The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Wall Street (New York, N.Y.)

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

1015. The reporter-detective's big pull, or, The Wall Street swell's snag

Beadle's New York Dime Library

252. Tick Tick; The Telegraph Girl; or, The Messenger Detective
580. Shadowing a shadow, or, The Pacific slope detective's triple trail
871. The crook-cashier, or, The Wall Street banker's close call
883. The man from Mexico in New York, or, Turning down the shylock pawnbroker

Fame and Fortune Weekly

$10,000 Reward; or, The Fortune of a Bank Clerk
A $50,000 Deal; or, Hal Hardy, the Wall Street Wizard
$50,000 From a Nickel; or, The Boy Who Was Lucky in Stocks
After a Golden Stake; or, Breaking a "Bucket-Shop" Combine
After Big Money; or, Turning the Tables on the Wall Street Brokers
After the Golden Eagles; or, A Lucky Young Wall Street Broker
After the Last Dollar; or, The Wall Street Boy Who Saved His Boss
Among the "Sharks"; or The Lights and Shadows of Wall Street
"Back Number Bixby"; or, The Boy Who Was Up to the Minute
A Banker at 17; or, A Wall Street Boy's Syndicate
Banker Barry's Boy; or, Gathering the Dollars in Wall Street
Barry & Co., Bankers and Brokers; or, The Boy Money Makers of Wall Street
Beating the Bucket Shops; or, Breaking up a Crooked Game
Beating the Market; or, A Boy Broker's Big Deal
Ben Bassford's Luck; or, Working on Wall Street Tips
Benson's New Boy; or, Whooping Up the Wall Street Market
A Bid for a Fortune; or, A Country Boy in Wall Street
Bill's Bond Syndicate; or, A Fortune from a Two Cent Stamp
A Born Broker; or, The Success of a Wall Street Boy
A Born Speculator; or, The Young Sphinx of Wall Street
Boss of the Market; or, The Greatest Boy in Wall Street
Boss of Wall Street; or, Taking Chances on the Curb
Bound to Get Rich; or, How a Wall Street Boy Made Money
Bound to Get the Cash; or, Out for a Million in Wall Street
Bound to Make Money; or, From the West to Wall Street
The Boy Banker's Double; or, A Strange Wall Street Mystery
The Boy Behind the Deals; or, The Luck of a Wall Street Broker
A Boy Broker's Dollars; or, The Mystery of the Money Vault
A Boy from the South; or, Cleaning Out a Wall Street Crowd
A Boy Money Maker; or, In Wall Street on His Nerve
A Boy of the Curb; or, The Secret of a Treasury Note
A Boy with Brains; or, A Fortune From a Dime
A Boy's Big Deal; or, The Wall Street Tip That Won
A Bright Boy Broker; or, Shearing the Wall Street "Lambs"
A Broker at Eighteen; or, Roy Gilbert's Wall Street Career
Broker Brown's Boy; or A Tough Lad from Missouri
The Brotherhood of Gold; or, A Daring Wall Street Game
Capturing the Coin; or, The Deals of a Boy Broker
Charlie of the Curb; or, Beating the Mining Brokers
Chasing Pointers; or, The Luckiest Boy in Wall Street
Check 765; or, The Strangest Tip in Wall Street
Coining Money; or, The Boy Plunger of Wall Street
A Corner in Stock; or, The Wall Street Boy Who Won
Dandy Dick, the Boss Boy Broker; or, Hustling for Gold in Wall Street
Diamond Cut Diamond; or, The Boy Brokers of Wall Street
Dick and the Mad Broker; or, The Secret Band of Wall Street
Dick Dalton, the Young Banker; or, Cornering the Wall Street "Sharks"
Doubling Their Dollars; or, Schoolmates in Wall Street
Driven to the Wall; or, The Nerve of a Wall Street Boy
Eastman & Co., Stocks and Bonds; or, The Twin Boy Brokers of Wall Street
Ed, the Office Boy; or, The Lad Behind the Deals
An Errand Boy's Fortune; or, The Office of Wall Street Secrets
A Favorite of Fortune; or, Striking It Rich in Wall Street
A Fight for Money; or, From School to Wall Street
Fighting the Money Kings; or, The Little Speculator of Wall Street
A Fortune at Stake; or, A Wall Street Messenger's Deal
Four of a Kind; or, The Combination That Made wall Street Hum
Fox & Day, Brokers; or, The Young Money Makers of Wall Street
Frank Fisk, the Boy Broker; or, Working the Wall St. Stock Market
From a Dime to a Million; or, A Wide Awake Wall Street Boy
From Messenger to Millionaire; or, A Boy's Luck in Wall Street
From Newsboy to Banker; or, Rob Lake's Rise in Wall Street
From Rags to Riches; or, A Lucky Wall Street Messenger
A Game Boy; or, From the Slums to Wall Street
A Game for Gold; or, The Young King of Wall Street
Getting The Coin; or, The Luckiest Lad in Wall Street
Going the Limit; or, A Big Risk for Big Money
Golden Fleece; or, The Boy Brokers of Wall Street
A Golden Shower; or, The Boy Banker of Wall Street
Hal Halman's Tip; or, Scooping the Wall Street Market
