The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Stockbrokers

American Detective Series

27. The Pinkerton Ferret; or, Three Against One

The Banner Weekly

Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

400. Wrinkles, the night watch detective
432. Invincible Logan, the Pinkerton ferret, or, Three against one
610. Old Skinner, the gold shark, or, Tony Sharp on guard
655. Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's New York Dime Library

620. Joe Phoenix's silent six, or, The great detective's shadow guard
700. Joe Phenix's unknown, or, Crushing the crook combination

Fame and Fortune Weekly

$10,000 Reward; or, The Fortune of a Bank Clerk
Barry & Co., Bankers and Brokers; or, The Boy Money Makers of Wall Street
Beating the Brokers; or, The Boy Who "Couldn't Be Done"
Beating the Bucket Shops; or, Breaking up a Crooked Game
Bill's Bond Syndicate; or, A Fortune from a Two Cent Stamp
A Born Broker; or, The Success of a Wall Street Boy
The Boy Behind the Deals; or, The Luck of a Wall Street Broker
A Boy of the Curb; or, The Secret of a Treasury Note
A Boy with Brains; or, A Fortune From a Dime
A Boy's Big Deal; or, The Wall Street Tip That Won
Broker Brown's Boy; or A Tough Lad from Missouri
Check 765; or, The Strangest Tip in Wall Street
Diamond Cut Diamond; or, The Boy Brokers of Wall Street
Driven to the Wall; or, The Nerve of a Wall Street Boy
Ed, the Office Boy; or, The Lad Behind the Deals
An Errand Boy's Fortune; or, The Office of Wall Street Secrets
A Favorite of Fortune; or, Striking It Rich in Wall Street
Four of a Kind; or, The Combination That Made wall Street Hum
Getting The Coin; or, The Luckiest Lad in Wall Street
Golden Fleece; or, The Boy Brokers of Wall Street
In the Money Game; or, The Luck of Two Wall St. Chums
Little Dan Tucker; or, Making Big Money in Wall Street
Little Johnny Brown; or, How a Smart Boy Made Money
Long & Co., Boy Brokers; or, A Lucky Wall Street Firm
A Lucky Deal; or, The Cutest Boy in Wall Street
Matt, the Money Maker; or, A Strange Lad in Wall Street
Old Hazard's Errand Boy; or, The Nerve That Won the Money
Old Kitson's Kid; or, The Best Tip in Wall Street
Playing to Win; or, The Foxiest Boy in Wall Street
Sharp and Smart, the Young Brokers, and How they Made a Million
A Smart New York Boy; or, From the Tenements to Wall St.
Stock Broker Dick; or, The Boy Who Broke the Wall Street Market
Stocks and Bonds; or, The Firm With a Grip on the Market
Sure to Get Rich; or, A Smart Young Messenger
Tatters; or, a Boy from the Slums
Too Lucky to Lose; or, A Boy with a Winning Streak
Up Against a Hot Game; or, Two College Chums in Wall Street
The Young Money Magnate; or The Wall Street Boy Who Broke the Market

Ivers' Detective Series

4. The Pinkerton Ferret; or, Three Against One

Nick Carter Weekly

427. The great gold swindle, or, The little giant's masterpiece
428. An East River mystery, or, Nick Carter's daring leap

Pluck and Luck

287. Broker Bob, or, The youngest operator in Wall Street

Railroad Edition

The Pinkerton Ferret; or, Three Against One