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Alden's Juvenile Story-Book

Johnny's poem

Army and Navy Weekly

Boys and bumblebees
The cavalry charge
Here's a song for the wheel
Land on your feet
What the school bell says

The Banner Weekly

"After Awhile"
"All's Well That Ends Well"
A "Barrack-Room Ballad"
"Dat 'Decepshus' Domernick"
"Dearest Mother, I Am Dying"
"Don't Cry, Mother, I'm Going To Sleep"
"Flag The Train"
"From Shadow—Sun"
"Go Ye And Do Likewise"
"He Loves Me. He Loves Me Not."
"Heaben Balls"
"I Would Rather Be Irish Than Right"
"Is It Strange?"
"Laffin' Jim"
"Lost! Lost!"
"My Girl"
The "New Woman"
"Old Rocky"; As Prisoner, Judge, and Jury
"Only A Broken Heart"
The "Ta-Ra-Ra" Boom
"Thinkin' Long"
"Work, Work, Work." A Schoolboy's Lament.
'Ceptin' Jim
'Mid Sheaves of Golden Grain
'Tis Spring in the South
'Tis Sweet to Hear, See, Feel and Know
'Tis the Giver That Sweetens the Kiss
'Tis Useless To Regret
'Twas Ever Thus
'Twill All Be Well
'Twould Make a Better World
'Zekiel's Infidelity
A' For Mary
Aboard When His Engine Goes Down
Across My Path
Across the Street
The Actor's Kiss
Ad Astra
Adeste Fideles
Adown the Dusky Dingle
Advice to Spring
Advice to the Curious
An Affectionate Wife
Affinity's Power
Affinity's Song
After a Dance
"After Awhile"
After Death
After Death
After Many Years
After Rain
After Taking Too Big a Dose
After Ten Years
After the Ball
After the Ball
After the Fight
After the Fourth of July
After the Magazines
After The Theater
The After Time
After Twenty Years
The After-Glow
The After-Time
The Age of Laughter
The Aged Man
Aim High
The Air-Castle
Al Johnson
Alas, He Cannot Find A Wife!
Album Verses
Aldie! How Custer Won His Star
Alerneen Mavourneen
Alike to Gray and Blue*
All Fixed For Winter
All for Love
All Gone
All is Vanity
All Kinds To Make a World
All the Same "God Bless Her"
The All-Around Genius
Alonzo Decourcy
The Alphabet
Am I Forgot?
Am I Right?
Amende Honorable
The American Boy
The American Nabob Abroad
An American Sovereign Talks
The Americanized Chinaman
Among the Clover Blossoms
Among the Flowers
Among the Hills
Among the Pines
The Analogies
Andy's Echo
The Angel Whisper
Angeline and Her Poodle
The Angels Watched It There*
Ann Taylor
Annie and Willie's Prayer
An Anniversary
Anniversary, May 27
Another Version
Answer to "I am Dying"
Answering Prayer
An Antique
The Anxious Lover
The Apache Mountains; or, Lone Wolf's Defeat
The Apache's Protest
Apology for Woman
An Apostrophe to Fortune
Apostrophe to the American Flag
The Appeal
Apple Blossoms
Apple Pie and Cheese
The Apple-Paring "Bee" of Olden Times
Apples of Gold
April and December
The April Fool
An April Idyl
April Love and April Weather
An April Shower
April Showers
An April Wraith
April: A Barcarolle
An Arab Proverb
The Arctic Breath
Are They Glad?
Arithmetical Love
Arizona Bill Talks
An Arizona Episode
The Ark-Dove
The Arm-Chair
Armenian Cradle Song
The Army Overcoat
Arrapahoe Maid
Arrapahoe Maid
Art More Than Heart
As It Was Wrote
As Of Old
As Others See Us
As Potter's Clay
As She Comes Down the Lane
As She Tripped Across the Hill
As We See
As We Seem and Feel
As Well Be Gay
As Ye Would
"As Ye Would"
The Aspiring Pollywog
At A Money Changer's Wikdow
At Auction
At Break of Day
At Church
At Dawn
At Dusk
At Even
At Last
At Last
At Last!
At Madonna's Feet
At Malmaison
At Maria's
At Milking Time
At Set of Sun
At Sunset
At Sunset
At The Beach
At the Cabin
At the Door
At the Foot of the Stair
At the Gate
At the Gleaning
At The Next World's Fair
At The Play
At The Tomb
At The World's Fair
At Twilight
At Work
An Auctioneer's Gift
Auf Wiedersehen
An August Idyl
An August Lily
"An Auld Acquaintance"
The Auld Wife is Gone
Aunt Keziah Entertains the New Preacher
An Autograph
An Autumn Day
Autumn Days
Autumn Days
The Autumn Dude
An Autumn Idyl
Autumn Pictures
An Autumn Rose
Autumn Tokens
Autumn's Mirth
The Awaiting Heart
Awake! (A Reply to Tennyson's "To Sleep")
Awakened Dreams
The Awakening
The Awakening
The Aztec City
Babies Three
Baby Arms
Baby Asleep
The Baby in the Case
Baby Is Going To Sleep
Baby is Queen
Baby Lost!
Baby Louise
Baby Lu
Baby Magdalene
The Baby That Wasn't Mine
The Baby's Baby
A Baby's Death
The Baby's Drawer
The Baby's Letter
Baby's Pigs
Baby's Prayer
The Baby's Prayer
The Baby
Bach'ler Bill
A Bachelor of Maine
The Bachelor's Advice
A Bachelor's Dilemma
A Bachelor's Growl at the Women
The Bachelor's Lot is Not a Happy One
The Bachelor's Toast
Back From A Two-Year's Sentence
Back to Griggsby's
Back to Home
Back To The Lotus Lands
Back to the Old Home
The Backwoods Preacher
A Bad Dinner
Bad Jim
The Ballad of a Barber
A Ballad of Ancient Oaths
The Ballad of Cassandra Brown
The Ballad of Sally Salter
A Ballad of Starvation Camp
Ballade Of A Choice Of Ghosts
A Ballade of Ancient Puns
Ballade of Choice of Ghosts
Ballade of Dead Actors
Ballade of His "Young Lady"
A Ballade of Pure Laziness
Ballade of the Baby
Ballade of the Modern Ballet
Ballade of the Real and the Ideal
Ballade of the Unattainable
Ballads of History: Arnold (1801)
Ballads of History: Bouquet's Fight (1763)
Ballads of History: Emily Geiger's Ride (1781)
Ballads of History: Hon-Yost Schuyler (1777)
Ballads of History: In Nero's Time
Ballads of History: In The Reign of Terror
Ballads of History: Marie Antoinette (1793)
Ballads of History: Napoleon's Tear (1815)
Ballads of History: Nathan Hale (1776)
Ballads of History: Osceola in Fort Moultrie (1838)
Ballads of History: The Burial of Pizarro (1541)
Ballads of History: The Death of Major Andre (1780)
Ballads of History: The Destruction of Varus (A. D. 9)
Ballads of History: The Last Fight In The Coliseum
Ballads of History: The Lost Slavers (1501)
Ballads of History: The Ride of Darby Noon (1811)
Ballads of History: Wat Tyler, A Ballad of London Town, 1381
The Bandit Bugler
Bang Away
The Banjo Artiste
The Barber Just Over the Way
The Baron's Daughter
The Baron's Toast
Barques Upon the Stream of Time
Be A Man
Be Calm
Be Careful
Be Cheerful
Be Honest With Yourself
Be Hopeful
Be Kerful What Yer Say
Be Kind to Mother
Be Not Regretful
Be To My Faults A Trifle Blind
Be True to Yourself
Beans Forever!
The Beautiful Steer
A Bed-Time Reverie
Before I Go
Before The Storm
The Beggars
Belle Marie
Belle of Adair
The Belle's Birthday
"The Belles of Kllickitat"
Beneath the Maples
Bessie's Eyes
Bessie's Secret
Bessie, Those Blue Eyes of Thine
Best of All
The Best of the Bargain
The Best Way
The Best Wine Last
Bethlehem Town
Better Laugh
Better Not to Know
Better So
Better Than Pure Gold
Betty and the Baby
Beware the Cup!
Beyond the Sea
Beyond the Sky
Beyond the Vail
Beyond These Chilling Winds
The Bicycle Girl
Big Foot Wallace and His Panther
Big Foot Wallace on the Trail
Big Pedey, Der Miller
The Biggest Fish
Bill Bourne and Pard
Bill Tanner, Chief
Bill's Tenor and My Base
Billetdeaux' Last Race
The Billville Christmas-Tree
Bime Bye
A Bird's-Eye View
The Birth of Sin
A Birthday Gift
The Birthday Party (A Nonsense Poem)
Bits of Rhyme
The Black Bean
Black Birch
Blending Blue and Gray
Blind Belisarius
The Blind Girl
Blind Ned's Pupil
The Blind Wood-Sawyer
Blissful Ignorance
The Bloodless Sportsman
The Bloom of Long Ago
Bloomers At Bowie Forks
Blooming Over the Door
The Blossom Of My Heart
A Blossoming Heart
A Blow To Friendship
The Blush Her Answer Gave
Bob McGuire
Bobolink Philosophy
A Bold Rescue
The Bold Tramp and the Belligerent Farmer
A Bold, Bad Butterfly
Boliver Bill
"Bon Voyage!"
The Bonnie Dundee
Bonny Mary
Bonny Mary of Dundee
The Book-Keeper
A Boston Symphony
Both Pleased
Both Sides
The Bouquet
The Boy Who Is Going Astray
A Boy's Love Dream
Boy's Valor
Boyhood's Days Again
Boys Together
The Bran New Preacher
Bravest Battle Ever Fought
Bravest of the Brave
Bread and Cheese and Kisses
Bread on the Waters
Breaking The Ice
A Breath of Spring
"Brer John Williams"
Bridal Song
The Bride's Thought
The Bridegroom
Bridget and the Agent
Brighter for Sharing
Broadway, New York, 6 P. M.
Broken Ties
Brother Bill
Brotherly Kindness
Brown and Gray
Buffalo Bill's Farewell to His Horse
Buffalo Bill, Fame's Favorite
Building For Others
The Bullet-Proof Cuirass
Bully Bill Finds a New Pard
Bural Contentment
Burial at Sea
Buried at the North
The Buried Casket
The Burying of the Bible
A Buss Wanted
But for a Little While
But Yesterday
Buying Indulgences
By Faith Alone
By Monogahela's River
By the Rise of the Sun
By the River
By the River
"By the Sea"
By the Shenandoah
By the Summer Sea
By the Sunset Sea
The Cabin By the Slough
A Cable-Car Lullaby
California Joe's Farewell
Call Me
Calling Me
A Camp Idyl
Camp Meeting Song
Camps In The Timberline Range
A Canary at the Farm
Cannot Be Found
Cannot Forget
Cano Amorem
The Captain of Company U
The Cards of Life
A Carol
Carrie and I
Carry A Smile To Your Home
The Casey Girls
Casey's Table D'Hote
Cast Up
Castle Building
The Cat
The Catapult Chair
A Catastrophic Ditty
Catching the Colt
Cattle in a Cyclone
The Cattle King
The Cause of his Grief, A Sonnet
The Ce-a-sapa's Plea
Chairley Burke's In Town
The Champion Crank
The Champion Liar
The Champion Twist
The Champion's Combat
A Change Of Tune
Chant Du Depart
The Chaplet That Winter Wears
A Chapter on Donations
The Charge of the Ironsides
"Charge, Pards! Charge!"
The Charge
Charitable Faith
The Charity Sermon
Charley's Choice
Charlie Machree
Charlotte Corday
The Checker Board
A Cheerful Laugh
The Cheering Ray
Chemical Points
The Chemistry of Character
Cherry Valley
The Cherrywood Clock
Chickens Come Home to Roost
"The Chief With the Yellow Hair"
The Chieftain's Farewell
The Child Musician
The Child of the Street
"The Child That Left Us"
The Child That Went Astray
The Child's Christmas and the Old Man's
A Child's Laughter
A Child's Prayer
The Child's Prayer
The Child's Question
Childhood Dreams
Children All the Time
The Children's Room
The Chippy Bird
Choosing Occupations
A Christian Martyr
The Christian Pauper's Funeral
Christmas Call
Christmas Carol
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve at Farmer John's
A Christmas Eve Reverie
A Christmas Eve Summons
Christmas Feasts
The Christmas Ghost
A Christmas Gift to Christ
Christmas in Indiana
Christmas Treasures
A Christmas Tune
The Chronic Kicker
The Church Below the Sea
The Church Quarrel
The Church Trial
The Circus in the Barn
The Citizen Road-Agent
City Lyrics
The City of Dreams
Clancy Of The Overflow
Claws Under the Velvet
A Clear Case
Climbing Up The Hill Together
Clinchem, Cinchem, and Rob
Close The Door Softly
The Closing of the Day of Rest
The Closing Season
The Cloud Courier
Cloud's Rest
The Clown's Baby
The Coast-Guard
The Cobbler's Courtship
A Cockney's Experience
Cody's Corral; or, The Scouts and the Sioux
A Colorado Philosopher
A Combine
Come Home
Come Out of the Shadow
Come With Me, Darling
A Comedy
The Comic Poem
Coming Home
Coming Home To-Night
Coming Into Church
The Coming Man
The Coming Man
The Coming of Circus-Time
The Coming Woman
Commencement At Billville
Commencement Essays
The Commercial Travelers In Chicago
A Common Case
A Common Story
A Comparison
The Conductor's Story
A Confession
The Conjure Woman
Connubial Love
The Conqueror Conquered
A Conqueror
The Consequences
Consolation In Disappointment
"Consultin' The Parson"
The Convalescent
Conversation by Telephone
The Convict's Dream
Cook-oo Tones From the Kitchen
A Coon-Ji Song
The Coquette's Lament
The Coquette
The Coquette
Cora Lee
Corn on the Cob
A Cosmopolitan Woman
The Cotton Field Hand
Cotton is All Dun Picked
Could I but Fly!
Could I Not Dream!
Could That Day Come Back
Could We Know
The Country Editor
A Country Maid
The Country Meetin' House
The Country Woman
Courage Subdued
Cow Bells At Night
Cowboy Jim
A Cowboy Serenade
The Cowboy's Darling
The Cowboy
A Cracker Courtship
The Cream of Tartar Belle
Creation's Climax
The Cricket
Crip The Kid
The Cross of Honor
The Cross-Eyed Cook
The Crow Hill School
A Crusty Bachelor on Woman
The Cry of the Coxeyite
The Cry of the Dreamer
A Cry
The Cup
Cupid's Blindness
Custer and the Meadow Lark
Custer's Charge
Custer's Tomb
The Cyclometer Crank
The Cyclone
Cynical Social Queries
D'Yer Think Thar's a Chance Fur my Pard
Daisy Bell
Daisy Lee
Daisy's Journey
Dame Scandal
Dan Peyton's Ride to Death
A Dance Song
Dandy and Deacon
Danny Deever
The Darktown Choir
The Darktown Duel
Dat E String
Dat Schmall Leetle Baby
A Daughter to Her Mother on Her Bridal-Day
Dawn and Dusk
The Dawning Revelations
The Dawning
The Day of Days
A Day Off
The Day We Do Not Celebrate
The Days to Come
De Coon an' De Mink
De Golden Incline Plane
De Massa Ob De Sheepfol'
De Profundis
De Sun Do Move
De Train on De Golden Rail
The Deacon's Chinaman
The Dead Clock
Dead Desire
Dead Man's Run
A Dead Poet
The Dead
Dealings in Futures
Dear Hands!
Dear Little Alice
The Dear Little Path
The Dear Old Home
Dearest, I am Fond of You
Death and the Player
Death in the Chaparrals!
Death of the Modoc Chief
Death of the Old Year
Death of the Old Year
Death Valley
The Death-Watch
The Deathless Band
Deceitful Appearance
A December Walk
Declined With Thanks
The Decorative Craze
The Decorative Mania
A Dedication to the Works of Capt. Frederick Whittaker, The Prince of Novelists
The Deformed Girl
The Delsartean Plea
Delusion Dispelled
Depending Upon God
Der Deacher Und Dose Leedle Poys
Der Oak Und Der Vine
Der Sphider Und Der Fly
The Descent of Man
The Deserted Farm
The Deserted Homestead
The Deserted
Devil Dick
The Dew-Fall
The Dewdrop
Di'mond Dick's Lariat
Di'mond Dick-That Cuss of Pogosa
Diamond Cut Diamond
Dichier's First Baby
Did You Ever?
Didn't Know It Was Loaded
The Difference
The Difference
The Dilemma
The Dimple on Her Cheek
Dinna Be Sae Sweet
The Dirge of the Seaside Belle
The Disagreeable Man
The Disappointed
A Disciple
The Disillusion
Disillusions of Astronomy
A Disobedient Husband
A Dissolving View
Dissolving Views
Dissolving Views
Distant Things
Distorted Verse
The District School Teacher
The District-School Meeting
Divine Love
Do Right and Fear Not
Do They Do So In Mars?
Do They Love Us Still?
Do We Miss Thee At Home?
Do You Know?
Do You Remember?
Do You Remember?
The Doctor's Dream
Does Any One Know?
Does Death End All?
Does She Love Me?
Dolly Doleful
A Domestic Clean Out
"Don't Bite Off More'n You Can Chew"
Don't Crowd
Don't Drag My Boy Down
Don't Fret
Don't Go Back on the Old Folks, John
Don't Kick
Don't Leave The Old Home
Don't Let The World Know
Don't Look Too Strong
Don't Strike A Man When He's Down
Don't Talk When You Have Nothing To Say
Don't Try
Don't Turn From Friend Away!
Don't Wait
Don't Whine
Don't Worry
Don't Worry
Doom of the Great Game
The Door-Fiend
The Door-Fiend
Dorothy's Mustn'ts
Dot Baby
Dot Hoboken Bucket
Dot Schmall Leetle Baby
A Double Prescription
The Doubter
The Dove
Down at De Wingin'
Down At The Rocky Spring
Down by the Willows
The Down Grade
Down On The Eight-Mile
Down The O-HI-O
Down Where the Cresses Grow
Downfall of Genius
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
The Dread of Being Old
A Dream of Home
The Dream of the Drunkard's Child
A Dream of the Sea
A Dream
A Dream
A Dream
The Dream
The Dreamer
Dreamer, The by Florence Rowena Hill
Dreaming By the Sea
Dreams and Dreams
Dregs of Wine
Drift on My Boat!
Drifting Along
Drifting into Harbor
A Drink for His Money
Droop Not Thy Head
"Drop A Nickel In The Slot"
Drop Your Bucket Where You Are
The Drum
The Drummer Boy
The Drummer's Complaint
The Dude and Dudine
The Dude's Lament
The Dude
The Duel
A Duet
A Dutch Lullaby
Dying Antony
The Dying Cowboy's Prayer
The Dying Deist
The Dying Indian Queen
The Dying Miner
The Dying Pauper
The Dying Sioux Chief
The Dying Wife
Dynamite Dan's Narrow Escape; or, The Tragedy at Blazed Pine
The Dynamiter Works His Mouth
The Earth is God's Land
Earth's Battlefields
Easily Seen
Easter Fancies
An Easter Flower
Easter Lilies
An Eastern Love Song
Echo of the Bells
The Editor's Fire
Edwin Gray
Effective Playing!
El Campo
El Capitan
Electricity's Tale
Elegant Joe
The Emigrant's Lament
Empty Fetters
The End of the Way
The End of the Wicked Drummer
The End
The Engineer's Story
Engineers Making Love
English as She is Spoke
Enoch, Cyrus, Jerry and Ben
An Episode In The Life Of Cupid
Epitaph on a Dead Fisherman
The Erring
The Error Riley Made
Es Ist Nicht Fur Mir
The Estranging Sea
The Ethereal Sea
An Evasive Answer
An Even-Song
The Evening Bells
The Evening Hymn
Evening Prologue
The Evening Reverie
Evening Song
An Evening Stroll
The Events of a Night
Ever And Ever So Long Ago
Every Dog Must Have His Day
The Evolution of a Barber
An Excess Of Charity
The Exile
The Exodus
Extinct Monsters
An Extraordinary Tragedy
Eyes of Gray
The Eyes of Love
A Fable in Rhyme
The Face Ever Laughing
The Face That is Laughing
Faces of Other Days
Faded Bridal Flowers
The Faded Rose
A Failure Total
A Failure
A Fair Maid's Reply
The Fairest Dream of All
Faith and Fold
Faith and Hope
The Faithful Dog
The Faithful Sentry
The Fall Bonnet
Falling Leaves
A Fan Song
The Fancy Shot
Fancy's Realm
A Fancy
A Fancy
Far Apart
A Farewell To An Old Friend
A Farm Idyll, "Butching" Hogs
Farm Posies
Farmer Brown's Story
Farmer Eno on Church Singin'
Farmer John Compares the Old with the New in Education
Farmer John Decides to Join the Masons
Farmer John Determines to Have a Lawsuit
Farmer John in the Telegraph Office
Farmer John on Children's Day
Farmer John on Evolution
Farmer John on Foreign Missions
Farmer John on Infidelity
Farmer John on Progress
Farmer John Talks About His Neighbors
Farmer John Tells About the Boy Preacher
Farmer John Tells About the Preacher's Young Wife
Farmer John Tells His Wife of His Visit to Saratoga
Farmer John's Advice To His Son
Farmer John's Experience
Farmer John's Family Jar
Farmer John's Lawsuit
Farmer John's Lawsuit is Settled
Farmer John's Philosophy
Farmer John's Plea
Farmer John's Theology
Farmer Oldstyle Tells About the Sunday-School
The Farmer's Daughter
A Farmer's Review of Religion
A Farmer's View of Preaching
The Farmer
The Fate of Sir Thomas Turkey
The Fateful Night
Father Quin
The Feast of the Farming
The Feather Boa
Fellow Sympathy
The Feminine School of Fiction
The Ferry for Shadowtown
The Fever Fiend
A Fi De Siecle Girl
Fifty Years Ago
Fifty, Minus One
The Fight At Mud Holler
The Figures of Poetry
The Figures of Poetry
The Fin De Siecle Girl
Fin De Siecle Gratitude
Fingers of Time
A Fireman's Chant
The Fireman's Child
Fireside Ballad: The Battle of Trebia
Fireside Ballad: The Dying Sioux Chief
Fireside Ballads: John and Sary's New Year Resolutions
Fireside Ballads: The Fall of Egypt
Fireside Ballads: The Little, Half-worn Shoe
Fireside Ballads: Waiting for the Chimes, A Holiday Idyl
The First Breeches
The First Easter
The First Foot
First Love
The First Sermon in Wind Up
The Fisherman
Fitzgum Donnyhue
The Flag of Mickey Free
Flo's Letter
A Floral Love Story
A Flower
Flowers for the Brave
Folk Song From Georgia
The Fool's Prayer
Football As The Girls See It
The Footprint by the Sea
For an Album
For Disturbin' of the Choir
For Ireland!
For Love Alone
For Love's Sweet Sake
For Love, The Beautiful Survives
For One Who Sleeps
For Sweet Charity
For the Old Love's Sake
The Forest Queen
Forever And A Day
Forever and Forever!
Forever Sold!
Forget If You Can
The Forget-Me-Not
Forgotten Away
The Fortunate Isles
Forty Years Ago
Forty-Four To-Day
Found at Last
Found Dead
Found Wanting
Four Aces and A King
The Four-Leafed Clover
The Fox and the Grapes
A Fragment
A Fragment
A Fragment
A Fragment
A Fragment
Frame and Picture
A Fraternal Tribute
Freedom's Banner
Friends in Heaven
The Friends Who Never Return
From a Far Country
From A Kansas Standpoint
From Boy to Man
From Seville
From Shore to Shore
From Sleep
The Frost King
A Frost Picture
Frost Pictures
The Frozen Brooklet
Fugitive Stanzas
The Furlough
The Gain That is Loss
Galileo and the Bicycle
The Gallus Girl
The Game of Grab
A Game of Hearts
The Garden Gate
The Garden Of Dreams
The Gardener
The Gate
The Generous Merchant
Genius and Labor
The Genius of the Bottle
Gentle Influences
Gentleman Joe
A Gentleman
A Georgia Springtime
The Georgia Volunteer
Gettin' Religion
The Ghost of an Hour
The Ghost
Ghosts of the Past
The Gift I Bring
The Gift of the Sea
The Gigglety Girl
The Gingerbread Tree
The Girl at the Picnic
The Girl I Loved At School
The Girl I Used To Know
The Girl Of My Choice
The Girl of To-day
The Girl Who Never Wed
The Girls of 'Ninety-One
Girls, As You Go Along
The Girls
Gittin' Nigh Town
Give a Lift!
Give Me the Faults that are Human
Give What Thou Canst
The Giver Sweetens The Kiss
The Gladiator Brothers
The Glory of Chicago
Go Easy
God Has Been Good to Me
God Only Knows
God Reigns!
God's Care
God's Country
God's Language
God's Lighthouse
God's Own
Goin' Fishin'
Going and Coming
Going By
Going Home From Singing-School
Going to School
Going to School
Going to School
Going to the Poorhouse
Gold Beneath The Gray
The Golden Gates Open and Closed
The Golden Rod
The Golden Way
The Golden Wedding
The Golden-Plumed Tassel of Corn
Gone With The Pins
Good American Food
Good and Bad Seeds
A Good Cigar
A Good Dog
The Good of Pain
Good Old Dan
Good-By to Summer
Good-By, Dear, Dear Old Home, Good-By!
Good-By, God Bless You
Good-By, Old Year
Good-By, or Howdy-Do?
Good-Natured Jim
The Gossipers
The Gourd
Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone
The Grand Old Trees
Grandfather's Bible
Grandfather's Christmas Story
Grandfather's Spring
Grandfather's Story
The Grandmother of '76 and '96
Grandmother's Love-Letter
Grandmother's Sermon
Grandmother's Tray
Granny's Thinking-Cap
Grant, Sherman, and Sheridan
The Grateful Preacher
A Grave At Walnut Hill
The Grave by the Side of the Trail
A Grave in a Garden
Great Expectations
A Great Inventor
The Great Oil "Boom"
Green and Gold
The Grenadier's Bequest
Grind Away
The Grip
A Grocery Oracle
Growing Old
Growing Old
Growing Old
The Grumbler To New Girl
Guard Thine Action
Guilty of Course
The Gun Fight at Pike's
The Gutter Hero
The Gutter's Prey
Gwine Ter Chu'ch
