The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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The Banner Weekly

Ned Norman, the Gamin Negotiator; or, The Shake-Up of Grip and Gorley. A Story of Two Boys of Grit

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

869. Ned Norman, the Gamin Broker; or, The Shake-Up of Grip and Gorley

Fame and Fortune Weekly

A $30,000 Tip; or, The Young Weazel of Wall Street
After a Big Stake; or, Brains Against Brawn
Always on Time; or, The Perils of a Young Mail Contractor
A Big Risk; or, The Game That Won
The Boy Copper Miner; or, Ted Brown's Rise to Riches
A Boy Stock Broker; or, From Errand Boy to Millionaire
A Boy With Grit; or, The Young Salesman Who Made His Mark
Contractor Bob; or, Fighting for a Big Job
Dick Darling's Money; or, The Rise of an Office Boy
Dick Darrell's Nerve; or, From Engine-House to Manager's Office
An Eye to Business; or The Boy Who Was Not Asleep
Facing the World; or, A Poor Boy's Fight for Fortune
First in the Field; or, Doing Business for Himself
Fresh from the West; or, The Lad Who Made Good in New York
Friendless Frank; or, The Boy Who Became Famous
Full of Business; or, The Young Traveler for the Firm
A Golden Shower; or, The Boy Banker of Wall Street
A Grip on the Market; or, A Hot Time in Wall Street
Hal's Business Venture; or, Making a Success of Himself
His Own Business; or, From Errand Boy to Boss
Jimmy, the Office Boy; or, A Plucky Wall St. Plunger
Little Jay Perkins, the Broker; or, Shearing the Wall Street "Lambs"
A Lucky Contract; or, the Boy Who Made a Raft of Money
Lucky Lee, the Office Boy; or, The Nerviest Lad in New York
A Mad Broker's Scheme; or, The Corner That Couldn't Be Worked
"Millions In It"; or, A Boy with Ideas
Only a Dollar; or, From Errand Boy to Owner
Out for His Rights; or, Starting a Business on His Nerve
Prince, the Printer; or, The Little Shop That Was Made to Pay
A Sharp Boy; or, Making His Mark in Business
Starting His Own Business; or, The Boy Who Caught On
Striking a Good Thing; or, College Chums in Business
Ted, the Broker's Son; or, Starting Out for Himself
The Young Money Magnate; or The Wall Street Boy Who Broke the Market

Pluck and Luck

Broker Bob, or, The youngest operator in Wall Street
Hal Horton's grit, or, A boy from the country
His father's son, or, The boy with a bad name
287. Broker Bob, or, The youngest operator in Wall Street
1423. His father's son, or, The boy with a bad name