeton Opponents; or, The Winning Third Strike
Dick Merriwell's Proof; or, The Problem of the Stubborn Crew Man
Dick Merriwell's Protest; or, The Man Who Would Not Play Clean
Dick Merriwell's Quandary; or, The Mystery of the Deserted Farmhouse
Dick Merriwell's Queer Case; or, The Lure of the Ruby
Dick Merriwell's Rally; or, Making a Fighting Finish
Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Like a Snake in the Grass
Dick Merriwell's Rescue; or, The Regeneration of Rudolph Rose
Dick Merriwell's Responsibility; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
Dick Merriwell's Restraint; or, "The Prince of the Foils"
Dick Merriwell's Retaliation; or, Fardale Against Farnham Hall
Dick Merriwell's Risk; or, Taking Chances on the Bases
Dick Merriwell's Self Sacrifice; or, The Man Who Could Jump
Dick Merriwell's Shooting; or, The Gun Club in the Woods
Dick Merriwell's Silence; or, The Shadow of the Past
Dick Merriwell's Sixth Sense; or, The Yale Pitcher's Double Play
Dick Merriwell's Sky Chase; or, The Diamond Mystery of Denver
Dick Merriwell's Snare; or, Trapping the Card Tricksters
Dick Merriwell's Solution; or, The Yale Twirler's Winning Jump
Dick Merriwell's Star Pupil; or, Squaring the Score
Dick Merriwell's Strange Clew; or, How Harvard Was Outguessed
Dick Merriwell's Understanding; or, The Man Who Was Hounded
Dick Merriwell's Warning; or, Subduing a Bully
Dick Merriwell's Young Pitcher; or, The Fellow Who Disappeared
Dick Merriwell, American; or, The Man from Japan
Dick Merriwell, Diplomat; or, The Stolen State Paper
Dick Merriwell, Driver; or, The Race for the Daremore Cup
Dick Merriwell, Navigator; or, The Adventure on the Sound
Dick Merriwell, Peacemaker; or, The Split in the Varsity
Dick Merriwell, Tutor; or, The Fellow Who Gave Up Football
Dick Merriwell, Universal Coach; or, Fighting the Class Battles
Frank Merriwell as "Anchor"; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
Frank Merriwell at Fardale Again; or, Yale Lads at the Military Academy
Frank Merriwell in Camp; or, Frolics with the Fardale Boys
Frank Merriwell in the National Forest; or, Outwitting the Timber Thieves
Frank Merriwell in Training; or, The Mystery of the Midnight Prowler
Frank Merriwell under Megunticook; or, With the Knox County League
Frank Merriwell's "Favorite"; or, The Boy Who "Made Good"
Frank Merriwell's "Queen"; or, Blow for Blow
Frank Merriwell's Ball Team; or, Winning the First Game
Frank Merriwell's Boy; or, A Chip of the Old Block
Frank Merriwell's Brand; or, The Angel of the T-Bar
Frank Merriwell's Campaign; or, Fighting the System
Frank Merriwell's Capture; or, The Black Schooner
Frank Merriwell's Catch; or, The Canoe Boys of Lake Sebasticook
Frank Merriwell's Celebration; or, Last Days at Fardale
Frank Merriwell's Chum; or, The Hand of a Friend
Frank Merriwell's Combination; or, The All Round Athletes
Frank Merriwell's Comprehension; or, The Making of Vincent Schuyler
Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, Loyal to the Last
Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, True Nerve against Bluff
Frank Merriwell's Danger; or, The Shadow of Disgrace
Frank Merriwell's Dash; or, Yale Against the Field
Frank Merriwell's Deception; or, Celebrating Omega Lambda Chi
Frank Merriwell's Defense; or, The Struggle for the Queen Mystery Mine
Frank Merriwell's Determination; or, Getting the Best of His Foes
Frank Merriwell's Diplomacy; or, Subduing a Bully
Frank Merriwell's Double Shoot; or, Winning in the Box
Frank Merriwell's Duel; or, A Point of Honor
Frank Merriwell's Encouragement; or, The Awakening of Willie West
Frank Merriwell's Eyes; or, Saving an Enemy
Frank Merriwell's Faith; or, The Shadow of a Crime
Frank Merriwell's Fardale Friends; or, Facing Old Foes
Frank Merriwell's Fardale Rackets; or, Yale Lads on a Frolic
Frank Merriwell's Fellows; or, Dick Merriwell's Fast Work
Frank Merriwell's Fighters; or, The Decisive Battle with Blackstone
Frank Merriwell's Game; or, Snaring the Sharper
Frank Merriwell's Glory; or, Last Triumphs at Old Yale
