The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Harkaway, Jack (Fictitious character)

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

101. Jack Harkaway in New York, or, The adventures of the travelers' club

Frank Leslie's Boys of America

Jack Harkaway at Oxford
Jack Harkaway's Schooldays

Wide Awake Library

Harkaway afloat
Harkaway and the Italians, or, The brigand's doom
80. Harkaway and the Black Band
81. Harkaway and the brigands
163. Young Harkaway and the pirates
164. Harkaway's triumph
165. Harkaway on Magic Island
169. Harkaway to the rescue
176. Harkaway, the avenger
178. Harkaway in Australia
180. Harkaway and the bushrangers
1225. Jack Harkaway's Schooldays
1226. Harkaway afloat
1227. Jack Harkaway among the savages
1228. Jack Harkaway's escape
1229. Jack Harkaway at Oxford
1230. Harkaway and the Black Band
1232. Jack Harkaway and the spy
1233. Jack Harkaway trapped
1234. Harkaway and the Italians, or, The brigand's doom
1235. Jack Harkaway and his son's adventures round the world
1236. Jack Harkaway and his son homeward bound
1238. Harkaway's triumph
1239. Harkaway on Magic Island
1240. Jack Harkaway's peril
1241. Harkaway to the rescue
1242. Jack Harkaway, the magician
1243. Harkaway, the avenger
1244. Harkaway in Australia
1245. Jack Harkaway and the convicts
1246. Harkaway and the bushrangers