The Edward T. LeBlanc Memorial Dime Novel Bibliography

Subject/Tag - Arlington, D. Roscoe (Fictitious character)

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Dick Merriwell Arrested; or, The Heart of Fire
Dick Merriwell Held in Check; or, Chester Arlington's Successful Move
Dick Merriwell's Driving; or, "The Terror from Toronto"
Dick Merriwell's Help; or, Flint's Struggle with Himself
Dick Merriwell's Return; or, The Reappearance at Fardale
Dick Merriwell's Undoing; or, The Intervention of a Greater Power
Dick Merriwell's Vim; or, The Greatest Game of All
Dick Merriwell, Driver; or, The Race for the Daremore Cup
Frank Merriwell's Defense; or, The Struggle for the Queen Mystery Mine
338. Dick Merriwell's Difficulties; or, Making up the Eleven
339. Dick Merriwell's Mercy; or, The First Game on the Gridiron
340. Dick Merriwell's Dash; or, Playing Fast and Fair
345. Dick Merriwell's Success; or, Bound to be a Winner
347. Dick Merriwell's Readiness; or, Who Stole the Papers
348. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, Snaring a Spook
350. Dick Merriwell's Lark; or, Beaten at Every Turn
352. Dick Merriwell's Dexterity; or, Hot Work to the Finish
355. Dick Merriwell's Model; or, Frank Merriwell's Fight for Fortune
357. Dick Merriwell's Dirk; or, Beset by Hidden Peril
358. Dick Merriwell's Victory; or, Holding the Enemy in Check
359. Dick Merriwell Absent; or, The Spook of the School
360. Dick Merriwell's Registered Package; or, Frank Merriwell's Desperate Struggle
361. Dick Merriwell's Power; or, Settling the Score with Eaton
363. Dick Merriwell's Dream; or, Foiling the Bank Breakers
367. Dick Merriwell on the Diamond; or, The Boy Wonder's Backstop
372. Frank Merriwell Marked; or, The Mystery of the Black Touch
375. Dick Merriwell's Mission; or, From Fardale to the West
376. Frank Merriwell's Battle Royal; or, Up Against the Wizards
377. Dick Merriwell's Opportunity; or, Making the Most of His Chance
378. Frank Merriwell on the Slab; or, Holding Down the Western Wonders
379. Dick Merriwell's Promise; or, For the Sake of a Girl
380. Frank Merriwell's Coup; or, The Stratagem That Won
381. Dick Merriwell's Fast Work; or, The Champions of the North
382. Frank Merriwell's Force; or, Disarming His Enemy
384. Frank Merriwell's Quick Move; or, Cooling Off Cap'n Wiley
385. Dick Merriwell's Red Friend; or, Old Joe Crowfoot to the Front
386. Frank Merriwell's Nomads; or, Cap'n Wiley's Clever Work
387. Dick Merriwell's Distrust; or, Meeting the Masked Champions
388. Frank Merriwell's Great Finish; or, The Independent Champions of America
396. Dick Merriwell's Flying Tackle; or, The Last Move in the Game
397. Dick Merriwell's Superiority; or, The Test That Told
398. Dick Merriwell Entombed; or, The Downfall of His Foe
399. Dick Merriwell's Helping Hand; or, Chester Arlington's Day of Triumph
401. Frank Merriwell's New Move; or, Facing His Foes in Kansas City
415. Dick Merriwell's Devotion; or, Playing Against Ten Men
417. Dick Merriwell's Sand; or, Winning by Pure Grit
419. Dick Merriwell Trapped; or, The Plot of a Desperate Boy
423. Dick Merriwell's Trap; or, The End of the Struggle
428. Dick Merriwell in Maplewood; or, Not Given Half a Show
444. Dick Merriwell in School Again; or, The Rising of a Storm
445. Dick Merriwell Under a Cloud; or, The Gathering of the Tempest
495. Dick Merriwell's Restoration; or, Whipping the Team Into Shape
497. Dick Merriwell's "Dukes"; or, His Fight with Himself
498. Dick Merriwell's Drop-Kick; or, Chester Arlington's Team of Tigers
499. Dick Merriwell's Defeat; or, How Arlington Won the Second Game
528. Dick Merriwell Dared; or, The Grapple at Wellsburg
529. Dick Merriwell's Dismay' or, The Departure of June
534. Dick Merriwell's Demand; or, The Draw at Madawaska
539. Dick Merriwell's Check; or, The Hot Bunch From Happy Camp