Frank Merriwell's Great Run; or, Trouncing the Tigers
Frank Merriwell's Great Victory; or, The Effort of His Life
Frank Merriwell's Great Work; or, Getting the Right Start
Frank Merriwell's Hot-Head; or, The Boy from Arizona
Frank Merriwell's Initiation; or, The Secret Order of Pi Gamma
Frank Merriwell's Interference; or, Not Worthy of Trust
Frank Merriwell's Judgment; or, The Man Who Won
Frank Merriwell's Lads; or, The Fellow with the Family Tree
Frank Merriwell's Lesson; or, The Young Rebels of the Ranch
Frank Merriwell's Loyalty; or, The Land of the Lost People
Frank Merriwell's Mark; or, Subduing a Bully
Frank Merriwell's Nerve; or, Game to the Last
Frank Merriwell's Patience; or, The Making of a Pitcher
Frank Merriwell's Pupil; or, The Boy with the Wizard Wing
Frank Merriwell's Ranch Boss; or, Big Bruce and the "Blossoms"
Frank Merriwell's Ranch; or, Roughing It on the Range
Frank Merriwell's Record Breakers; or, The Fastest Lads in Their Class
Frank Merriwell's Red Visitors; or, Sport on the Ranch
Frank Merriwell's Return to Yale; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
Frank Merriwell's Revenge; or, Aroused at Last
Frank Merriwell's Rope; or, The Pest of the Trail
Frank Merriwell's Secret; or, A Friend in Need
Frank Merriwell's Sign; or, The Secret of the Silent Student
Frank Merriwell's Steadiness; or, The Great Yale-Harvard Contests
Frank Merriwell's Steadying Hand; or, The Test of Manhood
Frank Merriwell's Sway; or, The Boy Who Was Pampered
Frank Merriwell's Theory; or, The First Day at Farnham Hall
Frank Merriwell's Wager; or, Bound to Win
Frank Merriwell's Yale Chums; or, The Jolly Dogs of Fardale
Frank Merriwell's Young Aviator; or, The Triumph of Genius
Frank Merriwell's Young Canadian; or, The Victory of Defeat
Frank Merriwell's Young Clippers; or, Taking a Fall Out of a Fast Team
Frank Merriwell's Young Warriors; or, The Fellow Who Could Not Play Clean
Frank Merriwell's Zest; or, The Spirit of the School
1. Frank Merriwell; or, First Days at Fardale
2. Frank Merriwell's Foe; or, "Plebe" Life in Barracks
3. Frank Merriwell's Medal; or, "Plebe" Life in Camp
4. Frank Merriwell's Rival; or, By Fair Play or Foul
5. Frank Merriwell's Fault; or, False Steps and Foul Snares
6. Frank Merriwell's Frolics; or, Fun and Rivalry at Fardale
8. Frank Merriwell's Fag; or, Fighting for the Weak
11. Frank Merriwell's Fate; or, The Old Sailor's Legacy
12. Frank Merriwell's Motto; or, The Young Life Savers
40. Frank Merriwell at Yale; or, Freshman against Freshman
41. Frank Merriwell's Match; or, The King of the Sophomores
43. Frank Merriwell's Finish; or, Blue against Crimson
46. Frank Merriwell's Even Up; or, Squaring the Score
56. Frank Merriwell to the Rescue; or, Through Fire and Water
240. Frank Merriwell's Playing; or, Beating the Carlisle Indians
241. Frank Merriwell's Kick; or, Downing the Princeton Tigers
245. Frank Merriwell's Entertainments; or, Celebrating the Victories of Old Yale
246. Frank Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Success of the Polo King
247. Frank Merriwell's Dilemma; or, Forcing His Enemy's Hand
248. Frank Merriwell's Set-Back; or, Dick Starbright's Success
261. Frank Merriwell's Bosom Friend; or, Making up the Yale Nine
262. Frank Merriwell Deceived; or, Jimmy Lee of Charlottesville
263. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, The Wonderful Athlete of the Scarred Face
264. Frank Merriwell's Coach; or, How the Freshmen Won
287. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters XXV-XXXVI
288. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters XXXVII-XLVIII
289. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters XLIX-LX
290. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters LXI-LXXI
291. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters LXXII-LXXXI
294. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters CIV-CXV
299. Dick Merriwell at Fardale; or, The Wonder of the School. Chapters CLXIX-CLXXX
305. Dick Merriwell's Snowshoe Hunt; or, The Hidden Hut of Blue Mountain
312. Dick Merriwell's Nine; or, Trouncing the Regular Team