Gypsy Lullaby Song
The Gypsy: Maid
Hame Again
Hamlet's Ole Iloquy, As Taken Down by Johnny
The Handwriting on the Wall
Hannah's House
Hans's Hundred Dollars
The Hansom Cab
The Happiest Time
Happy Bachelor
Happy Hunting-Ground
Hard To Conquer
Hard To Git
A Hard-Working Woman
Harvest Noon
The Harvest
The Harvesters
The Hat
Hatty Sage
The Haunted House
The Haunted House
Have Faith in Your Kind
Have Hope, Brother
He Can Never Love Again!
He Careth for You
He Doesn't Want Them Published
"He Gets Dhere Shust Der Same"
He Had 'Em Bad
He Had His Way
He is Due
He Knows It All
He Parts the Price
He Tried His Own Case
He Wants To Kill Something
He Was Found Worthy
He Was Pardoned
He Wasn't in It
He'll Be Wanderin' Back Again
The Heart of Africa
The Heart Yet Irish Still
Hearts That Yearn
Heathen and Husband
The Heavenly Passport
The Heavenly Rest
Held Fast
Held in Trust
Help Worth More Than Pity
The Henpecked Husband
Her Attractions
Her Bonnet
Her Coming Home
Her Common Rights
Her Danger
Her Day
Her Easter Bonnet
Her Face
Her Face
Her Fan
Her Fan
Her Gifts
Her James
Her Last Course
Her Lovers
Her New Year Gifts
Her Parlor
Her Pies
Her Rival
Her Room
Her Tale of Woe
Her View of It
Her Wish
Here and There
Here or There
"Here's to the Hours of Our Youth"
A Hero of the Tropics
A Hero yet Only a Slave
Heroes of the Shore
Hez and Mary
The Hidden Harmony
High Art in Slang
High Love Has No Place on Earth
The Highest Heights
The Hills
The Hind Leg of a Mule
The Hired Girl
Hiring the Teacher
His "Sunday Girl"
His Astonishment Crew
His Devotions
His Farewell Tune
His First Spree
His Girl
His Greatest Accomplishment
His Kingdom
His Last Tune
His Letters Were Returned
His Mother's Pie
His Mother's Song
His Pneumogastric Nerve
His Promise
His Revenge
His Savage Ancestry
His Ships
His Waterloo
Ho For The Desert!
Home Again!
Home from School
Home From the Springs
The Home of the Soul
Homer's First Poem
The Homestead Kitchen
Homestead On The Hill
Honest Confessions
The Honest Old Toad
An Honest Spring Poem
Honest Toil
Hop-Picking Time
Hope and Regret
The Hope That Lies Afar
Hope's Goal
Hope's Trance
Hope, From the German
Hope, Patience and Faith
The Hopes of Life
Horse Sense
The Hoss
The Hound
House and Home
The House Of Never
How 'Twas Settled
How Can a Old Fool Dold?
How Did You Do It?
How Does It Seem To You?
How Farmer John Was Surprised
How Gullible We Are!
How He Became A Freemason
How He Loves Kansas
How He Won Her
How it Happened
How it Happened
How It Happens
How Johnny Lost The Prize
How Love First Came
How Mark Haskins Was Saved
How Old?
How She Lost Her Lover
How Strange!
How The Feud Began
How the Meat was Brought In
How the Morning Broke
How to Make a Woman Happy
How to Write Poetry
How We Paid For The Passage
The Howling Hyena of Houston
The Human Auction
Human Nature
A Hundred Years From Now
A Hundred Years From Now
A Hundred Years Hence
The Hungry Heart
The Hunter's Merry Moon
The Hunter's Moon
Hunting Rats
A Hunting Scene Among The Rockies
Hurrah for the Man Who Pays!
The Huskin' Bee
The Huskin' Bee
The Hustler
The Hygienic Kiss
The Hymn of the Dead
Hymn to My Fire
I Can Nod Drink To-Nighd
I Cannot Call Thee Fair
I Cannot Sing
I Dare Not
I Dunno and I Knowit
I Find it Sweet to Live
"I Forgot"
I Know
I Know Not When
I Laugh Lest I Should Weep
I Love Thee
I Love Thee
I Love Thee Still
"I Mean to Wait for Jack"
I Must Not
I Saw Her But a Moment
I Shall Never See The Spring Again
I Shall Not Die For Thee (Translated from the Irish)
I Think
"I Told You So"
I Will Be Worthy of It
I Will Still Be Your Friend
"I Wish I Was Loved"
I Wonder When
I'd Be a Honey-Bee
I'd Be a Tadpole
I'd Wish We Had Not Met
I'll Be Dar Ter Meet Yo'
I'll Fondly Think of Thee
"I'll Go and See Your Mother"
I'll Yet Remember Thee!
I'm Sick of the City, Sary
"I've Done My Level Best"
I've Got de Plues To-Night
The Ida May
An Ideal Home
If I Believe
If I But Knew!
If I Knew What Poets Know
If I Love You!
If I Should Die To-Night
If I Should Lie To-Night
If I Were an Artist
If I Were Fair
If It Could Be!
If So We Live
If Things Were as We'd Like Them
If We Knew
An Illusion
In A Copy Of Shakespeare
In a Garden
In a Garden Fair
In a Hammock
In A Rage
In After Years
In an Album
In An Apple Orchard
In Autumn-The Expressman
In Blossom Time
In Concha Pass
In Defense of the Spring Poet
In Der Shweed Long Ago
In Exile
In Exile
In Harness
In Heaven
In Her Garden
In Hope Secure
In June
In June
In Medio Tutissimus
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam Percy Gaunt
In Reply
In September
In September
In Silence
In Silken Bonds
In Sleep
In Spite of the Funny Man
In Summer Days
In Summer Time
In the Catacombs
In the City of Peace
In The Country
"In the Fair Long Ago"
In The Fields
In the Firelight
In the Gloaming
In The Gulch
In the Lane
In the Old Attic
In the Open Air
In the Organ Loft
In the Rain
In the Ranks
In the Sanctuary
In The Savoy Gardens
In The Shadows
In the Spring
In The Spring
In the Summer-Land
In the Toils
In the Wilderness
In the Wind's Face
In The Woods
In Time to Come
In Vain
In Woe by the Way
Independence Day
The Indian Chief
The Indian Levee
Indian Pink
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
The Indian Village
Ingenious Mr. Jones
"The Injun"
Innocence and Guilt
The Inoculation Treatment
Intrinsic Worth
Inventory of a Drunkard
Io Juno!
The Irish Emigrant
The Irish Exile
Irish Hearts and Irish Hands
Irish Love Song
Irish Song
The Iron Shroud
The Irrepressible Bachelor
Is It Better So?
Is Life So Sweet?
Is Life Worth Living?
Is Love's Reign Ended?
Is Marriage a Failure?
Is Marriage a Failure? A Song
The Island of Rest
The Isle of Boredom
Isle of Capri, Fare Thee Well!
It 'Most Always Pays
It Comes With Summer
It Could Not Be
It Ever Has Been
It Grew
It is What Young Americans Do
It Makes a Difference
It Matters Not
It Might Have Been
It Might Have Been
It Snows
It Will All Come Out Right In The End
It Will Cost the Best Gifts of the Heart
It Won Her
It Worked Both Ways
It's a Long Lane That Has No Turn
It's All for the Best
It's Vera Weel
Izaak Inkhorn Scripsit
Jack and Gill
Jack Frost
Jack Loquitur
Jack Pot In A Flat
The Jack Pot
Jake the Bad
A Japanese Dinner
Japanese Lullaby
A Japanese Serenade
The Jester Sums Up
A Jilted Girl Finds a Symbol in Bittersweet
Jim An' Bill
Jim Didn't Worry
Jim's Violin and Fred's Banjo
The Jingle of the Bells
Joe's "No"
Joe's Sunbeam
John and Nan
John Bowers's Apprenticeship
John Boyle O'Reilly
John Proposes to Sell the Farm and Live a Life of Ease
John's Description of the Christmas Tree
John's Wife Objects to the Masons
Johnny's Complaint
Jones's Love Trials
A Joy Divine
Joy of Swimming
Judson's Last Utterance
July Weather
A Jumble of Love
A June Day
Jupiter Pluvius & Co. (Limited)
Just A Sprig of Scottish Heather
Just How It Is
Just One
Just Put These Questions To Yourselves
Just So!
Just Too Sweet
A Kansas Kid
Kathleen Mavourneen
The Katy-Did
Keep a Guard
Keep Laughter's Youthful King
Keep Out of Debt
Keep Your Record As Clean As Your Clothes
The Kicker
The Kids
Kind Words Can Never Die
King Cupid
The King of Kings
The King's Ships
The King's Signet
Kingsbridge Road
The Kink
The Kiss at the Gate
The Kiss At The Gate
The Kiss of True Love
Kiss Them Good-Night
A Kiss
The Kiss
Kissed by Lafayette
Kissed His Mother
The Kissing Girls of California
Kissing Goes By Favor
Kissing Good-By
Kissing Through the Screen
A Knightly Romance
L' Envoi
L'Homme Propose, Et Dieu Dispose
A La Tennyson
The Ladder of Fame
Lady Gwen of Avondale
The Lady in the Moon
Lady Jane Grey
A Lady's Hat
The Lake in the Forest
Lament of Cleopatra's Needle
Lament of the Undertaker
A Lamentation
The Land Afar
The Land of Nod
The Land of Pretty Soon
The Land of the Man in the Moon
The Land of the West
The Land Of Used-To-Be
The Land That is Best
The Land Where the Sun Goes Down
Lariat Bill, the Engineer's Story
The Lass O'Dee
The Lassie With the Laughing Eye
The Last Beaus of Summer, A Warning
The Last Horse Car
The Last Look at Waterloo
The Last of the Beggs
The Last Payment is Made
Last Plea to a Beloved
The Last Red-Man
The Last Song
The Last Tournament
The Last Word
The Lastest in Magic
Late Love
A Laugh
The Laurels
The Laverock O'Scotland
Law and Poetry
The Law of Kisses
The Lawyer's Invocation to Spring
A Lay of a Laugh
The Lay of the Tanbark
Lazy Joe
The Lazy Man
Le Mort
"Lead Kindly Light"
Leads In Whist
A Leaf
A Leaf, From the German of Uhland
Leaning on the Gate
The Leap at Bayou Carr
Leap Year
Learn a Little Every Day
A Learned Woman
Leave Your Frown for a Smile at the Gate
Leaving The Old Folks
Left Alone
Left in the Cold
Legal Advice
The Legatee
A Lesson of Life
The Lesson of the Past
A Lesson To Learn
A Lesson
The Lessons of the Street
Let Me See Thy Face Again: A Ballad of Longing
"Let Not Thy Heart be Troubled"
Let the Bairnies Play
"Let the Chips Fall Where They May"
Let Us Sing New Songs
The Letter That Sweet Bessie Wrote to Me
Letter To Joe's Sweetheart
The Letter
Life and Death
Life and Liberty
Life Eternal
Life Eternal
Life for Life
Life Is No Dream
A Life Lesson
A Life Picture
Life's Happiest Day
Life's Journey
Life's Mission
Life's Quest
Life's Setting Sun
A Life's Story
Life's Utmost
The Life-Guard
Life. A Sketch
Light at Eventide
The Light of Songs
The Light That Shines (After Hearing Ingersoll)
Lights And Shadows
Like His Mother Used to Make
The Lilacs Afar
The Lily's Lesson
The Lines of Life
Lines to a Friend on His Marriage
Lines to a Photograph
Lines to Accompany an Eight-Dollar Fan
Lines to My Bed
Linger, Oh, Rose!
Linger, Sweet Day
The Lion Vs. the Bear
A Literary Curiosity
The Literary Novelty
A Literary Solution
Little Ben
A Little Bird Told It
The Little Black Window
The Little Blonde In Blue
Little Boy Blue
A Little Child
The Little Dead Baby Next Door
A Little Dear
A Little Discouraged
The Little Dog Under The Wagon
Little Dott
A Little Dutch Garden
Little Feet
The Little Folk's Country
Little Gifts
Little Hands
Little Joe
The Little Maryland Home (Inscribed To A Friend)
Little Miss Fink
Little Nell's Dream
The Little Sins
Little Sister May
The Little Tom-Cat
The Little Town O' Tailholt
The Little Vine-Clad Cottage in the Dell
A Little Woman
Live and Let Live
Lively Times In Georgia
Living Dreams
A Liz-Town Humorist
Loafing on the Corner
Lochinvar To Date
The Locked Door
Locked in by Love
The Loneliness of Death
The Lonely House
Long Ago
Long Live the King
Longin' To See Mother's Face Again
Longing for Spring
Look Behind, As Well As Before
Look Behind, As Well As Before
Look for the Light
Look Up
Looking Afar
Looking Beyond
The Loom of Life
The Lost Birdling
The Lost Heart
Lost in the Folds of the Shroud
Lost In The Shuffle
The Lost Kingdom
The Lost Kiss
The Lost Letter
Lost Little Ones
Lost on the Way
Lost Privileges
The Lost Tone
The Lost Word
Lost! One Golden Hour
Lots of Fun All Around
Lou, De Cracker Jack
Love (From the German)
Love and Death
Love and Faith
Love and Learning
Love and Life
Love and Politics
Love and Summer
Love and Weather
The Love Chase
Love Finds A Way
Love in Absence
Love Is True
Love Lightens Labor
Love Lightens Labor
Love Lingers Still
Love Lives Forever
Love Never Minds
Love Passed By
Love Search
Love Song
A Love Song
A Love Song
The Love That Will Not Sleep
A Love Vagrant
Love's Beacon
Love's Dirge
Love's Disenchantment
Love's First Kiss
Love's Forever
Love's Language
Love's Lesson
Love's Lessons
Love's Magic Wand
Love's New Year
Love's Plaint (A Valentine to Her Who Understands)
Love's Prophecy
Love's Request
Love's Service
Love's Shadow
Love's Tremolo
Love's True Times
"Love, It Is Well!"
A Love-Knot
A Love-Story with Six Scenes
Love: A Rhapsody
Lovely Little Charmer
Lovely Woman
A Lover To His Lass, After Reading The Medial Press
Lovers Still
The Lovers
Loves Tremolo
Loving and Waiting
A Loving-Cup Song
The Luckiest Day
A Lullaby
Luna's Vigil
Ma Belle
Maiden's Way
The Maine Coast
The Majority
Majory Jasper
Make Your Game
The Mal De Mer
Mamma's Flowers
Mamma's Hands Are Resting Now
The Man in the Moon
The Man in the Moon
Man Is Like A Ship
A Man of Many Parts
A Man of Nerve
A Man of the World
The Man Who Knows It All
The Man With the Iron Will
The Man With The Musket
Man's Fidelity
Man's Injustice
Managing a Mule
The Maniacs
Manly Prowess
March Meadows
The March Wind
The March-Born
Mariar in Heaven
A Married Flirt
Married Life
Marsh Echoes
A Marsh Melody
Mary Ann Has Wed At Last
Mary Ann's Strategy
Mary Had a Little Corn
Mary Had A Little Corn
Mary Jane
Mary's Baby
Mary, Queen of Scots
The Masculine Wish
The Masher Mashed
The Matinee Girl
The Matter with Hannah
A May Apple Blossom
May, Sweet May
"Mayne Reid"
The Mayor of Rochelle
McFadden's Aixparience
McFadden's Photograph
Meant for the Other Man
A Meeting
The Melancholy Days
Memorial Day-1889
Memory By the Sunset Sea
Memory's Pictures
A Memory
A Memory
A Memory
A Memory
The Men who Miss the Train
The Mercantile Traveler
The Message
Messenger Caplinger
A Messenger of Faith
Met His Match
The Methodist Hotel
A Mi Nina
A Mid-Ocean Letter
The Midnight Train
Midsummer Days
Might Have Been
The Might Have Been
"A Mile An' A Bittock"
The Mill At Blennerhassett
Millennium Ode
The Miller and the Maid
The Mine At Calumet
Mine Shildren
The Miner Lad
The Minstrel's Mixture
A Miracle
Miser Jabez Brown
The Miser
The Miser
The Misnomer
The Misplaced Switch
Miss Selfish At the Theater
Mission of the Snow
A Mississippi Boat Song
Misspent Years- A Memory
A Mither's Tears
The Mitten
The Mitten
A Mixed Blessing
The Model American Girl
Modern Aspirations
A Modern Beauty
A Modern Hero
A Modern Home
The Modern Maiden
A Modern Mother-in-Law
Modern Reformers
A Modern Sappho
Modern Scribes and Pharisees
The Modern Tournament
The Modern Way
A Moment's Rest
A Moment's Worth
Money Makes the Mare Go
A Monody
Montana Religion, Unrhymed
More in the Man Than in the Land
More Nice Than Wise
More Precious, Far, Than all
More Terrible Than Death
Morning, Noon and Night, A Hunter's Musings at Elk Lake, Head-Waters Mississippi River
A Morsel of History
Mos' Henrique's Philosophy
Mother's Cooking
Mother's Darling
The Mother's Dream. An Incident of the Civil War
A Mother's Face
The Mother's Hymn
Mother's Lullaby
The Mother's Reverie
A Mother's Slumber-Song
A Mother's Soliloquy
Mother's Songs
A Mother's Tears
Mother's Wedding Ring
The Mother
The Mother-in-Law
Motherland's Month of May
Mountain and Lake
A Mountain Trail by Moonlight
Much Love
Much To Her Credit
The Mule
Mullins, the Agnostic
Munro and Clara Anderson
Muses in the Country
"Music Ob De Banjo"
The Music Of Former Years
Mustang Rafe
The Muster of the Dead
My Baby
My Barefooted Boy
My Beautiful Love
My Beautiful!
My Bedfellow
My Bob-Tailed Balky Horse
My Boyhood's Home
My Bridge
My Colors
My Dan
"My Darling's Pictured Face"
My Dead
My Dearie
My Desire
My Doctor
My Fate
My Father
My Fiddle
My First Bawbee
My First Schoolma'am
My Flower
My Flower
My Flower and Its Bud
My Foe
My Fortune
My Friend is Safe To-Night
My Friendly Pipe
My Girl
My Heart's in Galilee by
My Ideal
My Jessie
My Journey
My Lady Comes
My Lady May
My Little Girl-Wife
My Little Lad and I
My Little Love
My Little Sweetheart
My Love
My Love and I
My Love and I
My Love in the West
My Mary
My Missing Atoms
My Mother
My Mother's Favorite Song
My Mother's Grave
My Mother's Prayer
My Mother's Song
My Neighbor's Boy
My Neighbor's Wife
My Old Clay Pipe
My Open Grate
My Petite
My Picture
My Pipe
My Pipe
My Pneumatic
My Prayer
My Priestess
My Promise
My Queen
My Recompense
My Red-Headed Sweetheart
My Rosary
My Ship
My Ship
My Ships
My Simple Fare
My Soul's Mate
My Stenographer
My Summerland Over the Sea
My Sweetheart
My Telephone Bride
My Wasted Youth
My Wife
My Wifie
My Wish
My Wreath
Myles Maccaura's Love Lament
The Mysterious One
A Mystery
Nachaw's Stujent
The Name That is Sweetest to Me
A Nameless Paul Revere
Naming the Baby
Native Land
Natural Philosophy
A Nature Prayer
Nature's Lesson
Nature's Poems
Naught Succeeds Like Success
Nearer Home
The Need of Love
Negro Plantation Song
Negro Wedding Song
Nell and I
Nellie of the Valley
Neptune's Steeds
Nevada Not a Cheerful Country
Never and Forever
Never Despair
Never Forget
Never Scorn a Boy Because in Rags
Never Trouble Trouble
New Argument Against Corsets
The New Baby
The New Breitman
The New Cleopatra
The New Couple
A New Departure
A New Fashioned Girl
The New Minister
The New Moon
The New Neighbors
The New Real Woman
New Version Of An Old Song
A New Version
The New World's Knights
New Year
New Year's Morning
A New Year's Wish
The New Year
New York Bay
The New, Or The Old
A New-Fashioned Girl
The Newsboy
The Nickel in the Slot
Night -- An Appeal
The Night Is Alive With Song
The Night Operator
The Night Telegraph Operator
Night's Music
Nightfall At Sea
Nil Desperandum
No Cause for Fear
No City For Him
"No Credit!"
No Footstep Has Wandered Astray
No Fun. This Year!
No Mother Now
No or Yes
No Place Like Home
No Reincarnation
No Romance About Her
No Rose Without Its Thorn
No Time For Wrangling
No Traveler Returns
No Weft In The Texture Is Mine
No Wheel For Him
Nobody Else
Nobody Really Cares
Nocturne in B-Flat
The Nonpareils
"Norine Maureen"
The Norman's Death
The North Kintree
The Northern Lights
A Nose He Knows
Not All Gold
Not Always As It Appears
Not Faithless
Not For Him!
Not Free From Temptation
Not Kind to Me
Not Quite Happy
Not What It Used To Be
Not Yet
Nothin' to Say
Nothing New
Nothing to Wear
November Skies
The Novice's Farewell
O Soul!
"O Tempora, O Mores!"
The Ocean Sprite
The Ocean
Ode to a Flat-Iron
Ode to a Geyser
Ode to the Moon
An Office Not Down on the Line
Oh! For A Flight On My Wings Of Steel, Lapland Lover's Song
Oh, Beautiful Summer
Oh, Bleak is the Night
Oh, Could I Sit by Thee
Oh, For A Day Of Spring!
Oh, Jessie, Whar Yo' Gone
Oh, Loved and Lost?
Oh, Tell Me!
Oh, To Forget!
Oh, Wait and Think!
Ohm's Law
Old 'Bijah Day
Old Age
Old and New
The Old and New
The Old Apple Tree
The Old Attic Room
The Old Bike
Old Bill Shaw
The Old Blue Chest
The Old Brindle Cow
The Old Church
The Old Cider Mill
The Old Cloak's Secret
The Old Clock
Old Dave
Old Days
The Old Farm
The Old Farm
The Old Five-Dollar Bill
The Old Flag
The Old Fort
Old Friends
The Old Friends
The Old Georgia Melon
Old Gray
The Old Gray Horse
Old Grimes is Dead
The Old Hand Press
The Old Home Revisited
The Old Home
The Old Home
The Old Home
The Old Homestead
The Old Iron Pump
Old Jerry's Good-By To His Cow
Old Jones is Dead
The Old Judge
The Old Lady by the Window
The Old Lady's Soliloquy
Old Letters
The Old Man and His Lamp
The Old Man and His Wife Must Part
The Old Man and the Old Song
The Old Man and the Young Man
The Old Man in the Model Church
The Old Man Sings
The Old Man's Boy
An Old Man's Recollections
The Old Man's Thanksgiving
The Old Mill
The Old Oaken Bucket
The Old Organ
The Old School-Books
The Old Settler
Old Si Rockabye's Soliloquy
An Old Song Resung
Old Songs
The Old Story
Old Sykes, A Christmas Story
Old Things Are Best
Old Times, Old Friends, Old Love
The Old Tramp Printer
The Old Village Depot
The Old Virginia Reel
Old Wine in New Bottles
An Old Woman Speaks
The Old Year
The Old-Fashioned Kitchen
Old-Time Courtship
The Old-Time New Year Calls
The Old-Time Spelling-School
The Old-Time Stage Coach
The Old-Time Stage-coach
The Olden Wedding-Gown
The Oldest Of Them All
The Ole Pine Box
The Ole Thermom'ter
On a Delicious November Day
On De Okeechobee sho'!
On Life's Rough Ocean
On Mother's Birthday
On The "L"
On the Battle-Field—Long Island
On the Beach
On the Beach
On the Beach
On the Common
On the Hill
On the Prairie
On The Rail
On The Reverse Order
On the Rio Grande
On The River
On The Road With A Stone Bruise
On the Shore
On the Stairs
On the Wing
Once Before
"Once on a Time"
One And One
One Call
One Dawning
One Day
One Hour
One Little Word
One Little Word
One Man's History
One Meeting
One Memory That Restrains
One of the Sensible Sort
One Point Assured
One Summer Night
One Summer Time
The One That Was Hardest To Spare
One Tramp
One Vision
One Way of Proposing
The One With Eyes Of Blue
One Word of Love
One Word She Will Not Speak
Only a Boy
Only A Dream (Baritone Solo)
Only A Little Way
Only A Mile-Post
Only a Scrap-Book
Only A Theory
Only A Workingman
"Only be Good"
Only Hidden
Only One Killed
Only Part of the Sermon
Only Sleeping
Only to See Thee Again
The Onset of the North Wind
Open Wide The Shutters
Optical Delusions
The Orator
The Organ Grinder
The Original Down in Dixie
The Ornamental Craze
An Orphan Born
The Other Prodigal
Otsego Lake
Ould Doctor Mack
The Ould Plaid Shawl
Our Actions Leave Their Trace
Our Country
Our Country's Flag
Our Daily Bread
Our Faith
Our Fathers of Old, Song of the Saxon Forester
Our Home
"Our July"
Our Lady of Snows
Our Landlady
Our Might Have Been
Our Modern Public Schools
Our Only Day
Our Own Columbia
Our Pilot
Our Prairie Pard
Our Real Desideratum
Our Soldier Dead
Our Two Opinions
Out in the Sunlight
Out of Port
Out of the Dark
Out of the Depths
The Outcast's Farewell
The Outdoor Girl
Outward Bound
The Outward Tide
Over the Line
Over the Ocean
Overstrained Indifference
Overstrained Indifference
Owed To Spring
An Owed to Spring
The Owl and the Pussy Cat
An Ox-Driver's Hymn
Paddy O'Toole and Biddy McGee
The Padlock
A Paean to the Hills
A Paean
Pain For Me and You
The Palace O' Dreams
Palemetto and Pine
Palmetto and Pine (For Decoration Day)
Pandora's Box
Pandora's Latest
Papa's Lullaby
Paramus Valley
Parlor Sofa Politics
The Parson and the Skunk
The Parson's Vacation
Particularly Optical
The Parting Hour
The Passing of Our Feet
The Passing Of Our Street
The Passing of the Year
The Past and the Future
The Past Is Mine
The Past
Pastor and Flock
Pat's Courtship
Pat's Secret
The Paths of Love
Paul Furgason
The Pauper's Burial
The Pauper's Deathbed
Pawnee Pete
The Pawnshop
Pay As You Go
Paying The Piper
The Peaceful Life
Peculiarly Patriotic
The Pedagogue's Wooing
Peggy Cassidy
The Pennyroyal Hymn
People With the Small Complaint
