The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Young businesspeople

The Banner Weekly

Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

113. Jack Hoyle, the young speculator, or, The road to fortune
655. Plucky Paul, The Boy Speculator; or, Going for Old Slink

Beadle's Pocket Library

107. Jack Hoyle's lead, or, The road to fortune

Boys of New York

Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
Sassy Sam Sumner. Sequel to Sassy Sam

Deadwood Dick Library

28. Jack Hoyle's lead, or, The road to fortune

Fame and Fortune Weekly

$10,000 Reward; or, The Fortune of a Bank Clerk
$50,000 From a Nickel; or, The Boy Who Was Lucky in Stocks
After a Square Deal; or, the Richest Claim in the West
Among the "Sharks"; or The Lights and Shadows of Wall Street
Andy, the Auctioneer; or, Bidding in a Fortune
Barry & Co., Bankers and Brokers; or, The Boy Money Makers of Wall Street
Beating the Bucket Shops; or, Breaking up a Crooked Game
Bill's Bond Syndicate; or, A Fortune from a Two Cent Stamp
Billy, the Blacksmith; or, From Anvil to Fortune
Bob Brandon, Contractor; or, The Treasure That Led to Fame
A Born Broker; or, The Success of a Wall Street Boy
Bound to make His Mark; or, Running a Moving Picture Show
The Boy Behind the Deals; or, The Luck of a Wall Street Broker
A Boy of the Curb; or, The Secret of a Treasury Note
A Boy with Brains; or, A Fortune From a Dime
A Boy's Big Deal; or, The Wall Street Tip That Won
Broker Brown's Boy; or A Tough Lad from Missouri
Check 765; or, The Strangest Tip in Wall Street
Claim No. 7; or, A Fortune From a Gold Mine
Dick and His Chum; or, Making a Fortune for the Firm
Dollars and Cents; or From Cash Boy to Partner
Down and Out; or, A Hard Boy to Beat
Driven to the Wall; or, The Nerve of a Wall Street Boy
Ed, the Express Boy; or, His Own Route to Fortune
Ed, the Office Boy; or, The Lad Behind the Deals
An Errand Boy's Fortune; or, The Office of Wall Street Secrets
A Favorite of Fortune; or, Striking It Rich in Wall Street
Fighting for Fame; or, The Luck of a Young Contractor
A Freak of Fortune; or, The Boy Who Struck Luck
Full of Business; or, The Young Traveler for the Firm
Going the Limit; or, A Big Risk for Big Money
His Own Business; or, From Errand Boy to Boss
In the Copper Fields; or, The Mine That Made the Money
In the Lumber Trade; or, A Winning Speculator
In the Money Game; or, The Luck of Two Wall St. Chums
Jack Jasper's Venture; or, A Canal Route to Fortune
A Lad of Iron Nerve; or, Little Joe's Big Bonanza
Little Dan Tucker; or, Making Big Money in Wall Street
Little Johnny Brown; or, How a Smart Boy Made Money
The Little Stockbroker; or, The Boy With Money to Burn
Long & Co., Boy Brokers; or, A Lucky Wall Street Firm
A Lucky Errand Boy; or, Working His Way to Fortune
Making His Mark; or, The Boy Who Became President
Matt, the Mechanic; or, The Boy Who Made His Pile
Matt, the Money Maker; or, A Strange Lad in Wall Street
"Millions In It"; or, A Boy with Ideas
Old Hazard's Errand Boy; or, The Nerve That Won the Money
Old Kitson's Kid; or, The Best Tip in Wall Street
The Path to Good Luck; or, The Boy Miner of Death Valley
Pushing It Through; or, The Fate of a Lucky Boy
Rough and Ready Dick; or, A Young Express Agent's Luck
A Short Cut to Fortune; and, The Smart Boy Who Found It
A Smart New York Boy; or, From the Tenements to Wall St.
Stock Broker Dick; or, The Boy Who Broke the Wall Street Market
Stocks and Bonds; or, The Firm With a Grip on the Market
Striking a Good Thing; or, College Chums in Business
Sure to Get Rich; or, A Smart Young Messenger
Thrown on the World; or, Starting Business with a Dollar
Too Lucky to Lose; or, A Boy with a Winning Streak
Up Against a Hot Game; or, Two College Chums in Wall Street
A Wall Street Errand Boy, and How He Made Money in Stocks
Winning a Fortune; or, The Boy Hero of the Mill
The Winning Trick; or, How a Boy Made His Mark
The Young Banker; or, The Mystery of a Money Box
The Young Copper King; or, The Boy Who Went the Limit
A Young Lumber King; or The Boy Who Worked His Way Up

Wide Awake Library

Dot boy Fritz
272. Highfalutin Jim
563. Extree Nick, the New York Newsboy
635. Sassy Sam Sumner
1331. A Southern boy in New York, or, Bound to make his money