The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Arlington, June (Fictitious character)

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Dick Merriwell Arrested; or, The Heart of Fire
Dick Merriwell at the Meet; or, Honors Worth Winning
Dick Merriwell Doubted; or, Put to the Test
Dick Merriwell Held in Check; or, Chester Arlington's Successful Move
Dick Merriwell in the Elk Mountains; or, The Search for Dead Injun Mine
Dick Merriwell in the Saddle; or, The Bunch from the Bar Z
Dick Merriwell Looks Ahead; or, How Baseball Saved the Bank
Dick Merriwell Watched; or, The Secret of the Shadow
Dick Merriwell's "Dip"; or, The Mysterious Movements of a Hat
Dick Merriwell's Belief; or, Chester Arlington Meshed
Dick Merriwell's Betrayal; or, The Conspiracy That Failed
Dick Merriwell's Bluff; or, The Boy Who Ran Away
Dick Merriwell's Colors' or, All for the Blue
Dick Merriwell's Condition; or, An Affair of the Heart
Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
Dick Merriwell's Foreign Foe; or, The Discovery of the Baseball Bomb
Dick Merriwell's Fortitude; or, The Overthrowing of a Government
Dick Merriwell's Gallantry; or, The Girl From the South
Dick Merriwell's Ginger; or, A Check for the Crimson
Dick Merriwell's Hope; or, The Reliance of the Blue
Dick Merriwell's Inspiration; or, The Boys of Loon Lodge
Dick Merriwell's Match; or, The Fellow Who Failed
Dick Merriwell's Reputation; or, Like a Snake in the Grass
Dick Merriwell's Return; or, The Reappearance at Fardale
Dick Merriwell's Stanchness; or, Standing By a Friend
Dick Merriwell's Stand; or, A Fight Against Prejudice
Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, The Triumph of True Manhood
Dick Merriwell's Undoing; or, The Intervention of a Greater Power
Dick Merriwell's Vim; or, The Greatest Game of All
Dick Merriwell, Revolutionist; or, Backing a Rebellion
Frank Merriwell Again on the Slab; or, Merry in His Old-Time Form
Frank Merriwell's Black Terror; or, The Mad Horse of Montes Altos
Frank Merriwell's Defense; or, The Struggle for the Queen Mystery Mine
Frank Merriwell's Desperate Chance; or, The Rescue of June Arlington
Frank Merriwell's Six-in-Hand; or, The Trail to Pickpocket
340. Dick Merriwell's Dash; or, Playing Fast and Fair
343. Dick Merriwell's Mascot; or, By Luck or Pluck
344. Dick Merriwell's Trust; or, Friendship True and Tried
345. Dick Merriwell's Success; or, Bound to be a Winner
346. Dick Merriwell's Determination; or, The Courage that Conquers
347. Dick Merriwell's Readiness; or, Who Stole the Papers
348. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, Snaring a Spook
350. Dick Merriwell's Lark; or, Beaten at Every Turn
351. Dick Merriwell's Defense; or, Up Against the Great Eaton Five
353. Dick Merriwell Puzzled; or, The Mystery of Flint
355. Dick Merriwell's Model; or, Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune
360. Dick Merriwell's Registered Package; or, Frank Merriwell's Desperate Struggle
368. Frank Merriwell's Manhood; or, To the Rescue of June
378. Frank Merriwell on the Slab; or, Holding Down the Western Wonders
379. Dick Merriwell's Promise; or, For the Sake of a Girl
380. Frank Merriwell's Coup; or, The Stratagem That Won
381. Dick Merriwell's Fast Work; or, The Champions of the North
382. Frank Merriwell's Force; or, Disarming His Enemy
385. Dick Merriwell's Red Friend; or, Old Joe Crowfoot to the Front
391. Dick Merriwell's Hard Struggle; or, Great Work on the Gridiron
394. Dick Merriwell's Last Resort; or, Fighting Hard to the Finish
397. Dick Merriwell's Superiority; or, The Test That Told
398. Dick Merriwell Entombed; or, The Downfall of His Foe
399. Dick Merriwell's Helping Hand; or, Chester Arlington's Day of Triumph
414. Dick Merriwell on Hand; or, Just in Time to Win
