The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Messengers

The Banner Weekly

Messenger 999, the Trump-Card Detective; or, The Cruise for Human Shares. A Story of One of the Unrevealed Cases of the City Detective Records
Messenger Max; or, A Detective By Legacy

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

291. Turk, the Boy Ferret
420. The Detective's Apprentice; or, A Boy Without A Name
757. Detective Frank's Sweep-Stake; or, A Very Remarkable Exposé
837. The Big Four of the Bowery; or, Detective Bob, the Rattler
841. Prince Charlie, the Cat's Paw Sport; or, Messenger Max, Detective. A Story of Brooklyn
890. Ace High, the Trump-Card Detective; or, Old Nat Hicks in New York. A Story of Messenger 999
954. The Dock-Boy Shadow; or, Sleek Sly's Short-Stop
960. The Broadway Sport; or, Flyer Fred's Clear Case
963. The East-Side Spotter; or, Turning Down the Big Three. A Story of Wiping Out the Hole-in-the-Wall Wolves
978. Plucky Pat, the Street-Boy Detective; or, The Chinaman's Circus
1085. Detective Frank's Full Flush; or, Dodger against Dodger

Beadle's Pocket Library

282. Buck Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenger Boy's Fortune

Beadle's Popular Library

27. Detective Frank's Full Flush; or, Dodger against Dodger

Boys of New York

Whirlwind Jack; or, Captain Heald's Boy Messenger. A Story of Chicago in 1812

Deadwood Dick Library

58. Buck Hawk, Detective; or, The Messenger Boy's Fortune

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Always on the Move; or, The Luck of Messenger 99
Ed, the Express Boy; or, His Own Route to Fortune
His Own Business; or, From Errand Boy to Boss
Sure to Get Rich; or, A Smart Young Messenger

Pluck and Luck

The boy courier of Siberia, or, The league of the Russian prison mines
The Boy Messenger of Russia; or, The Czar's Secret Despatch Bearer
459. That boy of Barton's, or, The luck of a lad in Wall Street

Wide Awake Library

1333. Tick Tack, the Messenger Boy; or, Sharp Work for a Million. A Story of New York