The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Track and Field

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All Sports Library

4. Jack Lightfoot's Athletic Tournament; or, Breaking the Record Quarter-Mile Dash
12. Jack Lightfoot, Peacemaker; or, What Happened on a Century Run
16. Jack Lightfoot's Strategy; or, Hare and Hounds over Cranford Hills
29. Jack Lightfoot's All-Sports Team; or, How Lafe Lampton Threw the Hammer

Beadle's Dime Handbooks

25. Handbook of Summer Athletic Sports

New Tip Top Weekly

Frank Merriwell Jr.'s Sportsmanship; or, Trouble in the Ranks
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s "Hundred"; or, The Race Meet at Blyfield
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Red Bowman; or, Dick Merriwell's Triumph
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Task; or, The Rival Clubs of Juneau
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Danger; or, The Cross-Country Race
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Guidance; or, The Boy from Nowhere
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Relay Marathon; or, The Lost Town of the Picket Posts
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Scrimmage; or, A Game Within the Game
Frank Merriwell, Jr.'s Xmas Eve; or, The Plot That Failed

Tip Top Weekly

Dick Merriwell at the Meet; or, Honors Worth Winning
Dick Merriwell at the Olympics; or, The Winning Jump for America
Dick Merriwell in Stockholm; or, How the Olympic Hurdle Race Was Won
Dick Merriwell in the Marathon; or, The Sensation of the Great Run
Dick Merriwell in the Swedish Stadium; or, How Headwork Won an Olympic Race
Dick Merriwell's Dander; or, The Day of Reckoning
Dick Merriwell's Equal; or, The Fellow with the Flying Feet
Dick Merriwell's Marathon; or, How the Last Olympic Mile Brought Victory
Dick Merriwell's Self Sacrifice; or, The Man Who Could Jump
Dick Merriwell's Sky Chase; or, The Diamond Mystery of Denver
Frank Merriwell's Combination; or, The All Round Athletes
Frank Merriwell's Dash; or, Yale Against the Field
Frank Merriwell's Great Victory; or, The Effort of His Life
Frank Merriwell's Red Rival; or, Fun among the Indians
Frank Merriwell's Wager; or, Bound to Win
10. Frank Merriwell on His Mettle; or, Field Day at Fardale
194. Frank Merriwell's Stratagem; or, True Friends and False
206. Frank Merriwell's Mishap; or, A Friend in the Guise of a Foe
219. Frank Merriwell's Compact; or, The Triumph of Badger
225. Frank Merriwell's Throw; or, Yale Athletes at Niagara
227. Frank Merriwell's Vault; or, The Blades of Toledo
239. Frank Merriwell's Freshmen; or, The Relay Team That Won
359. Dick Merriwell Absent; or, The Spook of the School
476. Frank Merriwell's Endurance; or, The Cross Country Champions of America
478. Frank Merriwell's Method; or, The Secret of Becoming a Champion
501. Dick Merriwell's Stride; or, The Finish of the Cross Country Run
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
557. Dick Merriwell's Running; or, The Meet at Mechanics' Hall
580. Dick Merriwell's Hurdling; or, The Star and Satellites