The People's Song of Peace
Per Aspera
The Perfect Man
The Perfume of Microbes
Periton's Ride
Peter and His Lottery Ticket
The Phantom Kiss
Phantoms in the Smoke
The Pharisee's Prayer
The Phrenological Lecture
A Phunny Punny Experience
A Phunny Punny Experience
The Picket
Picking Peaches
The Pickpocket
The Picnic Season
The Picture of the Pane
A Picture
A Picture
The Pictures in the Fire
The Pictures on the Wall
A Pin
The Pioneers
The Piscatorial Liar
Piscatorial Poetry
The Pitiless Weaver
The Plagues of Egypt
The Plaint of Jonah-1887
A Plantation Love Song
Playing Bear
A Plea
A Pleasant Drive on the Road
Plum Pudding
A Poem for Keramical Maniacs
The Poet and the Bull
A Poet Loose
The Poet of Cinnabar
The Poet's Realm
The Poet's Salutatory
The Poet's Song
The Poet's Valedictory
A Poetical Letter
The Poetry of Spring
A Political Experience
Politics in Billville
Pomp's Defense
Pond Lilies
Poodle Song
The Poor and the Proud
The Poor of the City
Poor Sister Blair
The Poor
Popping Corn
Por El Rey
A Post Graduate Course in Georgia
A Postrophe to the Sea
The Pottery Craze
The Practical Angel
A Practical Maiden's Soliloquy
Practical Philosophy
Practice and Preaching
Prairie Echoes
Prairie Echoes
The Prairie
A Prayer
A Prayer
A Prayer
"The Preacher's Boy"
Preaching and Practice
Prepare for Emergencies
A Prescription
The Presidents' Graves
The Pretty Girl Graduate
The Pretty Grass-Widow
Pretty Marguerite
Pride and Love
The Pride of Oatley's Bar
A Printed Prayer
The Printer's Dream
The Prisoner
The Private's Glory
A Product Inevitable
Proof Positive
The Prophetic Voice
A Prosperous Couple
Protest of the Brook Trout
Pugsley's Melon Patch
The Pumpkin Blow
The Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin Pies
The Pumpkin Pye
The Pumpkins Three
Pure Gold
Purpose of Man's Creation
Pussy Wants A Corner
Put Up Your Bill and Sing
A Quaker Maiden's Logic
The Quangle Wangle Hat
Queen of Hearts
A Question of Values
The Question Whither
A Question
A Question
The Question
The Quilting Bee
The Rabbit's Foot, A Georgia Song
A Race for Life
A Race for Life
The Race for Life
The Railroad Conductor
The Railroad Depot-Master
The Railroad Engineer
The Railroad Freight Brake-man
The Rainbow Flag
Raise the Curtain
The Raising of Lazarus
The Ramapo Home
Rambles in Fancy-Land
The Ranchman's Pretty Daughter
The Ranchman's Question
The Ranchman's Song
Rara Avis
Rattle-Brained Peter
Real Worth
A Realization
The Realms of Summer
The Reason Why
The Reason
The Rebuke
Recipe For A Comic Opera
Recovered and Lost
The Red Bird's Song
The Red Breast of the Robin, An Irish Legend
Red Letter Days
The Red, Red West
Red, White and Indigo
The Red-Haired Girl
A Reflection
A Refuge
A Reign of Terror
Rejected Love
The Rejected Suitor
A Relic
Remember the Needy!
A Remembrance Tear
A Remembrance
Remembrance, to A. E. N.
The Rescue
The Rescue
The Responsive Chord
Rest At Last
The Rest of Glade
The Rest of It
Resting 'Neath the Daisies
Retrospect Involuntary
A Retrospect
A Retrospect
The Return Voyage
Returning From The Picnic
Reuben James
The Revelation
The Reveler's Home
A Reverie
A Reverie
A Revised Version
The Reward
The Rhythm of the Skaters
The Riddle of the Sphinx
Riding Down Hill
The Rifle In The Hall
The Right Road
The Right Sort of Girl
The Right
A Riley Echo
The Ring in the Sand
Ring, Christmas Bells
Rise and Act
River Names
The River of Rhyme
The Road Tae Thriving
The Robin
The Robins Are Sleeping Again
The Rock-A-By Lady
The Rocker
The Roguish Maiden
A Romance in the Rough
Romance of a Light Young Man
The Romaunt of a Hairpin
Rondeau, "Oh, Ships of Ur"
A Rondel
"Room For Me and You"
"A Rose By Any Another Name"
"A Rose by Any Other Name"
Rose-Tree and Honie-Bee
Rosebud; or, Custer's Ride to Death
Roses and Briers
The Round of Play
Round the Corner
The Route Agent
"The Rowdy West"
A Rude Awakening
A Ruined Life
Ruined Manhood
A Run of Widows
Running A Newspaper
Rustic Philosophy
Rustling Corn
Sabbath Morn in the Country
A Sad Pastoral, In Four Cantos and a Canter
Said in Fun
Sailing Down De O-Hi-O
The Sailing of Columbus
The Sailor's Daughter
A Sailor's Love
A Sailor's Yarn
The Sails That Never Come
Saints' Rest
The Sale of Old Bachelors
The Sale
Sallie Streeter
Sallie's Beau
Sally Simmons and Peter Platner
Salting the Cattle
Sambo's Farewell
Sambo's Lullaby
The Same Old Story
Sans Doute!
Santa Claus's Trip
A Santa Fe Incident
The Sarcastic Girl
A Sartain Little Woman
Saturday And No School
Saturday Night
A Savage
Saved by a Song
Says He
The Scare Crow Man
Scatter the Beautiful
A Scene in School
A Scene
A School Reminiscence
The School-Ma'am's Confession
The School-Meetin'
The Schoolmarm's Story
The Schoolmaster's Grave
The Scorcher's Farewell To His Steed
A Scottish Ballad
The Sea
The Seals A Little Discouraged
The Seaside Belle's Lament
The Seaside Young Widow
A Seasonable Song
The Seasons
The Second Place
The Secret of the Roses
A Secret
The Seeming and Real
The Seeming and the Real
Seizing The Family Mule
Selling the Cow
Separation, from the German of Heine
Serenade to Nora
The Serenade
A Serious Case
A Serious Case
Sermons of the Band
The Settling Up is Certain
The Seven Ages of Bicycling
The Sexton's Dogmatics
The Shadow
Shadows on the Wall
A Shaft of Marble
Shall I Be Denied?
The Shamrock Eternal
The Shanar Dancing Girl
The Sharing of the Earth
Shasta Courtship
She Died of a Broken Heart
She Gave Me A Rose
She Had Him For Once
She Knew the Game
She Meant Just What She Said
She Plays The Piano
She Relied on Him
She Threw Me A Kiss
She Waits For Me
She Was No Fraud
She Wasn't Built That Way
She Wore a Mask
She's a Genius
Shelling Peas
Sheridan's Last Ride
Ships at Sea
A Short Debate on Rum
Show Pity
The Sick Child
Sick Transit
Silence and Fate
The Silence of the Stars
Silent Influences
The Silent Night
The Silent Path
Silent Teachers
A Silvan Honeymoon
Silver and Gold
Silvery Locks
Simple Proportion, $
Simplex and the Cycle
Simply Away
Since Baby Died
Since Nellie Went Away
Sing Me a Song of the Olden Time
"The Singer and the Sea"
The Singer's Lesson
The Singing In God's Acre
A Single Day
Sinking To Sleep
Sir Philip
Sitting with the Girls
The Situation
Six Feet of Earth
A Skating Episode
Skull of Neanderthal
The Sky Lark
The Skylark
Sleep, Respectfully Invited
Sleepy Hank
The Sleigh-Ride
The Sleigh-Ride
Sleighing Song
The Small Boy's Elysium
The Small Boys Who Tag On Behind
A Small Warbler
The Smile That Awaits Me at Home
The Smile Upon Her Lips
Smile Whenever You Can
Smiles on a String
The Sneak
Snider's Happiness
Snow in the Woods
A Snow-Drift
The Snowfall
Snowflakes In The Tress Of Gold
So Different Now
So Easy!
So I Very Humbly Pray
So Many Things I Do Forget
So We Grow Old
The Society Queen
Softly Whisper
The Soldier's Lot
The Soldier's Pledge
The Soldier's Widow
A Soliloquy
Some Day
Some Day
Some Day
Some Day!
Some Dyspectic Questions, A Captious Catechism
Some Grave Reflections
Some Plurals
Some Spring Songsters
Some Things We Cannot Forget
Some Timely Queries
Somepin' Strange About October
"Something New"
Somewhat Hoarse
The Somnambulist
The Song Bill Hums
A Song for A Songstress
A Song for a Songstress
A Song For Baby's Bed-Time
A Song in Fish Time
A Song in the Heart
The Song of Christmas Eve
A Song Of Fall Time
A Song of June
A Song of Labor
A Song of Long Ago
The Song of Other Days
A Song of Seasons
A Song of Spring
A Song of Summer
A Song of Sunlight
The Song of the Ax
Song of the Burden Bearer
Song of the Cycle
The Song of the Flatiron
The Song of the Fool
Song of the Girl who Skates
Song Of The Gold Robin
Song of the Misanthrope
Song of the Mosquito
The Song of the Mowing Machine
The Song of the Scythe
A Song of the Sea
The Song of the Shad
A Song of the Sierras
Song of the Snow
Song of the Spring
The Song of the Stranger
Song of the Talker
Song of the Tea-Kettle
Song of the Teakettle
Song of the Types
Song of the Typewriter Girl
A Song of the West
A Song of Twilight
The Song That Father Sung
The Song that the Shell Sung
A Song With A Difference
The Song
Song: Bonny Jennie
The Songs that Mother Sung
Songs Unsung
A Sonnet
The Sorrowful Stone
The Sorrows of Brown
The Sorter Man Jim Is
The Sorter Man Jim Is
A Soul for Humor
The Soul's Errand
Soul-Tossed, A Song
Sound the Reveille
A Southern Girl
Sowing and Reaping
Spare the Child and Spoil the Rod!
Speeding Away
The Spell of Death
Spellin' Down the School
The Spelling Class
Spelling in the Nursery
A Spinster's Soliloquy
The Spinster
The Spirit Caress
Spirit Eyes
Spirit Visitants
A Splendid Fellow
The Spoke That Is Gone From The Wheel
The Spoken Word
The Spoony Married Man
The Sportsman's Love Of Nature
Spring Cleaning
Spring Fever
Spring Gentle Spring
Spring Leericks
The Spring of the Hillside
"The Spring Poet"
Spring Winds
A Springtime Idyl
The Spy
The Squall—Off Sandy Hook
A Squandered Day
The Stains Upon Her Soul
Stamps for Drinks
The Star of Fate
Star of the East","
Starry-Eyed Pansy
The Stars and Stripes
The Stars of "Old Glory"
Starving Nebraska
Steam at Night
Step Lively
Stepping in Your Tracks!
A Stern View of the Question
Still Little Feet and Hands
The Stolen Arrow
The Storm King
The Storm
The Storm. A Sonnet
The Story of Wilson's Broncho, Founded on a Recent Occurrence in California
The Story
Strauss's Boedry
Strayed From the Flock
The Stream of Time
The Stream of Time
The Streams of the Rocky Mountains
A Suburban Village Idyl
The Successful Physician
The Sugar-Plum Tree
Summer and the Song-Birds
Summer Coming In
Summer Days
Summer Days Will Come Again
A Summer Deceit
The Summer Dude
The Summer Girl Again
A Summer Pastoral
A Summer Rhapsody
Summer Roses
The Summer Shower
A Summer Song
Summer Time in Georgia
Summer's Done
The Summer's Gone
Sundered Friends
Sunny Faces
The Sunny Past
The Sunset Hills
Sunshine and Shadow
The Surprise Party at Abner Bly's
The Survival of Truth
Susan Jane and Josiah
Susan Simpson
Sutter's Claim
Sweet Alyssum
Sweet Birkenshaw
Sweet Eyes of Blue
The Sweet of Sorrow
"Sweet One Wi' the Limpid Eyes"
Sweet Seventeen
Sweet Slumber
The Sweet Summer Girl
Sweet Summer-Time Good-By!
Sweet Sunset Bells
Sweet Tipperary
Sweet Woman's Sphere
The Sweetest Baby in the Land
The Sweetest Song
Swing Away, Baby
Swinging Song
A T-Party
The Tables Turned
Tae Auld Time
Take the Sunny Side
Taken From Life
Taken In
Taking Care of the Baby
The Tale of a Chicken Bone
A Tale of Three Months
A Tale of Toe
The Talisman
Talk's Cheap
A Teacher
A Tearful Tragedy
Tearing Down the Old House
Teasing Dick
Teddy's Lesson
The Telegram
A Telegrapher's Plaint
The Telephone Cat
Tell Me, Brown Eyes
Telling The Bees
Tempest Torn
Ten Cents Enough!
Ten Cheyenne Indians
The Ten Plagues of Egypt
Ten to Seven
The Tender Heart
A Tennysonian Don't
Terpsichore on Willer Crick
Terrors of Modern Journalism
The Texas Cowboy's Chant
Texas Types-The Tenderfoot
Than All the Gloom Beside
Than All The World Beside
The Thanksgiving Dinner
That Banger of Cheelee
That Beanery
That Celluloid Collar
That Childless Household
That Little Wife of Mine
That Night
That Serenade Last Night
That Summer's Night
That Vicious Old Bucket
That Which Is Best
That Which is Best
That's The Way Of It
That's What's the Matter
Them Flowers
Then and Now
Then and Now
Then and Now
Then He Was Mad
Ther Man With Ther Dollar Are Mine
Ther Toughest Cub In School*
There Was A Time
There's Much In This Life After All
There's Something in the Gait
These Bicycle Days
They Call Him 'Gene
"They Get There Just the Same"
They Say So
"They Say"
"They Say"
"They Say"
The Thick-Headed Dunce
Things Are Not What They Seem
Things I Hate
The Thirteen Club
This Dear Old Pipe of Clay
This One Summer
Those City-Bred Cousins
Those Were Our Brightest Days
Thou Hast Dove's Eyes, My Beloved
The Thrashing
The Threads of Gold
Three and Three
The Three Church Members
Three Fishers, A Parody
Three Flames
Three Loves
The Three Rockers
The Three Songs
Three Treasures
The Three-Cent Stamp
Through Memory's Window
The Thunderbolt Line
The Tide of Tears
Tim's Shwateheart
Time Forgive Me!
The Time of Bloom
The Time of the Golden Rod
A Tinkle of Bells
Tired Nature's Sweet Restorer
Tired Out
Tired, On a Picture of a Tired Child
TME Problem
To "Jo King"
To ----
To a Bulldog
To A Cricket
To a Dying Tree
To a Literary Friend
To a New Bride and Housekeeper
To a Picture
To a Poet
To A Pressed Fern
To A Snake
To A Sweet Singer
To a Woodland Flower
To an Erring One
To an Old Copper Cent
To Cupid, Greeting
To Cupid.- A Valentine
To Forgive Divine
To G. M. H. On Receiving Her Picture
To Her I Love
To Her Portrait
To Him Gone Before
To Hope
To Horse!
To Leona
To Lilian
To Lillian
To Love-To Forget
To Marry or Not to Marry
To Mary
To My Cycle
To My Enemy
To My Heart
To My Hero
To My Lamp
To My Love With the Gray Eyes
To One I Love
To One Who Desired to "Be Friends"
To One Who Will Understand
To Our Dog, in Slumber Wrapt
To Our Mother Country
To Poverty
To Robin
To Robin Goodfellow
To Tell the Age of a Horse
To The Bicyclist Who Bends
To The Children
To The Influenza Germ
To the Memory of David Adams
To The Modern Girl
To the Women Anxious for Rights
To Thee I Love
To Thine Own Self Be True
To You
To Young Men
To-Tonkae-To-Tonka's Creed
Tom Brown
Tommy Confidential
The Tongue
Too Late!
Too Learned By Half
Too Much Wheat
Too Utterly Too Sad
"Topside Galah!"
The Touches of Her Hands
The Towers of Silence
Tra-La-La Loo
Tragedy of a Flannel Shirt
The Tragedy of Coeur D'Alene
The Tragedy of the Hat
Trail of Abraham's Faith
The Train
The Tramp in the City Park
The Tramp's Bed
A Tramp's Song
The Tramp's Story
The Tramp
A Transient Dental Monody
The Traveler's Return
Treason's Rhyme
The Treasure-Seeker
Treasures Within
The Treasury of King Rhampsinitus
A Treat Ode
The Tree Voice
The Trees
Trials Of A Twin
The Tribunal
A Tricky Young Woman
A Triumph Of Old Age
The Trojan Helen
The Trooly Excloosive
The Troubadour
The Trouter's Invocation
True Blue
A True Friend
The True Gentleman
True Hearts
True Heroism
The True Knight
A True Man
A True Marriage
True Rest
The True Socialist
The True Story
True Value
The Truest Friend
Trundle-Bed Theology
Trust God for the Rest
Try It
Trying Doors
Trying To Get Even Don't Pay
Tu Eizk Pitman On Hiz Berthday
Turn To Him
Turning Back the Leaves of Life
Twenty Years Ago
Twenty-Four O'Clock
Twilight at Toulon, A Reminiscence
A Twilight Song
Twilight. From My Back Porch
The Two Ages
The Two Boys
The Two Bracelets
Two Epitaphs
Two Faces
Two Fishers Went Sailing Out to Sea
Two Flirts
Two Hypocrites
Two Kinds of People
Two Lovers
Two Men
Two Pictures
Two Sides
Two Soldiers at Gettysburg
The Two Songs
Two Sonnets to the June Bug
Two Towns
Two Typewriters
Two Ways
The Two-Cent Stamp
The Umpire
Un Vieux Fumeur
Unappreciated Genius
Unc' Abe on Autumn
Uncle and Nephew
Uncle Ben to the Minister
Uncle Jack's Great Run
Uncle Johnnie's Daughter
Uncle Josh
Uncle Remus's Revival Hymn
Uncle Seth's Spring Poem
Uncle Tommery; or, In Bondage
Uncle William
Under A Christmas-Tree
The Under Dog in the Fight
Under Her Bonnet
Under the Lamp-Shine
Under the Shadows of Old Shasta
Under the Snow
Under the Snow
Under the Woodland Tree
The Undertow
The Unexpected
The Unfailing Love
The Unfinished Stocking
The Unfortunate Sneeze
An Unhappy Exception
The Universal Communion
The Universal Strife
The Unknown
An Unlucky Girl
The Unlucky Lovers
Unrolling the Years
An Upland Farmer's Song
The Uplifting
Upon the Picket Line
The Usual Joke
A Vain Passion
A Vain Request
Vain Things, Farewell!
The Vale of Doom, A Mexican Legend
The Valedictory
A Valentine's Good-By
A Valentine
A Valentine
The Valley of Despair
The Valley of Rest
The Valley of Sleep
The Valley Stream
VanDyke's Valentine
The Vanished Choir
Vanished Dreams
Vanitas Vanitatum
Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair
The Vanquished Cat
A Variation
Vegetable Courtship
The Very Best of All
A Victim of Delusion
The Village 'Squire
The Village Choir
The Village Parson
The Village Politician
The Village Scandal
Violet and Jewels
The Violet's Fate
Violets in Winter
A Vision of Summer
A Vision
A Visit to the Old Home
Vivia and the Birds
A Voice From the Farm
The Voice of the Pines
The Voice of the Rain
The Voice of the Telephone
The Voice of Warning
A Voice
Voices From the Spirit-Land
The Wager
Wail of the Skirt
A Wail
A Wail
Wait for Me
Wait Till Home is Far Away
Wait Till the Trouble Comes
Waitin' fur de Angel to Cum!
Waiting for a Boat
Waiting for a Letter
Waiting for Him
Waiting for Jack
Waiting for the Bugle
Waiting, My Erin, For Thee!
The Waking of the Lark
Walking Into Light
A Wall Flower
The Wanderer's Return
The Wanderer's Return
A Warm Reception
A Warning
A Warning
A Warning
Warp and Woof
A Warrior Held The Field*
Was It Chance?
Was't All in Vain?
The Wash-Tub Sorrow
A Wasted Summer
The Water-Meter
The Way of All
The Way of It
The Way of the World
The Way of the World
The Way of the World
The Way to Babylon
The Way To Mount
The Way to Rest
The Way to the Heart
We And the World
We Can't Do This When Dead
We Have Been Foes
We Met
We Never More May Meet, Alleine
We Never Stop to Think
We Two
"We Two!"
We Wander Back to Home
We Were Friends
We're Growing Old Together
We're Grownin' Old Together Tom
The Weather
Wedded in Truth
The Wedding Garment
The Weed Divine
Weep and the World Weeps With You
A Welcome
Well Off
Well Qualified
The Well's Secret
The Western Stage-Driver's Song
Whah Is De Lil' One Gone?
What Can I Do?
What Cares the World?
What Could She Do
What Do We Know?
What Doth The Girl of Fashion Do?
"What Fools We Mortals Are!"
What He Called It
What He Put in the Stocking
What I Hate
What I Love
What I See
What is Death?
What is Home Without a Mother
What Is In It
What Is Life Without A Purpose?
What is Life?
What Is Love?
What Is Love?
What is the Use of Sighing?
What Is the Use?
What is the World?
What is Your Duty?
What Little Things Can Do
What Might Be Done
What Of It?
What Poets Cannot Do
What Say the Waves
What Shall I Say?
What Shall I Sing Thee?
What Shall the Ice Harvest Be?
What She Did and What She Didn't
What She Excels In
What Telegraphers Hear
What the Stair Clock Saw
What the Violins Said
What They Looked Like
What They Said
What To Do With A Watermelon
What Was Balaam?
What We May Do
What Will The Years Bring?
What Wins?
What's the Odds?
What's the Use?
A Wheel Song
When A Feller's Goin' Under
When Childhood Sleeps
When Father Carves the Duck
When He Opens Up His Office
When I Am Dead
When I Am Dead
When I Go Home
When I Have Time
When I Have Wound Life's Bobbin
When It Rains
When Jack is Tall and Twenty
When Jamie Comes Home
When Jim Was Dead
When June Comes In
When Life is Lived
When Love Is Told
When Memory Dies
When One Says "No"
When Robins Sang
When Roses Blow
When Summer Breezes Blew
When the Cows Come Home
When The Doves Begin To Coo
When the Frost is on the Punkin
When the Frost is on the Punkin
When the Katydids Sing
When the Lilies Bloom Again
When The Snow-Flakes Fall
When The Song Birds Say Good-Night
When the Whistle Blows
When They Count The Votes
When This Life To Me Grows Brighter
When Twilight Falls
When We Do Love
When We Were Happy Children
When Wife's A-Go 'N' Away
When Winter Comes
When Women Say They Will
When You Were Seventeen
When You Were Twenty-Five, Joe, and I was Seventeen
Where Are They Gone?
Where He Put His Arm
Where Her Knowledge Failed
Where Is Home?
Where is She?
Where Will It Be?
While Life's Summer Days Go By
A Whirl
A Whisper
Whispers Below
The Whistling Girl
White Carnation
White Clover
White Roses
White Violets
Whittier and Holmes
The Whittled Heart
The Whittler
Who Carries on the Business?
Who is Love?
Who is the Richest Man?
Who Santa Claus Was
Who Took Him
Who Will Be Responsible?
Why ?
The Why and the Wherefore
Why Do I Love Thee So?
Why He Did Not Marry
Why I Never Married
Why Is It?
Why Is It?
Why Is It?
Why Shapest Thou at This World
Why She Waits
Why Some People Give
The Wichita "Poker Craze"
The Wicked Dog
The Widow Green's Surprise-Party
The Widow's Christmas
A Wife's Promise
Wild Bill
Wild Bill's Ride
Wild Home of My Childhood, Farewell!
The Wild Rose
A Wild Western Love Story
The Wild Winds Are Calling For Thee!
Will Come Again!
Will There Be Room?
Will Yankee Girls Adopt It?
Will You Miss Me?
The Wind and I
Wind and Rain
The Wind and the Leaves
The Winds of Memory
A Windy Day
Wine Vision
Winning the Golden Bars
A Winter Ball
Winter Joys in Ohio
Winter Romance
Winter Sleep
A Winter Wooing
Winter's Pleasures
The Winters
The Wise Owl
Wishin' Time
With a Bouquet
With Her Own People
With Us Still
The Withered Flower
The Witness's Dream
A Woman's Cry
Woman's Hate
A Woman's Hate
A Woman's Lot
Woman's Mission
A Woman's Query
Woman's Strategy
Woman's Work
Woman:-A Puzzle
Women's Tears
Won't Birdie Sing Again?
A Wonder
"The Wooin' O. T."
The Wooing
The Wooing
A Word of Cheer
The Word That Was Not Too Late
A Word to the Boys
The Working Woman
The Workingman's Cry
The Workman's Song
The World Is Thine Own
A World of Worry
The World's A Wardrobe
The World's Fair Cowboy
The World's Way
The Worth of a Smile
The Worth Of Living
Would We Know?
Would You?
The Wounded Bird
A Wreath of Roses
The Wreck of the Literary Coterie
The Wreck
The Wrestlers
The Yachetsman's Song
The Yachtman's Song
Yarn O' The Concord
Ye Bargain
Ye Crewel Sassinger Mill
Ye Hop-Picker
Ye Plumber Arbitrates, A Meditation, Verbatim
Ye Plumner Arbitrates
Ye Winds Of March
Yea, 'Tis Best!
The Yearning of a Mother's Heart
The Yearning Soul
The Years That Would Not Stay
Yes or No
"Yes", of Yore
Yes, 'Tis Enough
Yes, With a Qualification
Yon Hielan' Glen
You and I
You Can Bet On It
You Said
You Will Find It Hard to Do
You Will Wish Me Back Once More
"You'll Never Git to Heaven, Uncle Joe"
You, I and Death
Young Greencorn's Farewell to the Sea
A Young Mamma's Lament
The Young Man's Lament
Your Eyes
Your Eyes
Your Loss and Mine
Your Presence
Your Roses
Your Songs
Your Songs
Yours Truly!
Youth and Age
Youthful Recollections
Zummer Eveen Dance

