The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Ten-Ichi (Fictitious character)

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Nick Carter Weekly

Doctor Quartz, the second, or, Nick Carter and the freight car mystery
373. The queen of the seven, or, Nick Carter and the beautiful sorceress
376. The Cross of Daggers; or, In the Lair of the Devil Worshipers
378. Ten-Ichi, the wonderful, or, Nick Carter's greatest find
379. The mystery of the Mikado, or, Nick Carter in Japan
395. A compact with Dazaar, or, The devil worshipers' den
396. In the shadow of Dazaar, or, At the mercy of vampires
402. The society of assassination, or, The detective's double disguise
403. The brotherhood of the crossed swords, or, The little giant's mighty task
413. Dr. Quartz, the second, or, The great freight car mystery
414. Dr. Quartz II. at bay, or, A man of iron nerve
415. The Great Hotel Murders; or, Dr. Quartz's Quick Move
416. Zanoni, the Woman Wizard; or, The ward of Dr. Quartz
417. The woman wizard's hate, or, A dangerous foe
420. Dr. Quartz's last play, or, A hand with a royal flush
421. Zanoni, the transfigured, or, Nick Carter's phantom mascot
422. By command of the czar, or, Nick Carter's boldest defiance
426. Dan Derrington's double, or, Nick Carter's terrible test
428. An East River mystery, or, Nick Carter's daring leap
457. The rajah's revenge, or, Nick Carter's bold attack
461. Nick Carter's strange power, or, The great jewel scandal
463. The millionaire cracksman, or, Nick Carter's mascot case
476. Diana, the arch-demon, or, Nick Carter's run of luck
478. A wizard of the highway, or, Nick Carter's test of faith
495. The Klondike bank puzzle, or, Nick Carter's narrow escape
509. The "skidoo" of the K.U. & T., or, Nick Carter's great train robbery case
513. A game of five millions, or, Nick Carter's fight with a fiend
514. Codman, the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's strangest experience
515. The plot of the poisoner, or, Nick Carter's hairbreadth escape
516. The mechanical giant, or, Nick Carter's assistant, Ten-Ichi, plays a lone hand
529. The index of seven stars, or, Nick Carter finds the hidden city
530. An Amazonian queen, or, Nick Carter becomes a gladiator
537. Zanabayah, the terrible, or, Nick Carter's struggle with the Vitic king
540. The masked woman's daring plot, or, Nick Carter springs a surprise
541. Hobo Harry the beggar king, or, Nick Carter downs the yeggmen
546. Three against fifteen, or, Patsy's splendid strategy
547. A mystery of two passengers, or, Nick Carter prevents a great crime
794. Doctor Quartz's last play; or, Nick Carter's perilous plight