The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Jones, Ida (Fictitious character)

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Nick Carter Library

59. Nick Carter at Sing Sing; or, In hot pursuit of an escaped criminal
64. The great green-goods swindle, or, Nick Carter's clever catch
66. The snake brooch, or, Nick Carter's startling discovery
68. Her shrewd double, or, Nick Carter's lady assistant at work
71. The suburban safe crackers, or, Nick Carter's matchless skill
82. From palace to prison, or, Nick Carter's capture of a swell crook
152. The face at the window, or, What happened at the lawyer's office
230. Patsy at home again, or, A chase up and down the Palisades

Nick Carter Weekly

49. Nick Carter's hot pursuit; or, The trick of an escaped convict
105. A lightning change crook, or, A catch that pleased the inspector
157. Nick Carter as an expert, or, A battery that was tampered with
179. Nick Carter's beautiful decoy, or, The diamond duke of Chicago
186. Nick Carter rescues a daughter, or, The junior partner's strange behavior
213. A swindler in petticoats, or, Nick Carter's pretty prisoner
260. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter on the Track of the Freight Thieves
261. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter on the Track of a Gentleman Burglar; or, Robbing a Thief
266. Nick Carter's Adventures: Nick Carter and the Shop Lifters
278. Nick Carter as a mill hand, or, The Fall River murder mystery revealed
291. Nick Carter and the snake brooch, or, Making a startling discovery
319. Nick Carter and the murderess, or, Tracked by a trail of blood
663. Four scraps of paper, or, Nick Carter's Coney Island search
686. A puzzle of identities, or, Nick Carter solving a strange problem