The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Carter, Trim (Fictitious character)

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Nick Carter Weekly

2. Trim's race across the ice fields; or, Hunting a criminal with a team of dogs
8. Trim's troublesome tiger, or, How his prisoner escaped the gallows
9. Trim in Cape Town, or, The man with a strange limp
11. Trim in the wilds, or, Hunting a criminal on the dark continent
15. Trim's round up in Detroit, or, A long chase ended in a hurry
17. Trim in Cincinnati, or, Following a bogus clue
18. Trim's secret mission, or, A green countryman in town
22. Trim in Mexico, or, Breaking up a secret society
23. Trim in the crescent city, or, The break in the levee
24. Trim's run of luck, or, A case concluded ahead of time
27. Trim in Kansas City, or, The detective's experiment in second sight
31. Trim's electric machine, or, The man who had charge of the office
33. Trim turns professor and teaches a lesson to a queer pupil
38. Trim behind the footlights, or, The hold-up at the casino