Beadle's Dime Book of Fun

Before and After Marriage
Reefing the Breakers

Beadle's Dime Dialogues

A Friend
Funny Thing a Baby Is
The Goblin Cat
A Hundred Years to Come
The Rainbow. A Dramatic Fantasy

Beadle's Dime Song Books

Awfully Clever
The Brave Old Oak
Is there Room Among the Angels?
The Old House Far Away
Over the Bars
There's Something I'm Dying to Say
"Uncle Sam's a Hundred"

Beadle's Dime Speakers

The "Ager"
The "Speculators"
Abner Jones' Testimony
"Accept the Situation"
Adams and Liberty
Age Bluntly Considered
Ah Sin's Reply
Ah! Why!
All About A Bee
All for a Nomination
America to the World
The American Ensign
The American Flag
The American Hero
American Independence
The Ancient Bachelor
Angelina's Lament
Annabel Lee
Annie's Ticket
April 15th, 1861
The Ass and the Violinist. A Fable
A Ballad of Lake Erie
Barbara Frietchie
Baron Grimalkin's Death. A Parody
Battle Anthem
The Bayonet Charge
"Be Careful What You Say"
Be True To Yourself, Young Man!
The Bells
The Best Cow in Peril
The Better View
Bill Underwood, Pilot
The Blarney Stone
A Blast Against Tobacco
The Blooded Van Snoozle
A Blow in the Dark
Boss Bagshaw
Brian O'linn
The Bricklayers
The Brigand-ier-General Contractor
Buckwheat Cakes
The Buff and Blue
The Bugle
The Cadi's Judgment
The Call and Response
A Canni-Ballad
The Cannibal Man
Carey of Corson
Carmen Bellicosum
The Cart Before the Horse
Catholic Cathedral
A Chemical Lament
A Chemical Wedding
Choice of Hours
A Christmas Chant
The Close-Hard Man
The Closing Year
The Cockney
The Codfish
The Cold-Water Man
Come Down
Compound Interest
The Cork Leg
The Cost of Riches
The Crusader's Appeal
The Curse of Rum
A Dark Side View
De 'Sperience ob de Reb'rend
Death of th' Owd Squire
Deeds of Kindness
The Deluge
"Der Dog Und Der Lobster"
The Designing Young Man
The Dim Old Forest
Disagreeable People
Do Thy Little—Do It Well
The Dog of St. Bernard
A Doketor's Drubbles
A Dollar or Two
Don'd Been Afraid
Don't Give It Away
Don't Strike a Man When He's Down
Dose Lams Vot Mary Haf Got
Dot Baby Off Mine
Dot Young Viddow Clara
The Draft
Dream of Darkness
The Dream of the Revelers
A Dream
A Dutch Cure
Early Rising
The East and the West
The Editor, Treated in Rhyme
Ego and Echo
A Fable
Fanny Butterfly's Ball
Farewell to the Bottle
Fashion on the Brain
The Fate of Sergeant Thin
The Feathers' Quarrel
The Fenian's Call
Find a Way, or Make It
The Fire-Brigade
The Fisher's Child
The Fishes' Toilet
The Fourth of July
A Frenchman's Dinner
Fritz Valdher is Made a Mason
The Funny Man
The Future of the Fashions
The Gates of Sleep
Ge-Lang! Git Up!
God Bless Our Stars
God Save the Union
The Good Alone Are Great
Good for Something
The Great Bell Roland
The Great Napoleon
The Green Mountain Boys
Gushalina Bendisbus
The Hand That Rocks The World
Hard Lives
He Vas Dhinkin'
The Healer
The Heated Term
The Hero
His Sphere
Ho, for the Fields!
"Hoe Out Your Row"
The Home Rulers
Homoeopathic Soup
A Hoodish Gem
Hosea Biglow's Opinions
A Hot Weather Cry
How Cyrus Laid the Cable
How the Money Comes
How the Money Goes
How the Raven Became Black
How Ub Vas Dot For High?
I Kin Nod Trink To-Nighd
"I'll Never Use Tobacco"
I'm Mustered Out
I'm Not A Single Man
Ichabod Sly.—An Ancient Tale With A Modern Application
Il Trovatore
Independence Bell
The Independent Farmer
The Indian Chief
The Inebriate's End
Invocation to Cold Water
Is the Caucasian Race Played Out?
Is There Any Money In It?
It Is Not Your Business Why
"It's the Early Bird"
Job's Turkey
John Burns of Gettysburg
John Jenkins's Sermon
John Reed
John Thompson's Daughter
Joseph Brown and the Mince-Pie
The Judgement Day
King Cotton
Kissing in the Street
The Knightly Newsboy
L-E-G (Elegy) on my Leg
La Dame Aux Camelias
The Labor is to Pray
The Last Lay of the Minstrel
The Last Man
Lay of the Henpecked
A Leedle Gal-Child's Dream
Leedle Yawcob Strauss
Let Me Alone
The Liberty Bell
Life's Sunset
The Lightning-Rod Agent
Little Breeches
A Little Correspondent
Little Jerry, the Miller
"Little Jim"
A Little Mixture
The Little Orator. A Parody
Little Puss
The Little Zouave
Live for Something
The Loafers' Society
Local Option
The Lords of Labor
Lot Skinner's Elegy
The Lotus-Planter
A Lover's Luck
Luke Lather
The Lunatic's Reverie
The Lupracaun, or Fairy Shoemaker
The Madman and His Razor
A Maiden's Psalm of Life
Man and Woman
The Man
The March to Moscow
Martha Hopkins
The Martyr Spy
Mary's Leetle Ram
Mary's Shmall Vite Lamb
Maud Mulle. After Hans Breitman
The Midnight Express
The Midnight Train
The Mill Cannot Grind With The Water That's Past
Minnetunkee, an Indian Legend of the Cattawissa Mountain, Penn
Miss Prude's Tea Party
The Mississippi Miracle
The Mocking-Bird. A Fable
The Moneyless Man
A Mosaic
A Mother's Work
Mrs. Grammar's Ball
Mrs. Jones's Pirate
Music of Labor
Music of Labor
The Musquito Hunt
My Deborah Lee
My Ladder
The Mysterious Guest
A Negro Religious Poem
The New Church Doctrine
New England's Dead
The New Year and the Union
A New-England Tragedy
The Newsboy
The Night After Christmas
No Sect in Heaven
Noah and the Devil
Nocturnal Mewsings
Nose and Eyes
Not on the Battle-Field
Not One to Spare!
Not So Easy
Nothing to Do
Nothing to Do
Old and New Time
An Old Ballad
The Old Canoe
Old Dog Jock
Old Granley
Old Grimes's Son
Old Ironsides
On Learning German
One Good Turn Deserves Another
Only a Tramp
The Original Maud Muller
Our Candidate's Views
Our Country's Call
Our Native Land
Out West
The Outside Dog in the Fight
"Paddle Your Own Canoe"
Paddy's Version of "Excelsior"
Parody on "Araby's Daughter"
A Parody
A Parody
Peggy McCann
"Pells, Pells, Dot Court House Pells"
Phaethon, or the Amateur Coachman
Philosophy Applied
A Picture of Life
The Pin and Needle
Plain Language By Truthful Jane
A Plea for Eggs
A Plea for the Ox
Poetry Run Mad
Pompey's Thanksgiving Turkey
Popping Corn
Prescription for Spring Fever
Press On
The Press
The Prettiest Hand
The Price of Pleasure
Prohebishon and Whiskey
The Prophecy for the Year
Prussia and Austria
The Pump. A Fable
The Pumpkin
The Puzzled Dutchman
The Race
The Rats of Life
The Regular Season
Repentance, A Nursery Lesson
Revolutionary Soldiers
Rich and Poor
Right Names
Room at the Top
The Rum Fiend
Rum's Maniac
The Sailor Boy's Syren
Scheider's Ride
Schnitzerl's Philosopede
Schoolboy's Lament
Second Review of the Grand Army
The Secret
The Sergeant's Story
The Setting Sachem
The Sewing Machine
She Would Be A Mason
The Ship and the Bird
The Shoemaker
Shonny Schwartz
"Short Legs"
The Silent City
The Singular Man
A Sketch
Slightly Mixed
The Smack in School
The Snake in the Grass
Something to Shun
Song of Labor
Speak Not Harshly
The Specter Caravan
The Spirit of '61
The Squeezer
The Stanislaus Society
A Stock of Notions
The Story of an Oak-Tree
A Story With A Moral
The Stove Pipe Tragedy
Strike Through the Knot
Strive for the Best
The Student of Bonn
The Suicidal Cat
Swackhamer's Ball
Tale of a Hat
A Tale of a Mouse
A Tale of the Tropics
Taming a Masculine Shrew
The Tanner Boy
Test of Friendship
That Calf
That Violin
Then and Now
There Is No Death
This Side and That
Time is Passing
To Retailers!
"To See Ourselves As Others See Us"
To the Bachelors' Union League
Tobias, So To Speak
The Toper's Lament
The Tragic PA
A Tragic Story
A Train of Circumstances
The Tramp
The Treachery of Jones
The Two Cradles
The Union
United States Presidents
The Unseen Battle-field
Up Early
The Ups and Downs
The Useful Doctor
The Value of Money
The Village School
A Vision in the Forum
Walking With the World
The War
Warren's Address
Washington's Name
The Wasp and the Bee
Watching for Montgomery
The Water-Mill
The Waterfall
The Weather
What Became of a Lie
What I Wish
What I Wouldn't Be
What is a Bachelor Like?
When the Cows Come Home
Where's My Money?
Who Killed Tom Roper?
Who Wouldn't Be a Fireman?
Why Should the Spirit of Mortal Be Proud?
Widder Greene's Last Words
The Widow O'Shane's Rint
Wilyum's Watermillion
"Woman's Rights"
The Working People
The Worm of the Still
Ze Moskeetare

Beadle's Half-Dime Singer's Library

Be Kind to Each Other
Do a Good Turn When You Can
Down by the Old Mill Stream
The Fireman's Death
A Good Time Coming
Graves of a Household
The Heathen Chinee
I Wish He Would Decide, Mamma
My Mother's Bible
The Original Yankee Doodle
People Will Talk
Poor Jack
The Rain on the Roof
Somebody's Darling
Strictly Confidential
The Sword of Bunker Hill
Trip Lightly

Beadle's Monthly

After the Battle
April, One Year Ago
Autumn Thoughts
Awaiting The Dawn
Ball's Bluff
The Beautiful Snow
The Belle of the Ball
Coute Qui Coute
Faces In The Fire
A Farewell
For What? A Ballad of the End of the War!
The Genie
The Happy Land
I Do Not Call It Love
The Iceberg
A Memory
Midnight, December Thirty-First
Mrs. Browne Le Browne
My Wealth
Native Greatness
An Old Hand
Orpheus' Nightingales
Our Household Nest
The Royal Prize
The Silent Gathering
The Stilts of Gold
To A Woman
To Madge
We May Not Tell

Belles and Beaux

The Air Castle
April's Child
Be Just
Beautiful Bells
Belles and Beaux
Belles and Beaux, Greeting
The Castle Wall
"Curfew Must Not Ring To-Night"
The Enchanted Mirror
I Can Not Sing
"It Is Not Good For Man To Be Alone" (Gen, ii. 18.)
Kiss Me!
Life, Death, Eternity
Lines To My Fair
"Love Thee Not"
My Brown-Eyed Lassie
My Teacher
Old Times
Questions and Answers
Rose Leaves
Sound the Lyre!
The Tarnish of Time
Terrible Snow
Then and Now
Violets and Jewels
Waiting—At the Party
A Woman's Whim
You Ask Me To Forgot

Bowery Boy Library

86. Bowery Billy on a Lark; or, The Eventful Cruise of the "Jolly Comrade"

The Boys of New York

A "Cane Rush" Student
'Tis Only a Violet
The 8th Ward Guard
Across the Sands
After the Camanches
Ah! How D'ye Do?
Amidst the Storm
Annabelle Lee
The Ashantee Recruits
Autumn Leaves
An Awful Warning
Be Happy as You Can
Be Up and Doing
Beautiful Sunshine
The Bells
The Blue and the Gray
Blue-Eyed Bessie Lee
The Boston Girl
Boys' Rights
Bright Ambition
Broken of de Day
Brown's Mistake
Bunen of Daisies
The Butting Goat
The Canary's Escape
The Centennial Bum
"Centennial Day"
A Challenge
Cheer Up and Be A Man
Childhood Days
Christmas, What it Was
The Clerk's Refrain
The Cobweb Gang
Come, Darkie Gals
Concerning Brown
The Confession
Cricket on the Hearth
"Cruel Nellie"
The Cuckoo
Daddy's Grocery Store
Daisy Marching Mokes
The Dancing Tailors
De Dutch Fusileers
Dear Blue-eyed Jeanette
Der Baby
Don't Forget Me Ida Dear
Dot Dutch Boarding-Houses
Down in a Coal Yard
Dutch Testimony
The Dying Miner
The East Side of Town
The Elegant Ebony Guards
An Elegant Irish Gentleman
English Grammar
Ephraim Grimms
The Fairest Ever Seen
The Fallen Knight
Fame and Glory
Fate of the Daring
Finishing the Work
Finnegan, the Umpire!
Flew-y Flew-y
Follow up the Plough
The Forgetful Puzzler
Frank Depro's Troubles
A Friend at Last
Give the Old Man a Chance: Banjo Solo
The Good Old Times That Will Come: Banjo Solo
Good-Night, But Not Good-Bye
The Gray Hairs of My Mother
The Great Big Irish Stew
The Greatest
Harrigan's Dream
He Bites Severely
He Liveth Long who Liveth Well
Hearts and Homes
Helping Papa and Mamma
Henreich Caroline
Her Birthday
High, Low, Jack, und Der Game
Hildebrandt Montrose
How to Marry
A Hundred Years Ago
I Know Not
I Wonder What's Her Name
I'll be Dar in de Morning
I'll Trust Thee
I'm a Flat! I'm a Flat!
I'm Afraid to Knock at the Door
An Idyl of the Night
If She Was Only Mine
Incident of the French Camp at Ratisbon
Jennie and her Welsh Harp
John Henry Stone; or, The Long Lost Boy
Judy, You Blackguard
Keep This Flow'ret for My Sake
The King
Krauss' Band
The Last Serenade
The Lawyers' Ways
The Legend of Nantucket
The Lesson of the Leaves
Let My People Go
Little Frankie
Little Robin Tell Kitty I'm Coming
A Little Too Small
Little Whimpy
Longshoremen's Strike; or, The Poor Man's Family
Lord Gerald's Fate
Love's Ambition
Love's Guise
Love's Logic
Love's Vacillation
Lovely Susan Jam: Banjo Solo
The Lover and the Echo
A Lover's Question
The Lovers
The Lovers
Lucy Gray
Maid With the Golden Hair
Man Overboard
Massa's Wedding Night
McGunnigle's Crystal Wedding
McNamara, Dust Your Necktie
Memories of the Past
"Mew Sings"
Mick and I
Mose Townsend's New Plug Hat
Mother, Dearest, Raise My Pillow
The Mountain of Fame
Mrs. Murphy's Troubles
My Derby
My Friend
My Humble Cabin Home
My Mother's Bible
My Vife's Baggage
Nearing Home
Nelly, Darling
Never Give Up
New Version of an Old Fable
New York Society
Non Credo
O'Brien, Go Curl Yer Hair
O'Rooney, douse the Glim
O, What Hard Trials!
October's Party
Off for Omaha
The Old Broken Ring
The Old Church Bells Are Silent
Old Gossip
Old Laconical Sayings
On Slang
Only a Day
Only a Tack
The Orphan
The Other Puzzler
"Our Boys"
Past and Future
The Past
Pat Clancy's New-Year's Guest
Pat's Blunder
Patrick's Day Parade
The Penitent Raven
Pins and Needles
Press On
Pretty Jessie Gay
The Pride of the Turf
"Pull Down Your Vest"
The Purple Plums
Putcher, Sbare Dot Cat
The Puzzle Conspirators
The Puzzler
The Rain Upon the Roof
The Rejection
The Rose
The Rovin' Irish Boy
The Runaway Mare
The Sailor's Grave
Sassy Sam
Shadows of the Past
Shelter the Old Folks
Since Mary Ann Learned how to Dance the Tra-la-la-Loo!
Since My Mother's Dead and Gone
Since the Soup House Moved Away
The Skipper's Bride
The Snow
The Soldier's Grave
A Soliloquy
Spell 'Em Down
Still I Don't Vas Habby
The Storm
Sweets in Everything
The Talk of the Town
Thank Heaven, I'm Still a Boy
That Pull-Back
"The Key of the Street"
"They Say"
They're After Me
Thy Will be Done
The Timid Awkward Squad
To a Friend
To Alice M-y
To Joseph
To Let
To Lida
A Token of My Mother
Tommy, Make Room for Your Aunty
The Tramp
"Turn Down Your Collar"
Two Jolly Irishmen
Two Twilights
Uncle Jasper Soon Must Go
Uncle Peter's Dream
Under the Mistletoe
Under the Stairs
The Vacant Place
The Village School
The W. U. T. C.
Wasn't it Tough on the Dog?
The Welcome Back
What I Don't Wish to Be
When all the World is Young
When the Sweet Magnolia Grows
"Who Breaks Pays"
Who Was Kissed?
Will and Mary; or, United by Death
Will You Ever Wipe Off Your Chin
Wind and Sea
Winter Exotics
Work On!
The World is All a Stage
Worldly Minds
The Would-be Puzzler
Ye Poetical Puzzlaires (Machine Poetry)
A Youthful Poet

