The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - United States Naval Academy

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Lake Shore Series

The New Cadet; or, Faraday in Strange Company

True Blue

29. Back to Annapolis; or, Live Times at Home for Clif Faraday
30. Clif Faraday's Disappearance; or, The Naval Cadet's Double Championship
31. The New Plebe Champion; or, Faraday Rights a Serious Wrong
32. Cli Faraday's Crusade; or, The Sky-Rocket Scout of the Cadet Corps
33. Clif Faraday's Night Watch; or, Within a Inch of His Life
34. Civilian Against Plebe; or, Trying to Down Clif Faraday
35. Clif Faraday's Flying Leap; or, The Wonder Boat of Chesapeake Bay
36. Chasing a Cannon-Ball; or, Clif Faraday's Midnight Race
37. Clif Faraday's Strongest Pull; or, Naval Cadets on a Hot Campaign
38. Cadet and Sweetheart; or, Clif Faraday's Danger Call
39. Clif Faraday in Command; or, The Fight of His Life
40. True to His Colors; or, The Dynamite Terror of Chesapeake Bay
41. All for the Navy; or, Faraday's Strange Orders
42. Cadets to the Rescue; or, Faraday's Cordon of Death
43. Heroes Three; or, The Naval Academy Mutineer
44. Hobson, Jr.; or, The Kissing Cadet of Annapolis Academy
45. The Blacklisted Cadet; or, Clif Faraday's Noble Sacrifice
46. The search-light eye; or, Clif Faraday's signal corps
47. The New Cadet; or, Faraday in Strange Company
48. Ten Fathoms Deep; or, Clif Faraday's Intrepid Dive
49. For a Sweetheart's Sake; or, Faraday's Dynamite Duel
50. A Blow for the Service; or, How Faraday Won Promotion
51. Helping the Government; or, Faraday's Treatment of a Traitor