415. Dick Merriwell's Devotion; or, Playing Against Ten Men
416. Dick Merriwell's Racket; or, An Earthquake at the School
417. Dick Merriwell's Sand; or, Winning by Pure Grit
418. Dick Merriwell's Force; or, On Hand When Needed
419. Dick Merriwell Trapped; or, The Plot of a Desperate Boy
420. Dick Merriwell's Assurance; or, Trusted to the Last
421. Dick Merriwell's Base Running; or, The Man with the Icy Hand
422. Dick Merriwell's Pitching; or, Frank Merriwell's Friends and Foes
423. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, The End of the Struggle
425. Frank Merriwell's New Nine; or, The Great Game with Manhattan
451. Dick Merriwell in Scotland; or, The Struggle at Lochleven
452. Dick Merriwell in Sherwood Forest; or, The Encounter at Robin Hood's Tavern
459. Dick Merriwell in Venice; or, Under the Ban of the Terrible Ten
460. Dick Merriwell in Greece; or, The Maid of Athens
465. Dick Merriwell in Damascus; or, The Sword of the Sheik
485. Dick Merriwell in Manila; or, Papinta, the Pride of the Philippines
486. Dick Merriwell Marooned; or, The Queen of Fire Island
488. Dick Merriwell, Gap Stopper; or, A Surprise for the Surprisers
491. Dick Merriwell's Stroke; or, Swimming for His Life
495. Dick Merriwell's Restoration; or, Whipping the Team Into Shape
499. Dick Merriwell's Defeat; or, How Arlington Won the Second Game
500. Dick Merriwell's Chance; or, Taming the Tigers of Fairport
501. Dick Merriwell's Stride; or, The Finish of the Cross Country Run
503. Dick Merriwell's Skates; or, Playing Ice Hockey for Every Point
511. Dick Merriwell in the Ring; or, The Champion of His Class
515. Dick Merriwell's Satisfaction; or, Hot Work at Indoor Baseball
523. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, Dale Sparkfair at Fardale
526. Frank Merriwell's Athletic Field; or, The Great Meet at Bloomfield
527. Dick Merriwell's Reprisal; or, The Clash of the Champions
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple at Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
530. Frank Merriwell's Son; or, The Mark of a Star
536. Frank Merriwell's Summer Camp; or, The Athletic School in the Woods
537. Frank Merriwell's Proposal; or, Starting the Sport in the League
539. Dick Merriwell's Check; or, The Hot Bunch From Happy Camp
540. Dick Merriwell's Sacrifice; or, Team Work That Told
541. Dick Merriwell's Heart; or, Breaking the Hard Luck Streak
542. Frank Merriwell's New Auto; or, The Lure to Destruction
543. Frank Merriwell's Pride; or, The Double Header at Pineville
545. Dick Merriwell's Lead; or, Bound to Hold First Place
546. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, On the Right Road at Last
547. Dick Merriwell's Top-Notch; or, Against Odds, Fate and Scheming
553. Dick Merriwell's Resentment; or, In Defence of His Honor
554. Dick Merriwell Repaid; or, The Heart of Officer Maloney
562. Frank Merriwell's Captive; or, The Folly of Chester Arlington
565. Frank Merriwell's Horse; or, The Boy Who Would Be Bad
570. Dick Merriwell's Arm; or, The Trick That Fooled the Tricksters
576. Dick Merriwell's Party; or, Springtime's Youthful Fancy
581. Dick Merriwell's Best Work; or, Up Against a Hard Proposition
583. Dick Merriwell's Disadvantage; or, The First Game with Harvard
584. Dick Merriwell Beset; or, The Revenge of Quinn Harvester
593. Dick Merriwell's Mastery; or, The Wolves of Wolfwoods
595. Dick Merriwell's "Double Squeeze"; or, Brian Blackpool in Command
597. Dick Merriwell Adrift; or, In the Grip of the Sea
598. Dick Merriwell's Influence; or, Reaping the Harvest
609. Dick Merriwell Doped; or, The Mystery of the Black Star
647. Dick Merriwell's Red Comrade; or, The Messenger from the West
652. Dick Merriwell's Rival; or, The Goal of the Gridiron Stars
653. Dick Merriwell's Strength; or, In the Thick of the Fray