The Boys of the World

Boys, be up and ready
The captain
The sensible boy
Then and now
What the mouse saw

The Champion Library

40. The Forest Queen

The Chicago Ledger

"Light Heart Shall Live Long, A"
"One, Two, Three"
"Take Me Where My Mammy Lives"
"We Hadn't"
Adam's Time and Now
After the Quarrel
The American-Born
Another Day
At Eastertide
At Last
Atwood's Mascot
An Autumn Memory
The Autumn Queen
Autumn Song
A Baby's Look
Baby's Questions
A Bad Cold
A Ballade of Love and Tides
The Baltimore Oriole
Barren Hearts
Be Each a Gentleman
Bet Not Too Late
Billy's Beeattitoods
The Blind Archer
The Boy Who Smiled
The Boyless Town
Bright Stars are Falling
The Brook
Business in Mississipp
But They Didn't
By the Sea
A Caller
Can't Get Nothin' Done
A Careless Boy's Dream
The Charge of the Light Brigade
A Christmas Carol
Come, Let's Go
The Conditional Mood
A Confession
The Cornsilk Cigarette
A Country Garden
The Cow-Bells
A Crime of the Sun
Cupid's Fishing
A Dainty Miss
Dead Love
Dead Men Three
The Dearest Eyes
Death's Final Conquest
Don't You Care
Dorothy's New Spring Hat
An Easter Bonnet
Easter Verses
The Empty Shell
Eyes of War
The Fairy Prince Who Arrived Too Late
A Farewell
Farragut To Dewey
The Fateful Horseshoe; or, A Story of Luck
The First Night On Guard
For Wife and Child
From Day to Day
The Girl I Love
The Girl Who Danced with Washington
The Girls
Give Me These Things
A Gleam of Gold
Good Intentions
Good-By, Old Year
The Gospel of Deeds
Gossamer Threads
Grandma's Fried Cake
The Gray Vulture
He and She
He's In France
Her Looking Glass
Her Wonderful Eyes
The Hero
Hill of Cellar-Door
His coming
His Girl in Overalls
His Wife Speaks
Hopes of the Past
How Many Cats Have We
Hurry-Up and By-And-By
If You Had Loved
If I Didn't Forget How Old I Was
If I Were You
In Flander Fields: The Answer
In Flander Fields: The Appeal
In the Wreckage of the Maine
In This Sign Conquer
In Visions of Home
In Winter Time
The Inkstand Battle
The Intermezzo
Jest 'Fore Christmas
The Journey
The June Wedding
The Knight's Toast
The Land of "Pretty Soon"
Let us have peace
Letters to Lunch
Letting Down the Bars
Life's Mistake
The Light of Victory
The Lilies of France
Little Bennie Buckley
The Little Boy I Dreamed About
The Little Doll Party
The Little Old Lady Over the Way
A Little Song of Love
The Loft was Vacant
Lonesome Child
Lonesome Hush in My Home
Long Comes 'Liza With the Broom
The Lord's Good Way
Lost a Pet Poodle
A Love Ditty
Love's Fulfilling
Love's Ghost
The Lover
Loving echoes
The Low-Down White
The Magical Door
A Marvel
Master Kind Heart's Dog
Memorial Day
The Men of the Maine
The Mermaid and The Octopus
The Merry Husking Time
Message of Twilight
A Message
The Miracle of Love
The Morning Red
The Morning Song
Mother Sez
Mother's Smile
Mousie's Adventure
My Baby
My Dead Friend
My Father
My Little Dead Boy
My Lost Friend
My One Solace
My Son
The New Minuteman
New Year Bells
The New Year Call
The New Year
Next Year
No Home
Not a Speaking Likeness
Not Coming
Ode to a Grasshopper
Old Glory
An Old Maid
The Old Piano
The Old Places
Old-Fashion Roses
On Memorial Day
On the Mississippi
The Oriole
Our Flag
Our Greatest Need
Our Soldier Boys
The Past to the Present
The Pioneers; A Story in Rhyme
A Plea
A Pocket Edition
The Poster Girl
Pressing Leaves
The Prince and the Beggars
A Protest
Purls of Thought
Rattlin' Joe's Prayer
Red Cross
The Return
A Rewarded Smile
Rhyme of Rhymes
Richmond Disaster
Right and Wrong
Rival Foes
The Room
The Runaway Dewdrop
A Secret
The Service Flag
She Believes in Me
She Threw Me a Kiss
The Shower
The Slaughter of the Innocents
Slumber Bound
Slumberland Sea
Society Upon the Stanislaus
Somehow Or Other
Somewhere in France
A Song of the Camps
A Song of the Churn
The Song of the Mermaid
A Song of the Seasons
The Song of the Wheat
A Sonnet-Bryant
The South Wind and the Sun
A Spring Lilt
The Star of Bethlehem
The Sum
Summer's Here
The Sun Will Shine To-Morrow
A Sunrise
Sweet Seventeen
The Sweetest Things
Taken Literally
Talk On the Book Shelf
The Telephone
The Test
Their Colors
Three American Kittens
Three Questions
To a Sea Gull
To a Wrecked Zepplin
To My Old Chum
To Shadowtown
A Trio
Twin Greens
The Two Cheshire Cats
The Two Glasses
Two Sinners
Two Storms
Under the Daisies
The Unseen Playmate
Until June Comes
Unto the Least of These
The Victor
A villanelle
Wail of "Stay-At-Home"
A Waltz Quadrille
We asked consent
We Parted in Silence
We Shall Forget
We Shall Remember
We Who Are Left At Home
What Do the Dickey-Birds Say?
What reward?
What to Me Is Dearer
When Margaret Laughs
When Mother Was a Little Girl
When Papa's Sick
Where his bravery forsook him
Where Runs the New York Central
A White Rose
Winter Stars
With Pipe and Flute
Without You
A Woman's Love
The Wonder Place
A Wonderful Country
The World Within You
Wouldn't Div' Me Some
The Wreck of the Julie Plante
Yea Bo!
You Can Never Tell
A Yuletide Choice

Chimney Corner

The Prescription

Demorest's Monthly Magazine


Elzevir Library

Songs of Seven
32. The Indian Song of Songs

Family Fiction

The Mother's Vigil

Family Story Paper

"Sweetheart" Was the Name
After Long Years
All the World to Me
Between the Watches
The Cherished Forfeit
Enduring Present Ills
Fair Gatherer of Smiles
A Healing Dower
Her Answer
Her Last Posy
I Love Her and She Loves Me
Love's Knight
Love's True Story
A Lullaby of Death
A Memory
My Little Playmate
Over the Bridge We Promised
Rose and Chrysanthemum
The Rosebud
Thy Days Are Done
Two Little Hands
Two Pairs of Hands
Wayside Gates
What is Love?
When the Year is New

Fifty-Two Novels a Year

How's My Boy?
New Year's Eve
While the Christmas Log is Burning

Fireside Library of Popular Reading

At The Last
The Birth of Woman
Charity Begins At Home
Dream, My Baby. A Cradle-Song
The Lady To Her Glove
Love Sonnets
A Love-Letter
My Dream-Face
Nameless Love
Never Again
Old Love
The Secrets of the Rose
Six O'Clock, P. M.
Sleep Sweetly
Three Graces
Woman's Answer To A Man's Question

Gold Series

The Vampire

Golden Days

The Boy That Cannot Cry
Did the Knights All Die of Yore?
Fall Weather
The Two Goats

The Golden Weekly

The "Coarse" of True Love Never Runs Smooth
About Two Men
Absurd Rage
An Accommodating Maid
Adam Never Was a Boy
Adam's Boyhood
After Marriage
All the Year Round
An Alphabetical Wooing
The Anvil
At the Ball
At the Garden Gate
A Bad Spell
Be Careful What You Say
The Bootblack's Bon Mot
A Box-Toed Parient
The Bridge
The Brook
Caught Behind the Bat
Change of Base
A Contrast
The Copper
A Cruel Maiden
Dainty But Dangerous
The Dimple in Her Cheek
Do It Now
Do You Love Me?
Down by the Sea
Dreams and Reality
Drifting Apart
Drifting Away
Dying in Harness
An Economical Man
The Eight Stages
An Empty Dream
An Every Day Romance
"Excuse Me"
Facts and Fancies
Fairest, Good-Bye
The Fatal Autograph
Floating Fun
For Show
The Force of Language
Four Fits of Laughter
Four-Leafed Clover
A Fowl Mistake
Get a Wiggle On, My Lad
The Girl for Me
Go West, Young Man
Good and Evil
Good Night
The Grammar Lesson
The Growlers
He Could, But Can Not
He Kissed Her
He Took Her Advice
He Took Her at Her Word
He Was First-Class
Her Cruel Pa
Her Preference
A Highly Colored Romance
His Credit Was Good
How Farmer Hayseed Bought a Watch
How Thankful We Should Be
How to Do It
A Hundred Years from Now
I Wonder Why
I Would I Were
If I Were You
If We Knew
In the Market
Insult to Injury
An Irishman on Osculation
Jack's Jolly Joke
A Japanese Vase
Johnnie's Growth
The Joys We Cannot Get
Judge Not
Katty, Avourneen
Keeps a Remembrance
Knott-He, but Nice
The Last Good-Bye
Last Words
The Lazy Man
A Legend of Manhattan
Life Is What We Make It
Little Bob's Sleigh
Little But Potent
A Little Farther On
Little Nell of Narragansett Bay: A Song of Other Days
A Little Pair of Shoes
Loved and Lost
Man Is a Lord of Creation
A Memory of the Old Farm
The Men Who Do Not Lift
The Midnight Visitor
The Modest Maid
The Mortgage
A Mother's Smile
The Musical Bore
My Charmer
My Country
My Dream
My Heart Will Cling to Thee
My Little Cottage Door
My Neighbors' Cats
My Other Girl
Nay and Yea
Ned's Idea
No Flies on Him
No Flies on Them
No Home
No Taste for Buttermilk
Not Just Now
Not Quite a Tragedy
Not Willing
Of Course, She Said Yes
Oh Why?
Oh, Emmet Dear
The Old Boat
The Old Clock
The Old Weather Vane
The Old Yellow Pumpkin
On the Qui Vive
One Fateful Night
Only a Word
Only Once
Only You!
The Pages of the Past
The Pansy's Fate
Papa's Gentle Boot
The Partings
Pat's Proposal
The Patter of the Shingle
Payment by Proxy
A Peep hole Prophecy
The Peril of Rusticating
The Photographic Fad
The Pilot
A Pleasant Surrounding
The Plumber
Poetry With a Point
The Policeman and Cigarette
A Practical Girl
A Practical Objection
A Pressing Affair
A Pretty Suggestion
The Printer's Protest
The Printer's Wooing
Properly Punctuated Poesy
A Proposed Compromise
Put Up the Bars
The Railroad Pass
Rare Rustic Maid
The Reward
Rhody's Kisses
Rose Leaves From Ireland
The Sandman
"Saw Wood"
The Sea Shell
The Sealskin Sack
A Seaside Episode
Set Free
The Seven Stages
She and I
She Didn't Know
She Simply Couldn't
She Surprised Him
She Told Him Why
Sold to Strangers
Some Ifs
Sweet Sixteen
Sweet to Do Nothing
The Tale of a Fish
The Teacher Believed It
That Boy
That Man Who Knows It All
The Theft
Then and Now
There's a Boy in the House
To My Sailor Boy
To the Spelling-Class
To-Day and To-Morrow
Too Sick to Go to School
A Torment
The Typewriter Girl
Uncle Seth on Browning
Uncle Seth on the Czar
An Unexpected Rise
The Usual Way
A Variation of Hood
A Wail of Toe
A Wail
The Waiting Prize
Wanted No Counterfeit
The Way to Make Money
What a Bicycle Did
What Care I?
What is a Gentleman?
What is a Year?
What is Flirtation?
What She Wanted
What She Was Thinking About
What Should a Young Maid Do?
What They Ask For
What's Next?
When He Wasn't In It
When I Am a Boy
When Stars are in the Quiet Skies
When You and I Are Gone
Which Road Would You Take?
While the Old Man's Gone to Lunch
Who Makes the Paper
Why Do I Love You?
Why She Doesn't Meet Him
Why We Don't Marry
Win and Wear
Wind Instead of Pay
Wing Tee Wee
A Wish
The Woman of It
A Woman's Reason
A Word of Thine
The World's Way
A Yellow Dog
Yoost a Leedle
You Kissed Me
You're Bound to Find It
"Your Necktie's Up Behind"
[Unknown Poem]

Good Literature

The wreck

Good News

A Baby's Soliloquy
The Boy About the Place
The Boy Next Door
A Boy's Belief
A Boy's Promise
Boys Wanted
Broken Toys
Can I Do Anything for You?
Charlie's Little Bike
A Cheerful Word or Helping Hand
Chimes of the Clock
A Christmas Poem
Christmas Song
Christmas Song
A Christmas Wish
The Circus Boy
Did You Ever?
Different, Yet the Same
Do You Know Him?
The Dying Year
The Fatal Chord (No Connection with the chord lost some time since)
Fate of the Albatross
The Funny Small Boy
A Grievous Complaint
Happy Christmas to the Children
Head over Heels
Hear Much, But Say Little
Holiday Joys
A Home Run
Hope, Life, and Man
The Horse's Prayer
"I Told You So"
It all Depends
Katie Molloy
Keep the Tiller in Your Hands
King John and the Bishop of Canterbury
A Little Advice
Little by Little
A Little Housekeeper
Looking Backwards
Marry a Gentleman
Merrie Christmas-Send Something
The Modern Girl
A Mother's Heroism
My Best Friend
My Bouquet
My Sweetheart
Never Give Up
A New Lochinvar
A New Woman
New Year's Resolve
The Noble Red Man
One Thing at a Time
An Open Life
Over the Pier Head: A Good Piece to Speak at School
Papa's Birthday (A Recitation)
The Parting
Pidgin Poetry
The Pilot-Boat
"Play Ball!"
The Poor Fellow!
A Reverie
Romance of the restaurant
A Sensible Boy
Sliding Down Hill
Some Wonderful Sights
Something Shady
The song for me
The Song of the Sea-Dogs
Strong Butter
Take Things as They Come
Taking Aim
That Boy Jim
That Boy of Mine!*
To and Fro
Tommy's School
Two Sides
A Wall of Cats: A Parody on Longfellow's "Psalm of Life"
Watson's Tragedy
What Are You Going to Do?
What Does Baby Dream?
Who Plays Base-Ball?
With the Stream
Work and Win
Young American's Soliloquy

The Half-Holiday

The eagle's song
Manila bay

Happy Days

'Tis Better to Forgive
'Tis Ever Thus
'Tis Whispered
'Tis You
Able, but Unmoving
Advice to Correspondents
All About the Dog
An All Around Genius
All De Times
The Alphabet of Success
As the Sun Went Down
At School and at Home
An Awful Warning
A Baby
The Bad Boy
The Battle of Life
Be a Friend
Be as Happy as You Can
Be Careful What You Sow, Boys
Be Kind
Beautiful Things
Beautiful Things
The Bed on the Plains
Before and After
Before It Is Too Late
Behind the Bat; or, The Boy Catcher of Bentwood
Ben's Bank
The Best Way
The Best Way
The Best You Can
Betsey Ross
A Bicycle Song
Bide Your Time
The Big Dog Under the Wagon
The Biggest Fish
Bill Jones
The Birds' Concert
A Bit of Experience
Bitter and Sweet
The Blacksmith
Blankety Blank Verse
Blowing Bubbles
Bluffing a Barber
Bobby's Family
Bobby's First Piece
Boil It Down
A Born Commander
The Boy Prodigy
The Boy Scout
The Boy Who Laughs
The Boy Who Tries
The Boy with an Appetite
A Boy's Opinion
A Boy's Questions
The Boy's Sling
Boys Wanted
Brave and True
Bunny, the Squirrel
The Busy B.
"Call Early"
The Carpenter's Wooing
The Cat's Explanation
A Certain Boy
A Chance Meeting
A Change for Quiet
A Character
Cheer Up
Cheer Up!
The Chestnut Tree
A Child's Soliloquy
Christmas Bells
Christmas Song
A Christmas Song
The Circus
The Coin Speaks
The Company Who Try
The Conceited Coins
The Conductor's Soliloquy
The Coward
The Croaker
The Curtain Falls
Cy Won't Fly
Daddy's Youth
A Daily Motto
Dare to Stand Alone
De Baby
Deeds, Not Words
"Der Kicker Und Der Krank"
Dick's Letter to the Editor
Dictionary of the Diamond
A Difference
A Disappointing Incident
A Disgruntled Brother
A Dog's Life
Don't Give Up
Don't Shirk
Doors Wide Open
Dreaming and Waking
The Drummer
Easily Given
"Every Inch a Man"
Face the Other Way
Face Your Fortunes Like a Man
The Faces that Smile
A Fair Cycler
The Fair-Minded "Fan"
A Fantasia of Football
The Farmer
The Fellow That's Broke
A Fellow's Mother
Few and Far Between
A Few Wants
Fight On
The Fin De Siecle Smithy
Fishin' Time
The Flag Goes By
The Flag
A Fool and His Money
The Foolish Boy
The Football Player
For Mother's Sake
For You
Friends Were Saying Good-Bye
From the Monkey's Point of View
Fun to Scrape the Pan
Funny Sights
A Gentleman
Getting Information Out of Pa
Getting There First
The Giant and the Fairy
A Gigantic Paradox
The Girl Who Graduated
The Girl Who Smiles
Give the Boys a Choice
God Bless Our Native Land
Good Advice
The Good Old Show
Grammar Made Tougher
The Great Conqueror
Great I and U
Great Things and Small
Green Apple Time
The Guileless Chinaman
Happy Bill
Hard Words to Spell
He Couldn't Make Up His Mind
He Found It
He Had the Cash
He Weakened at Last
He'd Rather Be a Boy
Her Marketing
Her Papa
Her Purchase
The Hidden Meaning
His Best Girl
His Choice
His Finish
His First Mustache
His Garden
His New Brother
His Only Reason
His Pace was Sad and Slow
His Rise
His Wonderful Parent
The Honest Man
How a Paper is Made
How It Grows
How My Boy Went Down
How To Be Happy
How to Get Rich
A Humble Confession
The Hustler
The Hypnotic Household
The Hypnotic Housemaid
I Ride Alone To-Day
I Told You Vhat's Christmas
I Used to Kill Birds
I'll Do What I Can
"I'll Do What I Can"
"I'm Sorry; I was Wrong"
If I Were You
If Pa Was King of Spain
If They But Could
If We Didn't Have to Eat
If We Knew
If You Have a Kind Word, Say It
If! If!
In at Last
In the Lot
An Incident in Camp
The Incomplete Angler
The Infant Terrible
Is It Right to "Hustle"
Isn't it Awful?
It Cannot Be
It Doesn't Cost Money
It Doesn't Pay
It was the Cat
Jack Frost
Jocular Geography
Johnny's Age
Johnny's Conscience
Joys of Summer
Jus' Keep on Keepin' On
Just Before Chirstmas
Just for Fun
"Just for Fun"
Just My Mother's Face
Just Our Dog
Keep to the Right
Keep Whistling As You Go
Keeping Cool
Kind Words
The King and the Poet
Kissing Our Boys Good-Night
The Knockers
A Knowing Little Proverb
Laugh a Little
Lend a Hand
A Lesson
Let Us Smile
The Letter "G"
Life's Journey
Life's Ways
Light on the Cloud
Like His Dad
The Limousine
Lines in a Purse
Lines Written in a Junk Yard
A Little Boy's Lament
Little Brown Hands
The Little Carpenter
Little Drummer Boy
A Little Girl's Lament
Little Things
Little Things
Little Tommy's Politeness
A Little Visitor
Longfellow's First Poem: He was Nine
Looking for Flaws
Looking on the Bright Side
Looking Up
A Lost Friend
Loving Words
The Luxurious Egotist
The Mailman
Make Somebody Glad
Make Your Mark
The Man Who Cooks the Grub
The Man Who Hadn't Time
May Blossoms
The Meanest Word
Method in Modesty
The Midnight Cry
The Mill and the Brook
Miss Dinah
Modest Christmas Wishes
The Modest Heroes
A Modest Vacation
More Than He Could Stand
Mother's Grave
Mother's Ways
Mr. Nobody
Mutually Mistaken
My Boy of Three
My Dog and I
My Engineer
My Mother
My Steed
The Nest
The New Brother
The New West
The New Year's Bells
The New Year's Welcome
A New Year's Wish
The Newsboy
No Time to Quarrel
No Use
Nobody Knows but Mother
Nutting Song
October Party
Odd See-Saws
The Office Boy's Lunch
The Office-Boy
The Old and the New
The Old Brown School
The Old Circus Tent
The Old Fashioned Circus
Old Friends
An Old Picture
Old Sayings
Old Sayings
An Old Shoe
An Old, Old Story
On a Tandem
On the Deep
One Prayer
One Unfailing Optimist
Only a Fisherman
Only a Word
Open the Door of Your Heart
Optical Illusions
The Optimist
The Other Fellow
Our Calendar
Our Country
Our Elevator Boy
Our Flag
Our Flag
Our Point of View
Our Standing Army
Our Sunshine Thought
Overdoing It
Pa and the Chair
Papa's Kiss
The Parted Ways
Pause and Think
People Will Talk
The Periscope
The Persimmon Tree
Phonetic Spelling
Pie Calls on Peter
A Place for the Boys
Plain Spoken Philosophy
Play Ball!
A Pleasant Smile
The Point of View
The Polite Man
Politeness Overworked
A Prayer for Native Land
The Preacher
Pride Must Have a Fall
The Professor's Boy
A Punctured Tire
The Push-Cart Man
"Push-Don't Knock"
A Quandary
A Queer Hole
A Query
Quite Another Thing
The Quitter
Quizzing the Old Year
Ragged Rover
A Railway Episode
Ready Robert
The Reason
A Regular Boy
Rhymed Syntax
Rhymes for Arkansaw
The Richest Man
The Rise of the Awkward Boy
A Rising Man
The Road'll Turn Some Day
A Sad Mistake
The Sad, Sad Sea
Satan's Want Ad
Satisfactory Conditions
A Satisfied Son
School of Experience
The Scorcher
Shall We?
The Shavers
She Didn't Know What to Do
She Never Was a Boy
A Shifted Responsibility
A Short Sermon
The Shortest Grammar
Silent Courage
Six by Seven
A Skating Song
Slow but Sure
The Small Boy's Trouble
The Small Boys Trouble
A Smiling Face
The Snow Storm
Some Fellow's Mother
Some Funny Sights
Some Queer Things
A Song of Snow-Time
Song of the Brook
A Song of the Sea
A Song of Youth
A Spelling Lesson
The Squirrel's Arithmetic
St. Valentine's Morn
Stick to It
Stop Yer Kickin'
The Stories at Mother's Knee
The Story of a Drum
A Study in Economy
Such as Mother Used to Make
A Sunshine Song
The Sweetest Sound
"Swimmin' Time"
Tale of the Tipper
Tale of Two Men
A Tale of Two Men
A Tandem at Last
Teddy's Choice
Tell Mother
Tell Somebody
The Temple of Fame
The Terror of the Season
Thanksgiving Day
Thanksgiving Glimpses
That Boy
That Boy from Town
That Little Woman
That Motor Man
That Typewriter
Their Difference
A Theory
There's Music in a Mother's Voice
They Say
Thinking of Mother
Those Boys
Those Foreign Names
Three P's
Throwing Stones at a Sparrow
Times Have Changed Since Isaac Fished
A Tiny Thing
The Tired Old Woman
To An Ear
Tommy and Baby
A Tragedy of Letters
The Tramp's Dog
Trials of Packing
True Sympathy
Trust in Mother
The Turn of the Wheel
The Turning of the Tide
Two Boys
The Two Friends
Two Little Kittens
The Umpire
The Umpire
Uncle's Advice
Use of the Digits
The Veteran
Waitin' Fer a Bite
The Way of the World
Way to Do It, the
We Should Smile
We've Got a Telephone
Wearing of the Green
Were She as Good as She Is Pretty
What Do We Plant?
What Dorothy Said
What He Lacked
What He May and May Not Be
What I Saw
What May a Young Lady Do?
What the Wise Man Missed
What They Call It
What Was It?
What's a Dude?
What's in a Name?
When Father has the Grip
When Father Rode the Goat
When Father was a Boy
When I Get Time
"When I've Been Bad"
When Kate Has Done My Room
When Mabel Skates
When Mother Reads
When Mother's Gone
When Pa Shingled
When Paw Was a Boy
When Peggy Goes to Market
When the Birds Come North Again
When You Are Gone
Whistle Away
Whistle! Don't Whine!
The Whistling Boy
Who'll Be the First to Go?
Whose Boy?
"Why Do We Wait?"
Why Not?
The Wife's Commandments
The Wise Man
Wishing and Working
A Woman's Way
A Word of Cheer
Work and Play
The Worth of Little Things
Write Them a Letter To-Night
The Years Sweep On
You Can Scatter Sunshine
You Can Scatter Sunshine
You'll Find It Always Pays
You're Safe Upon the Farm
Youthful Depravity
The Zoological Orchestra

