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Dick Merriwell and the Carlisle Warriors; or, The Mystery of the Kidnapped Pitcher
Dick Merriwell Comes Back; or, How Harvard Lost the Title
Dick Merriwell's Astuteness; or, The Mystery of the Examination Papers
Dick Merriwell's Brain Work; or, The Frustration of the Sneaky Tutor
Dick Merriwell's Commencement; or, The Last Week at Yale
Dick Merriwell's Counsel; or, A Friend in Need
Dick Merriwell's Detective Work; or, The Case of the Varsity Shortstop
Dick Merriwell's Device; or, The Yale Pitcher's New Curve
Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Under Two Flags
Dick Merriwell's Enthusiasm; or, The Sophomore Pitcher's Last Ball
Dick Merriwell's Flyer; or, Champions of the Ice
Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
Dick Merriwell's Fun; or, Buckhart as a Reformer
Dick Merriwell's Good Cheer; or, Holidays with the Exiles
Dick Merriwell's Good Fellowship; or, The Man with the Wrong Idea
Dick Merriwell's Marksmen; or, The Best Men at the Traps
Dick Merriwell's Perception; or, The Brains of the Varsity
Dick Merriwell's Queer Case; or, The Lure of the Ruby
Dick Merriwell's Responsibility; or, The Winning Pull in the Tug of War
Dick Merriwell's Sixth Sense; or, The Yale Pitcher's Double Play
Dick Merriwell's Solution; or, The Yale Twirler's Winning Jump
Dick Merriwell's Star Pupil; or, Squaring the Score
Dick Merriwell's Strange Clew; or, How Harvard Was Outguessed
Dick Merriwell's Sympathy; or, Helping a Boy in Need
Dick Merriwell's Understanding; or, The Man Who Was Hounded
Dick Merriwell's Warning; or, Subduing a Bully
Dick Merriwell's Young Pitcher; or, The Fellow Who Disappeared
Dick Merriwell, Navigator; or, The Adventure on the Sound
Frank Merriwell as the Star; or, Trouble in Junior Theatricals
Frank Merriwell in Camp; or, Frolics with the Fardale Boys
Frank Merriwell's "Queen"; or, Blow for Blow
Frank Merriwell's Bicycle Boys; or, The Start across the Continent
Frank Merriwell's Celebration; or, Last Days at Fardale
Frank Merriwell's Choice; or, The Fair Rivals of Fardale
Frank Merriwell's Courage; or, True Nerve against Bluff
Frank Merriwell's Deception; or, Celebrating Omega Lambda Chi
Frank Merriwell's Duplicate; or, The Rascal from Ringbolt
Frank Merriwell's Enemy; or, Rivals of the Blue Ridge
Frank Merriwell's Eyes; or, Saving an Enemy
Frank Merriwell's Fardale Rackets; or, Yale Lads on a Frolic
Frank Merriwell's Great Run; or, Trouncing the Tigers
Frank Merriwell's Great Victory; or, The Effort of His Life
Frank Merriwell's Misfortune; or, The Start on a New Career
Frank Merriwell's Racer; or, Birds of a Feather
Frank Merriwell's Shadow; or, The Mysterious Stranger
Frank Merriwell's Struggle; or, "The Strongest Man in the World"
Frank Merriwell's Yale Chums; or, The Jolly Dogs of Fardale
43. Frank Merriwell's Finish; or, Blue against Crimson
55. Frank Merriwell's Great Capture; or, Bicycle against Horse
140. Frank Merriwell's College Chums; or, Bart Hodge's Wonderful Shot
200. Frank Merriwell's Skates; or, Into the Ice Trap
215. Frank Merriwell's Favor; or, True as Steel
222. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Team; or, Sport in the Adirondacks
223. Frank Merriwell's Camp; or, Yale Athletes in the Great North Woods
224. Frank Merriwell's Wrist; or, The Nerve of Iron
225. Frank Merriwell's Throw; or, Yale Athletes at Niagara
229. Frank Merriwell's Rough Riders; or, The Athletic Team at Badger's Ranch
231. Frank Merriwell's Archer; or, Beating the Red Bowmen
237. Frank Merriwell's Power; or, Hazing the Freshmen at Billie's
243. Frank Merriwell's "Brassie" Shot; or, Inza's Difficult "Hazard"
244. Frank Merriwell's Shrewdness; or, Clearing His Protege's Honor
245. Frank Merriwell's Entertainments; or, Celebrating the Victories of Old Yale
248. Frank Merriwell's Set-Back; or, Dick Starbright's Success
255. Frank Merriwell's Scheme; or, The Daring Deception of Doctor Cloud
261. Frank Merriwell's Bosom Friend; or, Making up the Yale Nine
263. Frank Merriwell in Form; or, The Wonderful Athlete of the Scarred Face
264. Frank Merriwell's Coach; or, How the Freshmen Won
350. Dick Merriwell's Lark; or, Beaten at Every Turn
471. Frank Merriwell's "Dope Ball"; or, The Wizard Twirler of Leland Stanford
472. Frank Merriwell's Handicap; or, Hastings, the Hurdler from Humboldt
478. Frank Merriwell's Method; or, The Secret of Becoming a Champion
480. Frank Merriwell's Lacrosse Team; or, The Great Hustle with Johns Hopkins
493. Dick Merriwell's Drive; or, Evening Up With His Enemy
496. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Success of Square Sport
512. Frank Merriwell's New Idea; or, The American School of Athletic Development
531. Frank Merriwell's Old Flock; or, The Reunion at Merry Home
564. Frank Merriwell's Talisman; or, The Charm of Cocheta
565. Frank Merriwell's Horse; or, The Boy Who Would Be Bad
566. Frank Merriwell's Intrusion; or, Warner the Man Who Won
567. Frank Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Lost Senorita of Sonora
568. Dick Merriwell's Regret; or, The Friend He Never Knew
580. Dick Merriwell's Hurdling; or, The Star and Satellites
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
582. Dick Merriwell's Respite; or, The Campers at Lake Calmface
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
584. Dick Merriwell Beset; or, The Revenge of Quinn Harvester
585. Dick Merriwell's Great Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair on the Slab
586. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Betrayed By a Blotter
587. Dick Merriwell, Lion-Tamer; or, Ate, Queen of the Air
588. Dick Merriwell's Camp Site, or, The Peril at Pine Point
591. Dick Merriwell's Draw; or, The Struggle with Smoketown
592. Dick Merriwell's Disapproval; or, Chester Arlington's New Chum
594. Dick Merriwell's Warm Work; or, A Hot Day for Smoketown