The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Young businesspeople

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The Banner Weekly

Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

113. Jack Hoyle, the Young Speculator; or, The Road to Fortune
655. Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's Pocket Library

107. Jack Hoyle's Lead; or, The Road to Fortune

The Boys of New York

Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
Sassy Sam Sumner

Deadwood Dick Library (Ivers)

28. Jack Hoyle's Lead; or, The Road to Fortune

Fame and Fortune Weekly

$10,000 Reward; or, The Fortune of a Bank Clerk
$50,000 From a Nickel; or, The Boy Who Was Lucky in Stocks
After a Square Deal; or, the Richest Claim in the West
Among the "Sharks"; or The Lights and Shadows of Wall Street
Andy, the Auctioneer; or, Bidding in a Fortune
Barry & Co., Bankers and Brokers; or, The Boy Money Makers of Wall Street
Beating the Bucket Shops; or, Breaking up a Crooked Game
Bill's Bond Syndicate; or, A Fortune from a Two Cent Stamp
Billy, the Blacksmith; or, From Anvil to Fortune
Bob Brandon, Contractor; or, The Treasure That Led to Fame
A Born Broker; or, The Success of a Wall Street Boy
Bound to make His Mark; or, Running a Moving Picture Show
The Boy Behind the Deals; or, The Luck of a Wall Street Broker
A Boy of the Curb; or, The Secret of a Treasury Note
A Boy with Brains; or, A Fortune From a Dime
A Boy's Big Deal; or, The Wall Street Tip That Won
Broker Brown's Boy; or A Tough Lad from Missouri
Check 765; or, The Strangest Tip in Wall Street
Claim No. 7; or, A Fortune From a Gold Mine
Dick and His Chum; or, Making a Fortune for the Firm
Dollars and Cents; or From Cash Boy to Partner
Down and Out; or, A Hard Boy to Beat
Driven to the Wall; or, The Nerve of a Wall Street Boy
Ed, the Express Boy; or, His Own Route to Fortune
Ed, the Office Boy; or, The Lad Behind the Deals
An Errand Boy's Fortune; or, The Office of Wall Street Secrets
A Favorite of Fortune; or, Striking It Rich in Wall Street
Fighting for Fame; or, The Luck of a Young Contractor
A Freak of Fortune; or, The Boy Who Struck Luck
Full of Business; or, The Young Traveler for the Firm
Going the Limit; or, A Big Risk for Big Money
His Own Business; or, From Errand Boy to Boss
In the Copper Fields; or, The Mine That Made the Money
In the Lumber Trade; or, A Winning Speculator
In the Money Game; or, The Luck of Two Wall St. Chums
Jack Jasper's Venture; or, A Canal Route to Fortune
A Lad of Iron Nerve; or, Little Joe's Big Bonanza
Little Dan Tucker; or, Making Big Money in Wall Street
Little Johnny Brown; or, How a Smart Boy Made Money
The Little Stockbroker; or, The Boy With Money to Burn
Long & Co., Boy Brokers; or, A Lucky Wall Street Firm
A Lucky Errand Boy; or, Working His Way to Fortune
Making His Mark; or, The Boy Who Became President
Matt, the Mechanic; or, The Boy Who Made His Pile
Matt, the Money Maker; or, A Strange Lad in Wall Street
"Millions In It"; or, A Boy with Ideas
Old Hazard's Errand Boy; or, The Nerve That Won the Money
Old Kitson's Kid; or, The Best Tip in Wall Street
The Path to Good Luck; or, The Boy Miner of Death Valley
Pushing It Through; or, The Fate of a Lucky Boy
Rough and Ready Dick; or, A Young Express Agent's Luck
A Short Cut to Fortune; and, The Smart Boy Who Found It
A Smart New York Boy; or, From the Tenements to Wall St.
Stock Broker Dick; or, The Boy Who Broke the Wall Street Market
Stocks and Bonds; or, The Firm With a Grip on the Market
Striking a Good Thing; or, College Chums in Business
Sure to Get Rich; or, A Smart Young Messenger
Thrown on the World; or, Starting Business with a Dollar
Too Lucky to Lose; or, A Boy with a Winning Streak
Up Against a Hot Game; or, Two College Chums in Wall Street
A Wall Street Errand Boy, and How He Made Money in Stocks
Winning a Fortune; or, The Boy Hero of the Mill
The Winning Trick; or, How a Boy Made His Mark
The Young Banker; or, The Mystery of a Money Box
The Young Copper King; or, The Boy Who Went the Limit
A Young Lumber King; or The Boy Who Worked His Way Up

Wide Awake Library

Dot boy Fritz
272. Highfalutin Jim
563. Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
635. Sassy Sam Sumner
1331. A Southern boy in New York, or, Bound to make his money