Hearth and Home

The Bluebird
The Brave at Home
Meeting and Parting
My Native Village
Only To Love You
Storm in Summer
Summer Song

The Home

Anniversary of the Death of an Only Son
Anniversary Tribute
An Answering Word
At School—A Memory
The Babe of Bethlehem
The Baby
The Bachelor
A Ballad of the Russian War
A Ballad of the Sea
The Ballad Of Three Little Souls
The Bankrupt Merchant
Be Faithful
The Beautiful
Bingen on the Rhine
The Bird of Home
The Birds
Black and White
The Bounteous Giver
The Brightness in the West
Campbell's Brook
The Child and Bird
Child of Sorrow
Childhood's Days
Choice Plants
A Christmas Hymn
The Cottage Home
The Country Home
A Day of Rural Life
Death of a Child
The Death Of An Aged Friend
The Departed
Divine Protection
Drawing Water
The Dying Girl's Farewell
The Dying Mother
The Dying Wife
The Dying Year
The Dying
The Earth is Beautiful
Earth's Lingerer
Earth's Sleepers
The Echo
Elisha Kent Kane
Evening Clouds
"Every Heart Knoweth Its Own Bitterness"
The Face Against The Pane
The Family
The Farmer's Daughter
The First-Born
Flotilla, The Ballet Girl
Forty Years—A Birthday Lyric
From My Window
The Funny Folks
"God's First Temples"
The Good Shepherd
Haste Not! Rest Not!
He's Coming Home
Her Home Was Virtue's Honor'd Hall
Home Lessons
Husband and Wife
I Pass No Lovely Place Or Creature
Jenny's Farewell
The Kiss Ahint The Door
Last Night I Dreamed
Last Sleep of the Beautiful Baby
The Lava Cross
A Legend of Elsinore
A Letter To Friend John
Letters Of The Dead
Lines To A Widow On The Death Of Her Little Daughter
Little Children
Little Elsie
Little May. Sorrowfully Inscribed to Dr. and Mrs. Strong
Little Sophie
Live For An Object
Long Ago
Lost At Sea
Love In The Rain
Love Thy Wife
A Loving Life
The Magi At Bethlehem
Marian's Grief
Maternal Influence
A Memory
Mercy's Dream
Midnight Hymn
The Midnight Pilgrimage
The Minstrel's Heritage
The Minutes
A Mother's Prayer
Mother's Prayers
Mother, At the Garden-Gate
Mother, To Thee I Turn
Move On
Musings At Twilight
My Little Hope
My Mary
My Neighbor
My Treasure
Nature's Beauties
Nellie Dorr
Night Scene
No Longer Young
"Now I Lay Me"
The Old Year
One Pair Of Stockings
The Only Daughter
Our Father
Our Idol
Out in the Rain
The Parting of Summer
Parting Words
The Pbiroch of Macgregor
Pearl Seeds
Plain Truth
A Prayer
Raising Stars
Regina Thayer
Remember the Poor
Reminiscences. Inscribed to a Younger Sister
The Rose-Bush
A Scene Scripture
A Scrap
The Sculptor and His Statue
The Secret
Shades of Twilight
The Ship of Life
The Silent Shore
A Sketch
A Song, To My Wife At Home
Songs of the Pine
"Spare Moments"
Spirit Voices
The Sunbeam In The Cottage
Sunday Morning
There's Nothing Lost
Think of Me, Friend
The Three Advents, Matthew XVIII. 3
Three Ships
Thy Will Be Done
To Ally
To Mrs. C. F. Wright
To My Child At Play
To My Daughter
To My Sister
To The Blue Bell
To The Lady Who Sent Me An Apple
Treasured Sorrows
Trust On
The Twin Brothers
Two Worlds Of The Poet
Uses of Sorrow
Verses For M—
The Village Bell
The Wager of Battle, Founded Upon A Incident Record In The "Talisman"
The Wanderer's Grave
"Weak and Wounded, Sick and Sore"
The Welcome Back
Welcome to Spring
"Welden and I"
What Is She Like?
Where Are the Flowers? Answer to the Questioning of a Child
The Widow's Lament
The Widow's Song
The Wife's Reply
Wille's Death
The Willow Tree
Wisdom—Job 28
The Wish
Withered Flowers
The Woman At The Well
Woman's True Glory
The Works of God

Hurst's Universal Library

After death in Arabia
"He and she"
The Indian Song of Songs

Illustrated Home Guest (Latham)

