The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Adventures of Buffalo Bill from Boyhood to Manhood: Deeds of Daring and Romantic Incidents in the Life of W. F. Cody, the Monarch of Bordermen
Adventures of Wild Bill, the Pistol Prince, from Early Boyhood to his Tragic Death: Deeds of Daring, Adventures, and Thrilling Incidents in the Life of J.B. Hikok, known to the World as Wild Bill


Barb Brennan, the Train Wrecker; or, The King of Straight Flush. A Railroad Detective Story
Bill Biddon, Trapper; or, Life in the Northwest
Black John, the Road-Agent; or, The Prairie Sink. A Tale of Early Kansas Life
Border Vengeance; or, The Night-Hawk's Daughter. A Tale of the Territories
The Bradys and the Kansas "Come-Ons"; or, Hot Work on a Green Goods Case
The Bradys' Call to Kansas; or, The Matter of Marshal Mundy


The Dead Shot Nine; or, My Pards of the Plains
Deadwood Dick, Jr., after the Queer; or, Sawdust Sam's Last Green Game
The Demon Steer; or, The Outlaws of the Abilene Cattle Trail
Dick and Stub, the On-The Road Chums; or, Slippery Ike's Crooked Ways, A Romance of the Gold Island Mystery


Gordon Lillie, the Boy Interpreter of the Pawnees. A Story of Thrilling Adventures East and West


The James Boys and the Red Legs; or, The Great Kansas Raid
Job Dean, the Trapper


Kaam, the Arapahoe


Marion Marlowe on the Prairie; or, A Thrilling Ride Across Kansas
The Masked Guide; or, The Road Agents of the Plains


New York Nat's Double; or, The Unknown Three


Old Baldy, the Brigadier of Buck Basin; or, Hunted Down by a Woman


The Pilgrim Sharp; or, The Soldier's Sweetheart. A True Story of the Overland Trail
Plucky Joe, the Boy Avenger; or, Dick Belmont's Last Ride. An Exciting Adventure in the Life of a Noted Outlaw
Pony, the Cowboy; or, The Young Marshal's Raid. A Tale of Western Kansas


Redlaw, Half-Breed; or, The Tangled Trail. A Tale of the Settlements


Wild Bill's Trump Card; or, The Indian Heiress. A Romance of Thrilling Adventure, founded upon Real Incidents in the Life of J. B. Hickok--"Wild Bill."
Wild Bill, the Pistol Dead Shot; or, Dagger Don's Double
Wildcat Bob, the Boss Bruiser; or, The Border Bloodhounds


The Young Rough Riders in Kansas; or, The Trail of the Outlaw
Young Wild West and the Kansas Cowboys; or, Arietta's Clean Score