The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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All Sports Library

6. Jack Lightfoot's Trump Curve; or, The Wizard Pitcher of the Four-Town League
7. Jack Lightfoot's Crack Nine; or, How Old "Wagon Tongue" Won the Game
10. Jack Lightfoot's Team Work; or Pulling a Game of the Fire
11. Jack Lightfoot's Home Run; or, A Glorious Hit in the Right Place
14. Jack Lightfoot, the Magician; or, Quelling a Mutiny in the Nine
15. Jack Lightfoot's Lightning Battery; or, Kidnapping a Star Pitcher
18. Jack Lightfoot's Dilemma; or, A Traitor on the Diamond
19. Jack Lightfoot's Cyclone Finish; or, How Victory Was Snatched from Defeat
22. Jack Lightfoot's "Stone Wall" Infield; or, Making a Reputation in the League
23. Jack Lightfoot's Talisman; or, The Only Way to Win Games in Baseball
26. Jack Lightfoot's Hard Luck, or, A Lightning Triple Play in the Ninth
27. Jack Lightfoot's Iron Arm; or, How the New "Spit" Ball Worked the Charm
30. Jack Lightfoot in the Box; or, The Mascot That Hoodooed the Nine
31. Jack Lightfoot's Lucky Find; or, The New Man Who Covered "Short"
34. Jack Lightfoot's Decision; or, That Chestnut of "Playing Against Ten Men"
35. Jack Lightfoot, Pennant-Winner; or, Winding up the Four Town League

Beadle's Half-Dime Library

416. High Hat Harry, the Base-Ball Detective; or, The Sunken Treasure

The Boys of the World

Baseball Bob; or, The King of the Third Base

Fame and Fortune Weekly

Bound to Be a Manager; or, Making Money in Baseball
The Boy Magnate; or, Making Baseball Pay

Frank Manley's Weekly

29. Frank Manley in Yale's Cage; or, Working for the Freshman Ball Nine
30. Frank Manley on the Yale Track; or, Making Fast Time for a Team Place

Might and Main Library

29. Dart Keenan's Nine; or, Battling for a Million Dollar Stake

Wide Awake Library

963. Muldoon's base ball club in Boston