The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

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Frank Merriwell's Conquest; or, Winning an Enemy
Frank Merriwell's Unseen Foes; or, A Battle in the Dark

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Frank Merriwell's Shadow; or, The Mysterious Stranger
351. Dick Merriwell's Defense; or, Up Against the Great Eaton Five
352. Dick Merriwell's Dexterity; or, Hot Work to the Finish
353. Dick Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of Flint
471. Frank Merriwell's "Dope Ball"; or, The Wizard Twirler of Leland Stanford
472. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, Hastings, the Hurdler from Humboldt
482. Dick Merriwell in Japan; or, Judo Art Against Jiu-Jitsu
544. Frank Merriwell's Young Winners; or, The Stars in the Blue Hills