Mt. Vernon, the Tomb of George Washington

The Irving Library

v. 5, no. 581. Lancelot and Elaine

Lovell's Library

472. The Indian Song of Songs

Miscellaneous Beadle Songbooks

The Alarum

The New York Family Favorite

The Countersign

New York Weekly

The "Belle Irene"
The "Beverage of Hell"
A "Capital" Theme
The "Dead Man's Journey"
A "Discarded" Suit
The "New York Weekly's" Yearly Greeting
A "Point" In Stocks. An Incident of a Certain "Boom" in Wall Street
A "Poor" Rich Man
A "Queer" Story
'Mid the Clover
'Tis A Beautiful World We Live In
'Tis Better Thus
'Tis Better to Laugh
"'Tis But A Day"
"'Tis but a Tiny Rosebud"
'Tis Christmas Time!
'Tis Home Where The Heart Is
'Tis Not When Skies Are Shining Soft
"'Tis Yielding That Conquers"
'Tis Your Love I Want Not Friendship
'Twas But A Morning Glory
'Twas in the Long Ago
'Twas Only Two Old Letters
"'Twill All Come Out Right in the End"
'Vieve Manners
*Is It Mother's Gentle Touch?
*She Does Not Wish You Dead
1775---Bunker Hill---1875
1868 and 1869
"A Home Destroyed"
"A Little Form is Missing"
"A Love Song to Eveline"
"A Pity 'Tis, 'Tis True"
"A Portrait"
A-gustus Fitz-Hugh
Abd-El-Kader and Napoleon III
Abilities Well Used
About A Tea-Party
About the Election. (A familiar epistle from Zack Soper to his Cousin Joel in Podunk, Schoharie county)
Above Temptation
Above the Clouds
Above the World
Abraham Lincoln
Absence. A Sonnet
The Absent One
Across a Field of Corn
Across the Lake
Across the Way
Acrostic - To the New York Weekly
Acrostic in Memory of Leon Gambetta
An Acrostic
An Acrostic
An Acrostic
Acrostic-To "Her"
Acrostic. To a Young Lady of New Brighton, S. I.
The Actor's Death-Bed
The Actor's Mask
Ad Ministrum. Translated from Horace, Liber. I., Ode 38
Address to Eve
Address to Spring (with a Culinary Accompaniment)
"The Advent"
"Advice to Young Ladies"
"After A Day Like This"
After All!
After Confession
After Dark
"After Dark" And After Dawn
After Forty
After Harvest
After Many Days
"After Many Days"
After Marriage
After the Ball
After the Ball
After the Battle
After the Change
After the Curtain Fell
After the Funeral
After the Jubilee
After the Play
After the Rain
After the Rain
After The Snow
After the Snowfall
After the Storm
After the Storm the Calm
After the Strike
After the Summer
After the Wedding
The After-Glow", "
Again We Meet
The Age of Un-Romance
The Aged Outcast
The Aged
Ah! Had I But the Skill
"Ah! Why Not Tell Me So?"
Aim High
Alas and Alas!
Album Poetry. Lines to a Young Girl on Her Departure for Europe
Album Verses
Album Verses
Alfred and Adele. A Legend of Germany
Alice and I
Alice Bell
Alice Cary
Alice Cary
All a Dream
All Born in October: Affectionately Inscribed to F. S. Street
"All Dad's Got To Say"
All for Love!
All for the Best
All for the Best
"All for the Best"
All I Seek For
All in Vain
All is Right
All Men Equal
All Must Be Friends To-Day
All Powerful Woman
"All Right At Our House"
All the World's A Stage
All Things Breathe of Thee
All Things New
Alliteration: Theme. Midsummer
The Almighty Club
Almost Over
The Aloe
Alone Among the Shadows
Alone with God
Alone With Jesus
Alsie Argon
Always a River to Cross
Always Bide Your Time
Always Faithful
Always Wear A Smile
"Always With You"
America the Beautiful
America's Funeral Hymn for Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, the Great Railroad King
America's Gratulation to the Members of the American Evangelical Alliance
America's School Song To Italy
The American Flag
The American Flag. A National Anthem
American Nation's Song
Americans' New Year's Song: After the Centennial. 1876—1877
Amid the Solitudes
Among the Corn
Among the Flowers
Among the Roses
Among the Woods
Amor J. Williamson-In Memory
Amy Milton
Amy's Question
And I Not Know
And Well It Is
Andreas Hofer
The Angel and the Child
An Angel Flower
Angel Footsteps
Angel Kisses
The Angel of the Street. A Christmas Poem
An Angel
The Angel-Chosen Gift
Angels Bless the Secret Penny
The Angels from Babes
The Angels Have Come
The Angels Loved Her Better
Annette's Fortunes
Annie Gray
Annie Luquer
Anniversary of Port Hudson Surrender
Anniversary.-To L-
Another Day
Another Man's Wife. A letter from Brother John to Sister Kate
Answer to "Tired," (Which appear in No. 52 of the New York Weekly)
Answer to Prayer
Answer to Rock Me to Sleep, Mother
An Answer
The Antique Ring
Antoinita Sunol*
Any Soul To Any Body
Apostrophe to America
An Appeal to the Coquette
An Appeal
Appearances Don't Govern
The Apple Tree
April 22, 1898
An April Idyl
An April Oration
An April Shower
April Tears
An April Tryst
April Weather
April's Song and Children
The Architect's Clerk
Are the Gates Ajar?
Around the Christmas Fire
Around the Winter Fire
Arraigned at the Bar
Art Thou Alone?
Art Thou An Angel, Beautiful Star
Art Thou Lonely?
Art, Science and Industry
The Artist of the Skies
The Artist's Secret
The Artist
As in the Old, Old Time
As Strangers Meet
As the Children
As We Sat By The Fire
As You Go Through Life
As You Have Opportunity
Ashby Hall
Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust
Ask and Receive
Ask Me Not
Ask Me To-Morrow-Song
Asleep In Her Chair
Asleep in Jesus. In Memory of Mattie
The Asphodel
At Andersonville
At Christmas Time
At Christmas-Tide
At Daybreak
At Dead of Night
At Easter
At Easter Time
At Easter Time
At Eighteen
At Gettysburgh
At Greeting and Farewell
At Harvest-Time
At Last
At Last
At Last
At Last
At Last
At Last*
At Manila
At Night
At Nightfall
At Peace Within
At Rest
At Rest
At Rest
At Rest
At Rest
At Rest
At Rockaway
At Sea on the Fourth of July
At Sea Upon Life's Ocean
At Sorrow's Gates
At Sunrise: Meditations of a Condemned Man. On the Day Before His Execution
At Sunset
At Sunset
At the Ball
At the Ball
At the Burial
At the Casement
At the Close
At the Concert
At the Door of the Ball
At the Fair
At the Gate
At the Gate
At the Grave
At the Last
At The Last
At the Last!
At the Matinee
At the Night-Fall
At the Old Home
At the Opera
At the Piano
At the Post-Office Window
At the Prair-Meetin
At the Rich Man's Door
At the Sea-Shore
At the Sunset
At the Threshold
At the Turn of the Road
At the Window
At the Window
At Twilight
At Twilight
The Atheist
"Auf Der Weide" (In The Pasture)
August and September
August Breathings
An August Lyric
An August Night at Harpswell
An August Thunder Storm
August. Song: Men and Women with the Children
Aunt Sue's Creed
Auntie's Pet
Auntie's Rose
The Author
The Autumn Armies
Autumn Days
Autumn Days
Autumn Days
Autumn Days
Autumn Days
An Autumn Fancy
An Autumn Idyl
The Autumn Leaf
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Autumn Melody
Autumn Music
Autumn Musings
The Autumn of Life
Autumn Rain
Autumn Reflections
An Autumn Reverie
An Autumn Romance
An Autumn Song
An Autumn Song
Autumn Song—New Joys for Man
Autumn Sunset
The Autumn Time
The Autumn Wind
The Autumn's Morning
Autumnal Leaves
The Average is Right
Avoid This Girl
Away From The Old Home
An Awful Crime
The Baby And The Soldiers
Baby at the Window-Pane
Baby Best of All
Baby Bethels
Baby Blue-Eyes
Baby Bun
Baby Carrie
Baby Dreaming
Baby Eva
Baby Gold
Baby Has Gone To School
Baby Jimmie
Baby May
Baby Mine
Baby Sleeps
The Baby Sleeps
The Baby's Creed
A Baby's Epitaph
The Baby's Eye
A Baby's Feet
Baby's Lament
Baby's Picture
The Baby's Picture
A Baby's Reflections
Baby's Spring Token
Baby, Good-By!",
The Baby
The Baby
The Baby
A Baby-Queen
Bachelor and Benedict
The Bachelor's Defense
A Bachelor's Love Song
A Bachelor's Misgivings
A Bachelor's Reverie
A Bachelor's Secret
The Bachelor's Soliloquy on Fashion's Mysteries
The Bachelor's Summer Chaunt", "
The Bachelor
The Bachelor
"Back from Sea"
Back O'er Long, Long Years of Distance
Back to the Ould Sod
Back Where They Used To Be
Back, Tears
The Backward Glance
The Baffled Huntsman
Baking Pies
A Balcony Scene
A Ballad
Ballade of the Fan
Ballads of the Bible -- No. XLX: Ruth and Boaz
Ballads of the Bible, no. 32: The Rebellion of Korah
Balm for a Wounded Heart
The Banker's Bride
Banner Song. For The Fourth of July
The Baording-School Boy's Reverie
The Barbarian Amid the Ruins of the Past
Barbarian Dainties
The Baron of Guilderstien
Bartered Away
The Base-Ball Victim
Battle Call
The Battle Field of Bull Run
The Battle of Big Horn
The Battle of Life
Battle of the Nile
The Battle
The Battle-Flag of the Forty-Eighth
Be Careful
Be Careful In Your Choosing
Be Careful What You Say
Be Careful What You Write
Be Cheerful
Be Content
Be Content
Be Glad When You May. A Song for Youth
Be Humble
Be Kind
Be Kind and Be True
Be Kind to the Loved Ones at Home
Be Kind To Your Mother
Be Merry
Be Modest
Be Not Too Sure!
Be Not Unkind
Be Not Weary of Well Doing
Be of Good Cheer
Be Off With You Now
Be Patient With The Living
Be Prompt
Be Provident
Be Sorry In Time
Be True
Be Your Own Judge
The Beacon
Bear and Forbear
Bear and Forbear
Bear and Forbear
Bear Each Other's Burdens
Bear Me to the Wildwood
The Beating of the Drum
Beautie's Triomphe: An Olden Song
Beautiful Annabel Lee
The Beautiful Autumn
Beautiful Bessie
The Beautiful City
Beautiful Clouds
"Beautiful Costumes"
Beautiful Dreamer
The Beautiful Dust
Beautiful Flowers
Beautiful Hands
Beautiful Land of Rest
Beautiful Lost
A Beautiful Maid
Beautiful May
The Beautiful Pall
Beautiful Rain
The Beautiful Rhine
A Beautiful Scene in New Mexico
The Beautiful Snow
Beautiful Spring
Beautiful Spring
The Beautiful Spring Has Come
The Beautiful Spring
Beautiful Springtime
Beautiful Summer
Beautiful Sunlight
The Beautiful Sunrise
Beautiful to Me
Beautiful War
The Beautiful's Three Kingdoms
Beautiful, But Poor
Beauty Cannot Die
Beauty for Ashes
The Beauty of Nature
Beauty's Eyes
Beauty's Grave
Beauty's Queen is Dying
Beauty, Music and Innocency. Impromptu
Because I Love You
Because I Love You
"Because I Love You"
Because of Thee
Because of You
Before a Winter Storm
Before and After
Before and After Marriage
The Beggar Boy
The Beggar Boy
The Beggar Girl
The Beggar's Lullaby
The Beggar
The Beggar-Child
The Beggar-Girl's Complaint
The Beggars
Begging for Bread
The Beginning
Behind the Footlights
Being Kind
Beleaguered Paris
Believe But Half You See
Believe Me
Bell Ballou
The Bell of Time—Old and New Year
The Belle of Broadway. A Song
The Belle of the Ball
The Bells of September
Below and Above
Ben the Waif
The Bend of the River
Beneath an Elm Tree
Beneath the Earth
Beneath the Shadow
Benny King
Bereft by the Sea
Bertha and the Bird
Bertie and I
Beside Champlain: After a year of absence
Beside the River
Beside the Sea
Beside the Sea
Bessie's Opinion
The Best Authority
Best Beyond the Grave
The Best Lawyers
The Best Use
The Betrayer
Better Cherish Him
Better Moments
Better Never Love
The Better Plan!
The Better Side of Man
Better Than Gold
Better Than Gold
Better Wait Awhile
The Better Way
Bettie, of Barton
Beware of an Oath!
Beware of Him
Beware the First Glass
Beyond Harm
Beyond the Clouds
Beyond the Gates
Beyond the Mystic River
Beyond the Vail
Beyond Words
The Bible
The Bible
Biblical Canto
Bide A Wee, And Dinna Fret
The Big-Hearted Fellow
Bike! Bike! Bike!
The Bird and the Grave
The Bird in the Storm
Bird of the Wild Wing
A Bird Song
A Bird Song
The Bird's Complaint
A Bird's Lesson
Birds and Flowers
Birds of Passage
Birds Were Not Made In Vain
Birds, Blossoms, Love, Lovers. Song of the Boat in Spring
The Birth of Minerva
A Birthday Card
A Birthday Greeting From Wishing Land
Birthday Song
A Birthday Wish
A Bitter Atonement", "
Black Agatha
The Black Flag
Black-Eyed Susan
Blanche De Vere And The Stranger
Blanche of Barnegat
The Blast of March
Bleeding Heart
Blessed Bible
A Blessed Hope
The Blessed Three", "
The Blessed Truth
The Blessed
The Blessing of Winter
A Blessing Seek We All
Blessing the Island
Blessings and Burdens
Blessings in Disguise. Milton and Beethoven
The Blest Immortal Boon
The Blind Child
Blind Guides
Blonde and Brunette
The Blossom of the Glade
Blossoming of the Aloe
The Blossoms in the Grass
The Blue Bird's Valentine
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes and Black
"Blue-Eyed Mary's Buckwheat Cakes"
Boast Not
Boast Not Thyself of Tomorrow
The Boat-House
The Boathouse
Bob Fuller and the Pump
The Bold McShane. A Legend of the Sixth Ward
Bomilcar's Charge. Versified from Virgil
A Bond of Love
The Bonnet's Beauty
Bonny Kate
A Book of Poems
The Boon I Crave
The Bootblack
Border Land
Born To Command
The Bosom Serpent
Boston Breezes
The Bottom Drawer
Bound By His Sins
The Bouquet Girl
The Bouquet
The Bouquet-Girl
Boy and Maiden
The Boy I Used To Be
A Boy's Elegy
The Boy
Boyhood's Home
The Boys and the Girls
The Boys In Our Set
Boys Wanted
Brain and Brawn
Brain Versus Heart
The Brave Mother
"Brave to Live"
The Brave-Hearted Hunter
The Bravest of Battles
The Bravest of the Brave
Bread and Butter
Bread Upon The Waters
The Breaker Boy
The Brevity of Life
The Bridal and Burial
A Bridal Dirge
The Bridal Gift
The Bridal Gifts
Bridal Song
The Bride of Death
The Bride's Confession
The Bride's New Year
The Bride
The Bridegroom of Ellen
The Bridegroom's Soliloquy
The Bridesmaid's Story
The Bridge of Faith
The Bridge of Idols." A Historic Parable, "
The Bridge
The Bridge
Bridget Maloney's Valentine
The Bright Blue Eyes of Ireland
The Bright Side
The Bright Side
The Brighter Day
Broadway at 5 P. M.
Broken Flight
The Broken Harp
The Broken Heart
The Broken Heart
Broken Idols
Broken Measures
Broken Once Be Friendship's Chain
The Broken Pledge
Broken Thoughts
Broken Toys
The Broken Troth
The Broken Vow. A New Love Story
The Broken-Hearted Wife
Brother Evan
A Brother's Portrait
Brotherhood of all Mankind
Brotherly Regard
Brought Home Dead
Brounie, and Brindle, and Star, and Jet
Brown or Gray
Bryant In His Seventy-Fifth Year
Bubbles and Foam
The Bubbles of Life
"Buffalo Bill"
The Bugle
Build Firm!
Build Right
A Builder's Lesson
The Builder
Building the Blind Bird's Nest
Building the Bridge. A Truthful Story of Old Pemigewaset
Building Upon The Sand
Bunker Hill Day
Bunker Hill: From the Recollections of an "Old Inhabitant"
Burden Bearers
The Burglar Reclaimed
The Burial at Sea
The Burial of the Scout
Buried Alive
Buried Love
Bury Me in the Sunshine
Bury Your Dead
Bustin' the Temperance Man. A Western Sketch
The Busy Train Boy
But a Trifle
But As Mother She's Divine
But One
But The More Makes Him Kind
Buttercup Farm
The Butterfly's Triumph. A Fable
By and By
By and By
By and By
By Memory's Riverside
By Proxy
By Starlight
By The Firelight
By The River
By the Sea
By the Sea
By the Sea
By The Stream
By the Waters of Blackwell
A By-Gone Day
The Caliph's Temptation
Call Me Thine Own
The Call of the Bugles
A Call to Duty
A Call to Spring
Can I Forget?
Can I Meet Thee as a Stranger?
Can You Tell Me?
Canadian Vesper Bells
Candia to an American Orator
The Candid Friend
Cap and Bells
Capital Punishment
Captain Bob True's Barometer
The Captain of the Niobe
The Captive Sprite. Suggested by Hearing A Music-Box at Sea
Capture of Port Royal Ferry
Careless Words
Caring for the Old Folks
A Carol for Christmas
"Carrie Belle"
Carrie--Aged Fifteen
The Carrion Crow
A Case of Identity
Cash Versus Heart
A Casket of Gems
The Castaway
Castle Building
Castle Building
The Castle in the Air
Castles in the Air
Castles in the Air
Castles in the Air
Catching A Dimple
Catching Fish In The Brook
The Cathedral
The Cautious Lover
The Cawing of the Crow
The Cedar and Peace
The Cedars
The Celestial Telegraph
The Cellar-Door Tragedy
Centennial Sayings: Wise and Otherwise
A Centennial Story
A Cento
Central Park
A Century Ago
The Chain of Life
Chained to the Oar
A Chance Acquaintance
A Chance Meeting
A Chance Welcome
Change and Chance
A Changed Woman
The Chapel Bell
The Chapters of Life
Charlie's Rest
Cheap Pity
A Cheer for the Workers
Cheer Up
Cheops. Written by Planchette
The Chicago Fire
Chicago. The Giant of Fire and Angel of Love
The Chickasaw's Lament
The Chief Mourner
The Child and the Star
A Child Lost in the Snow
Child Love
Child Mother
A Child's Faith
A Child's Kiss
The Child's Last Prayer
A Child's Love
A Child's Rebuke
A Child's Song of Praise
A Child's Song
A Child's Wish
Childhood Memories
Childhood's Dream
The Childless Mother
Children and Flowers
Children at Home
The Children Coming Up
The Children of the Street
Children Our Teachers
The Children's Christmas Letter
Children's Faces
The Children's Good-Night
The Children's Hour
The Children's Merry Christmas
The Children
"Chill Fever"
A Chime for Boys
Chimes and Changes
Chimes of Spring
The Chinese Embassy
Chiquita and I
Cho-Che-Bang and Ch-Chil-Bloo. An Oriental Romance
The Choice
Chorus of Heaven and Earth: "Glory to Him That Was Slain"
Christ's Eternal Bells- After Christmas
Christ's Promise
Christ-Child and King. A Christmas Carol
Christabel: Caetus Dulces, Valete
The Christian Mystic's Prayer
The Christian Soul
The Christian Village
The Christian's Death-Bed
The Christian's Desires
Christmas Banquet Song
Christmas Bells
Christmas Bells
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
A Christmas Carol
Christmas Cheer
Christmas Cheer
The Christmas Chimes
Christmas Comes to Crown the Year
Christmas Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve in Germany
"Christmas Eve"
Christmas Everywhere
Christmas Frolics
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Hymn in the Centennial
Christmas Hymn!
Christmas Joys
A Christmas Memory
Christmas Morn
Christmas Morn Anthem
Christmas Morning
Christmas Morning
Christmas Night
A Christmas Night Vision
A Christmas Poem: Legend of "Our Lady's Bedstraw"
A Christmas Prayer
The Christmas Pudding
Christmas Shadows
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story
A Christmas Story
The Christmas Tree and Santa Claus: Their Ancient Origin
Christmas Weather
The Christmas Wreath
The Church in the Valley
The Church Spider
The Cigarette Smoker
The Circus Boy
The City of the Dead
The City of the Dead
City Toil
The Civic Defenders of the Union
Claribel Moore
Clasped Hands
The Climber
Climbing Up The Hill
Climbing Up The Stairs
Clinging Together
The Clock That Has Stopped
The Clod and the Flowers
Closed for Repairs
The Closed Gentian
The Closing Chapter
Closing the Centennial Exposition: America's Address
The Closing Year, 1866
The Cloud and Sunbeam
Cloud Pictures
Cloud Pictures
Clouds and Sunshine
A Cluster of Sweet Roses
Coals of Fire
The Cold Man
The Colonel. To the - N. Y. Volunteer Regiment
Columbia, Our Country
Columbia: Fourth of July, 1876
Come and Gone
Come and Testify to Jesus
Come at Last
Come Back
Come Back To Me
Come Back To Me
Come Back To Me
Come Back.---Song
Come Home Again
"Come Right This Way, Father"
Come to Me
Come To Me
"Come to Me"
Come to Me, Darling
Come to Me, Dearest
Come to the Wildwood
"Come Unto Me"
"Come Unto Me"
Come, Darling
Come, My Julia
Comes the Flood-Tide Again
Comfort in Jesus
Coming and Going
The Coming Chinaman
The Coming Decay
Coming Home
Coming Into Port
The Coming of his Feet
The Coming of Spring
The Coming of Spring
The Coming of Winter
The Coming of Winter
The Coming of Winter
Coming Through the Barley
Coming! Coming!
The Common Lot
Common Sense
A Common Soldier
Common Things
The Complaining Drop; or, The Pearl's Origin
Complaint of the Car Horse
A Complete Failure
The Compositor
The Condemned
Coney Island Beach
Congratulations to a Friend on his Wedding Day
Conscience and Future Judgment
The Conscience-Stricken
The Conscript's Return
A Contented Husband
The Contented Wife
A Contrast
A Conversation
The Convict's Dream
The Convict's Dream
The Convict's Story
A Cook of the Period
Cooney Cole, the Driver
The Coquette's Album
The Coquette
The Coquette
The Coquette
The Coquette
Corinna's Maying
A Corn on the Toe
The Corner-Stone of the Mansion
The Cost of It
The Cot in the Valley I Love
The Cot With Its Acre Of Ground
Cottage and Castle
The Cottage by the Sea
The Cottage in the Lane
The Cottage Pet
Could I See Our Flag Once More
"Council and Comfort"
"Count Not Upon A Woman"
The Counterfeit Cupid
Counting my Jewels
Counting Pennies
Counting the Price
Country and Town
The Country Blacksmith
The Country Dance
The Country Girl
The Country Life
A Country Minister's Wife
Country Quiet
Courage, Brothers, Courage!
Courting and Jilting
Courtship After Marriage
Courtship of Lady Rose
Cousin Hugh and I
Cousin Maude
Covered With Flowers To-Day
The Coxswain's Story
Cradle Song
A Cradle Song
A Cradle Song
Crazy Estelle
A Creed for the New Year
Creep Close To My Warm Bosom, Darling
Crescent and Cross
The Crescent Moon
The Cripple's Hope
Cross and Crown
The Cross
Crossing the Equinox
Crossing the River
Crossing the Stream
The Crown of Failure
Crowned with Light
The Cry of Men
The Cuban Volunteer's Farewell
Cui Bono?
Cupid's Arrow
Cupid's Decadence
Cupid's Misfortune
Cupid's Mistake
Cupid, Auctioneer
The Curse of Wine
The Curtain of Flame
Custer's Last Charge
Custer—In Memoriam
Cypress Hill
The Dairy-Maid's Courtship
The Daisy and the Rose
Daisy Bell
Daisy Burns
The Daisy Charm
Daisy is Dying
The Daisy's Secret
A Daisy
A Damsel's Confession
Dance Light, For my heart it lies under your feet, love.
Dangerous Ground
Daniel Gray
The Dark Pilgrimage
A Dark Secret
The Dark Valley
Dark-Eyed Night
Darkness and Light
Darkness-A "Penitential"
The Daughter of Mine Hostess: Translated from the German
The Daughter of the Sioux
A Daughter's Influence
Daughter, Sister, Rose, Yet Linger
David's Threnody for Saul and Jonathan
The Dawn of Love
The Dawn of Love
The Dawn
Day and Night
A Day Dream
Day Dreams
The Day is Done
The Day is Done
The Day of a Thousand Years
The Day Old Bet Was Sold
The Day That I Was Born
The Day When You Forget Me
The Days Of Long Ago
Days of my Childhood
Days Of My Youth
Days of Rain!
Days of Yore
Days of Yore
The Days of Youth
The Days that are Gone
The Days That Are No More
The Days That Are No More
"De Profundis"
The Deacon's Advice
The Deacon's Bargain
The Deacon's Bull
The Dead Child
A Dead Friend
The Dead Heart
A Dead Hero
The Dead Hero
Dead In The Street
Dead Letters
The Dead Line
Dead Loves
The Dead Man in the Light-House
The Dead March
The Dead Moor
The Dead Past
The Dead Shot
The Dead Year
The Dead Year
The Dead
Dead: In Memory of Chas. J. Foster
Deaf and Dumb
Dear Brother, Thou Art With Us Still
Dear Dermott, I Love Thee
"Dear Father"
Dear Girl, The World Is Beautiful
Dear Hands
Dear Heart
Dear Little Hands
A Dear Little Home of my Own
A Dear Little Maid Of Two
The Dear Little Wife At Home
Dear Lord Forgive
A Dear Old Lady
Dear One
Dear One, Tho' Far Away from Thee!
Dear Spirit, Thou Art Near Me
The Dear, Devoted Mother
Dearest and Best
Death and Life
Death and Life!
Death At The End
Death in the Tombs
Death of 1863
The Death of Custer
The Death of Love
The Death of Professor Morse
The Death of Summer
Death of the "Old Year"
Death of the Indian Chief
The Death of Time
Death's Protest
Death's Skeleton
The Death-Bed Reconciliation. A True Incident
December Musings
Deceptive Appearances
The Decision
The Deck of the "Outward Bound"
Declined, with Thanks
Decoration Day
Decoration Day
Decoration Day
Decoration Day
Decoration Day
Decoration Day
Decoration Day, 1877
Decoration Day, May 30th, 1872
Decoration-Day Poem
The Deed Was Done, the Victory Won", "
Deeds of Boys
The Deep
Della, Speak
The Demon of Woe
Deo Volente
The Departed Soldiers of the Union
Departed Summer
Der Telegraph Poles Vas Cryin'
Des Moines
The Desert Miracle
Desert Springs
The Desert-Wraith
The Deserted Bride
The Deserted House
Despair and Resolve
The Desperit Sassage Maker; or, The Oysterman's Bride. A Very Excitin' Ballad
The Destiny Star
The Devil Fishing
Dew Drop
The Dial
The Diamond Days
Diamond Dust. From Shakespeare
Diamond Dust: From Shakespeare
Dick and I
Did You Ever Know Good Come By Grumbling?
Did You Ever?
"Die erst Liebe 1st die Best" (First Love is Best)
Died in California
The Difference
The Difference
The Difference
A Dig at the Weather
A Dilemma
A Dinner and a Kiss
Dirge for 1875
Dirge For A Soldier
Dirge for Lincoln, the Just
Dirge for One Who Fell in Battle
A Dirge for the Fallen
Dirge for the Old Year
A Dirge
A Dirge
The Disabled Sailor
The Disappointed Hen
A Disappointing Romance
Discarded Butterflies! (A Bachelor's Soliloquy)
Discretion Better Than False Valor. A Fable for the Times; With a Moral
Disobedience—A Fable
Dispel Not Yet Her Happy Dream
Disraeli, the Dying Statesman
Dissolving Views
The Distant Ship
The Distress of John Hall
Divided Lives
Do Good
Do I Love You?
Do It Now
Do Not Blame Me
Do Not Borrow Trouble
Do Not Forget
Do Not Speak Ill of the Dead
Do They Miss Me At Home?
Do Your Duty
"Doc Simmons"
The Doctor's Motto: "Do As You Would Be Done By!"
Does Any One Care for Father?
Does Death End All?
Does He Love Me?
Does He Remember?
Does It Pay?
Does My Love Love Me?
Does She Wish Me Dead
Doing All The Good We Can
Doing Good, True Nobility
Doing Without It
A Doleful Tragedie
Dolly Gray
Don't Be In A Hurry
Don't Blame the World
Don't Forget It
"Don't Give Up The Ship"
Don't Go In! A Temperance Song
Don't Judge By The Faces!
Don't Lay It Up
Don't Let Mother Do It
Don't Lose Heart
Don't Mention It
"Don't Quit the Plow"
Don't Say "No"
Don't Strike Him While He's Down
Don't Tell Me You Love Me, But Prove It
Don't Volunteer
Don't Wait
Don't Worry
Don't You See?
The Doom of the Outcast*
The Door-Step Waif
The Door-Step
The Doors I Knocked At
Dost Remember?
Dot Old Mans of Mine; or, Hans Und Katrina
Dot Old Mans of Mine; or, Katrina's Return
Double Acrostic*
A Double Sabbath
A Doubting Heart
The Dove
Down By The Brook
Down by the Gate: A Song
Down by the Sea
Down in the Coal Mine
Down into the Dust
Down on the Island
The Downhill of Life
Drags on the Road
The Draw-Bridge Keeper
Drawing a Prize
A Dream of Childhood
The Dream of Home
The Dream of Life
Dream On
A Dream Recalled Too Late
Dream Song
The Dream was Happy, but 'Tis Past
A Dream
A Dream
A Dream
A Dream
A Dream
Dream, Baby, Dream
The Dream
Dreaming Again
Dreaming and Working
The Dreaming Mother
Dreaming of Home
Dreaming of the Past
Dreaming of Thee
Dreaming of thee
Dreaming on the Lake
Dreams and Realities
The Dreams of a Life
Dreams of Childhood
Dreams of Long Ago
Dreams of the Beautiful
Drifted Apart
Drifted Out to Sea
Drifting About
Drifting Away
Drink Deep!
Drink! Drink! Drink!
A Drop of Ink
The Drummer-Boy's Grave. An Incident of Decoration Day
The Drunkard's Child
The Drunkard's Demon
The Drunkard's Doom
The Drunkard's Dream
The Drunkard's Dream
The Drunkard's Home
The Drunkard's Pleading Child
The Drunkard's Reply to his Child
Drunkard's Song
The Drunkard's Wife
The Drunkard's Wife
The Drunkard
Dry Up Your Tears
The Dryest Day
The Duelist's Visit To His Victim's Grave
The Duet
The Dumb Orator; or, The Drunken Master and the Sober Dog
A Dumb Savior
Dunno What He'll Do
The Dying Actor
Dying All Around Us
The Dying Christian
The Dying Christian
The Dying Cobbler
The Dying Exile
Dying Faith
The Dying Fear
The Dying Fortune-Teller
The Dying Girl's Request
The Dying Girl
The Dying Girl
The Dying Hapsburg
A Dying Husband's Soliloquy
The Dying Mother To Her Child
The Dying Mother to Her Child
The Dying Napoleon
The Dying Newsboy (A Newspaper Incident)
The Dying Prodigal*
The Dying Seamstress
The Dying Soldier to His Mother
The Dying Soldier
The Dying Street Arab
The Dying Summer
Dying To-Night
Dying Willie
The Dying Year
The Dying Year
The Dying Year
The Eagle and the Serpent
The Eagle
Earl and Beggar
Early Blossoms
Early June
Early Morn
Early or Late
Earned—Not Borrowed
Earth Loves
Earth's Dearest Blessing
Earth's Themes
Earth's Vanity
Earthly Pride
Easter Bloom
Easter Eve
An Easter Fantasy
Easter Lilies
Easter Lilies
An Easter Memory
Easter Morning
Easter Song
An Easter Wooing
Easy to Drift
Ebbing Away
The Eclipse
Edgar Lee
The Edge of Doom
Edith Clare
Edith to Arthur
Edith to Ernest
The Editor's Sanctum
The Editor's Table
Eight Bells
Eight Seasons Gone
Eighteen To-Day
"Eighteen Years of Mother-in-Law;" or, Brown and the Judge
Elderly Lovers
Eleanor Fowler
An Elegy
The Eleventh Hour
The Elfin's Dream-A Fragment
Elizabeth Zane
Ellie Milking the Cows
Eloquent Bells!
Elsie Morrow
Elsie's Death
The Embroidery
The Empire of the Ring
Empty Hands
