The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Cooley, Jack (Fictitious character)

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496. Dick Merriwell's Value; or, The Success of Square Sport
498. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Chester Arlington's Team of Tigers
500. Dick Merriwell's Chance; or, Taming the Tigers of Fairport
514. Frank Merriwell's Pupils; or, The Wizards at Water Polo
525. Frank Merriwell's Fast Nine; or, Champions of the County
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple at Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
535. Dick Merriwell's Slabmate; or, The Boy from Bloomfield
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
540. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice; or, Team Work That Told
544. Frank Merriwell's Young Winners; or, The Stars in the Blue Hills