313. Dick Merriwell's Danger; or, Solving a Strange Mystery
314. Dick Merriwell Accused; or, The Life of the Nine
315. Dick Merriwell's Trick; or, Paid in Their Own Coin
316. Dick Merriwell's Daring Leap; or, Bound to Get There
317. Dick Merriwell's Delivery; or, In the Face of Desperate Odds
318. Dick Merriwell's Nerve; or, Up Against the Real Thing
319. Dick Merriwell as Captain; or, In Spite of His Enemies
321. Dick Merriwell Challenged; or, Getting into Fast Company
322. Dick Merriwell's Team; or, The Young Wonders of the Diamond
323. Dick Merriwell's Confidence; or, The Spirit That Wins
325. Dick Merriwell's Triumph; or, The Finish of the Season
337. Dick Merriwell's Return; or, Back Again to the Old School
338. Dick Merriwell's Difficulties; or, Making up the Eleven
339. Dick Merriwell's Mercy; or, The First Game on the Gridiron
340. Dick Merriwell's Dash; or, Playing Fast and Fair
341. Dick Merriwell's Set; or, Friends and Foes at Fardale
342. Dick Merriwell's Ability; or, The Young Gladiators of the Gridiron
343. Dick Merriwell's Mascot; or, By Luck or Pluck
344. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, Friendship True and Tried
345. Dick Merriwell's Success; or, Bound to be a Winner
346. Dick Merriwell's Determination; or, The Courage that Conquers
347. Dick Merriwell's Readiness; or, Who Stole the Papers
348. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, Snaring a Spook
361. Dick Merriwell's Power; or, Settling the Score with Eaton
363. Dick Merriwell's Dream; or, Foiling the Bank Breakers
365. Dick Merriwell's Duty; or, True to Old Fardale
367. Dick Merriwell on the Diamond; or, The Boy Wonder's Backstop
450. Dick Merriwell in London; or, Exposing the Rascals
451. Dick Merriwell in Scotland; or, The Struggle at Lochleven
452. Dick Merriwell in Sherwood Forest; or, The Encounter at Robin Hood's Tavern
456. Frank Merriwell in St. Louis; or, Stirring 'em Up at the World's Fair
457. Frank Merriwell in Denver; or, Real Sport in the West
500. Dick Merriwell's Chance; or, Taming the Tigers of Fairport
501. Dick Merriwell's Stride; or, The Finish of the Cross Country Run
502. Dick Merriwell's Wing Shift; or, The Great Thanksgiving Day Game
503. Dick Merriwell's Skates; or, Playing Ice Hockey for Every Point
504. Dick Merriwell's Four Fists; or, The Champion of the Chausson
505. Dick Merriwell's Dashing Game; or, The Fast Five from Fairport
506. Frank Merriwell's Tigers; or, Wiping Out the Railroad Wolves
510. Dick Merriwell's Polo Team; or, The Rattlers of the Roller Rink
511. Dick Merriwell in the Ring; or, The Champion of His Class
512. Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development
513. Frank Merriwell's Troubles; or, Enemies of the School
514. Frank Merriwell's Pupils; or, The Wizards at Water Polo
515. Dick Merriwell's Satisfaction; or, Hot Work at Indoor Baseball
516. Dick Merriwell's Discernment; or, The Heroism of a Coward
517. Dick Merriwell's Friendly Hand; or, The Boy Who Was Saved
518. Frank Merriwell's New Boy; or, The Folly of Dale Sparkfair
519. Frank Merriwell's Mode; or, Winning the Confidence of a Wild Lad
520. Frank Merriwell's Aids; or, "The Secret Order of Scalp-Lifters"
521. Dick Merriwell's Visit; or, Hot Times at Farnham Hall
523. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair at Fardale
524. Frank Merriwell's Young Crew; or, The Mystery of the Boat House
525. Frank Merriwell's Fast Nine; or, Champions of the County
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple at Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
530. Frank Merriwell's Son; or, The Mark of a Star
531. Frank Merriwell's Old Flock; or, The Reunion at Merry Home
532. Frank Merriwell's House Party; or, The Rustle with the Rovers
533. Dick Merriwell's Summer Team; or, Baseball in the Blue Hills
534. Dick Merriwell's Demand; or, The Draw at Madawaska
535. Dick Merriwell's Slabmate; or, The Boy from Bloomfield
536. Frank Merriwell's Summer Camp; or, The Athletic School in the Woods
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