An Empty Nest
The Empty Nest
The Empty Sleeve
The Enchanted Castle
End of the Comedy
The End of the Story
The End of the Tune
Enduring Love
Energy Must Win!
The Engagement Ring
The Engineer's Story
England to America
Enjoy, And Spare
Envy: And What Came of It
Epistolary.-To Isabel
Epitaph on a Pet "Poodle"
Epitaph On A Rose
Equal in the Grave
Ere The Twilight Shadows Fall
Erin's Flag
Escape from Winter
Eternal Light
The Eternal Will
Eulogy: Written on the Death of N. P. Willis
Eva to Harold
Eveleen's Dead
Evelyn Gray
Evelyn Moore
Evelyn Ree. A Christmas Tale of the Cornish Coast
"Even In Laughter The Heart Is Sorrowful"
"Even This Will Pass Away"
An Evening Landscape
Evening Meditation
Evening Prayer
An Evening Reverie (A la "Drifting")
The Evening Spell
Evening Thoughts
Ever Faithful
Ever Faithful and True
Ever Near
Ever the Old, Old Tale
Ever the Same Wild Beating
Ever True!
The Ever-Present Mentor
The Everlasting Memorial
Every Sunlight Hath Its Shade
An Every-Day Story
Everyday Fancies
The Evil Bow Before the Good
An Exile's Woe
Extracts from the Poets
Extremes Meet
The Eyes Behind the Curtain
The Eyes of a Child
Eyes of Heaven
Eyes that Reflect a Heart
A Fable
The Face in the Crowd
Faces in the Street
The Faces That I Meet
The Factory Girl
The Factory Girl
The Factory Girl
Faded Flowers
Faded Flowers
A Faded Friendship
Faded Hopes
Faded Hopes
Faded Leaves
Faded Violets
Fadeless Is A Loving Heart
Failure and Success
A Failure
Faint Not By The Way
Fair Annabel
Fair Imogen
The Fair Maid of Derry
Fair Questions
Fair, Sweet, And Dear
Fairest of the Fair
The Fairest of the Fair
The Fairy Bottines. A Legend of the Splendide Hotel
Fairy Landscape
The Fairy's Song
Faith (Respectfully inscribed to Rev. M. Cowplin)
Faith in Christ
Faith in God
Faith, Hope, and Charity
Faith, Love, And Prayer
Faith-Hope-Love. From the German
A Faithful Friend
The Faithful Heart
A Faithful Keeper
Faithful Margaret
The Faithful One
Faithful Unto Death
Faithful Unto Death: A Tale of the Middle Ages
Fall Gently, Sweet Snow Flakes
Fallen Asleep
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
Falling Leaves
The Falling Leaves
False and True
A False Friend
The False Note
False or True
False Pretensions
False Rosalind
The Family Entrance
The Family Pew
The Family Shrine
Family Winter Song
The Family-Use and Pleasure
Fancies In The Firelight
Fancy's Flight
A Fancy
Farewell Forever
The Farewell to Summer
Farewell to the Day
Farewell to the Flowers
Farewell to the Old Year
Farewell to the Year
Farewell, Dolly Varden
Farewell, False Heart
Farewell, My Flowers!
Farewell, Once Loved Joys
Farewell, Sweet Dreams Of Love
The Farewell
Farm Song
The Farmer's Daughter
The Farmer's Lad
The Farmer's Seventy Years
The Farmer
The Farmer
The Farmer
Fashion's Flight
Fast and Sure
The Fatal Glass
The Fatal Web
The Fate of a "Swell"
The Fate of Kings
Fate of One Unknown
The Fate of the Ship
Father is Coming
Father Time
A Father To His Daughter, On Her Bridal Morn
Father's Home—And Sober
The Father's Request
A Father's Soliloquy
Father, Ever Keep Me Near Thee
Father, Lead Me
The Fathers of our Forest Land
The Fault of the Age
A Fayre and Happy Milk-Maid", "
Fear Not
The Feast of the Innocents
"Feed my Lambs"
Feeling Easy
The Fellow Who's "Down and Out"
The Felon's Last Night
Fermanagh, My Home
The Fern Leaf
The Ferry
A Few Blunders
A Few Thoughts
The Fife and Drum
Fifteen Thousand Dollars In Gold
"Fifty Years Ago To-Day;" or, The Golden Wedding
Fifty Years Apart
Fight When You Must
The Fighting Parson
Filial Affection---Modern
Fill High the Friendly Glass
Finem Respice
The Finger-Post
Finis Coronat Opus: "The End Shall Grown the Work"
Finis Temporis. Daniel XII, 3
The Fire-Fiend
Firelight Dreams
Fireman Jones. A True Incident
Fireside Pictures
The First and Last
First and Second
The First Baby
The First Baby. To John
The First Cigar
The First Day at School
The First Day of the Year
The First Death
The First Fatal Drink
First Flower of Spring
First Glass
The First Gray Hair
The First Gray Hair
The First Kiss
First Love
First Love
First Love
The First Love is the Last
The First Love-Token
The First Music in the Central Park, June, 1871
The First of May
The First Snow Fall
The First Snow
The First Snow-Storm
First Song of May
The First Sorrow
The First Swallow
The First Touch of Age
The First Train of Supplies for the Chicago Sufferers
The First-Born
The Fishermaid's Love
The Fisherman
Fishing With The Boys
Fitzgreen Halleck
Five Minutes Late
The Five O'Clock Bells
Five or Six Years
Five Years Ago To-Day!
The Flag of America
The Flag of Blue
The Flail
The Flight of Fair Inez
The Flight of Hope
The Flight of the Year
The Flight of Time
Fling Not Those Flowers Aside
A Flirt's Confession
Flirting and Fishing on the Hudson
The Flood-Waif. An Incident of the Mill River Disaster
Flor Chiquita
A Floral Wooing
The Flower Festival
The Flower of Home
The Flower of Memory
The Flower of Willow Dell
Flower Teachings
The Flower-Clad Summer
The Flower-Gift
The Flower-Girl
Flowers and Famine
Flowers and Thoughts
Flowers and Weeds
Flowers for the Dead
The Flowers Sacredly for All
Follow the Drum!
Following Fashion
Fond Memories
The Food of Love
A Foolish Woman's Opinion
Foot-Prints in the Snow
Footprints in Dreamland
The Footstep on the Stairs
For a Friend's Scrap-Book
For A' That And A' That
"For A' That and A' That." A Parody
For All Time
For An Album
For Another
For Baby's Sake
For Friendship's Sake
For Herself Alone
For Him Who Grieves
For Him Who Waits
For His Sake
For Little People
For Mother's Sake
For the Children
For the Children's Sake
For the Girl That Best Loves Me
For the Little Ones
For The Old Love's Sake
For Those Who Fail
The Force of Prayer
A Foreglimpse
The Forest Child
A Forest Dream
A Forest Idyl
Forest Murmers
Forest Paths
Forest Song
Forever Alone
Forever Thine
"Forever Yours"
Forget Me
Forget Me and Be Happy
Forget Me Not
Forget Me Not!
Forget Thee!
The Forlorn Hope
"Forsake Not The Law Of Thy Mother"
The Forsaken Farm-House
The Forsaken Graveyard
The Forsaken Ivy
The Forsaken to the False One
The Forsaken
Fort Lafayette
Fort Ticonderoga
Fortune's Flower
Found Dead!
"Found Dead—A Little Boy"
Found Everywhere
The Foundling
The Fountain and Song
Four Fair Seasons
Four Seasons of Love
The Four Suits
The Four Travelers
Four Years Ago To-Night
The Fourth of July
A Fragment
A Fragment
A Fragment
A Fragment
Freaks of Fortune
Freedom's Appeal
Freedom's Battle
The French Girl's Carrier-Dove
French War Troubles
Friar Anselmo. A Medieval Legend
A Friend in Need
Friend or Foe
A Friend That Sticketh Closer Than A Brother", "
A Friend's Hand In Mine, Lads
A Friend
A Friend
A Friend
Friendless and Homeless
Friendless Nelly
Friendly Advice
Friends in Adversity
Friends Old and New
Friends Tried and True, They Are But Few
Friendship's Fount
Friendship. To Miss C. A. Schenck
From 12 to 1 P. M.
From a Schoolmate
From an Old Workbasket
From Desk to Dungeon
"From Palace to Prison"
From Prison-Pit to Sunlight (Johnny Clark, Driver-Boy of Sugar Notch, tells his Story of the Coal-Mine Horror)
From Source to Sea
From That Fashion's Fiend-Phantasy Turn
The Frost-King's Touch
Funeral Ode On A Cigar
A Funny Show
A Funny World Is This
The Future With Flowers
The Future
A Gala Day
The Gallagher Divorce Case
The Gambler
A Game of Croquet
The Garden in June
Gates of Gold
Gathering Autumn Leaves
The Gathering-Place
Gazing Out to Sea
The Gem of the Heart
A Gem Without A Flaw
The Geni's Magic Bed
Gentle Annie
The Gentle Heart and Gentle Word
Gently Breathe it to My Mother
George Arnold
George Peabody. In Memoriam
George Washington
A German Band
A German Battle-Song
Germans Not In Joy Alone. A Song
Get Out Of My Sunshine
The Ghost of a Letter
The Ghost Ring
The Ghost
The Gift of Song
The Gift of Venus
The Gin Palace
The Gipsy Child
The Gipsy's Prophesy
The Gipsy's Warning
The Girl I Love
The Girl of the Sewing-Machine
The Girl of the Streets
The Girl of Tipperary
The Girls I Used To Know
Girls Who Are In Demand
"Give Him A Chance"
Give Me A Kiss, Little Sunshine
"Give Me Clean Lips"
Give Me Dreams
Give Me Peace
Give Me the Heart
Give Me The People
"Give Me Thy Hand"
Give Thanks
Give While You Live
Glad Am I!
Glad Chorus for Love's Own Dear Sake
The Glad New Year
The Glad New Year
The Glad New Year
The Glad Springtide
Glancing Backward
Glass Houses
The Gleaner
A Glimpse of Heaven
Gloom and Gleam
The Glory Of Man Is Strength
Go Forth, My Boy
Go On!
Go Slow
Go to Jesus
Go To Sleep, My Heart
Go Work In My Vineyard
"Go, Ask My Mother"
Go, False One, Let Me Weep Alone!
Go, Forget Me!
Go, Thou Art Free
"God Bless Our Home"
God Bless Our Volunteers
God Bless Us All!
God Bless You
"God Bless You!"
God Have Mercy On The Poor
God Help The Poor Fellows At Sea
God is Good
God is Love
"God Knows!"
God of Laughter
God Pity the Poor
God Reigns
God Shall Wipe Away All Tears from their Eyes
God Shield the Poor!
God Speed Brave Sherman!
God Speed the Ship!
God's Appointments
God's Garden
God's Gift In Sleep
God's Greatest Blessing
God's Harvest Field
God's Mercy
God's Music
God's Promise
God's Sweet Compassion
God's Will
"God's Will Be Done"
God's World Worthy Of Our Love
The Goddess of Liberty
Going Abroad
Going Away
Going Back
Going Berrying
Going Down
Going From Church
Going Home
Going Home
Going Home
Going Home
Going to Pasture
Going To Sleep
"Going Where Father Goes"
Gold Dust
Gold Fever
The Gold Seeker
The Gold-Fish's Love
The Gold-Seekers
The Golden Bond of Brotherhood
The Golden Bride
Golden Fruit
The Golden Key
Golden Light
Golden Periods
The Golden Rule," (With Variations): A Satire. Adapted, and very respectfully dedicated to the vicinity of-Where?, "
The Golden Squire
A Golden Thread
Golden Time
The Golden Wedding
Gone Away
Gone Before
Gone Home
Gone, But Not Lost
Good Advice
Good Advice
Good Advice To Parsons
Good and Evil
Good and Ill
Good Angels
Good Deeds are the Holiest Prayers
Good Enough for the Poor
The Good Great Man
A Good Husband
Good in All
The Good Mother
"Good News and Glad Tidings"
The Good Old Times
Good Rule
The Good Ship Santa Claus
Good Temper
Good Things To Remember
The Good Time Is The Present
Good Wishes
Good-By to '65
Good-By to Grief
Good-By, Dear Love, Good-By!
Good-By, Old Home
The Good-Night Kiss
A Good-Night Song
The Gossamer
The Gossips
Grace, Sweet Grace
Grandfather Grimes
Grandfather's Birthday
Grandfather's Talk After Christmas
Grandfather's Talk Before Christmas
Grandmother Grimes
Grandmother's Grumble
Grandmother's Patchwork
Grandmother's Work
Grandpapa's Darling
The Grandsire's Musings
Grandsire's Soliloquy
Grasping for Shadows
The Grave in Old Tennessee
The Grave of a Little Child
The Grave of Rodman Drake
The Grave
The Graves of Long Ago
Graves' Ride
The Gray Old Gate
The Gray Tomb
The Great Little Wheelbarrow
The Great Mystery
Great or Good
The Great Yankee Nation
The Green Grass Under the Snow
The Green Isle of Lovers
A Greeting to September
Grief for the Dead
Grip Tight
Growing Old
Growing Old
Growing Old
The Guarded Nest
Guardian Angels
The Guerilla
Guess My Name!
Guiding Stars
The Gunner's Death
Guy Vane to Halcom Eustace: On the Piazza at Long Branch
Had I the Gift of Song
Hagar in the Wilderness
Hagar's Christmas
Hail! All Hail!
Half-Witted Nell
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Hands, Feet, And Tongue
The Happiest Heart
The Happy Dance
Happy Dreams
Happy Moments
Happy New Year
Happy New Year
Happy New Year and Baby
A Happy New Year!
A Happy New Year
A Happy, Happy Heart
Hard Luck
Hard Times
The Hardest Time Of All
Hark, the Glad Sound!
Harps and Hew's-Harps
Harry Vane and Nellie Gray
Harry. Died April 20, 1867. Aged 22 Months.
"Harvest Home"
The Harvest Moon
The Harvest Queen
The Harvest Time
The Harvest
Haste Thee, My Darling
Hasten, Brothers, to the Battle
Hasty Words
Hatred and Love as Shown in Nature
The Haunted Castle
The Haunted Glen
Haunted Lives
The Haunted Mill
The Haunting Scene
Have Charity
"Have Charity"
Have Faith And Trust
"Have You A Home?"
Have You Ever Lost a Child?
Have You Seen Our Sweet-Eyed Lassie?
Have You Tried?
Having and Giving
Having Sport for Work: A Winter Song
He Careth For Us
He Comes Not
He Cometh Not
He Danced At Her Wedding
He Did Not Read The News
"He Died From Home"
He Doeth All Things Well
He Giveth His Beloved Sleep
"He Givteh His Beloved Sleep"
He Held the Fort
"He Is Not Here, But Is Risen"
He is Sleeping To-Night
He Loved Me Once
He Loves Her Memory Now: On the Death of Isabel
He May Never Return
He Sends His Angels
He Will Come Back To Me
He'll Come When I Call Him
He's Ten Years Old To-Day
Head Winds
The Headless Ghost
The Headsman
A Health
A Healthy Tongue
Hear, O, Hear Me
Hearkening for his Step
Heart and Soul
A Heart History
Heart Murmurings
Heart Musings
A Heart of Fire
The Heart of Spring
Heart Pictures
The Heart Shall Find Its Eden Yet
The Heart That's True
The Heart's Jewels
The Heart's Perversity
The Heart's Winter
The Heart's Wrong
The Heart's-Ease
The Heart
A Heart-Valentine
A Hearts Desolation
Hearts Never Forget
Hearts of Gold
A Heathen Reverie
Heaven and Hell
Heaven's Fairest Gift
The Heavenly Chain
Heavenly Harmonies
Heavy Hearted
The Hebrew Hero
Heed Not What They Say
"Held in Bondage"
Heline (Written After A Visit To An Insane Asylum)
Help That Comes Too Late
Help the Poor
Helping Along
Helps By The Way
The Hen-Pecked Man
Her Answer
Her Answer
Her Choice
Her Dower
Her Eyes
Her Faults
Her Letter
Her Letter
Her Little Brother
Her Mind Not Made Up Yet
Her Mission
Her Name
Her Prayer
Her Sailor Boy
Her Spinning
Her Wedding Morn
Here and Now
Here and Yonder
Here's A Health To Those Who Love Us
"Here, Newsboy!"
The Heritage
The Hero of the Rank and File
A Hero
The Heroes of 'Seventy-Six
Hesperus and the Rose
Hester Dare
Hey Ho, Winter Will Go!
Hidden Pearls
Hidden Truths
High Noon
The High Tide
High, Low, Jack, and the Game
The Higher Call
Hints On Your Health
Hired, Tired, Fired
His Answer
His First Glass
His Future Wife. Dedicated to Charles Oliver
His Last Relative
His Mother's Songs
His Religion
His Secret
His View
His Wife's Judgment
Hitting the Nail
Hoe Your Own Row
"Hoe Your Own Row"
Hoist the Flowing Sail. A Boat Song
Hold Up Your Hand For Jesus
Holiday Time
Home After All
Home Again
Home Again
Home Again
Home at Last
The Home Choir
"Home Decorations"
Home From The War
Home is Where Love Rules
Home Joys
Home Life
Home Music
The Home of Little Nell
The Home of My Youth
The Home of Youth
A Home on the Prairie for Me
Home Picture
A Home Scene
Home the Best Place
Home Thoughts in a Foreign Land
Home, Sweet Home
"Home, Sweet Home"
Home-Coming Ships
A Homely Picture
The Homestead
Homeward Song
An Honest Man
Honest Wealth
The Honest Working Girl
Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense
Hope and I
Hope and I
Hope Eternal
Hope For Better Days Again
Hope Fulfilled
Hope On, Hope Ever
Hope's Counsel
Hope's Whisper
The Horse
Horses' Rights
A Hospital Story
An Hour Ago
The Hour of Rest
The Hour She Loved
Hours There Were
The Hours
The House in the Clearing
The House Where I Was Born: A Retrospect
How A Heart Was Lost
How Baby Wakes
How Can A Woman Tell?
How Can We Tell?
How Do You Know?
How it Happened
How Liab and I Parted
How Little We Know of Each Other
How Long
How Long Will Rum Hold Sway?
"How Long Wilt Thou Sleep, O Sluggard?"
How Long?
How Many
"How Many?"
How Pat Saved His Baoon
How Shall I Love You?
How She Loved Him
How the Daisy Gained Her Name
How the World Moves
"How to be a Martyr"
How To Be Beautiful
How To Be Happy
How to Make a Modern Poet
How We Take It
The Huma*
The Human Eye
The Human Hand
The Human Heart
Human Laborers, Work On
Human Love
Humanity Song: Emancipation in Brazil
Humanity's Still Sacred Sake
The Humble New-Year Call
The Humbler Flower Below
The Humming-Bird and Butterfly
The Hunchback
A Hundred Years Ago
A Hundred Years Ago
A Hundred Years Form Now
Hungry and Cold
The Hungry and Poor
The Hunter's Song
The Hunter's Song
The Hunter's Wife
Huntsman's Song
Hurrah for the Life-Boat!
A Husband's Love
A Husband's Love. Dedicated to my Wife
The Husband's Reverie
Hush-A-By, Little One
A Husking Song
The Hussar and his Horse
Hydraulic Rhymes
Hymn of Aspiration
A Hymn of Labor
Hymn of Miracles
Hymn of Spring
Hymn of Thanksgiving
Hymn of the Great Republic, On the Death of Charles Sumner
The Hymns That Mother Sung
The Hypochondriac to the Spring
I Am Counting the Hours
I Am Happy, Mother, Darling
I Am Lonely, Wife, Without Thee
I Am Standing at the Wheel, Mary
I Am Thine
I Am Weary
I Am Weary
"I Believe In My Mother's God" [The Soldier's Creed]
I Bide My Time
"I Can't!" and "I'll Try"
I Cannot Let Them Go
I Cannot Love A Pretty Face
I Cannot Tell You Why
I Cannot Write To-Night
I Do Not Love Him Now
"I Don't Care"
"I Don't Know"
I Dream of Thee
I Envy Her
I Found The Cross
"I Hate All Boys"
I Have a Little World at Home
"I Have Enough!"
"I Have No Time"
I Have Strayed From Jesus
I Have Wandered Far in Fancy To-Day
I Haven't Got A Penny. Young America's Soliloquy
I Heard that Song in Other Days
I Here, and Thou There
I Know I Am The Last
I Know Not
I Know Not
I Know Them All
I Love But Thee
I Love Him For Himself
"I Love The Old Melodious Lays"
I Love Thee Yet, Don't Fear!
I Love Thee, May
"I Love Thee; Love Thee; Love Thee!"
I Love Thee—Yes, Love Thee
I Love to Roam
"I Love to Weep, I Know not Why"
"I Love You"
I Loved Her Then, I Love Her Now
"I Loved Him So!"
I May Not Love You
I Miss Thee
I Must Tell You "A Something" To-Night
I Never Met Thee
"I Promised Mother I Wouldn't Drink"
"I Promised Mother When I Saw Her Die"
I See Thee Still
I Shall Ask Her
"I Shall Not Pass This Way Again"
I Thank Thee, Oh Father!
I Thought Thee My Own
"I Told You So!"
I Wait for Thee
"I Want No Harp In Heaven"
I Want To Go A-Sleighing
"I Was Not Born To Die"
I Watch for Thee
"I Will Come Back To-Night"
I Will Love You The Same
"I Will Not Fail Thee, Nor Forsake Thee"-Joshua 1-5
I Will Not Give Away My Heart
"I Will Not Sing This Old Song"
I Will Trust Him
I Will Wait
I Will Weep For Evermore
I Wish I Were At Home To-Night
I Wonder
I Wonder If She'd Care
I Wonder When
I Would I Were A Child Again
I Would Marry in the Spring-Time
I Would Not Be The Czar
I Would Not Die
I Would Not Marry
I Would That I Had Died
I Would That I Might Die
I Would That You Were Back Again
I'll Be Content
I'll Come To Thee In Dreams
I'll Have A Home For Thee
I'll Love No One But Thee
I'll Love Thee More
I'll Mourn No More
I'll Open the Gate
I'll Stand Up For Mother
"I'll Tell You By and By"
I'll Think of Thy Kiss, Love
I'll Wait Awhile Longer
I'll Watch and Wait
I'm Always Sending Ships To Sea
I'm Going Home
"I'm Happy To-Night"
I'm Happy When You're Near Me: Designed for Music
I'm Naught To Him
I'm So Weary
I've Been Sad and Weary Darling
The Ice King
The Ice-Fiend
Ida, the Mill-Girl. An Episode of the Late Storm
The Ideal and the Real
The Ideal Husband
The Ideal Workman
An Ideal
An Idyl of the Night
An Idyl
If Each Moment
If Earth Was More Like Heaven
If I But Could
If I But Knew
If I Had But Know
If I Knew It Came From Paris!
If I Were A Voice
If I Were You
If Katie Were My Bride
If Mother Would Listen
If Only Men Would Love Self Less
If She is Good
If There's Only A Heart
If We Could Know
If We Knew
If We Knew
If You Can't Praise Your Neighbor, Don't Name Him At All
If You Had Not Died
If You Love Me, Tell Me So
If Your Neighbor Has A Daughter
Ignorance is Bliss
The Imperial Ukase
Impromptu Memorial. Written while the Funeral Procession of William H. Seward
Impromptu to a Lady
Improve Your Time
In a Cellar
In a Garret
In A Rose Garden
In A Strange Church
In After Years
In An Old Church
In Answer To A Letter
In Answer to the Question, "Do You Forgive Me?"
In April
In April
In December
In Dreams
In Dreams
In Exile
In Fear
"In God We Trust"
"In God's Good Time"
In Heaven
In Heaven There Is Rest
In Heaven Without You
In June
In June
In Lowliness
In May
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam
In Memoriam of Robert J. Duff: An Impromptu
In Memoriam to G. F. B.
In Memoriam-W. W. Malott, Aet. 25.
In Memoriam: Caroline A. Adams-Died Feb. 10, Aged 15
In Memorium. Mrs. Bella Parker, Died February 17th, 1873
In Memory
In Memory of John W. Hulbert
In Mid-Winter
In My Dreams Thou Art Mine
In November
In Paradise
In Peace
In Poverty
In Recompense
In Reply
In Sanctuary
In Secret
In the Alcove
In the Attic
In the Autum
In the Bay-Window
In The City
In the City of the Dead
In the Country
In the Dark
In the Dark
In The Dark
"In the Dead House"
In the End
In the Fall
In the Firelight
In the Firelight
In the Firelight's Glow
In The First Fall Of Snow
In the Flower-Garden at Midnight
In the Garden
In the Garden of God. On The Death of Mrs. Irene M. Twehill
In the Hammock
In the Hammock
In the Hayfields
In The Hotel Dieu
In the Light of Dawning Day
In the Mining Town
In the Moonlight
In the Night
In the Night-Time
In the Night: To Vivian
In the Old Familiar Way
In the Orchard
In the Orient
In the Silent Night
In The Spring-Time
In the Stillness of the Night
In the Storm
In the Street
In the Streets of the City
In The Throng
In the Twilight
In the Twilight
In the Twilight
In the Twilight
In The Valley
In the Woodland
In the Woodlands
In Thought We'll Meet
In Three Chapters
In Thy Good Time
In Time
In Time of Trouble
In Vain
In Vain
In Vain
In Westminster Abbey
In Wintry Depths
In Yonder Wood
The Incubus. "Rara temporum felicitate"
The Indian Mother's Lament
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
Indian Summer
The Infant Harper. A True Incident
An Infant's Hand
The Infant's Smile
The Inner Sanctum
Into The Tombless Graves
The Invisible Steed
An Invitation
Invocation to Hope
An Invocation
An Invocation
An Invocation
Io Triumphe
Iris to Allan
The Irish Frenchman
The Irish Soldier to Columbia. On St. Patrick's Morning
The Irishman from Dublin. A Parody
The Iron Horse
"Is God Dead?"
Is He Coming?
Is He Rich?
Is It A Dream?
Is It Fair?
Is It Far?
Is It Far?
Is It Well?
Is It?
Is My Name Written There?
Is the Autumn Coming, Mother?
Is There An End?
Is There No Hope?
Isabel's Mistake
The Islands
The Isle of Light
The Isle of Long Ago
Isn't That Good News?
It Came Upon The Midnight Clear
It Cannot Be Always Winter
It Comes With The Sunshine To Cheer
"It Could Not Happen Now"
"It Is Done!"
It Is Ever Thus
"It Is Never Too Late To Mend"
It Is Not Always In Our Dreams
It Is Not Hard To Die
It Is Not So
It Is Nothing To Me
It is So!
"It Is Well With The Child"
It Matters Not
It May Not Be
It Never Comes Again
It Seemeth Long
It Singeth Low In Every Heart
It Takes Me Back To One I Know
It Was True
"It's The Thing You Leave Undone"
Ivan Petrokoffsky (From the Russian)
The Ivy Slip
The Ivy Wreath
J. S. V. at Spottsylvania Court House
Jack and I
Jack Flanders, the Buffalo Hunter; or, The Heroine of the Plains
Jack Tar's First Glimpse at the Last Fashion
James Cartwright's Twins
Janet's Song
Janey's White Dress
Janie's Sleeping
Jannie Duff
A January Thaw
Jean Cameron's Christmas
Jennie and I
Jennie Ayre. A Song
Jennie Malcolm's Prayer
Jerry and I
Jessie Lee
Jesting with Love
Jesus Died for All
Jesus of Bethlehem: A Christmas Tale of the Olden Time
Jesus On The Shore
"Jesus Wants You"
Jesus Will Open The Door
A Jilted Lover
A Jilted Man
Jingles for the Little Folks
"Joe's Luck"
John and I
John Smith Is Dead
Johnny Riley, the Pittsburg Newsboy
Johnny's Letter to the New York Weekly
The Jolly Hermit
Journeying Homeward
Joy and Sorrow
The Joy of the Book Lover
Joy Song for Christmas
Joyous Spring
Judge Not
Judge Not!
Judge Not, That Ye Be Not Judged
Judged and Condemned
The Juggler
Julia Deems
Julian, the Apostate
June Berries. Inscribed to Lyman and Aleelie
June Buttercups
A June Day in September
June Life
A June Morning
June Roses
June Roses
June—The Queen
Just a Girlish Dream
Just A Month Ago
Just As It Used To Be
Just As Well
Just Do Your Best
Just Let The Sunshine In
Just One
The Justice of Providence
Katie of the Nut-Brown Hair
Katie's Answer
Katie's Fortune
Keep A-goin'
Keep on Trying
Keep Out Of The Past
Keep Sunshine in the Heart
Keep to the Right
Keep Watch
Keep Your Heart Warm
Keeping Still
Keeping the New Year's Watch
The Keepsake I Treasure
The Keepsake Kiss
The Kernel and the Nut
The Key-Note
A Kind Word
Kind Words
Kindly Judge Another
"Kindness is the Word"
Kinds Words
The King and his Astrologer
King and Poet
King And Queen!
King Astalf's Daughter
King Christmas
King of Men
The King of Terrors
King Strawberry
King Winter
King Winter
The King's Decision. A True Story
A King's Defeat
The King
The Kingdom of Heaven
Kiss and Love Me
A Kiss for a Blow
Kiss Her And Tell Her So
A Kiss in the Rain
Kiss Me Good Night, Darling
Kiss Me in My Dreams, Love
Kiss Me Quick, Darling
Kiss Me, Darling
Kiss Me, Darling!
Kiss Me, Darling, Ere You Go
Kiss Me, Pet!
The Kiss That Lingers
Kiss The Little Cheek
A Kiss While Sleighing
The Kiss
Knavery and Honesty
The Knight and the Maid
Knights of Labor
A Knotty Problem
"Know Thyself"
"Know Thyself"
La Coquette
Labor and Whistle—Song
The Laborer's Song
The Laburnum
Ladies' Eyes
Lady Lisle
The Lady of Tears
A Lady's Letter" From Paris, "
Lady, Touch Thy Harp Again
Lake De Nevue
The Lake
Lament of an Old Gate
The Lament of the Forsaken
A Lament
The Land Beyond the Blue
The Land for Me
The Land of Dead Memories
The Land of Dreams
The Land of Dreams
The Land of Little People
The Land of Promise
Land of the Blest: To Dettie G.
The Land of the West
The Land of Yesterday
The Land Where the Poppy-Flower Grows
The Lane in the Wood
A Lark's Flight
The Lass of Clover Lane
The Lass of Six-or-Seven
Lass of the Sunny Brow
The Last Answer
Last Fall
A Last Farewell
The Last Farewell
The Last Fond Look
The Last Gift
A Last Good-By
The Last Good-Night
The Last Good-Night
The Last Journey
A Last Look
The Last Look
Last Love
Last Night
The Last Rest
The Last Shall Be First
The Last Vacation
The Last Word
Last Words
Last Words
Last Year
The Last!", "
"Laudanum Jane"
The Laugh of a Child
Laughing Round the Jolly Fire
Laughter and Death
The Laughter Plant
Laura to Her Reflection in the Mirror
Laura Vernon's Reflections
The Law I'd Make
The Law Student
The Lawn
Lay Me 'Neath the Weeping Willow
Lay Me Low
Lay Me Where the Pine Trees Murmur
A Lay of Life
Lay Up A Little
Lazarus Lies at the Gate
Lead Me Along The Heavenly Way
Lead Me, My Father!
Lead the Van
A Leader
Leading Me
The Leaf's Memories
Learn One Thing Well
Learn to Give
Leaving the Old Farm
Leaving the Old Homestead
Leaving the Old Homestead
Left Alone
The Legend Bold
The Legend of the Robin
Legend of the San Marcos River
A Legend of the Sea. How the Water of the Ocean Became Salt
Leonore's Promise
Leslie Lyon
A Lesson From The Robin
A Lesson from the Storm
A Lesson In Grammar
A Lesson in Law
The Lesson of the Grass
The Lesson of the Hour
The Lesson of the Leaves
Lessons for the Young (To be read in these days of dangerous infidel teachings)
Lest Thou Regret
Let Me Do Right
"Let Me Go"
Let Me Not Be Near Him When He Dies
Let Me Work
Let Something Good Be Said
Let the Little Children Pray. A Missionary's Touching Story
Let the New Year Be Our Best
Let the Old Maple Sway
Let Us All Help One Another
Let Us All Remember The Poor
Let Us Be Friends
"Let Us Have Peace!"-U. S. Grant
Let Us Make The Best Of It
Let Us Practice What We Preach
"Let Us Pray"
Let Us Vail The Bitter Past
"Let Well Enough Alone"
Let Your War-Cry Be Cold Water. A Temperance Song
"Let, Me Go Home!"
Letter Carriers' Annual Address
The Letter from Home
A Letter from Mother
The Letter She Wrote to Him
A Letter
Letting In The New Year
Lex Talionis
The Liar
The Liberty Tree
Liberty Without Murder
Liberty's Fighting Suit
Lie Still, My Heart!
Life and Death
Life and Death
Life And Love An April Day
The Life Beyond
The Life Boat
"Life Does Not Count by Years"
Life is Sad, My Darling
Life Is What We Make It
A Life Picture
A Life Picture
The Life to Live
A Life Wasted
Life's Aim
Life's Battle
Life's Battles
Life's Chances
Life's Changes
Life's Comparisons
Life's Darkness
Life's Fadeless Flowers
Life's Failures
Life's Harvest
Life's Journey