In the Game to Win; or, Beating the Wall Street "Bulls"
In the Money Game; or, The Luck of Two Wall Street Chums
In the Stock Market; or, The Lucky Ventures of a Wall Street Messenger
In Wall Street to Win; or, The Boy Who Got the Money
Johnny Jones & Co.; or, The Firm That Kept the Brokers Guessing
Little Dan Tucker; or, Making Big Money in Wall Street
Little Johnny Brown; or, How a Smart Boy Made Money
The Little Operator; or, Cornering the "Bears" of Wall Street
The Little Stockbroker; or, The Boy With Money to Burn
The Little Wall Street Speculator; or, The Boy Who Became a Stock Broker
A "Live" Boy; or, Quick to Get the Dollars
Long & Co., Boy Brokers; or, A Lucky Wall Street Firm
A Lucky Deal; or, The Cutest Boy in Wall Street
Lucky in Wall Street; or, The Boy Who Trimmed the Brokers
Lucky Jim; or, $100,000 From Stocks
A Lucky Risk; or, The Nerve of a Wall Street Office Boy
Lured By the Market; or, A Boy's Big Deal in Wall Street
Making Money; or, A Wall Street Messenger's Luck
Mart Morton's Money; or, A Corner in Wall Street Stocks
Matt, the Money Maker; or, A Strange Lad in Wall Street
A Mint of Money; or, The Young Wall Street Broker
The Missing Bonds; or, A Lucky Boy in Wall Street
The Missing Box of Bullion; or, The Boy Who Solved a Wall Street Mystery
Money Maker Mack; or, The Boy Who Smashed a Wall Street "Ring"
Money to Burn; or, The Shrewdest Boy in Wall Street
The Old Broker's Heir; or, The Boy Who Won in Wall Street
Old Hazard's Errand Boy; or, The Nerve That Won the Money
Old Kitson's Kid; or, The Best Tip in Wall Street
"Old Mystery", the Broker; or, Playing a Daring Game
On His Mettle; or, A Plucky Boy in Wall Street
On the Curb; or, Beating the Wall Street Brokers
On the Wing; or, The Young Mercury of Wall Street
Out for a Million; or, The Young Midas of Wall Street
Out for the Dollars; or, A Smart Boy in Wall Street
Playing for Money; or, The Boy Trader of Wall Street
Playing the Market; or, A Keen Boy in Wall Street
Playing to Win; or, The Foxiest Boy in Wall Street
Price & Co., Boy Brokers; or, The Young Traders of Wall Street
The Prince of Wall Street; or, A Big Deal for Big Money
Ralph Roy's Riches; or, A Smart Boy's Run of Wall Street Luck
Sam, the Speculator; or, Playing the Wall Street Market
Sharp and Smart, the Young Brokers, and How they Made a Million
Silent Sam of Wall Street; or, A Wonderful Run of Luck
Smart as They Come; or, The Boss of the Wall Street Messengers
A Smart New York Boy; or, From the Tenements to Wall St.
Stock Broker Dick; or, The Boy Who Broke the Wall Street Market
Stocks and Bonds; or, The Firm With a Grip on the Market
The Stolen Bonds; or, How Wall Street Will Made His Mark
Striking a Good Thing; or, College Chums in Business
Sure to Get Rich; or, A Smart Young Messenger
Taking Chances; or, Playing for Big Stakes
Tatters; or, a Boy from the Slums
Ted, the Broker's Son; or, Starting Out for Himself
Ten Silent Brokers; or, The Boy Who Broke the Wall Street Syndicate
A Tip Worth a Million; or, How a Boy Worked It In Wall Street
Tipped By the Ticker; or, An Ambitious Boy in Wall Street
Tipped off By Telegraph; or, Shaking up the Wall Street "Bears"
Tipped to Win; or, The Wall St. Messenger Who Made a Fortune
Tips off the Tape; or, The Boy Who Startled Wall Street
Tips to Fortune; or, A Lucky Wall Street Deal
Tom, The Bank Messenger; or, The Boy Who Got Rich
Too Lucky to Lose; or, A Boy with a Winning Streak
Trapping the Brokers; or, A Game Wall Street Boy
Tricking the Traders; or, A Wall Street Boy's Game of Chance
Under a Lucky Star; or The Boy Who Made a Million in Wall Street
Up Against a Hot Game; or, Two College Chums in Wall Street
Up To the Minute; or, From Office Boy to Broker
A Wall Street Errand Boy, and How He Made Money in Stocks
A Wall Street Mystery; or, The Boy Who Beat the Syndicate
A Wall Street Winner; or, Making a Mint of Money
Will Fox of Wall Street; or, The Success of a Boy Broker
Winning By Pluck; or, The Deals That Made the Dollars
Working the Money Market; or, The Deals of a Wall St. Boy
The Young Banker; or, The Mystery of a Money Box
A Young Broker's Money; or, Trapping the Sharpers of Wall St.
The Young Copper King; or, The Boy Who Went the Limit
A Young Money Broker; or, Striking Luck in Wall Street
The Young Money Magnate; or The Wall Street Boy Who Broke the Market
The Young Wall Street Jonah; or, The Boy Who Puzzled the Brokers

The Saturday Journal

Tick Tick; The Telegraph Girl; or, The Messenger Detective