538. Frank Merriwell's Spook Hunters; or, The Mysterious Island of Mad Lake
543. Frank Merriwell's Pride; or, The Double Header at Pineville
545. Dick Merriwell's Lead; or, Bound to Hold First Place
551. Dick Merriwell's Progress; or, The First Chance on the Field
552. Dick Merriwell, Halfback; or, Getting into the Game at Last
553. Dick Merriwell's Resentment; or, In Defence of His Honor
554. Dick Merriwell Repaid; or, The Heart of Officer Maloney
555. Dick Merriwell's Staying Power; or, The Great Game at New Haven
556. Dick Merriwell's "Push"; or, The Victim of the "Flying Mare"
557. Dick Merriwell's Running; or, The Meet at Mechanics' Hall
559. Dick Merriwell's Seven; or, The Scrub That Made the Regulars "Go Some"
561. Dick Merriwell in the Tank; or, Rushing the Regulars at Water Polo
562. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The Folly of Chester Arlington
563. Frank Merriwell's Trailing; or, The Flight of a Fool
564. Frank Merriwell's Talisman; or, The Charm of Cocheta
565. Frank Merriwell's Horse; or, The Boy Who Would Be Bad
566. Frank Merriwell's Intrusion; or, Warner the Man Who Won
567. Frank Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Lost Senorita of Sonora
568. Dick Merriwell's Regret; or, The Friend He Never Knew
569. Dick Merriwell's Silent Work; or, A Helping Hand for a Foe
570. Dick Merriwell's Arm; or, The Trick That Fooled the Tricksters
571. Dick Merriwell's Skill; or, "The Prince of the Pistol"
572. Dick Merriwell's Magnetism; or, The Curing of a Cad
573. Dick Merriwell's System; or, The Way to Win
574. Dick Merriwell's Salvation; or, The Traitor on the Team
575. Dick Merriwell's Twirling; or, Tracing the Traitor
576. Dick Merriwell's Party; or, Springtime's Youthful Fancy
577. Dick Merriwell's Backers; or, The Man Behind the Bat
579. Dick Merriwell's Bingle; or, A Hit in Time
580. Dick Merriwell's Hurdling; or, The Star and Satellites
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
582. Dick Merriwell's Respite; or, The Campers at Lake Calmface
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
584. Dick Merriwell Beset; or, The Revenge of Quinn Harvester
585. Dick Merriwell's Great Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair on the Slab
586. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Betrayed By a Blotter
590. Dick Merriwell's Campmates; or, Old Chums on the Field
592. Dick Merriwell's Disapproval; or, Chester Arlington's New Chum
593. Dick Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Wolves of Wolfwoods
595. Dick Merriwell's "Double Squeeze"; or, Brian Blackpool in Command
597. Dick Merriwell Adrift; or, In the Grip of the Sea
598. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, Reaping the Harvest
640. Dick Merriwell's Shoulder; or, Handicapped in the First Game with Harvard
647. Dick Merriwell's Red Comrade; or, The Messenger from the West
649. Frank Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Man from Medicine Bow
651. Frank Merriwell's Red Guide; or, The Last of the Tribe
652. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, The Goal of the Gridiron Stars
653. Dick Merriwell's Strength; or, In the Thick of the Fray
654. Dick Merriwell's Secret Work; or, The Whirlwind of the Back Field
655. Dick Merriwell's Way; or, The Fellow Who Never Failed
674. Frank Merriwell's Bullets; or, A Steady Nerve and a Sure Hand
675. Frank Merriwell Cut Off; or, The Result of the Spring Rise

Wide Awake Library

Dick Lightheart's Trials
1. Tom Brown's Schooldays
11. Tommy Bounce
12. Shorty; or, Kicked into Good Luck
29. One of the Boys of New York; or, The Adventures of Tommy Bounce
45. Starboard Jack, or, Nimble reefer of the schoolship Mercury
282. Shoo-Fly at School
484. Tommy Bounce, Jr.; or, A Chip of the Old Block
1264. Tom Brown's Schooldays

The Young New Yorker

The Captain of the Club; or, The Young Rival Athletes. A Romance of Truth and Treachery

Young Rover Library

4. Link Rover's balloon voyage; or, Fun and adventure among the clouds
14. Link Rover in America, or, In search of fun at the Golden Gate