The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Wrestling

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All Sports Library

28. Jack Lightfoot on the Mat; or, the Jiu Jitsu Trick That Did Not Work

Tip Top Weekly

Frank Merriwell as "Anchor"; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
Frank Merriwell's Great Work; or, Getting the Right Start
Frank Merriwell's Nerve; or, Game to the Last
Frank Merriwell's Red Rival; or, Fun among the Indians
236. Frank Merriwell's New Protege; or, The Star of the Freshman Class
263. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, The Wonderful Athlete of the Scarred Face
470. Frank Merriwell in Frisco; or, The "Go" at the Golden Gate
512. Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development
518. Frank Merriwell's New Boy; or, The Folly of Dale Sparkfair
550. Dick Merriwell, Freshman; or, First Days at Yale
556. Dick Merriwell's "Push"; or, The Victim of the "Flying Mare"
570. Dick Merriwell's Arm; or, The Trick That Fooled the Tricksters
655. Dick Merriwell's Way; or, The Fellow Who Never Failed

The Young Athlete's Weekly

2. Frank Manley's Great Wrestling Bout; or, What the Jap Taught "The Up-and-at-'em Boys."