The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Reporters and reporting

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The Banner Weekly

The Gazette Detectives; or, The Fugitive Cashier. A Romance of Colorado
Two Reporter-Detectives; or, The Wall Street Swell Suspect

Beadle's Boy's Library of Sport, Story and Adventure (Octavo edition)

290. Detective Dick's Pard; or, The New York Reporters in Colorado

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

353. The Reporter-Detective; or, Fred Flyer's Blizzard
512. Dodger Dick, the Wharf-Spy Detective; or, Jack o' Diamonds and his Game
967. $1,000 Reward; or, The Rival Reporter's Sleek Scoop. A Story of Two Printer's Devil Detectives
996. Two Reporter Detectives in Colorado; or, Buckskin Bob's Snap-Shot. A Romance of Colorado
1015. The Reporter-Detective's Big Pull; or, The Wall Street Swell's Snag

Beadle's New York Dime Library

396. The Piper Detective; or, The Gilt Edge Gang
591. Duke Daniels, the Society Detective; or, Caging the Uncanny Birds. A Story of the Baffling Russelford Mystery
626. Ducats Dion, the Nabob Sport Detective; or, The Sealed Secret of the Copper Coffin

Beadle's Pocket Library

322. Fred Flyer, the Detective; or, Abe Blizzard on Deck

Brave and Bold

135. The rival reporters; or, Two boys' sleek scoop

Fame and Fortune Weekly

In the Newspaper Game; or, The Rise of a Cub Reporter

Pluck and Luck

Hal Howe, the boy reporter, or, A sharp lad's work for a great newspaper

Tip Top Weekly

30. Frank Merriwell in France; or, The Mystery of the Masked Unknown