The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Buccaneers

Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Octavo edition)

249. Morgan, the sea rover, or, The shrewd Scotchman's scheme
287. The two middies, or, The buccaneer's ward

Beadle's Dime Novels

26. Isabel de Cordova, or, The brethren of the coast

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

17. Ralph Roy, the boy buccaneer, or, The fugitive yacht
250. The midshipman mutineer, or, Brandt, the buccaneer
264. The floating feather, or, Merle Monte's treasure island
269. The gold ship, or, Merle, the condemned
276. Merle Monte's cruise, or, The chase of "the gold ship"
280. Merle Monte's fate, or, Pearl, the pirate's pride
284. The sea marauder, or Merle Monte's pledge
386. Captain Cutlass, the Ocean Spider, or, The buccaneer's girl foe

Beadle's New Dime Novels

15. The Brethren of the Coast; or, Morgan, the Sea Outlaw

Beadle's New York Dime Library

151. The freebooters, a story of the Texan War
153. The white scalper, a story of the Texan War
210. Buccaneer Bess, the lioness of the sea, or, The Red Sea trail
625. Red Wings the lone sea rover, or, The gold seekers of the Bahamas
635. The ex-buccaneer, or, The stigma of sin

Beadle's Pocket Library

11. Ralph Roy, the boy buccaneer, or, The fugitive yacht
227. Merle, the boy cruiser, or, Brandt, the buccaneer
232. Merle Monte's treasure, or, Buccaneer Brandt's threat
238. Merle Monte's sea-scraper, or, Little Belt's droll disguise
244. Merle Monte's disguise, or, The capture of Brandt the buccaneer
250. Merle Monte's pardon, or, The pirate chief's doom
256. Merle Monte's last cruise, or, The sea robber at bay
367. Fred's bold game, or, The cave treasure

Beadle's Pocket Novels

255. The Brethren of the Coast; or, Morgan, the Sea Outlaw

Border Series

3. The Freebooter
5. The White Scalpers

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Buried Gold; or, The Treasure of the Old Buccaneers

Lucky Series

36. The Freebooters
37. The White Scalpers